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4 Small-Business Financing Options You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Financing is one of the great conundrums of entrepreneurship: For the first few years, your small business’s income may be uncertain and its credit unestablished, yet you need to invest in inventory, facilities, and staff to establish a solid presence and a revenue stream.

Finding a traditional lender who will essentially take a chance on your company can be tough. So, many startups are turning to alternative financing options. such as peer-to-peer lending and online pawn shops.

Did you know that other sources of capital are available, too? Here are four small-business financing options that you’ve probably never of.

Are you an online seller (through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, or Yahoo) who needs cash to purchase inventory? Kabbage may help you score a six-month advance of $500 to $50,000 in fewer than seven minutes. Kabbage determines whether you qualify for its merchant advances based on your social media popularity. reputation on e-commerce sites, and analytics from vendors you use to run your business (including Intuit QuickBooks Online ).

The more Kabbage can verify what your shop is all about, the better your chances of securing funding. Because the money is a “merchant advance” and not a loan, there aren’t any interest rates. But you should expect to repay what you are advanced in equal monthly transfers, plus 2 to 7 percent of that amount, based on your “Kabbage score” and revenue, until the amount you borrowed is repaid in full.

Guidant Financial’s iFinance provides a means for small-business owners to use their tax-deferred retirement savings for startup investments, while eliminating some of the penalties that accompany early withdrawals. This “rollover as business startup” funding may be used for activities such as buying a franchise, building a storefront, or purchasing equipment.

Because you’re using your own money to invest into your own business (vs. taking out a loan), you won’t pay any interest. However, you do risk losing your retirement savings if your business doesn’t perform as expected. To facilitate the complex transition, which takes about a month to complete, Guidant establishes a corporation for the small business and a 401(k) account for it. Once that’s done, Guidant rolls your existing retirement assets into the account, essentially making the 401(k) a shareholder in your business.

If your small business has logged at least a year’s worth of revenue, On Deck Capital uses your company’s cash flow and positive payment history — vs. a credit score — to determine its loan-worthiness. With an online application process that takes about 15 minutes to complete, On Deck offers loans with repayment terms ranging from three to 18 months, and it can fund loans of less than $25,000 in about an hour.

Although the loan may be secured with a lien on your business assets, repayment takes place daily via an automatic transfer in fixed amounts. Because positive repayment of On Deck loans are reported to the credit bureaus, borrowing can help you establish a business credit history.

If you know you’re capable of great entrepreneurial achievements, but need investors to fund your “big break,” Upstart — a crowdfunding platform founded by ex-Googlers — could be the answer. Though you can ask for funding based on a specific business idea, Upstart is founded on the idea of investing in a person’s potential; investors each contribute small amounts to provide a person with the capital and mentoring he or she needs to make future goals reality.

In return for funding, an individual shares a small portion of his or her personal income for 10 years. For example, Trina Spear, a Tufts University and Harvard Business School grad, secured $20,000 and mentorship through Upstart to co-found a medical apparel company, FIGS Scrubs. In exchange, she’ll repay the loan with 1 percent of her pre-tax income over the next decade. She intends to use the money to pay her student loans while raising the $1 million venture capital money needed to fund her startup.

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Online Small Business Loans

OnDeck offers online small business loans with fast decisions. If you need a small business loan fast without a cumbersome, lengthy process, we can help with our online small business loans.

Our online small business loans applications can give you the cash you need — quickly and easily — from $5,000 to $500,000, for a 3 month to 36 month period. We ll give you an answer in minutes, with funding in as little as 1 business day.

We’re making waves in the world of small business

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Busting 5 Myths About Small-Business Lending

Co-founder and CEO, Fundera

Like your mother and your high school history teacher likely told you over and over again, you can t believe everything you read on the Internet.

With the growing accessibility of information freely available online, modern entrepreneurs in search of funding to grow their businesses have a huge leg up on generations past. Yet for every bit of accurate and genuinely helpful advice, there is an increasing prevalence of misinformation and myths surrounding the small business lending space. Unfortunately, much of that misinformation can give business owners bad information about how small business loans work, giving them a false sense of their own eligibility.

Don t miss out on opportunities to secure funding for your business due to false information. Let s separate fact from fiction and bust five of the most common small business lending myths we hear every day.

1. Approval takes forever.

Whether you re itching to move forward with a new business idea or you need cash quickly to cover an unexpected expense, one of the most common questions business owners have when applying for funding is, how fast can I get cash in hand?

You may hear from well-meaning friends and relatives that getting approved for a business loan can take weeks or even months, but that information is outdated. With new online loan applications, an organized business owner can complete her application in less than an hour, and it can be reviewed and approved within 24 hours of submission. Many lenders can even offer cash in hand in as little as two days.

While some borrowers may take additional time to gather financial statements or get their credit reports in better shape, once you hit submit, the approval practice is very efficient. Don t let the fear of a long approval process hold you back from seeking a loan.

2. New businesses never qualify.

The startup funding quandary is a difficult one. You need an established business to secure funding, but you need cash in hand to get your business off the ground. Seeking funding from venture capitalists or angel investors is certainly the most popular route for securing startup funding, but is it the only way?

Many startup entrepreneurs assume that they need to be in business for a few years and have established business credit before they can qualify for a loan. However, more and more lenders are specifically offering startup loans that require little or no business credit history to qualify.

Applying for a startup loan will involve more scrutiny into your personal finances than other types of business loans. Your personal credit score will be the most important part of the application. You may also be faced with less favorable rates than you would receive as an established business. But if you re committed to finding funding and open to the necessary conditions, securing a loan for your brand new business is possible.

3. Online lenders are con artists with unreasonable rates.

We get it. The online alternative lending market is relatively new, and people are skeptical of new things. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous online lenders and brokers have engaged in predatory and dangerous lending practices, giving the entire industry a bad rap.

But in reality, some alternative lenders operating online offer single-digit interest rates. Those offering higher rates often are working with borrowers who are considered risky. Online lenders regularly consider a wide variety of borrower credentials outside of just the traditional credit report and score. Business owners who were turned down by their bank can frequently find the funding they need online.

As with any financial transaction, it s critical that business owners do their due diligence about an online lender before signing the dotted line.

4. Loan officers only care about your credit score.

This myth, carried over from the outdated traditional bank model for loan approvals, can leave business owners with less-than-stellar credit feeling hopeless about their funding prospects. Luckily for these entrepreneurs, growth in the alternative lending sector has led to a larger spectrum of factors being considered in the loan approval process.

Many lenders will now give equal weight to your company s revenue history, cash flow statement and other financial documents in determining your loan eligibility. This information often paints a very different picture of a business and its owner s financial standing than what a credit score alone can convey.

Even so, before applying for a business loan, it is still important that you take steps to make your credit report and score the best possible reflection of your financial history. Always make debt payments on time, and manage your credit usage responsibly. Also frequently check your credit reports for accuracy. If you find errors, contact the reporting agencies to correct the mistakes.

5. Approval is determined by a heartless algorithm.

Once upon a time, entrepreneurs seeking small business funding could walk into their local community bank, build face-to-face relationships with managers and loan officers, and be confident they understood the whole picture behind their loan application, including both cold hard numbers as well as the more intangible elements of their qualifications as borrowers.

These days, technology has all but replaced those in-person banking relationships, creating the impression that loan approval decisions are controlled by nothing more than a few concrete variables and an algorithm saying yes or no.

But while you may have lost the ability to look your loan officer in the eye and strike a deal with a handshake, the modern funding process isn t actually as impersonal as this reputation suggests. In reality, lenders consider a wide variety of both objective, number-based factors as well as more subjective considerations, like your business and marketing plan.

If you re concerned about certain elements of your loan application, like your credit score, take the time to flesh out your business plan, fully explaining how the funds you are borrowing will be used and how this investment will lead to a successful business.

Ultimately, your lender s main consideration is whether or not you will make your loan payments on time, every time. Your loan application should, both through financial documents and through your written statements, paint the best possible picture of your future ability to repay the loan.

If you do your research, stay organized, and can clearly and concisely convey this information to lenders through your loan application, your chances of being quickly matched with the a loan to meet your business needs is tremendously greater.

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Business finance options

Finance from your bank

Banks offer a range of financial support options for your business. They can also provide advice on the most suitable route for you. The options presented to you may include:

A business loan over a fixed term

With this option, money is borrowed over a set period of time and repaid with interest in agreed instalments usually monthly. A business loan can be used for working capital or to support your medium and long-term plans.

Business overdrafts and credit cards

Businesses may use an overdraft or credit cards to help them when cash levels are low or if the business is more seasonal. They can work if you need an extra source of money to dip into during quieter times, so that you can keep trading until the cash starts coming in again. Barclaycard Business credit cards are another way of providing you with short term credit. They are also a great way to manage and regulate staff spending.

This allows businesses to borrow against the value of their unpaid invoices. Using a cashflow finance solution means that within 24 hours 1 of you issuing an approved invoice, you could receive up to 85% of its face value. You then receive the remainder of the invoice value (minus charges for the invoice financing service) when the invoice is paid by your customer.

Borrowing against assets

You can borrow money against a range of your company s assets, including property, inventory or equipment. The amount you could borrow will depend on the value of the asset, but this can be an effective way of raising cash for working capital or investment.

If you re looking to buy or remortgage business premises, you might consider talking to a Commercial Finance Broker or a Barclays Business Manager they will provide independent advice, take you through the options available to you and deal directly with the lender on your behalf.

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme

If you ve got a strong business idea or project, but are finding it difficult to get a loan agreed because of insufficient security to meet a lender s normal criteria, the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme may help. The scheme is available to those who meet the criteria specified by the British Business Bank .

Business grants

A range of government grants are available under the Government Solutions for Business scheme, administered by a number of different bodies. Most are linked to specific activities, such as research and development. Government grants don t have to be repaid, so they won t be a drain on cashflow, but you will have to meet strict qualification criteria.


Offering a share of your company (or equity) for an investment by a third party could be an effective way to raise cash. In contrast to a business loan from a bank, you may not have to make any repayments on the money invested. However, so-called angel investors (wealthy individuals who back businesses with their own money) and venture capitalists can strike a hard bargain in terms of the share of your company they take in return for their investment. This kind of investment is often used for financing growth plans.

Family and friends

This is an option that a lot of people will consider, but it s important to weigh up the pros and cons.

  • An investment from family or friends can mean more flexibility if they know you personally they may be more lenient with repayments and allow you to delay until your business is making a profit
  • You may be able to run a loan from friends and family alongside a business loan from your bank, as long as you know you can repay all of the money you borrow in line with the agreements that have been set in place
  • Borrowing money or asking them to invest in your business is a serious commitment on both sides everyone should be clear on the terms
  • Any ambiguities could risk damaging your relationship in the future, so it s advisable to draw up a formal contract with help from an independent solicitor

If you have a Barclays Business account we can arrange a free session with a local solicitor for you talk to your Barclays Business Manager to make the arrangements.

The article is intended for information purposes only. You should always seek independent advice before making changes to your business.

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5 Hot Work-From-Home Business Ideas

From grocery shopping to backyard pond kits, new home-based businesses get creative and profitable.

Yes, we know all about child care and dog walking. But isn’t there something you can do while working in your slippers?

In fact, yes. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, entrepreneurs nationwide are finding new and creative ways to work from home. And they’re not just selling ideas anymore, like public relations and consulting services.

Today’s home-based entrepreneurs make up 52 percent of all small businesses, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and they are selling everything from groceries to backyard pond kits. Here are a few of the latest home business ideas, from those who are putting them into play.

1. Go for the Groceries

Entrepreneur Suzanne A. Wells buys groceries, marks them up, and turns them around on Amazon. “This business model works on the concept of scarcity: The less there is of something, the more people will pay for it. I sell things like specific, hard-to-find flavors of Crystal Light drink mix, hard-to-find gluten-free products, or specialty baby formula,” she says. “We scout out our local stores to find products we can sell for a profit on Amazon.” Last year, she sold 100 boxes of limited edition candy corn Oreos for $25 per box. Her cost at the local grocery, $3 each.

2. Mind the Shop

When business owners go out of town, Susanne Riehle takes their calls. As a “business babysitter,” she handles daily tasks such as responding to emails and triaging minor issues, sending receipts and quoting published prices. “Now the business owner can leave on vacation with relative ease and comfort, because the business is taken care of,” she says. Equipment is minimal: Basic computing, call-forwarding from the business, maybe an archived copy of Quickbooks. Should a major issue arise, “the babysitter has an emergency contact number for the business owner.”

3. Spiff up Slides

Margy Schaller’s home-based idea sparked when she saw medical and dental speakers at local society and national association conferences give great talks with lousy visuals. “Their PowerPoint slides were typically rudimentary, with a bland blue background, white font, and way too much text on any given slide,” she says. The market for presentation design on the corporate side is saturated, so she set up Laser Pointer in Poway, California. to address a niche market of medical professionals. Now she takes their basic slides and reformats them into slick-looking, professional visuals. “All I need is my laptop, cell phone, and an Internet connection. I typically start my workday at 8 a.m. and go until 5 p.m. with an hour lunch to play with my dogs.”

4. Make Matches

At Home Remedies in Hewlett, New York, Debra M. Cohen spends her day making matches. She vets local tradesmen for quality — painters, plumbers, carpenters, and such – and when she’s satisfied, she refers them to homeowners seeking such help, taking a pre-negotiated percentage for her services. She’s grossed $4 million since 1997 with no overhead, not just by making matches but by spawning look-alikes. She charges between $2,000 and $7,000 to others around the nation who want to replicate her business model. It’s a high-touch enterprise, but not so much that she has to leave the house. “This is a people business and it’s important to build trust, so I like to talk to my homeowners and contractors by phone as often as possible,” she says. With phone, email, website, and enewsletter, Cohen has all the outside contact she needs to keep the wheels turning, without having to get in the car.

5. Move Big Goods

At first it looked like John Olson had gotten it wrong. Graystone Industries was thriving, so much so that product was stacked 12 feet high, up to the vaulted ceiling in the living room. It was piled in every bedroom, the garage, the attic. “We had to worm our way through winding pathways to get from one room to another,” he recalls. The product is too bulky for a home business — statuary fountains, fountain lighting, pond kits — so Olson solved his space dilemma by outsourcing. “We got an order fulfillment company to ship our products, another company to provide customer service, another to do invoicing while another does web work.” The result: $1.8 million in 2013 sales, and Olson gets to stay in his PJs, should he so choose.

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This news article is intended to keep small business owners apprised of current events that may affect them. It does not necessarily reflect NFIB’s policy position on such issues.

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New Business Partners Wanted

With our proven performance and experience, we are now seeking new products for further market development. Why not introduce your products to the Japanese market with us?

Types of new products sought

The target market segments and the categories of products wanted are as follows:
Target segments:
Semiconductors, MEMS, LED, solar cells, OLED, Power device, Fuel Cell and medical equipment
Products wanted:
Device manufacturing systems, testing and measuring equipment, medical equipment and related products

Handling of information

The details of your proposals(excluding personal information)will be viewed and examined within the Canon Group companies as necessary. We may maintain your proposals in our records. Please note that we may not be able to contact you and respond to all proposals.

Proposals that cannot be accepted

Proposals described below cannot be accepted for this project:

  1. Proposals including business-sensitive information about your company
    Please do not include in your new product proposals any business-sensitive information, including ideas, about your company that is not publically disclosed. Please note in advance that we can accept no responsibility whatsoever for maintaining confidentiality, nor can we be bound by any other restrictions concerning the information in your proposals.
  2. Proposals, questions, requests, complaints, etc. about Canon products and services
    Such proposals will not be accepted in this project.
  3. Offer of human resources
    Applications for employment of personnel and human resources of all kinds and applications for service contracts will not be accepted.
  4. Proposals for investment and joint development
    We will not accept any proposals for investment and joint development.
  5. Sale and proposals for individual parts
    Offer of a semiconductor chip, PCB, solar cells, LED, etc. as a single product will not be accepted in this new product application


  1. Language of your proposals
    Please use either Japanese or English in proposing your new products.
  2. Copyright
    We may use or let others use the descriptions, photographs, and other details provided in your proposals.
  3. Proposal screening
    Your proposals will be examined according to our criteria to make judgment of acceptance. We are NOT able to disclose our screening criteria in advance.


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Here’s a fundamental truth of any organization: you need cash to help grow your business. Whether you’re a start-up, a sole proprietorship, or a limited liability corporation, getting a small business loan will be one of your top priorities if you’re looking to expand your company’s potential. But before you receive funds from a bank, a lender will scrutinize both you and your business to see if you’re a viable borrower.

A bank will look at your company’s history, business credit, revenues, balance sheet, and your equity contributions. If you pass a credit check and you operate a healthy business, most banks will also require an additional, and tangible, guarantee that their loan will be repaid: collateral.

Collateral assets come in many forms. Defined by the Small Business Administration, collateral is “an additional form of security which can be used to assure a lender that you have a second source of loan repayment.” Most commonly, collateral is real property (i.e. an owner-occupied home), but it can also be represented by your business’s inventory, cash savings or deposits, and equipment. In order to structure a loan that benefits both you and your business, you’ll need to make the right decision about what you offer up as collateral to the bank. It’s also important to be realistic when considering the risks of defaulting on a loan, which could have harsh consequences for not only your business, but for your personal life, too.

Editor’s Note: Looking for loan solutions for your business? If you would like information to help you choose the one that’s right for you, use the questionnaire below to have our partner, BuyerZone, provide you with information for free:

Below are a few tips on how you can use your assets as collateral, and how you can mitigate the risks associated of defaulting on a loan.

1. Keep Detailed Records of your Asset’s Worth

Banks are notoriously conservative about valuing a borrower’s assets for collateral. After all, if the borrower does default, the lender must expend resources to take the asset, find a buyer, and sell it.

Jeff Allen, the director of operations for Trendant, a small business consulting firm based in Salt Lake City, says that one of the most common mistakes business owners make about collateral is they think it’s worth a lot more than it actually is. “They’re considering what they paid for it, and the banks only consider the fair market value of today,” he says.

If you’re not sure of what your assets might be worth, it could be worthwhile to find an independent appraiser to give you an idea of how the bank will value your property.

Besides for simply knowing your asset’s worth, it’s critical to keep detailed records of your assets on your balance sheet. When a bank is reviewing your business documents, they’ll want to see that you’re paying careful attention to all of the relevant factors. This is usually simpler than you think. “In keeping records, businesses tend to overcomplicate,” says Allen. “They think there’s some magical solution that the big boys use. The bottom line is that an Excel spreadsheet with a couple of line items is all you need.”

2. Know What You Can Use as Collateral

Essentially, there are two different types of collateral: assets that you own, and assets that you still have a loan against. If you still have a loan on the asset, (e.g. a mortgage for a house) the bank will be able to recoup the loan by refinancing your loan from the institution you have the loan against, and claim the title.

A viable asset to use as collateral will have a title of ownership, and banks will only lend if they can get a title back, says Allen. Homes and cars are the most common forms of collateral, but you can also use watercraft, motorcycles, as well as pieces of equipment that have a title of ownership.

Below are some relevant issues associated with each type of collateral that you should consider before approaching a bank for a loan.

Real Property: Since the housing bubble burst, using real property as collateral financing took a huge hit. Denise Beeson, a commercial loan officer based in San Francisco, says that this has been a significant roadblock for small businesses seeking small business loans. “It’s devastating small business right now,” she says. “In the past they’ve used the equity in their home, and they don’t have any of that equity anymore.” Additionally, banks will not consider vacant land, or “dirt” as its referred to in banking, as viable collateral.

Business Inventory and Accounts Receivable: Asset-based lending can be a great way to get a fast influx of cash to your business. For example, if your firm gets a big purchase order, you may not have the resources to meet the needs of the client without bringing on additional staff, equipment, or raw materials. In some cases, a bank will allow a company to use that purchase order as collateral. “It’s a little trickier to get,” explains Jeff Allen. “It might be more difficult because it’s harder to authenticate. but a bank will usually lend against that.”

Cash Savings or Deposits: “Cash is always king,” says Allen. Using personal savings will almost definitely be allowed as collateral since it’s a low-risk loan for a bank. This also applies to CDs and other financial accounts. The advantage in using these accounts as collateral is that you’re guaranteed a low interest rate because it’s a secured loan. The disadvantage, clearly, is that if you default, the bank will take possession of your savings.

3. Understanding the Risks

Taking a loan using personal assets as collateral presents the risks of losing the assets in the event that you default on the loan. Therefore, it’s important to discuss the risks of using certain assets as collateral with a financial advisor, as well as people that could be affected by the loss of that asset.

“Some business owners are highly risk averse, and I wouldn’t recommend putting some stuff up for collateral,” says Jeff Allen. “Because if you can’t pay it, they’re taking your car or home.”

Be realistic about your company’s needs, and how the company will be using the funds. A financial advisor will help you assess the risks involved, as well as the odds of the loan being successful. “It comes down to being honest with yourself knowing your situation, and knowing what the funds will be used for,” says Allen. “If you really need the money, you might to find alternatives, because you might lose what you’ve leveraged.”

Often, a limited liability company is formed to shield the business owner from these risks, but a default will inevitably still affect the owner, especially if he or she is the only shareholder.

4. Negotiate When-;And If-;You Can

If you’re a qualified borrower with a demonstrable history of good business credit, you should be able to secure a loan with commitments you are comfortable with. Remember, a business can always reject a lender’s offer and seek a loan from a different lending institution.

Since banks tend to be exceptionally conservative when it comes to valuing your assets, it could be worthwhile to request an appraisal review, which is a report that comments on the accuracy of an appraisal. Similarly, a bank that does not require any collateral requirement will often charge extremely high interest rates. Be wary of predatory lending practices that could end up being expensive and harmful to your business.

Dig Deeper: How to Build and Maintain Good Business Credit

5. Consider Peer-to-Peer Lending

If an asset-based loan isn’t ideal for your business, Denise Beeson recommends alternative methods of securing cash. Peer-to-peer lending is becoming an effective way for small businesses to drum up cash in the short run. “Because it is extremely difficult to get a loan based on existing collateral, a lot of borrowers are going to peer-to-peer sites to see if they can get some money from that mechanism,” she says

While loans typically amount to less than $25,000, there’s often less red tape involved in obtaining a peer loan. Prosper.com. for example, allows borrowers to choose a loan amount, a purpose and then post a loan listing. Then, investors choose which loans they prefer to invest in based upon a series of criteria. Borrowers make fixed monthly payments to their investors, who receive the funds directly in their Prosper account.

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Financing a business acquisition with debt

If you want to acquire a business but do not have the necessary funds to do so, you might want to consider raising debt against the target company to bridge the funding gap.

This idea might seem counterintuitive at the outset, but is very similar to the process of obtaining a mortgage to purchase a house. Just as a mortgage is secured against the purchased property, acquisition debt can be secured against the underlying assets of the business.

However, unlike a home, a business can generate positive cash flows that can be used to service interest costs and amortisation. By raising debt this way, the equity portion of a transaction can decrease to as little as 10-30%.

Of course, raising debt carries a level of risk. If the company suffers from financial distress and is unable to meet scheduled interest payments to debtors, the company might be forced into technical default or even liquidation.

Therefore, a transaction should be structured so that it is appropriate for the business and fits the risk appetite of the incoming owners:

The Capital Structure

A leveraged company acquisition (where the buyer uses debt in addition to cash to buy a business) is normally funded with a finance package comprising multiple elements of debt. The capital structure may include (in increasing order of seniority):

• Vendor loan (also called deferred consideration) – A debt instrument issued by the seller, where a portion of the transaction value is paid to the seller over time. This is often used to bridge a valuation gap between a buyer and seller. Terms vary

• Subordinated loan – A loan that sits behind other debt in the capital structure, meaning that interest and principal payments of other loans take priority. This form of debt is often provided by specialised subordinated lenders such as credit funds. The loan carries a higher cost of capital because of the associated risks of being junior to other debt (

10-15% interest costs)

• Senior term loan – A cash flow loan that is paid back over time, sometimes with a larger ‘bullet’ repayment at the end. Normally offered by commercial banks, finance companies, insurance companies, and investment funds. The cost of capital ranges between 4% and 8%

• Asset Based loan – A revolving line of credit secured against receivables and stock. Provided by lenders that specialise in Asset Based Lending (ABL). The cost of capital is between 4% and 8%, reflecting the high level of collateral.

Management acquisitions: MBOs, MBIs, and BIMBOs

MBOs, MBIs and BIMBOs are business acquisitions normally funded with leveraged finance.

Management buyout (MBO), Management buy-in (MBI), and Buy-in management buyout (BIMBO) refer to different processes where a management team acquires a significant stake in a company from the private owners. In an MBO the current management of the business buys out the owners, in an MBI a management team from outside the business takes control of the company, and a BIMBO is a combination of the two.

Management acquisitions are appealing to management teams because of the increased potential rewards from being owners of the business rather than employees. Their potential rewards are enhanced further by the fact that the team normally have a thorough understanding of the business they want to acquire.

Management acquisitions are also attractive to the seller. Because the management team already has full knowledge of the company available to them, certain stages of the transaction process, e.g. due diligence. can be expedited.

Thus, in the right situation, these three types of company acquisitions can drive substantial value for the buyer as well as the seller.

As you can see, there are many different ways to structure a debt driven company acquisition. Having an understanding of what types of finance are available to you, as well as the most appropriate capital structure gives you the tools to optimise your use of capital and maximise your chances of successfully acquiring a business.

This article was contributed by Dan Barrett, Director of the Corporate Debt Advisory at CreditSquare. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact CreditSquare. leading experts in advising, structuring and arranging credit soultions for established small and medium sized businesses.

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#business acquisition loan


When you’re running a practice and buying a building at the same time, you need people you can trust.. Deb Telles
Cardiovascular Associates

The bank and CDC were amazing. Their teamwork exceeded my expectations and they bought into our dreams.. Salvador Garcia
Graphicom Digital

With interest rates low and building costs rising, the timing seemed right to buy our own building.. Randy Mintz
Z Sports

I partnered with CDC because they have the expertise to provide immediate answers for my clients.. Richard Willner
Business Community Capital

The people at CDC held our hands as we walked through the SBA process.. Gurchuran “Gogy” Sandher
Saagar Fine Cuisine

My bank suggested SBA-504 financing because of the low down-payment, which allowed me to save my cash for the business.. Jim Tankersley

I use the 504 program because it s good for my clients. I use CDC Small Business Finance because they re reliable and provide excellent service.. Lan Ward
Senior Vice President
California Bank Trust

CDC was the key to us getting what we consider a killer deal. CDC staff were honest, straightforward and always quick to respond.. Randy Ling Tan
General Manager
G.L. Food Wholesales

CDC Small Business Finance provided a turnkey solution and timely service.. Brett Noss
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Start, Buy, Expand a Business

There are a variety of financing programs available to help both new and established businesses grow and generate jobs. We are a leader in offering loans to women, veteran and minority-owned businesses, as well as businesses located in low-to-moderate income areas.

What’s the right loan for you?

Whether you need money for working capital to help run your business, or are looking to purchase a $2 million building, there’s a good chance we have the right loan for you. With just a few questions, we can start you on the right path!

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10 ways to save money using these websites #designing #business #cards

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10 ways to save money using these websites

In today’s world everyone wants to save more money that is the reason we always look for buzz words like offers, sale, discount, free etc. When we see something is available like this we grab that opportunity without fail. We even don’t notice word written in smaller font *Condition Applied.

Keeping that in mind we are herewith websites that gives free service and by availing these services you can save your money.

Website to send Text Messages:-

While selecting mobile plan we always select tariff which allows us to send certain number of SMS free, and we pay sometime more money to avail this facility. Many of us are not aware that this type of facility is available free on multiple websites. Just Sign up with website, enter your friend’s number write your message and click ‘send’ completely free.

Website that offer free online storage:-

Few years back small storage facility was costing us big money, but today storage is commodity item. Today you can avail 8 GB storage mini SD card in just 300 Rs. If you want to save money on storage there are multiple website which can provide you personalized storage facility online free of cost. You can store your document, photos, music online free of cost. This storage space is varying from 15GB to 2 GB.

Website for Long distance call

Gone are days where you need to have ISD facility for making long distance call. Today it is very easy to make long distance call to relatives and friends. Just logon to website of Skype and stay in touch with your friends and relative with one click.

Website for Matchmaking

Traditional way to do match making was by relatives, friends and family member. But as time changed the traditional ways has also changed. Today we have multiple matrimony website which provides free trial for match making. Certain site has paid membership but we can always refer to free part to save money.

Website to save commission money

We pay lot of money to buy, sell or rent our property. We can straight away save this money if we try to use online portal available for this purpose. Online portals provide facilities to post our advertisement free of cost. You can use this facility not only for property but also to buy sell products services.

Website for Books

If you are book lover and if you want to save money you spend on book or you want to make sure book you are buying is worth or not you can use these book websites which gives facility to preview and download books from any arena of your interest like, technology, health, finance, fiction, romances and horror etc.

Website delivering free music

In good old days music lover was visiting CD/DVD store for purchasing music CD/DVD but today everything is available online. So if you are music lover and want to save money you can visit following websites which gives facility to listen downloading of songs.

Website for Movies

We all love watching movies so here are sites where you can download/watch movie for free instead of paying money. If you want to capture movie from youtube you can use tool like atube catcher will help you.

Website for Greeting Card

Greeting cards are a ways through which you express your special feelings to your loved and dear ones. Such greetings websites save you money which you might have wasted on a paper card and its postage. Not only that you can always set the date and time in advance, that at which the card to be sent.

Website for learning Language

Many people today love to learn multiple languages, knowing additional language always helps. Livemocha.com is a well-liked language learning site where you can learn many languages around the globe, whether it’s French or Bengali. There you get to interact with other language learners around the world. You can also practice the conversation with a native.

If you come across any website you feel saves you money do share it in comment section given below.

Advantages and disadvantages of franchising your business #business #advertising

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Franchise your business

Advantages and disadvantages of franchising your business

Franchising is an excellent way of expanding a business that is already successful. However you should be aware that franchising is not suitable for every business. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of franchising will enable you to decide if franchising is a suitable option for your business expansion.

Advantages of franchising your business

  • Grow your business – franchising your business can be a cost-effective way to grow your business. You will not have to cover the cost of investing in new premises or staff. Additional sales lead to additional profit and if you retain this in the business, in the long-term, you should have a saleable asset for your future.
  • Costs – each franchisee finances their own franchise outlet. While the franchisee meets all the costs and collects the income, you receive franchise fees and royalties or a mark-up on products sold by the franchisee.
  • Easier management – the franchisees also run their businesses therefore reducing the management demands placed on you. The best franchisees will be highly motivated and have local expertise, making your life much easier.
  • Develop your brand – the more franchisees you have the better known your brand becomes. Your brand benefits from the capital investment of the franchisee.
  • Motivated franchisees – franchisees are likely to be more motivated than a manager as they have a vested interest in the success of their business and therefore the success of your brand.
  • Purchasing power – a larger business is more secure and additional turnover and profit can provide access to better deals for office equipment, vehicles and other business purchases.
  • Ideas for future success – franchisees can contribute fresh ideas for the future success of the brand maybe outlining opportunities that you might not have identified otherwise.
  • Support from others – being a business owner can be isolating so having a franchise network can offer support and advice.

Disadvantages of franchising your business

  • Not a fix for a failing business – franchising is not a solution to provide injections of capital from other people when a business is in difficulty. You should only go down the franchise route if you already have a successful business up and running.
  • Costs – franchising your business will involve significant financial investment at the outset in order to get a successful franchise model in place for future growth of the business including investment in preparing legal documents, operations manuals, marketing materials and recruitment.
  • Time – franchising will take a lot of time investment especially when initially setting up the franchise model. You will also have to take the time to ensure you attract the right franchisees and control what they do.
  • Training and support – you will have to develop and deliver a suite of training and support for your franchisees to successfully sell your brand. Businesses need to have systems and procedures in place that can be copied by most people to run a successful business.

Международная информационная система Kompass – поисковая B2B система для профессионалов #business #reports

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Программное решение для поиска клиентов и заказчиков!

Оперируя 60 критериями поиска по 5 млн. компаний, наш мощный поисковый онлайн-инструмент EasyBusiness поможет спланировать и организовать Ваши продажи, маркетинг и коммерческое предложение.


EasyList – эффективный инструмент для формирования целевых списков компаний и индивидуальных баз данных по глобальной базе данных 5 млн. компаний.

Аккуратные решения для Вашего поиска потенциальных клиентов!

Данное решение поможет Вам отточить мастерство по поиску потенциальных заказчиков, предложив множество функций для повышения эффективности продаж и маркетинговых кампаний.

Создайте международный профиль Вашей компании бесплатно!

Выходите на новые рынки? Планируете увеличение объемов продаж? Разместите информацию о Вашей компании бесплатно на Международном информационном B2B портале KOMPASS.

Приоритетное онлайн-размещение! Будьте всегда в первых строчках!

Наше предложение Booster направлено на профессиональное размещение информации о вашей компании и привлечении внимания к ней со стороны потенциальных заказчиков.

Целенаправленное онлайн-продвижение с таргетированной рекламой!

Мы предлагаем целый ряд эффективных пакетов по онлайн-продвижению, которые позволят правильно сформировать и представить международный профиль Вашей компании и привлечь к нему внимание потенциальных клиентов и заказчиков.

Справочник компаний Украины

База данных компаний Украины

Детализированная информация о компаниях Украины всех видов деятельности. Скачайте БЕСПЛАТНУЮ демоверсию и ознакомьтесь с детальной информации о справочнике!

Лента новостей украинских компаний News.Kompass.ua. Бесплатное размещение пресс-релизов

Разместите Ваше объявление о продаже/покупке продукции или услуг на международной доске Board.Kompass.ua!

Рост Вашего бизнеса на основе наших глобальных решений

Small Green Business Ideas to Jumpstart Your Cottage Industry #candle #making #business

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Small Green Business Ideas to Jumpstart Your Cottage Industry

Going home-based can have a lot of benefits, not the least of which is the chance to turn it into a small green business. When someone says green, there are often a lot of misconceptions. The perception is that it would be expensive or large-scale, something better suited for a large corporation. However, the reality is that there are a number of small green business ideas that don t require multi-million dollar starting capital or big business performance capability.

The big players when it comes to making soaps are large manufacturers that have the resources to spend heavily on manufacturing and advertising. However, that doesn t mean that a home-based small green business dedicated to it can t find a niche to succeed in. Eco-friendly soap-making is relatively simple to do from the average home and has the potential to generate a decent income.

Crucial to succeeding at this are the following:

* A niche product that matches a niche clientele

* Creative approaches, such as shaping soap like animal characters or using bright colors

* Starting locally before slowly expanding both production and operations over time

This doesn t come up often when talk of small green business ideas happens, but it should. Business will pay money for the advice of an expert, even if they don t want to have the expert under their formal employ. Consultancy is basically the art of selling experience and know-how to companies that need it. People who know a trade or field better than anyone else can make a good income from being a consultant while also having very little actual environmental impact.

Old Tire Recycling

This small green business idea requires a bit of creativity. The number of tires that cars around the world go through every year is staggering. Some of them can end up being recycled, but a lot of them are just going to end up somewhere unused and ignored. A business focused on making all sorts of creations out of old tires needs creativity, but it can appeal to people and grab a market for itself. Here are a few examples on the creative uses for old tires.

Custom Lamps and Lampshades

This is another potential small green business idea that requires creativity. The basic idea is to turn random trinkets and items into a lamp or other light fixture. A creative eye and a touch for designing things are part and parcel of this type of business. For the most part, all that s needed in terms of materials are a little capital and simple tools.

For this small green business idea, all that s needed are creativity, a sewing machine and some old clothes to work with. Torn jeans, old rags, shirt that don t fit anymore all of that can be recycled and turned into something new with a little elbow grease and a lot of creativity.

Small green business ideas aren t something that everyone comes up with, but that doesn t mean there s a shortage of them. Green business ideas also aren t as expensive as most people think. In many ways, they can be very cost-effective and have as much potential to be profitable as anything else.

Lorna Li is a business coach, entrepreneur and Amazon rainforest crusader, with a passion for green business, social enterprise, and indigenous wisdom. She helps changemaking entrepreneurs harness the power of the Internet to reach more people and make a bigger impact, while designing the lifestyle of their dreams. She is an Internet marketing consultant to changemakers. and works with innovative tech startups, sustainable brands, social enterprises B-Corporations on SEO, SEM Social Media marketing.

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I’ve built dozens of custom WordPress websites using both free and premium WordPress themes. If I were going to do it all over again, I would have built every single one on the Genesis Framework.

Genesis Framework is not only easily customizable through Genesis hooks, it’s search engine optimized and doesn’t break with each core WordPress update. Instead of burning up all my precious entrepreneurial time dealing with never-ending bug fixes, I can now focus on marketing and monetization.

Find Out More About Genesis Below:

==> Why I Recommend the Genesis Framework
Tara Kekaha from Oakland was about to launch a new online business promoting sustainable tourism and accommodation. She trying to determine what kind of website she needed to power her business, in addition to the best way to name it. I can t say enough about Lorna s expertise in this field. So many options and routes to take when you re starting out. I m starting my new business and have questions about choosing a domain name Do hyphenated names work? How do I choose what domains to purchase? What types of names are going to be successful for SEO? Does .co work as well as .com? She clearly has a lot of experience and (I m sure) has saved me a lot of time, work, and worry. It s good to know there s someone there who cares about changing the world, being green, and has all that experience to boot.

Tara Kehaka Consultant at Mountain Sobek Travel

As a business coach, Lorna demonstrated not only utmost dedication to our interaction but an exceptional capability to envision equitable scenarios with a critical mind for realisable solutions and a fine sensibility to my needs and concerns. She acts, works and lives according to the best and most honorable principles I have encountered in humans to date.

Dominic Thiffault https://www.facebook.com/partime.dreamer

Working with Lorna has been an excellent experience! The level of detail and information that she has is enormous. As a speaker in the Green Business Entrepreneurs Summit I was amazed at the quality and the amount of information that Lorna has about the green economy and the green social media scene.

Lorna hired me as a blogger to assist in a link building campaign for a top national solar company. Lorna manged the remote team with deft efficiency. I was very impressed to see that within 90 days, the client ranked #1 for a highly competitive solar keyword.

Beth Buczynski Writer, Editor, & Green Brand Advocate See Beth Write LLC

Lorna is adept at creating media that tells the story of social entrepreneurs, in a way that not only promotes the business, but inspires other entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps. Her insightful videos, audio podcasts, and digital products provide detailed, step by step guidance on how to become a profitable, purpose driven business.

Tyler Gage President & Co-Founder of Runa Amazon Guayusa Tea

Lorna is a master at both online and traditional green marketing. Her website is consistently at the top of search rankings as a result of her persistant hard work, as are various articles and sections of TriplePundit.com which she has contributed to from time to time.

Nick Aster Founder & Publisher Triple Pundit

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Entrepreneurs for a Change is a podcast, community, and resource for entrepreneurs who are changing the world and the way we do business. We are about business for good, not business as usual. We are about making impact, while making profit. We are about loving our work, rather than hating our jobs. We area bout designing a business that supports our lifestyle rather than work that takes over our lives. We are here to show you how you can have passionate work and adventure in life, though the mentorship of entrepreneurs who are already doing it

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Search Engine Optimization

Definition:The process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by ranking high in the search results of a search engine .

If you want your online business to be successful, it’s a good idea to optimize your site on a regular basis to make sure it’s got a good position in the web’s top search engines. And it’s important to keep on top of the latest developments in the search engine industry and what key tactics you should–and shouldn’t–use to optimize your site to make sure it gets a high ranking with all the major search engines.

For the past few years, the major search engines have been preparing to square off against each other and battle it out for the industry’s top spot. Google has been No. 1 for a while now, with Yahoo! and MSN coming in at numbers two and three. Keep in mind, however, that Google and Yahoo! power many of the smaller search engines. For example, Google powers the free listings featured on AOL and Netscape, plus the paid listings featured on AOL, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, Teoma and Lycos. Yahoo! powers free listings featured on AltaVista, AllTheWeb and HotBot, plus the paid listings on MSN, AltaVista and AllTheWeb.

Search engines frequently change the algorithms they use to rank sites. They don’t want unscrupulous site owners manipulating their indexing methods in order to get high rankings. By doing so, they damage the integrity of free search. As soon as the search engines become aware of a trick being used by “search engine spammers” to boost their site ranking, they figure out a way to catch them.

The search engines don’t want to be manipulated by marketers. They want to provide the best unbiased results possible for any given search–or they’ll lose users. That’s why they need to change their algorithms so frequently-to stay ahead of the tricks people use to get top rankings.

So be careful! You don’t want to catch yourself employing a great strategy promoted by a marketing “expert,” only to find out it’s a tactic the search engines hate! That could get you booted off their listings in no time flat. Let’s take a look at what exactly the search engines are looking for when indexing sites–and what they’ll punish you for.

The Dos
There are still a lot of legitimate ways you can optimize your site to generate or maintain a high ranking without angering the search engines and causing them to drop you from their list. Here are some of the best things you can to do ensure your site has a high ranking:

1. Ask relevant sites to link to your site. In the past, scoring a high ranking with a search engine was all about positioning your keywords in “prime real estate” positions in your text and site coding. All that has changed, however, because these days, links are king.

Search engines place a huge amount of importance on the number of sites that link to yours. But it’s not just the quantity of links that matter, it’s also the quality. Search engines look at how relevant the links are, that is, how much the content of the linking site has in common with the content on your site. The more relevant, the better.

Search engines also look at how important the linking site is. What kind of online presence does it have? How much traffic does it get? For example, your site will get a higher ranking if it’s linked to by sites such as BBC.com or nationalgeographic.com instead of, say, the personal homepage of your friend’s neighbor’s kid.

2. Pay attention to keyword inclusion and placement. Keywords may no longer be the sole determining factor of a site’s ranking, but they’re still pretty important. The most useful places to include them are:

  • In your domain name–only make sure your keywords are in the root of your URL, not the stem. For example, if your main keyword phrase is “cell phones,” try to get a domain name such as “www.cell-phones.com” instead of “www.mobileusa.com/cell-phones.” Some search engines will actually penalize sites for including key words in the stem of a URL.
  • In the title tags in your source code
  • In the meta description of your site. This is much less important than it used to be, but it can’t hurt.
  • In your meta keyword tags

And be sure you only include relevant keywords. Search engines will penalize you if you try to sneak in keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your site.

3. Create content-rich information pages to direct traffic to your site. An easy way to boost the number of pages that link to your site is to create some pages yourself. However, you have to make sure these pages contain valuable content that provides people with useful information. Search engines hate “pointer pages” that have no content and exist only to add to the number of links pointing to a site.

Be sure the information relates to the content on your site and has your keywords placed in advantageous positions. This will boost the ranking of your pages with the search engines and ensure they get lots of traffic-which they can then redirect to your site.

4. Submit your site to online directories. Be sure to submit your site to important directories such as Yahoo. the Open Directory Project and About.com, as well as smaller directories. Your listing on these directories will help your ranking with the major search engines.

5. Multiply and conquer. Create a community of related sites that link to each other. Why stop at only one information page? The more content-rich sites that point to your site, the better.

You can also boost the number of links that point to your site by dividing it into several separate sites that all link to each other. This works especially well if you sell a number of different products or services. If you build a different site to focus on each of your products and services, then you can also concentrate the use of specific keyword phrases on each site. That’s another great way to boost your search engine ranking.

The Don’ts
Now that we’ve covered the dos, here come the don’ts. Although these questionable tactics have worked well in the past, the search engines absolutely hate them. If they catch you using any of these tricks, they may go so far as to drop you from their listings.

1. Beware of irrelevant links. Yes, it’s a good idea to get a lot of different links pointing to your site, but the search engines only like relevant links. If they find sites that have nothing in common with the content on your site linked to your Web site, they’ll lower your relevancy rating.

2. Beware of irrelevant keywords. Search engines hate finding irrelevant keywords on your site-especially in your meta tags. If they catch you using keywords that have nothing to do with the actual content of your site, they’ll penalize you for it.

3. Don’t “keyword stuff” your meta tags. In the past, people used to repeat their keywords in their meta tags over and over again. This used to get them a high ranking with the search engines-but not any more. Search engines are on to this trick and will punish you for it by dropping your ranking.

4. Don’t create “link farms.” Link farms are the evil cousins of the information pages we discussed above. In the past, some spammers used to build multiple “doorway” sites that existed only to multiply the number of links pointing to their sites. Unlike content-rich information pages, these doorway pages would usually only include a string of keyword terms that would earn them a high ranking with the search engines. The search engines have caught on to this tactic, however, and will drop you from their listings if they find you using it.

5. Avoid “free for all” link pages. Don’t bother placing links to your site on pages where everyone and their cousin is invited to put up a link. Such sites have extremely low relevancy ratings and will cost you points with the search engines.

The following resources are good to check out to keep you on top of the changing world of SEO:

Search Engine News. Planet Ocean’s online resource, “The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars,” is updated monthly and provides excellent optimization tips and information on the search engine industry.

Search Engine Watch. This free site is another rich source of tips and information on the search engine industry. Paid memberships are available for more advanced content.

Search Engine Guide. This free site contains a lot of useful information about the smaller search engines on the Web and who you should submit your site to in order to get a better ranking with the bigger search engines.

How do business loans work? #advertise #my #business

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How do business loans work?

To explain how business loans work, I think it’s best to first talk about the two main types of lenders to business owners: traditional banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America) and online lenders (OnDeck, Lending Club, Funding Club).

Traditional bank loans can be your lowest-rate option, if you qualify. But bank loans are extremely hard to come by — 4 out of 5 business owners are turned away by banks. And bank loans often exclude certain industries, take far longer to process, and can only be used for limited purposes.

With online lenders, you have several different kinds of loans available. They have a quick turnaround, are available to more business owners, and have a wide variety of options.

Here are the main types of loans available and a quick explanation on how each works:

  1. SBA Loan: This loan is guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (government-guaranteed), a federal agency that helps foster entrepreneurship. The loan is generally longer term, and has a reasonable interest rate. You are lent money, which you repay over a set period of time.
  2. Traditional Term Loan: A term loan is similar to a traditional loan you would obtain from a bank. You are lent a set amount which you pay back over a set period of time.
  3. Equipment Financing: You are lent money for the purpose of purchasing equipment for your business. The equipment serves as collateral for the loan. It’s the like buying a car — you are lent money up front to buy the asset, then you pay back the value borrowed over time.
  4. Business Line of Credit: You are given access to a credit limit that you can draw from whenever you need the money. It gives you a cushion to tap into, and you only pay interest on funds drawn.
  5. Invoice Financing: Invoice financing allows you to sell your outstanding invoices to a lender, who will front you money in exchange. While you lose a portion of your potential profits, you are able to get cash immediately rather than waiting on your customers to pay.
  6. Short Term Business Loan: A term loan with a very quick payback period, as short as 3 months.
  7. Merchant Cash Advance: The lender gives you cash up front in exchange for a percent of daily credit card sales for a set future period.

If you want more info on how each type of loan works, we put together a comprehensive guide on our site: Which Business Loan is Best For You?

Hope this helps!

I work as a small business finance expert for Yellowstone Capital, a small business lender that has helped over 250,000 small business owners secure more than $500 million in funding for their businesses.

Banks look at many aspects of the company, as well as the business owner, before making a decision on whether to extend a line of credit.

Business: Revenue, profit, business plan, investors, outstanding loans

Owner: Credit history/score, outstanding debt, previous business history, personal referrals, current employment

You have to make sure that you have everything in order before you go in to apply for a loan, especially if your business is just getting off the ground.

Of course this leaves out the approval process, and where to go if you aren t able to secure a loan due to credit issues, but this covers at least how to choose the right bank if you go that route.

Here’s our own take on your question that might help shed a little more light on the topic:

Here’s the official Wikipedia entry on the subject:

Here’s a video that helps explain why small business loans can be so difficult to get approved for at traditional lending institutions like banks and credit unions:

If you have any more questions, please feel free to read any of our blog posts on the topic of small business loans.

Tony D. and the Yellowstone Team

Business School Rankings – Foster School of Business #small #business #finance

#business school rankings


Business school rankings

Use sliders above and click the ‘Calculate’ button to see School Data.


This table lists the metrics used in the MBA rankings from U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, Financial Times, and Forbes, as well as average debt data from M7 Financial. We’ve included the source of each metric and the official definition from the source. Program size and tuition are for information only and are not used in ranking schools. The methodology of the source publication is described in the definition for each metric.

Rankings calculator methodology: How is the top 30 schools list generated?

For each metric, the top 30 schools ranked in that category are assigned points for their ranking. The top-ranked school receives 30 points and the bottom-ranked school receives one point. Schools that tie receive the same number of points. The custom ranking list is based on the sum across criteria of the weight assigned to each metric times the school’s points on that metric. The best fit list ranks the top 30 schools based on these composite scores.

Average Salary Bonus

Average starting salary & bonus for previous year MBA grads. Salary based on the number of graduates who reported data. Mean signing bonus weighted by the proportion of those graduates who reported a bonus. Copyrighted 2016. U.S. News & World Report. 120792:0116JM

Job Placement Rate

Employment rate for previous year MBA graduates 3 months after graduation. Those not seeking jobs or for whom no job-seeking information is available are excluded. Copyrighted 2016. U.S. News & World Report. 120792:0116JM

Return on Investment

Alumni at 100 schools surveyed for pre- and post-MBA compensation, career choice, and location. Schools ranked based on five year MBA gains: alumni earnings in the first five years compared to opportunity cost (2 years forgone compensation/bonuses & stock, tuition, fees). It’s assumed compensation would have risen half as fast as post-MBA salary increases had alumni not attended business school.

Low Average Debt

Average post-graduation debt for MBA graduates ranked from low to high.

Feedback from the classes of 2007, 2008, and 2009 on how their MBAs have affected their careers, their compensation changes over time, and their midcareer job satisfaction.

Number of articles published by full-time faculty in 45 selected journals weighted relative to the size of each faculty. (Research rankings here only include rank among U.S. schools.)

Percentage of previous year’s applicants to the full-time program who were accepted. Copyrighted 2016. U.S. News & World Report. 120792:0116JM

Average Graduate Management Admission Test score and average GRE quantitative and verbal scores of full-time MBA students entering the previous fall. Copyrighted 2016. U.S. News & World Report. 120792:0116JM

Dean Director (Peer) Opinion

Survey of business school deans and directors of accredited business master’s programs. Peers asked to rate programs on a scale of 1 “marginal” to 5 “outstanding” or “don’t know.” School’s score is the average of all the respondents’ ratings. Copyrighted 2016. U.S. News & World Report. 120792:0116JM

Recruiter feedback on the skills they look for in MBAs, and which programs best equip their students with those skills.

Annual Tuition Fees

For information only, not a ranking factor. Out-of-state tuition and fees cost per year for the full-time MBA program. Copyrighted 2016. U.S. News & World Report. 120792:0116JM

For information only, not a ranking factor. Total student enrollment in the full-time MBA program. Copyrighted 2016. U.S. News & World Report. 120792:0116JM

Frequently asked questions

Why create an MBA Rankings Calculator? The inspiration for the calculator was a new ranking developed by Poets & Quants. which essentially assigned a zero weight to criteria that were not focused on student inputs and outputs.

This led us to the question: why not come up with a way to let MBA applicants weight categories based on their individual preferences? This is what the MBA Rankings Calculator sets out to do.

Designed with input from prospective MBA students, this resource can help candidates save time generating a short list of schools to explore for a personalized fit.

For example, one applicant may want to emphasize low debt and ROI over competitive GMAT scores in a program. Another may choose a school based on high research performance and a strong academic reputation with deans and MBA directors. A third candidate may be primarily focused on high salaries, job placement, and employer opinion. There is no one-size-fits-all program for everyone this tool helps candidates find their best matches. Which metrics are used? Average salary and bonus, job placement, average debt, alumni advancement, return on investment, faculty research, student selectivity, average GMAT score as well as opinions of employers and business school deans and directors. What are the sources of the data? We developed the calculator with data licensed from U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Financial Times, Forbes, and M7 Financial. The data provided are for personal, non-commercial use only, based on the copyrights and terms and conditions of the data providers. Why were these 10 metrics chosen? We tested the calculator with prospective students, including those who had not applied at the Foster School of Business. Based on student feedback, we selected diverse metrics that were important to them while creating a tool that was simple to use. How are the rankings metrics weighted? For each metric, the top 30 schools ranked in that category are assigned points for their ranking. The top-ranked school receives 30 points and the bottom-ranked school receives one point. Schools that tie receive the same number of points. The custom ranking list is based on the sum across criteria of the weight assigned to each metric times the school’s points on that metric. The best fit list ranks the top 30 schools based on these composite scores.

While these metrics are based on the methodologies of the source publications (described in the ‘Methodology’ tab), users of the calculator can weight each factor separately to create their own custom list. Why 30 schools? There are more than 60 schools included in the calculator, as different schools are included in different metric rankings. Listing 30 schools in the best fit ranking allows for a diverse range of large, medium, and small schools across the U.S. as well as a blend of private and public schools with different specialties. After the top 30 schools, there is less consistency of schools that are ranked in more than two ranking metrics. Why were only United States schools included? The majority of potential MBA students who contact our admissions staff are interested in business schools in the United States. While we do recruit students internationally, we are located in the U.S. For these reasons, we decided to focus exclusively on U.S. schools. Does the calculator give an advantage to the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business? No. The Foster School is not included in the top 30 for one metric and is ranked in the lowest quartile on other metrics. The metrics were chosen based on prospective student priorities primarily outcomes for graduates, program selectivity, and reputation with employers and school leaders.

To see the top 30 schools in an individual category, allocate 100 points to that metric and click the ‘Calculate’ button. Does the rankings calculator replace or duplicate other MBA rankings? No. The rankings calculator is a complementary tool to the existing rankings. It uses data points licensed from U.S. News & World Report, Businessweek, The Financial Times, Forbes, and M7 Financial to help potential students create a custom list of schools that fit their priorities. It also links to each of these rankings so that prospective students can explore the full set of data that each ranking offers. What makes the rankings calculator unique is the opportunity for prospective students to select their own metrics and apply their own weights. How can I share this page? The easiest way to share this page is to use the social media buttons above to post to your networks. The results from the rankings calculator data are provided for your personal, non-commercial use based on the copyrights and terms and conditions of the sources: U.S. News & World Report. Bloomberg Businessweek. Financial Times. Forbes. and M7 Financial.

How do you know which MBA program is the right fit for you?

“Fit” is a complex idea that incorporates elements like culture, location, size, business relationships, student community, and much more.
Learn more about the Foster Fit and find out if we’re the right school for you.

Promotional Calendars & Corporate Business Calendars 2017 #best #online #businesses

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Promotional Calendars for 2017

Rose Calendars are proud to offer over a century of experience in designing, publishing and printing promotional calendars. Proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising and providing a medium for your business promotion, our extensive range of stunning advertising calendars ensure your brand is directly in front of your customers all year round.

Whether you are looking for attractive, eye-catching promotional wall calendars or stylish branded desktop calendars, our range of 2017 calendars includes stunning titles and formats for every taste and budget. Please browse our range of exciting promotional advertising calendars for 2017.

Over a Century of Calendar Design, Manufacturing Printing!

Your calendar printing requirements are in good hands at Rose Calendars: we have been designing and publishing promotional calendars for over 100 years and through our expertise have become the leading calendar printer in the UK. The exceptional quality of our calendars and high standards of our customer service, coupled with low minimum order quantities and fast and reliable delivery, is renowned in the world of corporate calendars.

Our 2017 calendar range features innovative designs coupled with easy-to-use date pads, with stunning imagery complemented by informative captions and additional useful information. The 2017 range also features our innovative, industry leading 360 Interactive Wall Calendar. You can see all our new titles here .

Make the most of your 2016 marketing budget by investing in promotional calendars from Rose Calendars, specialists in corporate calendars for over a century!

As the Perseid Meteor Shower reaches its peak on the night of Friday 12 August, we share some top tips for how to see the most meteors, and ask the question: just what is a shooting star?

As the 2016 Olympic Games opens in Rio, we find out all about the origins of the games what the world’s fastest man has in common with Coreobis the cook from ancient Greece.

On 1st August we celebrate Yorkshire Day. Promoting the largest UK county of Yorkshire, it was first celebrated in 1975. View our Yorkshire Calendar, with scenes and landscapes of this historical county.

The month of July is named after Julius Caesar. So why was he singled out for this honour, and what inspired the naming of the other eleven months?

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The Atlantic


August’s Perfectly Fine Jobs Report

The U.S. economy added 151,000 jobs last month—growth that’s favorable enough to keep an interest-rate hike in 2016 a possibility.

How Ransomware Became a Billion-Dollar Nightmare for Businesses

One cybersecurity firm estimates that extortive attacks now cost small and medium companies at least $75 billion in expenses and lost productivity each year.

Was It a Mistake for Trump to Focus on the Economy?

Jobs Day in 2016 has become an anti-climax, thanks to an improving climate that aids Hillary Clinton. So why is the Republican still painting a bleak picture?

Samsung’s Recall

The company announced that in some instances the battery in the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploded.

72 Hours on the Fire Line, Every Week

Armando Alvarez has been fighting some of California’s worst fires for 15 years, working shifts that can go well beyond his regular hours and last up to 18 days.

At Work in Two Genders

Observations from accomplished trans women about power and leadership in the office

Being the Person Behind the Badge

Officer Cabria Davis talks about rebuilding community trust with the police in Camden, New Jersey.

The Dangerous Life of a Trash Collector

Angel Veloz talks about his work ethic and why he dropped out of college to drive trucks.

The Real Reason Peña Nieto Fears a Trump Presidency

If Donald Trump follows through with some of his campaign promises, he could wreak economic havoc on Mexico.

Apple Pushes Back

Tim Cook, its CEO, described as “maddening” the European Commission’s finding that Ireland should recoup 13 billion euros in back taxes from the tech giant.

Minimum-Wage Hikes Go Straight to the Ballot Box

Blocked by lawmakers, voters in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington state will decide for themselves this November whether workers get a raise.

The Pill, the Condom, and the American Dream

Poor kids are finally narrowing the achievement gap with rich kids. Is contraception the cause?

August’s Best Reads: Flint, the Fed, and the Business of Game Shows

The month’s most interesting stories about money and business from around the web

The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street

Richmond was once the epicenter of black finance. What happened there explains the decline of black-owned banks across the country.

The Mail-Order Brides of Jamestown, Virginia

In its early days, the first English settlement in America had lots of men, tobacco, and land. All it needed was women.

How Alumni Are Reading the University of Chicago Letter

Over the past week, my alma mater has been all over my (and probably your) news feed. The general dramatic…

Who Wouldn’t Want Apple to Pay Its Taxes?

The Irish finance minister and … the U.S. Treasury?

Someone to Talk to Upon Returning From War

After serving in Vietnam, John Cowart spent three decades helping soldiers who were struggling with the effects of military service.

California’s Smart New Retirement Plan and the Industry That Opposes It

Many asset-management companies fear a program that would reduce something they depend on: consumers’ confusion.

Why the EC Ruled Against Apple

The European Commission ordered Ireland to recover up to 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) from the tech giant over what it called “illegal tax benefits.”

Fewer Unions, Lower Pay for Everybody

If organized labor were as strong today as it was in the late 1970s, nonunion men without a high-school diploma would be earning 9 percent more, according to a new study.


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Financing a business guide #order #business #cards

#financing a business


Financing a business guide

Table of contents

Business planning

Securing financial assistance to start your new business is directly related to the strength of your business plan and the research that you do. To be considered for funding from financial institutions or investors, you must demonstrate that you understand every aspect of your business, and its ability to generate profit.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a written document that describes your business objectives and strategies, your financial forecasts, and the market you are targeting. Preparing your plan will help you focus on how to run your new business with the best chance for success.

For copies of sample business plans call us at:

Market research

To run a successful business it is helpful to know who your customers are, what they want and how to reach them. You can go directly to your customers for answers (primary market research), or you can use information that already exists (secondary market research).

CBO can help you with your secondary market research. Contact us directly for:

  • information about business associations, manufacturers, suppliers and competitors
  • articles about consumer, business and industry trends
  • Canadian consumer spending statistics and demographic data for market research
  • sample business plans
  • international trade data

The secondary market research service is offered free of charge and is available for people at any stage of business in Ontario.

Note: Research requests may take up to seven business days to complete.

Business advisory services

Find information about Ontario’s small business community, attend seminars, and access business publications at various in-person locations across Ontario.

Services vary based on regional needs, so we suggest you call ahead or visit your local office s website for more detailed information for your area.

Financing programs

There are many different ways to finance your business. Canada Business can help you find government programs that are available in Ontario.

Common sources of business financing include:

The Canada Small Business Financing Program (CSBFP)

By sharing the risk with your financial institution, the CSBFP may help you get up to $1 million to start, expand, modernize or improve your small business. To be eligible your business should have annual gross revenues of no more than $10 million.

You can use the loan to finance the cost of purchasing or improving fixed assets. For example, you could finance:

  • buildings and land
  • commercial vehicles
  • business equipment
  • leasehold improvements for a franchise

You cannot use the loan to finance items such as:

  • working capital
  • inventories
  • franchise fees
  • research and development

To apply for this program, contact an approved bank, caisse populaire or credit union. The lending institution has the final say on the loan approval.

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

If you can demonstrate that your business has realistic sales potential, you may be eligible for financing and management services from the BDC, Canada s bank for business. Learn about a variety of programs for business, including:

Ontario Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs)

You may be eligible for a loan of up to $150,000 to start or grow your business in Northern Ontario or in rural areas of Southern and Eastern Ontario. CFDCs provide financing to help new or existing businesses with start-up, expansion or stabilization plans that help maintain or create jobs. You can also take advantage of several business support services, including:

  • business advice, counselling, information and referrals
  • business planning
  • export support
  • entrepreneurial training

Please note that services vary based on regional needs. We suggest you call ahead or visit your local office s website for more detailed information for your area.

Futurpreneur Canada Start-Up Program

You may be eligible for a loan of up to $15,000 from Futurpreneur Canada.

To be eligible, you should:

  • Be between the ages of 18 to 34
  • Create a business plan for a business that will employ you full time
  • Work with a mentor for two years
  • Own at least 51% of your business

If you are approved for funding from Futurpreneur Canada, you may also be eligible for additional funding of up to $30,000 through a special partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

For more information or to apply for the loan, visit the Futurpreneur Canada website or call them to find the nearest office.

For applicants aged 35 to 39, you can also apply through Futurpreneur Canada and work with one of their mentors, but your financing terms and conditions are from BDC for a maximum loan of $45,000.

Financing search tools

To search for other financing programs, visit the Canada Business website. There are programs that apply only to businesses in Ontario, and others that are available across Canada. Use the search tool or browse by type of financing.

Municipal business programs

Your local municipal office may offer financing and support for your area. You can find the number for your municipality on the Association of Municipalities of Ontario website. Contact them directly to find out what is available in your area.

You can also find books, magazines and other relevant print material at business service organizations in your community. To locate a Canada Business Ontario (CBO) community partner, contact us at 1-888-576-4444 .

Supplemental content

Related Topics

Business planning FAQs Find the answers to questions often asked about preparing a business plan. Sources of private sector financing Find out about the debt and equity financing available from the private sector for your business needs. Financing from non-government organizations There may be not-for-profit or community-based organizations that can offer you financing or direct you towards financing.

Date modified: 2016-01-28

What Is SEO #music #business #degree

#business search engines


What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines.

All major search engines such as Google. Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment isn’t involved, as it is with paid search ads .

VIDEO: SEO Explained

New to SEO? Start with this quick and easy to understand video about search engine optimization. It’ll quickly cover the basics:

Search Engine Land worked with Common Craft to produce the video, and they have many more great explainer videos like this in the Common Craft video library. so check that out.

More SEO Advice For Beginners

For more basic but also in-depth advice, our Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors. shown below, introduces you to all the key concepts you need to know:

You can click on the table to view a larger version of it. You can download a copy to print for easy reference!

Search Engine Land s Guide To SEO

As a companion to the table, Search Engine Land s Guide To SEO explains the ranking factors in more depth, in a tutorial providing tips and advice on implementing them.

Links to the entire guide are shown below (start at the beginning, and each page will take you to the next):

More SEO Guides Books

Another excellent guide is Google s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This is a free PDF download that covers basic tips that Google provides to its own employees on how to get listed. You’ll find it here. Also well worth checking out is Moz s Beginner s Guide To SEO, which you ll find here. and the SEO Success Pyramid from Small Business Search Marketing.

Daily SEO News Expert SEO Advice

In addition to daily news stories from our editorial staff, Search Engine Land publishes daily articles from expert contributors that cover SEO issues mainly from an in-the-trenches perspective. Browse the SEO Channel for the most recent SEO news stories and expert columns, or sign up to receive all of our SEO related content via email .

Search Engine Land s SEO Library

The SEO Library is an area within Search Engine Land that provides a collection of all stories we’ve written on the topic of SEO. We also have sub-categories, including:

Also see our related Link Building category and these sub-categories:

In addition to covering SEO generally, Search Engine Land also has search engine optimization areas specifically for each of the major search engines:

Also within our library is the How To: SEO section, which is devoted to practical tips and tactics about search engine optimization.

Get SEO News Advice Delivered To Your Inbox

Subscribe to our weekly SEO and daily SearchCap newsletters for a recap of all the latest SEO related news, tips and tactics from Search Engine Land and other sources all over the Web.

Attend Our Conferences

Search Engine Land’s SMX East returns to New York, Sept. 27-29. Register now for the biggest search marketing conference on the East Coast!

Gain new strategies and insights at the intersection of marketing & IT. MarTech Europe returns to London, UK, 1-2 November. Register now!

10 Low-Cost Weekend Businesses to Start #best #small #business

#weekend business ideas


10 Low-Cost Weekend Businesses to Start

February 1, 2010

Whether you want to just make some extra money in your free time or desire to one day quit your day job and create a full-time business, starting a low-cost business on the weekend is an easy way to test the entrepreneurial waters. You ll need to invest little more than your time, and before long, you ll know if owning a business full time is the right choice for you.

To help you get started, we ve developed this list of 10 great businesses to start. No matter where your interests or talents lie, you ll be sure to find an idea that ll fit you like a glove.

If you like to party.

Party Balloon Service The demand for a party-balloon decorator is endless and certainly not limited to only children s birthday parties. Marketing this service is best achieved by creating a colorful presentation to be distributed to all local event planners, children s stores, daycare centers and banquet halls. Likewise, attending local networking clubs or chamber of commerce meetings is also a fantastic way to get the message out about your new service. A small amount of research into your local market will assist you in product pricing as well as determining demand and competition. Should you encounter a great deal of competition in your local community, you may want to offer additional services like party cleanup or event planning to create a competitive advantage. This is a business that can be easily run from home, but you will need adequate transportation to bring the balloon arrangements to events.

If you like working around the house.

Storm Window Installations and Storage Starting a business that provides residential homeowners with a service of installing storm windows in the fall and removing the windows in the spring is a very straightforward endeavor to initiate. It probably won t make you rich, but it can provide a great seasonal income of $15 to $25 per hour, with the potential for additional cash if you also offer optional window cleaning and repair services. The equipment necessary to get rolling includes a few ladders and basic tools, such as hammers and screwdrivers. Ideal customers for this service are owners of Victorian and heritage homes as wood storm windows often do not open or provide air circulation in the summer, requiring them to be removed and reinstalled later.

If you’ve got a green thumb.

Tree Trimmer Trees make the earth a greener, cleaner, more beautiful place, but occasionally even the best tree needs a trim. Branches become diseased or damaged–and dangerous–or grow too close to power lines. And most homeowners lack the skills or the courage to climb up to the trouble spots and chop away. If you ve got the right stuff–both tools and expertise–you can earn green with a tree-trimming service. Leave fliers on homeowners doorsteps, especially after heavy storms, and advertise in your local Yellow Pages.

If you like to work hard.

Garage Attic Cleaning/Hauling Service Nobody likes to spend a weekend cleaning out the garage, attic or garden shed–it s dirty and time-consuming, and when it s done, there s still the task of hauling off all that discarded junk. But if you don t mind the physical labor, a cleaning and hauling service can be a lot of fun. You can usually find a few treasures among the trash, which most people are delighted to give away, and you can add to your income by recycling bottles, newspapers and metal cast-offs. You ll need a pick-up truck or other vehicle capable of carrying everything from cast-iron sinks to old timbers. Start off by advertising in your local newspaper.

If your favorite friends are furry.

Pet-Sitter What could be a better business for a pet-lover than playing with Patches or Princess? That s what a pet-sitter does for out-of-town or work-all-day owners: feeding, watering and horsing around with four-footed clients, providing love and attention along with essential nutrients. Some pet-sitters also handle medical needs, administering insulin injections or providing in-home after-surgery care. Remember that you ll be on duty during the holidays when people tend to leave town and you ll need wheels to take you to clients homes. To get started, distribute fliers to veterinary clinics and pet stores and ask them to refer customers to you.

If you’ve got an eye for auctions.

eBay Business Thousands of prospective business owners just like you have found a niche online without investing much more than a dime through online auction services like eBay. Got a closet full of junk? CDs or videos you no longer want? An eye for garage and estate sale finds? Snap a picture, upload it to the web, write a description and wait for people to bid on your product. Okay, it s not that easy. (Is anything ever?) You ll be making many trips to the post office, continually honing your description skills and understanding the different auction posting options for the site you use, and spending a lot of time e-mailing buyers. Customer service is key in this business and it will take up your time. But there s no easier and cheaper way to start selling products online, and many people have formed full-time businesses around selling solely this way.

If you like being on the road.

Vending Machines The snack vending business is a multibillion dollar industry in North America and continues to grow each year. Entering into the vending industry is very easy. Simply purchase a few vending machines, stock and locate them, and you re in business, right? Wrong. This industry also has one of the highest failure rates due to the fact that people may invest in a shady opportunity, choose the wrong location, or not realize it takes constant maintenance to keep machines in tip-top selling shape. To get started, you must purchase the machines as well as the merchandise being vended. Don t slouch in your research of the vending machine, merchandise supplier(s), and potential locations. You must pay the location owner a percentage based on sales. The big secret to any route deal is to get locations in high-foot-traffic areas and, of course, as close to one another as possible. If your locations are spread far apart, you ll waste time and traveling expenses servicing them.

If you’re a wire whiz.

Home Entertainment/Car Stereo Installer If you re one of the rare few who can hook up all those wires and cables at the back of the television, DVD player, digital video recorder, cable, CD player, video games and stereo system and make the whole thing work, then this is the business for you. You ll work at customers homes, putting together new systems or adding new components they ve purchased, or hooking things back together after a move. You can also make money by installing customers car stereo systems. Attract customers by leaving fliers with cooperative electronics sales stores and place ads in your local newspaper.

If you’re book smart.

Educational Tutor For parents wanting the peace of mind that their child is receiving the proper education, extracurricular tutoring can be the preferred method of extending educational training beyond public school. There is one main requirement for starting this type of instruction business: You must be an expert in the field in which you intend to teach or tutor. Beyond that, this business is very simple to start. It can be operated on a mobile basis by going to the client or from your home office with the client coming to you. Building a customer and referral base for this type of business can be accomplished by joining community business associations and parent teacher associations. Networking and self-promotion are probably the best marketing strategies. Tutoring is a competitive industry and to gain the upper hand requires explanation and disclosure of credentials firsthand.

If you’ve got a head for numbers.

Bookkeeper Every business needs a bookkeeper to pay the bills, send out invoices, reconcile bank statements, and handle all those record-keeping tasks that send most of us running the other way. If you re a whiz with figures and you like the satisfaction of putting things in order, you can earn a tidy sum and help fellow small-business owners as a part-time bookkeeper. You ll need to stay abreast of current tax rules and regulations, and you ll want a computer, printer and accounting software–with a laptop, you can even travel to clients offices. Send brochures to local businesses, place ads in your local newspaper, and be sure to have a business card at the ready for word-of-mouth opportunities. Slideshow source: Success for Less: 10- Low-Cost Businesses You Can Start Today by Rob Terry Adams Looking for more weekend business ideas? Weekend Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Press) has 101 businesses to start, plus advice on running your own part-time business.

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#world business news


The New York Times

Gatorade Shakes Up the Sport Drink by Going Organic

The organic version will be made up of seven ingredients, will come in lemon, strawberry and mixed berry flavors and will be sold in select markets this fall.

Alphabet Ends Effort to Create Modular Smartphone

The decision to shelve Project Ara comes after the company announced plans in May to release an early version of the product for developers.

Venture Communism: How China Is Building a Start-Up Boom

The Chinese government is lavishing benefits like free rent and cash handouts on homegrown start-ups in an effort to move beyond the factory floor.

New Balls, Please

A factory outside of Bangkok cranks out millions of tennis balls. Here’s how they’re made.

How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything on a Smartphone

The NSO Group sells expensive surveillance tools for criminal and terrorism inquiries, but critics say they are also used to track journalists and rights activists.

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#start a business ideas


You need to have a viable business idea. You must also have what it takes to make it work. You also must have enough money.

If you’ve got what it takes to start your own business, and you’ve done your research, forming a business is the next exciting leg on the journey.

Many people struggle with the financial side of managing their small business. Not everyone has a head for figures or wants to become an accountant.

If you want to run a legitimate enterprise, you must pay tax. It’s worth understanding your tax obligations before you start up to factor them in.

Many people, including some leading business representatives, argue that small firms are over burdened by the weight of business law.

It might be a cliché, but it remains true – planning without action is futile, while action without planning is fatal. You need a business plan.

Marketing matters. Marketing drives sales for businesses of all sizes by ensuring that customers think of their brand when they want to buy.

Premises provide the second-biggest overhead for many businesses. If you can start your business from your home, it will be much easier to break even.

The success or failure of a business can often rest in the hands of its most valuable asset – its people. But managing them can be a challenge.

There can’t be many firms in the UK, however small, that don’t use IT in some way. Many businesses simply couldn’t exist without IT.

Half of all new businesses fail within five years. So how do you survive and thrive? Find out how to scale up and become a high-growth business.

Testing business ideas

Business & Economy #international #business #jobs

#business list


Cutters Skips
Cutters Skips based in Brisbane specialise in high quality skip bins at the best prices. Contact Cutters Skips today on (07) 3348 5257.
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Add your website with the anchor text and description or your choice. Fast addition within one to two business days. Click here to get listed.

BusinessSeek.biz Business Directory
Find companies, products and services on this comprehensive categorized business to business directory. Offers free and paid submission services to the business sector. Allows the addition of extensive business information on all directory entries.
More Info – www.businessseek.biz

Bay Breakers
Provides new, used and obsolete circuit breakers, transfer switches, and electrical components.
More Info – www.baybreakers.com

Billy D. Price, P.C.
Billy D. Price is an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney able to serve Dallas, Plano, Garland, Irving, Mesquite, and surrounding areas.
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Bird Tire: Sales and Service
In addition to our industrial tires we keep a complete line of tractor, agricultural, lawn & garden, implement, grader, construction and skid steer tires in stock.
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Business Brokers Australia
Professional business brokers helping buyers and sellers of businesses throughout Australia. If you are looking for a business for sale sign up to our newsletter.
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Business Insurance UK
NatWest provides insurance for businesses from engineers to hairdressers. Contact us to find out more. Self employed insurance and Landlord insurance.
More Info – business-insurance.natwest.com

Canada Event Planning
The nation’s largest entertainment house. With many attractions both indoors and outdoors. Our attractions have been used as movie props, fundraising tools, and corporate entertainment.
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Carolina Waters: Real Estate Carolina
Carolina real estate and homes for sale listings from Total Realty Management covers the entire exquisite upscale residential developments on the beautiful coasts of North & South Carolina.
More Info – www.carolinawaters.com

Change Group: US
A international strategy and consulting firm that focuses primarily on the unique needs of small and medium sized companies.
More Info – chgus.com

Charlotte County: Florida
One of the fastest growing counties in the state, offers a unique and promising opportunity for businesses considering expanding or relocating.
More Info – www.charlotte-florida.com

Colorado Springs Real Estate: Listings With Remax
Real Estate agent Ann Heiring in Colorado Springs, CO will help you relocate to the Colorado Springs area. A Remax Colorado Springs real estate agent, Ann has a large number of listings and home research applications.
More Info – www.annheiring.com

Contractor Ft. Myers

Cyber Speaker
Articles, tips, advice and insights into making emotional connections with your website visitors in order to increase sales.
More Info – www.CyberSpeaker.com

Daltons Business
One of The UK’s largest business for sale marketplace – the place to buy a business. Lists commercial property for sale, businesses for sale and franchise opportunities.
More Info – www.daltonsbusiness.com

Debt collection
Uk based debt collection specialist, offering free consultations and no collection no fee service, visit our web page for top ten tips and related articles. Also view sample credit reports and download instantly.
More Info – www.admiralcollections.com

Dinosaur Valley: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
Community of Drumheller the focal point of Dinosaur Valley – the badlands of Alberta, Canada.
More Info – www.dinosaurvalley.com

Do-It-Yourself S Corporation Explained
Do-it-yourself S Corporation setup kits for all fifty states using either limited liability company or regular corporation as platform. Written by a CPA and attorney.
More Info – www.scorporationsexplained.com

Employee Time Clocks: Payroll TimeClocks
Employee Time Clocks offers time clocks from a wide array of makers such as Amano, Acroprint, Lathem and Icon
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Express Tax Claims
It is very easy claiming tax rebate with us. Find out how much Paye Tax refund, CIS Tax Return or NHS Tax Rebate you could claim online. Then contact us.
More Info – expresstaxclaims.com

Candle Making Business Start-Up Guide #business #loans #for #veterans

#candle making business


Candle Making Business Start-Up Guide

Founding and operating a candle making business makes you both an artisan and an entrepreneur. Are you ready to put your creative skills and business savvy to work to grab a piece of that market? This start up guide provides both the steps and resources needed to launch a candle making business.

Define Your Product Line

Decide what kind of candles you want to make and sell. Your designs are limited only by your creativity and materials, but do yourself a favor and start with a limited product line. A few options include:

  • Candles made into custom shapes, like animals or sports figures
  • Church candles, with colors to match the liturgical seasons
  • Candles with embedded jewels or other treats
  • Unity candles, for use in wedding centerpieces
  • “Good luck” candles

You can also distinguish your product line based on the materials you choose.

  • Make your candles from beeswax, soy wax, paraffin, or gel.
  • Embed ribbons for wicks, inserting them either upright in tall candles, or lengthwise in shallow candles.
  • Make container candles, using barware, antique glassware, shells, or decorative tins.
  • Develop a scent that is all your own.
  • Create specialized colors.

Learn which candles are your best sellers, and expand your product line from there. Whatever design choices you make, be sure to write down all your recipes and formulas. You will need to be able to reproduce your winners to precise specifications.

Set Up Your Workspace

You will need a heat source that does not rely on open flame, a well-lighted workspace, room to set up an assembly process, and adequate storage space for your supplies. You will also need a climate controlled environment for storing your finished candles, as well as an area designated for packaging.

Be sure to purchase the correct type of fire extinguishers, or a fire-suppression system. Hot wax is volatile, and an accidental spill can quickly become a consuming blaze!

Stay Safe and Legal

Become knowledgeable about your city’s zoning laws as you plan your workspace, and stay legal. Because you are working with flammable materials, extra caution is advised. Research your city fire codes, obtain all necessary permits, and speak with your insurance representative. If you should have a fire and authorities determine that your business was operating outside the law, your liability could be great.

Make a List of Supplies

As an accomplished candle maker you may already have a number of your supplies on hand, but you will still need stock up on quantities. Consider the following shopping list of supplies and adapt it as needed.

  • Double boiler
  • Wax
  • Wicks
  • Molds
  • Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Additives
  • Luster spray
  • A scale
  • Measuring instruments
  • Thermometer
  • Leak-proof containers for candles
  • Packaging materials

Identify and Select Supply Vendors

At first you may elect to purchase your supplies from a local hobby store. As your business grows, however, you will want to seek out quality wholesale vendors. Placing larger orders with select vendors is generally a more cost-effective way to procure supplies.

You will also find that vendors’ new offerings are good indicator of industry trends. Your vendor should also be able to provide the quantities you need, in the timeframe you require. Popular candle making suppliers include:

  • Candlechem offers a broad range of products including seamless molds, braided wicks, warning labels, and more.
  • Candle Making Supplies carries a wide range of waxes, containers, and molds. The company is also known for its palette pricing.

Gain Industry Expertise

Your customers -particularly those who are resellers- will look at you as an expert in the candle manufacturing industry. They will feel more comfortable buying from you, and consequently become more loyal, when they perceive that you “know your stuff.” They will be eager to hear about product trends, fresh marketing ideas, environmental efficiencies, and more. The following organizations can help you to stay on top of industry knowledge.

  • Candle Cauldron has recipes, tips for throwing candle parties, formulas for figuring candle burn times and many other tricks of the trade.
  • The International Guild of Candle Artisans offers information, a gallery of amazing candles, safety tips and a suppliers index.
  • The National Candle Association is a wonderful membership organization devoted to the art and safe use of candles in the home.

Establish Your Business

Just as some aspects of your business relate specifically to product creation, other facets are common across all types of businesses. A few of the steps to starting a small business include:

  • Naming your business
  • Selecting a legal structure
  • Registering your business with both the state and IRS
  • Establishing accounting practices
  • Buying business insurance

Write Your Business Plan

Writing a good business plan is the linchpin to establishing almost any successful small business. You will need to include market research and financial statements, as well as organizing and formatting your plan in a manner that is familiar to potential lenders and investors.

A solid marketing strategy and advertising plan are critical components of any good business plan. Sometimes the marketing plan is written as a component within the business plan, and sometimes it’s a separate document. Be sure to include details, such as the types of media advertising channels you plan to use.

Budget and Finance

It’s no surprise that start-up budgets for candle making businesses vary. Shoestring Profits estimates that you will need an initial investment of only $200-$300, while Entrepreneur suggests a starting budget of $2,000.

Many people fund small start-up businesses out of their own savings or take an advance on an existing credit card. Others seek out investors, lines of credit, government loans. or grants.


Once you have accounted for all your expenses and know exactly how much it costs to produce each candle, you will be able to set your sale price. A good rule of thumb is to double your costs and charge that amount to your wholesale or bulk customers. For direct sales you will want to triple your cost.

Check your competitors’ pricing to determine whether your prices are competitive. If your prices are significantly lower, you may want to adjust them upward. If they are slightly higher, you’ll need to explain why your products are worth more. Perhaps your candles burn longer, or cleaner, or feature some other property that your is unique to your brand. People value what they pay for, but your marketing must help them to justify the expense.

Work Smart

Small business owners routinely wear a lot of hats, but no one can be all things to all people. Seek outside help when you need it; build it into your budget, and incorporate it into your pricing structure. It’s okay to hire an accountant or contract with someone to build and maintain your website. That isn’t working less; it’s working smart.

Related Topics

Lexington Law Review 2016 #best #business #laptop

#credit repair business


Lexington Law Review

PROS / Lexington Law works directly with your creditors in addition to the credit bureaus to clear up your credit disputes.

CONS / This company does not offer a money-back guarantee.

VERDICT / Lexington Law s credit repair service has a lot to offer, including excellent customer service and supplemental education that is especially helpful.

Lexington Law is a law firm that offers credit repair services to clients across the country. It offers almost all of the program features we looked for in the best services, and it provided excellent customer service in our testing. It also has especially comprehensive supplemental education. These features and more earned Lexington Law our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Support & Service

We reached out to this company multiple times on various days to test the customer service it provides to potential clients. Overall, we had positive experiences with Lexington Law’s customer service representatives. They were available via phone and were responsive to email. The representatives we spoke with were transparent and open with the answers they gave us. They also provided accurate information, and the details they gave us were consistent across phone calls and when compared to the information on the company’s website. However, no representatives followed up with us to be sure we did not have further questions.

Lexington Law offers supplemental education about credit, finances and credit laws on its website. It has 12 topics for you to research the most we saw from any service we reviewed and they include information on bad credit scores, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other legislation, clean credit reports and more. This company’s website also has a regularly updated educational blog for you to peruse. The blog discusses things such as debt-to-income ratio, taxes, high rates and other information.

Cost & Fees

To repair your credit with Lexington Law, you must pay a monthly fee of $79.95 per month, which is among the higher fees charged by these companies. There is no setup fee, and the service pulls your credit for you. Most credit repair services charge either a setup fee (which often includes the credit pull) or charge for the credit pull; some do both. If you sign up as a couple, you receive $50 off your first month’s payment. There are no additional fees for you to worry about, but you should know that Lexington Law does not offer a money-back guarantee for its service. Note that these prices were quoted to us at the time of this review, and the price Lexington Law charges you may vary depending on your situation.

Time Frame

The typical program with this credit repair company lasts four months, which is less time than many other companies advertise. Remember that the time you spend working with this law firm may vary depending on the number of items you need to dispute on your credit report. On average, Lexington Law advertises that it removes about 10 items from your credit report in total, though again, you should expect your results to vary.

Remember that not every item on your credit report is given the same weight in your score. Some items that are removed from your credit could be weighed heavier than other items; it’s possible to have 10 items removed from your report and have a very small score increase. On the other hand, you might have 10 items removed and gain a higher credit score increase than average, though you shouldn’t necessarily expect this to happen.

The number of items this company disputes each month varies, and is proportional to the total number of disputes that need to be made for your case. Credit bureaus are required to respond to disputes 30 days after receiving them, though it may take some time to see changes on your report. You should expect to start seeing results from the disputations made by Lexington Law within 45 days.

Program Details

Lexington Law offers most of the features that we looked for in our evaluation of credit repair companies. It acquires your credit score for you, saving you the hassle. It also works with your creditors in addition to the three credit bureaus, which makes it more likely that the negative items removed from your credit report will stay off. This company also offers monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection, both of which can help you avoid needing a credit repair company in the future. This service does not offer pay for delete negotiations, however, which means that Lexington Law will not negotiate with your creditors for you to pay off your debt in exchange for the creditor removing the negative item from your credit report. You can stop working with Lexington Law at any time without penalty, as there is no contract required to work with this company.


Lexington Law’s credit repair service has a low average time for its program compared to its competitors, and there is no setup fee. This company has especially informative supplemental education and helpful customer support representatives. Even though its monthly fee is more expensive than some of the other companies on our review, its features, education and customer support put Lexington Law at the top of our list of credit repair companies.

Overall Rating

The Business of Data #business #acquisition #loans

#business data


The Business of Data

More and more organisations are collecting and storing vast amounts of data. Yet for all the excitement generated by the potential of this data to transform business models—turning it directly into cold, hard cash can prove difficult.

Despite the obvious benefits of using superior data to drive value-added marketing strategies, companies are facing many barriers, including regulatory uncertainty, consumer privacy issues, security concerns and budget constraints. So while the possibilities of digital disruption and big data are endless, companies need to think very carefully about how to execute their plans to avoid some common pitfalls.

This EIU report examines how companies are positioning themselves to benefit directly from the wave of opportunities offered by fast-evolving data technologies. It is based on a cross-industry survey of 476 executives based largely in North America, Europe and Asia on their companies’ data plans and practices, as well as insights from the leaders of organisations at the forefront of the emerging data industry.

Read report in English | 日本語

Will Asia see the next crowdfunding gold rush? #business #card #printers

#world business news


Will Asia see the next crowdfunding gold rush?

Miriam-Doerr | iStock | Getty Images

As businesses seek out new ways to raise money, venture capitalists could start to fund some early stage businesses through crowdsourcing rather than relying on institutional investors, according to the latest research.

“The percentage of early stage seed deals funded by crowdfunding is growing, and is beginning to cannibalize the volume of these deals funded by venture capital firms in Europe,” said Robert Wardrop, executive director at Cambridge University’s Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance in the UK.

Crowdfunding for lending represents about 80 percent of the total market in Europe, Wardrop said. But Asia is still ripe for development with demand for alternative financing for entrepreneurial innovation in sophisticated regions like Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand growing in a move to remain competitive with China.

In Europe, there has been an emergence of smaller venture capitalists using crowdfunding platforms to both raise funds to make new investments and provide capital for later stages of existing investments, Wardrop said. And this trend could catch on in Asia.

The emergence of crowdfunding/crowdsourcing, funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people via the internet, was created in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. When traditional financial institutions restricted its lending capacity and entrepreneurs turned to the internet to connect with investors to help finance their business plans.

While the crowdfunding scene in Europe is well recorded — the European Alternative Finance report estimated about 144 percent growth in the online alternative finance market from 2013 through to 2014 in Europe — there is no one reliable research database about alternative finance activity in Asia.

To help untap Asia’s crowdfunding potential, the University of Cambridge is planning to partner up with the University of China and corporate sponsors to conduct an Asian alternative finance report. The Asian alternative finance study is expected to be commissioned in July of 2015, and to be completed in the Q4 of 2015, Wardrop said.

The exact size of the alternative finance market in select countries in Asia may be a mystery now, but it is clear to one academic researcher that it is a big market that could become a massive one in coming years.

“The China market alone could represent USD 48 billion in crowdfunding by 2020, if the country liberalizes its law to allow more equity funding,” said Richard Swart, global crowdfunding and alternative finance researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

Alt. Financing: Commitment vs Marriage

The world of alternative investing individuals and investors could be compared to the dating marketplace, with many entrepreneurs in search of a quick connection versus those that prefer to let the relationship slowly evolve in an effort to make a serious connection and lifelong commitment.

Crowdfunding has been deemed a quick capital fix for an innovative business person that is in search of a monetary transaction only. It results in market validation while getting traction in the form of early customers and adopters, one venture capitalist investor said.

“An important fact is that time to required to receive funds will usually be much shorter (for crowdfunding) than going through the venture capital process. The VC route is typically to build longer-term relationships with entrepreneurs, which often start even before they start to fundraise, ” said Albert Shyy, an associate at GREE Ventures in Singapore.

Another venture capitalist said his daily work load is less strenuous with the advent of the online alternative finance market.

“It’s made a venture capitalist’s life much easier,” said Anis Uzzaman, general partner and CEO at Fenox Venture Capital, Inc. a US-based venture capitalist investing in Singapore.

In Uzzaman’s experience, he said the advent of crowdfunding means the entrepreneur can be anywhere, so long as they have the digital connectivity with investors. It used to be that entrepreneurs had to attract and wait for angel investors to come to them to attract start-up funding. Uzzaman recalled a situation when he found a company through crowdfunding.com and he had dialed them up and learned the company was based in the countryside of Malaysia but it had most of its software users in the United States. It was an interesting investment situation, he said.

The relationship between crowdfunding and venture capitalist continues to evolve and it remains to clear that there continues to be a want and a need for traditional venture capital investments so long as there are institutional investors.

“Venture capitalists are more important in the age of crowdfunding. There is a 0.0006% chances of building a USD 1 billion company. It takes time and expertise to build the good one,” said Anurag Srivastava, CEO at Space Matrix Group in Singapore.

Regardless, there seems to be a respective place for both traditional and not-so traditional forms of funding for start-up companies, however.

Haider Aly-Reza, director at Bazingo Inc. a Singapore company focused on electronic commerce, social crowdsourcing and technologies aimed to empower entrepreneurs globally, believes there are a lot of bright minds in Asia and using crowdfunding will only be a logical step if entrepreneurs want to see the response of their product and help their product grow.

“Crowdfunding is here to stay and here to grow,” he said.

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Impact Hub Zurich #business #journal

#business help


Business Help Desk

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Need professional advice on your start-up idea?

The Business Help Desk is our format for one-on-one start-up support with professional experts on topics such as business modeling, legal issues, accounting, venture financing etc. The role of the experts is to answer your general questions, dig into a concrete issue and challenge you (constructively). The income generated through the pricing system by the members will entirely go into a Workshop Fund and is exclusively used to offer more diverse and professional workshops and learning opportunities for start-ups and members. Each Business Help Desk is available on a regular basis (monthly or/bi-monthly). The sessions are 45min long and on a one-on-one basis. In order to ensure efficiency each session needs to be prepared by the attendee (three questions will have to be answered) latest the last working day before the session. The following fees apply:

  • Non-Members: 200CHF – 500CHF per session (the normal external pricing of the experts; details upon request from Isabel Kaeshammer )
  • Membership: 60CHF / per session
  • Membership + Coworking: 25CHF / per session
  • Impact Hub Ventures (start-ups which are part of one of our incubation programs): 0 CHF
  • If you are a member and would like to book a slot with an expert outside of BHD hours, the first consultation will cost you CHF 90 (arranged directly with the expert). Further prices need to be negotiated with the expert.

For cancellations after 3 days before the BHD session we’ll have to charge 50% of the price. Cancellations after 24 hours before the BHD session will be charged 100%.

Take a look at our experts

Our coaches for the different Business Help Desk sessions are professional experts in their fields and will help you to make the best out of your company.

Beat Probst is the managing owner of AddVisio, offering strategic and operative competence to Corporates.

Eric Kuenzi holds a law degree from the University of Neuchâtel (master equivalent) and was admitted to.

Evelyn S. Braun is Co-Owner of BRAUN PARTNER GmbH, responsible for the Foundation and Philanthropy sector.

Jan Fülscher is an experienced entrepreneur and expert in start-up financing. He leads a number of.

Mario Cabalzar is an insurance consultant for AXA Winterthur, one of the largest general insurance.

Matthias has been with ETH Zurich’s technology transfer office since 2006. His responsibilities ranged.

Stefan Bercx worked 7 years with Herzog de Meuron an architectural practice working.

Stephan Egloff leads the brand consulting strategy team at SNK and is responsible for strategic.

Tibor Dienes has spent more than 20 years in international B-to-B sales. He has launched new products.

Glenn Oberholzer, partner at the customer experience consultancy Stimmt AG, has an engineering background.

Events in business help desk

23. August 2016. 13:00 – 17:05

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar. About Business Help Desk Sessions A Business Help D.

19. September 2016. 13:00 – 17:05

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar. About Business Help Desk Sessions A Business Help D.


Starting an Open Data Business? Get Help From BusinessUSA #business #website

#business data



Starting an Open Data Business? Get Help From BusinessUSA

December 15, 2013 By admin

To strengthen America s competitiveness in the global economy, businesses will need to be equipped with the best tools and information available to support innovation and job growth in the 21st century. BusinessUSA is your front door to all the government has to offer. Help us make sure it continues to evolve and grow to meet your needs. Sign up for email alerts so you can be the first to find out about changes to BusinessUSA, and use feedback features on the website to let us know what you think. BusinessUSA is designed by businesses, for businesses. Take ownership today.

BusinessUSA implements a no wrong door approach for small businesses and exporters by using technology to quickly connect businesses to the services and information relevant to them, regardless of where the information is located or which agency s website, call center, or office they go to for help. Looking forward, the more federal agencies continue to add resources to BusinessUSA to encompass the full range of business programs and services, the more we will be able to reduce the confusing array of websites that exist today.

4 Responses to Starting an Open Data Business? Get Help From BusinessUSA

Sanjit Singh

I m looking for open sources of data about businesses in the USA. Please let me know what open sources I have available to me. Thank you!


Dear sir,
We have a data center. Which is providing data entry solution to clients.

Jovi Brown

Jeanne Holme:
I am a Data Scientist starting an open data business. As I would like help, please, advise on help available from BusinessUSA.


I am interested i building a unified database of streets, roads, ave, in the entire USA. If already exists, I d like to know how to access it.

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10 Ways to Finance a New Business #business #forum

#how to finance a business


10 Ways to Finance a New Business

When you were eight years old, you launched a highly profitable lemonade stand in your front yard. With nothing but a packet of instant drink mix, a crudely drawn sign and a winning smile, you grossed a whopping $2.35 in just an hour and 15 minutes. If only all new businesses were that easy.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a research group, the average cost of starting a new business in the United States in 2005 was $70,000 [source: Consumer Reports]. In a 2004 survey of failed businesses, 79 percent of respondents said that starting out with too little money was a major cause of their collapse [source: Sugars ].

But how do you finance a new business? When you were eight, you could borrow the drink mix from mom. But now that you’re grown up, will she let you borrow her life savings?

Luckily, you’re not the first entrepreneur to start with nothing but a good idea. Keep reading to learn about 10 effective and creative ways to raise start-up capital for your new business.

Print |
a data-track-gtm Byline href about-author.htm roos Dave Roos a 10 Ways to Finance a New Business 5 May 2009. br HowStuffWorks.com. lt http money.howstuffworks.com 10-ways-to-finance-new-business.htm gt 3 September 2016″ href=”#”>Citation Date

Latest breaking Business News & Videos News Headlines – Thenews Business News

#latest business news



Old banknotes cease to be legal tender from Dec 1st

ISLAMABAD: The old design banknotes will cease to be legal tender with effect from December 1, 2016 as per Federal.

  • Spain proposes former minister linked to Panama Papers for World Bank

    MADRID: Spain has nominated as its World Bank representative a former industry minister who resigned following allegations of links to.

  • Passport visa fees fetch Rs. 86.571 bln in five years

    ISLAMABAD: Directorate General of Immigration and Passports has contributed Rs. 86.571 billion to national exchequer on account of.

  • Murad reviews coal mining work, installation of 660 MW power plants.

    KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that it was the dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to steer the country out.

  • Indonesia turns to India buffalo as beef alternative

    JAKARTA: Indonesia’s procurement agency has reached an initial agreement to import an extra 70,000 tonnes of buffalo meat from India this.

  • Consumer giants court Muslims with halal face creams, shampoos

    LONDON/JAKARTA: Some of the world’s biggest consumer groups are making halal face creams and shampoos for Indonesia ahead of a new.

  • India’s Ambani unveils telecoms venture with free calls, cut-price.

    MUMBAI: Reliance Industries unveiled its Jio telecom network on Thursday, touting free calls and rock-bottom data prices that sent shares.

  • Oil heads for biggest weekly loss since mid-January

    SINGAPORE: Crude prices rose on Friday after losses of more than 3 percent a day earlier, with investors treading cautiously ahead of key.

  • Oil prices rebound on weaker dollar

    SINGAPORE: Oil prices rose in early Asian trade on Thursday, rebounding on a weaker U.S. dollar after falling around 3 percent or more in.

  • Chinese giant to buy K-Electric for $1.6 bn

    KARACHI: Chinese multinational Shanghai Electric is set to buy the utility serving Pakistan s biggest city of Karachi, in a $1.6.

  • India accords residency status to foreign investors

    NEW DELHI: India approved a plan on Wednesday to allow foreign investors to settle, emulating a policy in countries such as the United.

  • Sony Pictures to buy sports channels from India’s Zee for $385 million

    MUMBAI: India’s Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd said on Wednesday it has agreed to sell its sports broadcasting business to Sony.

  • Business Broadband – UK – s Best Business Packages #local #businesses

    #internet home business


    Top 10 Business Broadband Deals

    Most businesses would be lost without a good business broadband package that provides a reliable and fast connection. Business broadband allows entrepreneurs to reach a global market without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home or business premises.

    If you’re thinking of setting up a business, or already run one, then this guide will explore a few of the issues worth considering when choosing a business broadband package.

    Business broadband and static IPs

    A static IP address is a critical part of a business broadband connection. In a nutshell, an IP address is a numerical identifier for your computer and is what enables computers to exchange information with one another over the internet.

    With most home broadband connections, you are granted a dynamic IP. This means it changes every time you connect. However, with premium business broadband connections you are usually provided with a static IP, which means that the identifying number always stays the same.

    Static IPs enable you to access more advanced internet features that are helpful to a business.

    Get a static IP and you can:

    • Run a server
    • Build your own website
    • Create an email address that sends directly to an email account of your very own domain

    Compare all static IP business broadband deals here Static IP Broadband

    Which providers offer business broadband?

    A host of UK providers now offer keenly priced, super fast business broadband packages tailored to the needs of companies. The top of the range BT Business Infinity broadband deal, for instance, features a headline connection speed of up to 76Mbps. TalkTalk s top-end business broadband package also provides a top speed of 76Mbps.

    Other players in the business broadband sector include Plusnet, which is renowned for its superlative customer support, XLN Telecom, Eclipse and Virgin Media, whose top business broadband product offers a guaranteed speed of 152Mbps.

    BT Business broadband

    BT Business standard business broadband packages offer super fast connections of up to 17Mbps and a reliable service that won’t let you down. Broadband products range from those suitable for small to medium enterprises with light usage needs to larger firms who may want to opt for those that feature unlimited downloads.

    Choose BT s fibre business broadband service and you ll get an even faster headline speed of 76Mb.

    Customers can also choose to add mobile broadband, with free WiFi minutes available on selected deals. In addition to minimum 100GB of usage allowance, BT also provides 10 email addresses with spam protection with Outlook Web Access.

    Virgin Media business broadband

    Thanks to its highly advanced fibre optic broadband network, Virgin Media Business is able to offer fast and reliable broadband speeds that are not affected by the distance your business is located from the telephone exchange and a super fast cable service of up to 152Mbps.

    Customer support is another strong selling point, with help on hand from a dedicated, UK-based team 24/7 via a freephone number. Other key features of Virgin Media Business broadband include Unlimited downloads calls, a business-grade SLA and an award-winning wireless router on their top-tier packages.

    Plusnet business broadband

    BT subsidiary Plusnet has long been renowned among discerning web users for its incredible customer focussed approach. The same ethos informs its business broadband services, with clients benefiting from a well informed UK-based support team that is on call 24/7.

    Aiming to respond to telephone and email queries within 30 seconds and four hours respectively, Plusnet’s success in taking care of customers is born out by the face its business support team fixes around 75 per cent of problems first time.

    Plusnet business broadband customers can expect a connection speed of up to 17Mbps, a free four port wireless router, a choice of usage allowance options ranging from 10GB per month to unlimited and free VOIP call minutes with selected packages.

    TalkTalk Business broadband

    TalkTalk Business broadband packages offer speeds of up to 76Mbps and prioritised business traffic – making it one of the fastest available to UK firms. Companies also benefit from years of industry experience, keen prices and the flexibility to tailor a phone line and broadband deal to meet their needs and add extra services for a small additional charge.

    Customer support is excellent, with dedicated, UK-based specialists on call from 9am to 5pm. TalkTalk s superlative aftercare record was highlighted when it scooped a Cisco Customer Service Award for its standards of customer support. Call TalkTalk s customer service department on: 0800 083 3003 for small businesses and 0800 298 6725 for large businesses.

    Who else offers business broadband?

    Other highly rated, but smaller, broadband providers include One Bill Telecom and XLN Telecom. Both stand out for excellent customer support, while One Bill Telecom s USP is its simple billing system.

    Important factors when choosing business broadband

    • Web hosting email addresses – look out for anti-virus and anti-spam filtering
    • Site creations suites such as EasySiteWizard help you quickly and easily set up a website for your business.
    • Business Voice (VoIP) – receive an inclusive VoIP business line for incoming and outgoing calls
    • Extranet – provides employees with one place to store and share information, which is backed up daily and password-protected.
    • PC Security – protection suites safeguard your PC from hackers and viruses when you are online, and protect you from infected CD-ROMs and flash drives when your offline.

    Note: – Static/fixed IP addresses can give your business a real look of professionalism. This is great if you’re planning on doing a lot of business over the internet – The main problem with static/fixed IP addresses is that they can be vulnerable to hackers, so good internet security is an essential.

    Do I need business mobile broadband too?

    If you spend a lot of time out of your place of work, for instance, attending meetings and seminars, then it’s a great idea to sign up for mobile broadband too. This will enable you to check and respond to your emails from your laptop, surf the web at speeds of up to 21Mbps on 3G and keep on top of your work no matter how far you are from the office.

    Grab a 4G mobile broadband deal from the likes of EE and you can expect an even faster on-the-go connection, allowing you to really make the most of the time you spend travelling for your job.

    Looking for mobile broadband with a free laptop? Compare mobile broadband free laptop deals: Broadband free laptop

    Search the Edmonton Directory of Local Business Listings #new #small #business #loans

    #yellow pages business


    Find a Business in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Business listings in Edmonton, Alberta

    Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, comprised of over 730, 372 people of English, Scottish, German, Irish, French and Native descent. With its expanding suburbs, Edmonton is considered one of the largest cities in North America. Edmonton is known for its festivals and boasts over 70 museums among its many attractions. The city is divided into different neighbourhoods along the north shore and the southern bank of the river. Whyte Avenue on 82nd Avenue is one of Edmonton s most popular neighbourhoods, with many historic monuments to visit during the day and a boisterous nightlife for Edmonton s nighttime party-crowd.

    Edmonton has a number of commercial centers, namely the West Edmonton Mall, a shopper s dream come true. It is one of the biggest shopping centers in North America and the most visited tourist attraction in all of Western Canada, with over 800 stores, a waterslide and a skating rink.

    The Edmonton Oilers are the popular hockey team here. Also, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics hockey champs were feted in Edmonton.

    Ready to shop? Click here for the most popular Edmonton flyers .

    A patio doesn’t have to be big to be great; it only needs good food, music, beer and company. Edmonton has a ton of awesome patios – ranging from big and small – to choose from to enjoy the beautiful weather this spring and summer. Take your pick! [Image credit: iStock.com/georgecosminmarin]

    So many nights are whiled away at the same local watering hole. You share some drinks and laughs and repeat, week after week. If you want to shake up your routine and have a memorable night out with your friends sans alcohol, check out this list of fun things to do around Edmonton. [Image credit: iStock.com/sanjeri]

    Whether your little one is heading off to start a new year of school or has simply outgrown everything in their closet, buying fresh outfits for kids can be a fun challenge for parents. These stores offer a wide variety of children’s clothing, including sleepwear, play clothes, formalwear and outerwear. And, don’t forget, new shoes!

    The days of the speakeasy bar being a necessity may be gone but the feeling of those establishments still lives on. Visit any one of these Edmonton bars or lounges and take in the cozy space, the well-crafted cocktails and the overall ambiance and nod to the days of the speakeasy. [Image credit: iStock.com/VectaPhoto]

    Do your search near most popular landmarks of the city:

    Beaded Beauties #business #administration #degree

    #small business cards


    Beaded Beauties

    Creative crafter, Tamar, sells her work online. via Etsy. and traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ shops. Previously working as a Creative Director, Style Editor and Photo Stylist she packed up her big city life to head for the country, and chance to develop her own colourful line of accessories for women, children and the home.

    As you’d expect from someone with such strong creative credentials, her work has developed into something wonderful. A mix of vintage florals, colourful jewellery and delicate fabrics, it evokes feelings of warm spring sunshine, lemonade in the garden, and crisp white cotton.

    It’s all about the anticipation

    Buying items online is so different to the traditional shopping experience. There’s the agonising wait from clicking the ‘buy’ button to the sound of the postman arriving at your door. The anticipation as you rip open open the box or the envelope to find out what’s inside.

    As an online retailer, Tamar works hard on the opening experience of her packages. It’s a chance to bring a little bit of her creative magic into your hands and your home.

    Marketing? I’ll keep it!

    She uses MOO to help create a branded package surprise and delight. Simple, cost effective ideas that add personality, and have a lasting effect – like these beaded tags.

    With her photography on one side and her shop’s details on the other, these MiniCards are stylish and colourful. Punching a small hole in the corner gives the option of adding string or twine to create a gift tag, but Tamar has taken this even further, and decorated each tag with a brightly coloured bead.

    Instantly, the MiniCards are turned from a pretty piece of marketing, into a little treasure to keep – for who could throw away such a delicate little thing! Used as bookmarks, pinned on a noticeboard, tucked away in scrapbooks or sewing boxes… however people keep them, they’re storing a little reminder of Tamar and how to get back to her shop. It’s a simple piece of marketing that people love.

    Not strictly business

    But it’s not all work, work, work! We think this idea would be great for any special package, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

    Getting married soon? Create simple wedding favours or save the dates by printing MiniCards with a collection of your own photos, adding your wedding details to the reverse. Take inspiration from Tamar, and tie three or four cards together to create mini-photo albums.

    Or perhaps you create handmade gifts for friends and loved ones? It’s easy to create these tags as you need them – so there’s less of a storage problem! With 100 MiniCards in each box, that’s a lot of beautifully packaged gifts to share.

    Thanks to Tamar at Nest Pretty Things for sharing this idea with us!

    Review 2016 #business #management #courses

    #credit repair business


    CreditRepair.com Review

    PROS / This company offers great educational resources on topics related to credit and finances.

    CONS / In our experience, the customer service offered by CreditRepair.com is lacking.

    VERDICT / CreditRepair.com has many of the features we looked for in our review, but its poor customer service, low advertised results and high price kept it from ranking higher in our review.

    CreditRepair.com is a credit repair service with many useful program features and good educational resources. However, it is more expensive than some other services we reviewed, and it doesn’t advertise as much of a credit point increase as other services.

    We reached out to this CreditRepair.com multiple times on various days to test its customer service. This company was unresponsive to email, but we were able to reach representatives over the phone most of the time. The information we received from these representatives was transparent and matched the information we found on its website. Because of the company’s unresponsiveness to email, as well as the fact that representatives didn’t follow up with us, this credit repair business received a relatively low customer service score.

    We awarded CreditRepair.com with a high education score due to the number of educational topics available on its website, as well as its helpful blog. We recommend using these tools to help you understand credit and finances so that you can learn how to get back in control of your finances.

    This credit repair company charges a monthly fee for its service. At the time of this review, CreditRepair.com charges $99.95 a month, which is one of the more expensive monthly fees in our review. If you sign up with someone else as a couple, you each receive $50 off the first payment, for a total of $100 off. Other companies we reviewed offer a better discount for couples.

    There is no separate setup fee to use this service. The company pulls your credit report for you, and at the time of this review, the fee for this service is one payment of $14.99. There are no additional fees on top of the monthly fee and pull credit report fee. However, CreditRepair.com does not offer a money-back guarantee unlike many of the other services we reviewed.

    The time you spend in this credit repair program varies based on your situation, but the average amount of time spent in CreditRepair.com’s program is typically four months, with most clients receiving a 40-point credit score increase, which is lower than the increase many other companies in our review advertise. Remember that your results may vary as every situation and credit report is different. Typically, this service disputes all of the items you want to challenge at once. You should begin to see results in 30 to 60 days.

    CreditRepair.com offers a variety of program features that can help you with your credit repair process. It acquires your credit report for you, though you must pay a fee for this service. You can cancel your service with CreditRepair.com at any time without penalty. This company also offers to work with your creditors as well as the credit bureaus and offers monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection.


    CreditRepair.com doesn’t offer much of a couples discount for its service and has no money-back guarantee, but it does offer most of the features we looked for in a credit repair service. However, in our testing, we found its customer service was lacking because the company was not responsive to our emails.

    Sky Blue Credit Repair Review 2016 #business #loans #for #women

    #credit repair business


    Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

    PROS / This company offers a good couples discount.

    CONS / This service requires you to hire a separate service for your credit pull and credit monitoring.

    VERDICT / Sky Blue Credit offers competitive prices and advertises high credit score increases, but it depends on third-party service for credit pulls and monitoring, which you need to purchase separately.

    Sky Blue Credit is a credit repair service that works to restore your credit in an average of six months. It offers friendly customer service representatives that are willing to take time to explain the program without doing a hard-sell. It offers a good couples discount, but doesn’t have many of the program features we looked for when we reviewed credit repair companies. Some of these, like credit pulls and monitoring, it provides through third-party services, which it can direct you to, but for which you pay extra. Sky Blue Credit Repair earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

    Support & Service

    We reached out to Sky Blue Credit several times on various days and times to test its customer support to potential customers. Overall, we had good experiences with representatives from this company. They provided transparent and accurate information, were responsive to email and were easy to get ahold of via telephone. No one followed up with us, however.

    This company also provides some supplemental education to help you learn more about credit and finances. The overall number of topics it covers was lower than average, but it offers an educational blog to help you learn more about how credit works and how to get back in control of your finances.

    Cost & Fees

    Sky Blue’s overall fees are affordable and compare well to the average cost of other credit repair services we reviewed. To use Sky Blue’s service, you must pay a monthly fee of $59, charged at the end of the month, and there is a $59 set up fee when you first enroll. A couples discount of 17% off the setup and monthly fees is applied if you sign up for this credit repair service with a partner. You must pull your credit report through a third-party service, but there are no additional fees on top of this, and this company does offer a money-back guarantee. These prices are correct as of the time of this review; depending on your specific situation when you look into this company, your quotes may be different.

    Time Frame

    Most clients work with Sky Blue Credit for an average of six months, though your program might be shorter or longer, depending on your situation. This credit repair company advertises between 100 and 200 points added to your credit score. Remember that this may vary greatly depending on your credit report and situation. If the credit bureaus can prove that a negative hit on your report is valid, it cannot be removed.

    You should expect to start seeing results on your credit report within 30 days from the time Sky Blue begins disputing items on your report. This company typically disputes 15 items on your report at once across the three major credit bureaus. Some companies dispute all your items at once, trying to get the biggest improvement quickly. Other credit repair services only dispute a handful at a time because they believe too many disputes at once increases the chance of having them refused. Sky Blue takes a middle-of the road approach, submitting more disputes than the more cautious companies while still not overwhelming the credit bureaus.

    Program Details

    Sky Blue Credit offers fewer program features than other credit repair companies we reviewed. To its credit, this company does work with third-party reporting bureaus for credit reports and monitoring. It will provide you links to these services, which can pull your credit report for you (for a fee) and monitor your credit during the process. You can cancel that service at any time. However, Sky Blue Credit only works with the credit bureaus and not with your creditors, which could mean that the hits on your credit might end up back on your report. Sky Blue Credit also does not offer pay for delete negotiations. Such negotiations would allow you to pay off legitimate charges, usually at a reduced amount, and in return, the creditor removes the hit from your report.


    Sky Blue Credit offers quality customer service, a good couples discount and a money-back guarantee. It has some educational features to help you learn about credit repair before you call for help, and it takes a quick but not overly fast approach to disputing charges. Be aware, however, that it only works with the credit bureaus and not directly with your creditors, which could potentially make this service less effective than other credit repair companies that work with both.

    Overall Rating

    10 Online Invoicing Services for Small-Business Owners #business #loan #interest #rates

    #business invoices


    10 Online Invoicing Services for Small-Business Owners

    As a freelancer or small business owner, you re well aware of the importance of invoicing: If you don t invoice clients, then how are you going to get paid? Thankfully, plenty of invoicing options available today allow you to easily send out these all-important communications. But, with so many services available, which one should you choose? Here are recommendations for 10 invoicing services perfect for freelancers and small business owners alike.

    1. Due

    Due is is one of the best options. One of its advantages is speed; it quickly generates professional invoices. What s about this service is that it comes with a billing timer and the ability to export your invoices or estimates as an XML or CSV file. The clean interface also allows you to see which invoices have been sent or paid, and which ones are due. You can further create options for taxes, discounts and language.

    If you only send out three invoices per month, Due is free. Its top plan, which I use, is $49 a year.

    2. Freshbooks

    There are several reasons why over five million people trust FreshBooks for their invoicing needs. For starters, the platform is incredibly user friendly and easy to use. But, if you do have a problem, FreshBooks has an award-winning support team ready to assist you 24/7. If that weren t enough, FreshBooks allows you to add your logo to your invoice, initiate repeat billing, calculate taxes, send paper copies and get paid in any currency. You can even see if a client has viewed or paid your invoice in real time. In a nutshell, FreshBooks offers everything you need.

    After a 30-day free trial, plans start at $19.95 per month.

    3. Zoho

    While Zoho Invoice has many features outside of invoicing, such as sales and marketing tools, this simple invoicing software is perfect if you want to create invoices quickly. Besides the well-designed invoices, Zoho also allows you to create automated payment reminders; collaborate with team members, like accountants; and track the time it takes to complete a project. Zoho also integrates with popular payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net, so that you can get paid quickly online.

    Zoho is free to use if you have under five customers; paid plans start at $15 per month.

    4. Invoicera

    What makes Invoicera stand out are the variety of features provided for different-sized businesses, whether they be freelance, small-to-medium-size businesses or enterprise-size busineses. Irregardless of business size, Invoicera offers free invoicing templates that can be converted into PDF files or a different language/currency for global clients.

    Another unique Invoicera feature is its availability of detailed invoicing reports. These can be used to forecast revenues in the future, which are handy for creating a budget.

    A free plan is available for subscribers with fewer than three clients; pricing starts at $19.95/month.

    5. Harvest

    Like other invoicing services, Harvest allows you to quickly create personalized invoices in multiple currencies. Harvest also claims that its service will get you paid twice as fast. Some of its more unique features include the ability to create retainers and to feature the amount due on both the top and bottom of the invoice. There s also a search feature, similar to PayPal s, so you can easily locate previous invoices.

    Harvest also has a number of add-ons, such as Trello, PayPal, Stripe, Zendeskand Salesforce, so you can give your account a little extra boost.

    After a 30-day free trial, pricing starts at $12 per month.

    6. Simplybill

    As its name implies, Simplybill allows you to create invoices with ease. In fact, the company boasts that it has been designed to be the easiest online invoicing solution out there. Besides its simplicity for creating and sending out invoices, Simplybill has around 40 template designs and the option to include tax rates. It also has a great dashboard which allows you to view which payments are overdue, and to see a snapshot of your invoicing history.

    You can try Simplybill for 14 days, and plans begin at $5 per month.

    7. Hiveage

    Hiveage (formerly known as CurdBee) is used by over 45,000 small business in 140 countries. Why? Because not only is the service easy to use but it s packed with a wide range of features. On top of the customized invoices, you can send clients reminders and convert estimates into invoices. Hiveage also sends you detailed reports and enables you to track your time and expenses and the power to manage multiple users and businesses.

    You can use Hiveage for free, but if you require something more robust, plans start at $6.95/month.

    8. Wave

    Wave provides accounting software for small businesses, which includes invoicing. Like other invoicing software, Wave allows you to produce customized, professional invoices in a snap. Other features include recurring payments, and the ability to see when invoices are viewed, to add messages, to create estimates and to invoice for multiple businesses.

    While Wave is loaded with more than enough invoicing features for your business, the fact that s free is its most appealing feature.

    If you re on the go a lot, then you might want to look into Make Some Time. It allows you to easily and quickly create professional invoices from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. On top of the customizable invoices, you can also create estimates and view reports that illustrate how your business is performing.

    For under 3 invoices the service is free, if you send out more plans start at $49 per year.

    Xero is a top-notch accounting server that includes a powerful invoicing. Some of the features are expected – customizable invoices and seeing when a client has opened the invoice – but there are also some interesting features that make Xero stand out from the pack. For example, you can add inventory to an invoice, apply credit notes and get paid quickly through a payment link.

    Because you can also use Xero to do all of your online accounting, it may worth using its invoicing feature so that everything is under one dashboard.

    Starter plans begin at $9/month.

    Do you have a favorite invoicing platform? Share what you like best in the comments below!

    Business News Headlines #best #online #business #ideas

    #latest business news


    Reuters is the news and media division of Thomson Reuters. Thomson Reuters is the world’s largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on Reuters.com, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Learn more about Thomson Reuters products:

    Information, analytics and exclusive news on financial markets – delivered in an intuitive desktop and mobile interface

    Everything you need to empower your workflow and enhance your enterprise data management

    Screen for heightened risk individual and entities globally to help uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks

    Build the strongest argument relying on authoritative content, attorney-editor expertise, and industry defining technology

    The most comprehensive solution to manage all your complex and ever-expanding tax and compliance needs

    The industry leader for online information for tax, accounting and finance professionals

    Instagram Business Profiles Test Now Features Analytics #business #gifts

    #business profiles


    Instagram Business Profiles Test Now Features Analytics

    If Instagram is going to introduce profiles for businesses. the next logical step is analytics for those profiles.

    Instagram scheduling tool Later shared the iOS screenshots below in a blog post. and it offered details on the available information to profiles with access to these features.

    According to Later, Instagram business profiles now feature a chart icon in the upper-right-hand-corner, giving them access to analytics, as well as a contact button next to the following button, a linkable location tag and categories for the profile.

    Available analytics include:

    • Location: Follower locations by country or city.

    • Gender and age of followers.

    • Insights, which includes impressions, reach, website clicks and follower activity (most popular times of day or days of the week when the profile’s followers are using Instagram).

    • Top Posts: Posts sorted by impressions over a seven-day or 30-day period, as well as the ratio of post views to followers.

    Readers: What do you think of Instagram’s potential first stab at analytics?

    Featured Courses

    Search Marketing Optimize your website through SEO, social media, and digital outreach Learn more Digital Content Strategy Apply your editorial skills to create an effective content strategy Learn more Copywriting for Social Media Maximize your clicks, shares, retweets, and pin Learn more Skills in 60: How to Name Your Brand or Product Develop a unique name for any brand, product, or business Learn more See more Courses

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    Social Media for Business: 2016 Marketer’s Guide #business #stationary

    #business networking sites


    Social Media for Business: 2016 Marketer’s Guide

    Credit: Gonzalo Aragon/Shutterstock

    Social media networks are fantastic resources for businesses of all sizes looking to promote their brands online. The platforms themselves are free to use, and they also have paid advertising options specifically for brands that want to reach even more new audiences. But just because your business should be on social media, that doesn t mean your business should be on every network. It s important that you choose and nurture the social platforms that work best for your business so that you don t spread yourself too thin.

    If you want to create a successful social strategy, you need to familiarize yourself with how each network runs, the kinds of audiences you can reach and how your business can best use each platform. We profiled the top social media platforms so you can learn more about them and market your business better.


    Facebook is the biggest social network on the Web, both in terms of name recognition and the total number of users. With more than 1.55 billion active users, Facebook is a great medium for connecting people from all over the world with your business. And Facebook is not only the biggest network, but it s arguably the most versatile one. In the 12 years since it launched, Facebook grew from a simple website where college students could keep in touch into a multifaceted Web and mobile social platform where anyone can connect with not just their friends and family, but also with celebrities, organizations, businesses and more, thanks to the Pages feature.

    Considering that Facebook has a wealth of options for any type of organization, it s a great starting point for your business, regardless of your industry. You can use it to share photos, videos, important company updates and more. Additionally, Facebook can be more low-maintenance than other social networks whether you post several updates a day or only a few a week won t make much of a difference in terms of what your fans will think of you. To find out more about Facebook for business, check out our guide .

    Editor s Note: Looking for information on social media marketing for your business? Use the questionnaire below, and our vendor partner will contact you to provide you with the information you need:


    Twitter is another social network where you can post mostly anything. With Twitter, you can share short (140 or fewer characters) text updates, along with videos, images, links, polls and more. You can also easily interact with other users by mentioning their usernames in your posts, so Twitter is a great way to quickly connect with people all around the world. (The platform has more than 320 million active users worldwide and is one of the top 10 websites in the United States.) Because of its wide reach, Twitter is not only a great way to market your business but also an effective channel for handling customer service. For example, if you maintain an active Twitter presence, customers who are also active on the platform will seek you out to express concerns or share their praise.

    If you have interesting content, Twitter is also a great tool for quickly spreading the word. Retweeting and sharing other users content is incredibly simple, hashtags help boost posts, and if a user with a lot of followers retweets you, your content has the potential to go viral. But with Twitter, it s important to remember to find balance don t simply share your own links or media; make sure you are also sharing a lot of interesting, relevant content from other Twitter users and from around the Web so your audience doesn t think you only care about what your business is doing. Check out our guide to learn more about using Twitter for business .


    This platform consists of digital bulletin boards where users can save and display content they like in the form of pins. Users create and organize their boards by category. So, for example, as a personal user, one might have a board dedicated to food, where they pin recipes; another board dedicated to photography they find interesting; and so on. Pinterest is very visually oriented (every post has to be an image or video), and like Facebook, it is also fairly low-maintenance in terms of post frequency. However, keeping your boards organized and search-friendly can be time-consuming.

    Pinterest is also more of a niche network than Facebook or Twitter, so it may not work for everyone. Pinterest s users are primarily women, and popular categories on the site are DIY projects, fashion, exercise, beauty, photography and food. That s not to say that businesses outside of these categories can t succeed on the platform, but it does make it a great marketing tool for businesses that do work in those areas. If you can find ways to connect your content to Pinterest s audience, then go for it. The platform also has a series of special types of pins called Rich Pins, which brands can use to add special information to their pins, like product details and even location maps. There are plenty of cool ways to use this platform to your advantage, and you can read more about them in our Pinterest for Business Guide .


    Instagram, like Pinterest, is a visual social media platform based entirely on photo and video posts. The network, which Facebook owns, has more than 400 million active users, many of whom post about food, art, travel, fashion and similar subjects. Instagram is distinguished by its unique filters and photo and video editing options. This platform, unlike the others, is almost entirely mobile (there is a Web version, but you can t take photos or create new posts on it, and other functions are limited as well).

    Instagram is another platform where more artistic niches excel, so again, it may not be the best fit for your business, depending on your industry. If you want to succeed with Instagram, it s important that the person running your account has a good eye for detail and has at least basic photography skills, so that the photos and videos posted to your account are high-quality. And don t be discouraged if your industry is underrepresented on Instagram; if you can find the right hashtags to latch onto and can post intriguing photos, you will most likely make it work. To find out more about using Instagram for business, read our guide.


    Tumblr is arguably the most difficult social media platform to use as a business, but it s also one of the most interesting networks. Tumblr allows several different post formats including text posts, chat posts, quote posts, audio posts, photo posts and video posts so you re not limited as to what kind of content you can share. As with Twitter, reblogging (reposting other users content) is very quick and easy, so if a user with a lot of followers shares your content, it s possible to go viral fairly quickly. However, what sets Tumblr apart more than anything is its audience, which is less like a pool of users and more like one big tight-knit community full of smaller subcommunities.

    Tumblr currently hosts more than 200 million blogs, and the majority of these blogs are run by young people (half of Tumblr s visitor base is under age 25). But this means that businesses that don t cater to young people s interests or aren t relatable to young people in some way are not poised for success on the network. The good news is, there s a subcommunity or fandom for almost every niche and interest you can think of, so a successful marketing campaign is possible if you use Tumblr correctly. You can learn more about the Tumblr community and how to use Tumblr for business in our guide.

    Editor s Note: Looking for information on social media marketing for your business? Use the questionnaire below, and our vendor partner will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

    Online Business Credit Reports: Check Business – Credit Scores #business #first #louisville

    #business credit reports


    Business Credit Reports Scores

    How well do you know your customers, suppliers, competitors, and potential customers?

    Creditsafe is the world’s most used provider of business credit reports and owner of the world’s largest business-to-business credit rating database.

    Creditsafe’s business credit reports are affordable, high quality and comprehensive, giving you the ability to make the best business decisions possible based on sound performance data. Using our reports can protect you from bad debt and help you make more informed decisions. We’re so confident in our reports that we’re willing to give you our best deal yet: a free business credit report at no cost and no obligation.

    Our business credit reports contain all the information that you would expect in a comprehensive business credit report – including an overall score and credit risk rating — presented in an easy-to-use format. Key information is available at a glance on every page that you would need to make an informed appraisal of the risk associated with doing business with another company.

    Each instantly available online report contains:

    • Risk Rating – Highly predictive scoring models measure the likelihood of a company’s payment performance becoming seriously in the next 12 months
    • DBT (Days Beyond Terms) – Trade payment analysis highlights how a company pays their suppliers and how it compares to their industry
    • Trade Payment data – Millions of payment experiences provide an exceptional view of how companies pay their invoices by industry
    • Credit Limit – Recommendation of the total amount of credit that should be outstanding at any one time
    • Legal Filings – Extensive coverage of State/Federal Tax Liens, UCC Filings, Judgments and Bankruptcies.
    • Group Structure and Linkages – Uncover corporate hierarchical structure by identifying parent companies, subsidiaries and branches at a global level
    • Financial Data – Directly link to financial statement information based on income statements and balance sheets
    • Company Information – Robust view of companies including: Business Type, Address Type, Number of Employees, Primary SIC Code Industry Classification, Years in Business, Annual Sales Amount, Location Type.
    • Payment Trend – Powerful trend analysis that tracks companies’ payment performance over time
    • Safe Number – Creditsafe’s unique identifier for every registered company
    • Officer Report – Uncover the officers of each company and identify other known affiliations
    • Media Solutions – Search millions of news articles on a company and gain additional insight through current events
    • Commentary – An easy-to-read summary of recent changes that are affecting the company either positively or negatively
    • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Data – Understand transportation companies’ Motor Carrier safety ratings, fleet size and types of cargoes moved
    • Government Award Information – Identify companies that have been awarded government contracts or grants
    • Socio Economic Program Participant – Indication whether a company is certified by Federal Government as Socio-Economic impacted entity
    • Possible OFAC –Flag sanctioned businesses that the U.S. government prohibits from trading with under the Patriot Act
    • Google Maps – Pin-point the exact location of a business

    How we make them

    To create our business credit reports, we start with the original source or the best third-party verified data available covering all US businesses (excluding self-completed information). We then cross-reference it with our own international databases to build our online business credit reports.

    Our trade payment lines enable us to calculate an accurate picture of a business’ payment performance and allow you to gauge how they rank against their industry. With market-leading numbers of partners, we have in excess of 100 million trade payment lines in our databases. On average we provide over 50 lines of information in each delivered report and show more than one line on at least 24 million businesses.

    Our business credit scores and limits are constructed using powerful analytical tools that are constantly verified to ensure the accuracy of their predictability. We cross-reference our US group structure information with our international databases to make certain that we can always show all the associated businesses from around the world.

    We provide all this rich data in an intuitive format which means you can always find the data you need easily and check business credit scores right away.

    How you get them

    The best business credit reports in the world aren’t worth reading if they’re not about the actual business you’re doing business with. Our online business credit reports are powered by Creditsafe’s search engine. We’ll always generate a full selection of search results so you can be certain you’re looking at the right business.

    Our possible matches function will enable you to see businesses that share either the same name and address as the business you’ve searched for, or parts of the name or parts of the address. This is a great way of finding a false shell company or identifying those businesses that keep setting up with slightly different names out of the same address after a track record of failure.

    Since we have the world’s largest cross-referenced database, we’ll also conduct an international search every time so you can immediately spot any associated or similar business from around the world. Our freedom access model means you never have to worry about the cost of accidentally checking a business credit report.

    Trading Internationally?

    We offer instant access to over 190 million companies in our international reports.

    50 Online Businesses You Can Run From Home #business #seminars

    #online home business


    50 Online Businesses You Can Run From Home

    Avoid cubicle farms and bosses breathing down your neck by starting an online business that you can run from home. Once you start making real money, you might never turn back. Here are 50 online businesses you start and run from home:

    Virtual assistant
    Help clients out by providing secretarial, technical, or creative support from your home office.

    Providing content
    Blogs, websites, even magazines need content to stay fresh and relevant. Put your writing, photography, or other artistic skills to work for pay.

    Freelance programmer
    Everyone needs a programmer. You re especially relevant and valuable if you can program mobile apps.

    Affiliate marketing
    Drive traffic to big sites like Amazon and eBay, or even to smaller sites via online ads and your website, then get a commission in return.

    Reselling products

    Buy a bunch of products at one price, set up a website, and resell them to interested buyers for profit.

    Ebooks in every topic are a hot commodity. You could either get them written and sell them via your website, or write them yourself.

    Home study courses

    Learning a new skill is as easy as getting online, and if you have a specialty, it s a good time to turn it into a home study course that you can sell for profit.

    Research a topic that people just can t find a solution to, package it into a report, then sell each report for money.

    Educational videos

    From fixing dishwashers to understanding myopia, people are hungry to learn online. Help them with your educational videos.

    Selling software
    From Internet security to marketing support, everyone with a computer is looking for some kind of software. Help them find it by selling it on your site.

    Day trading
    If you re willing to rise early, study markets, and put in winning bets, this three-hour-a-day job could be for you.

    Google AdSense websites
    Create one or more blogs or websites, and make money by showing Google AdSense ads.

    Selling ad space
    Build a website, increase traffic to it, and advertisers will be knocking on your door to pay you for ad space.

    Flipping domains

    See a potentially hot domain name that hasn t been taken yet? Buy it up and flip it for profit.

    Online auctions
    Yes, buying up someone else s junk at garage sales, then selling it for a premium on eBay still does work.

    Data entry

    Everyone needs data entry, but few are willing to do it. If you re one of those few, you can find contract jobs online.

    Paid online surveys

    Marketers will pay as much as $300 per day for in-person surveys. Online surveys will net you less, but if you do enough of them, you can make yourself a handsome little nest egg.

    Network marketing
    Proven products always need more sellers. Find a niche you like, put up a small amount of money upfront, make lots of phone calls and online inquiries, and watch the profits roll in.

    Selling your handiwork or crafts
    If you consider yourself an artsy-craftsy person, add the fruits of your labor to Etsy.com and transform them into dollars.

    Flipping websites
    Take someone s flailing website off their hands, polish it up, and find a buyer who wants it.

    Naming domains
    If you re good at naming things, try your hand at domain naming for profit at PickyDomains.com.

    Writing software reviews
    If you geek out on new apps, programs, and other software, writing reviews on SoftwareJudge.com can make you money.

    Writing Google AdWords ads
    Everyone wants good AdWords ads, but not everyone can write them well, as any Google search will demonstrate. Prettifying AdWords ads can make you a profit.

    10 Great Ways to Rapidly Improve Your Credit Score

    Write sponsored posts on your blog
    Companies everywhere are dying for social media exposure. Get enough user traction on your blog, and make moola writing paid posts through an agency like PayPerPost.com.

    Social media expert
    If you have a real aptitude for gaining a following on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, outsource those skills to companies as a social media expert.

    Write an ezine with a paid subscription

    If you have valuable content to offer, consider writing an ezine, then charging users to read it. This is an especially promising strategy as the age of the tablet rears its head.

    Online research
    Lots of people and companies need research done, but not everyone has the time to do it. Pimp your skills as a researcher-for-pay.

    Flipping blogs
    See a potentially huge blog that s been neglected by its owner? Snap it up, fix it up, increase traffic, and flip it to a buyer for a profit.

    Transcribing audio content can be a slow, time-consuming process, and the truth is, there s just not that much good transcribing software out there. This could be your niche.

    Becoming a freelance recruiter can offer handsome benefits, especially if you do it at the executive level.

    Pitch yourself as an expert in your field and harness your connections to consult for a living.

    Life coach
    Do you like to motivate people? Got business acumen? If so, exchange your skills for cash as an online life coach.

    Online travel agent
    Although lots of travel planning is now automated, you can still make money as a specialized travel agent, either for a travel portal or on a consulting basis.

    Selling products
    If you have something to sell, there s a place for you to sell it, from Craigslist to eBay to Amazon to all kinds of specialty sites.

    Be the middleman between a customer and a wholesaler by shipping goods that a customer orders from said wholesaler and marking them up in the process.

    Graphic design
    Put your artistic skills to use by designing posters, ads, business cards, and more.

    Web design
    Outsource your skills to the legions of companies and individuals looking for a new or improved website.

    Selling used books
    Selling used books on sites like Amazon.com and, if you sell the right books, quite lucrative.

    Internet marketing
    From blog guest posts to Facebook to newsletters, Internet marketing requires know-how, but you get paid bucks in return.


    If you re a CPA, jump online to bring in more business.

    What use is a website if a search engine can t find it? Put your search maestro skills to use by becoming an SEO expert.

    Apartment/roommate locator
    Use your real estate acumen to find people the perfect apartment or home to rent, or even hook them up with a roommate.

    Record financial transactions for clients, or work in billing.

    Work as a bill collector from home.

    Make how-to videos
    Make quality how-to videos and sell them for profit.

    Payroll services
    Take care of payroll administration for businesses that can t do it in-house.

    Cartridge refill

    Have people mail you their empty ink cartridges, refill them at home, and mail them back.

    Software beta testing
    Become a beta tester for the many software companies putting out new products.

    Vitamin sales
    Tinctures, creams, and anything with the word anti-aging on it has a hot market. Gear up a site to sell these products online.

    Medical claims billing
    There are a lot of medical claims that need to be billed and everyone outsources. Get trained and jump on this for guaranteed bucks.

    Top Business Networking Sites #starting #your #own #business

    #business networking sites


    The Blog

    Top Business Networking Sites

    If you ask people what network site to use to boost your business they ll probably advise you to use Facebook or Twitter and maybe even Linkedin (the only one of these which is really just a Business Networking Site). But there are many other business networking sites that aren t as well known. Here are some of them:

    EFactor is the world s largest entrepreneurial community, provides its members with the people, tools, marketing and expertise to succeed and make connections. They use an algorithm that allows members to connect with the right people. EFactor has over one million members in 185 countries across 90 industries. It is incorporated and headquartered in San Francisco.

    This is a social network that allows you to establish effective influence and business relations circles that will develop an effective communicative systems allowing an easier business growth.

    This is a great social network if you re looking for partners for your business. You just have to register, as in any other social network, and then ind other people with the abilities you may be looking for by just reading their profiles.

    This social network is a community where users can be organised by their location, their interests, and their actual and former employers. It has a traffic of from half a million to one million people.

    This is not exactly a social networking site, but it has a social and community side to it and it is one of the best sites for promoting of yourself as a professional marketer, and perfect to learn from what other people is doing. It s very useful because it allows businesses to profit from their customers on networks such as Google+, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.

    Viadeo allows you to promote services and products, to find customers and potential customers and to find experts in your business area. You might find your future employer through your contacts so it s quite a good idea, and it even allows you to video chat.

    Ecademy is a membership organisation for entrepreneurs and business owners who belong to a community that connects, supports and transacts with one another.

    Register your business #start #your #own #business #ideas

    #register your business


    Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

    Registering your Company

    In terms of the Companies Act, 2008, a company may be registered with or without a company name. When a company is registered without a reserved name, its registration number automatically becomes the company name. This is the quickest way to register a company.

    Such a company may transact with a trading (business) name, or may apply to add a reserved name at a later stage. In this case, the company will need to first reserve a name and then apply for a name change, which constitutes a change to its Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) (refer to Maintain a Business).

    If your initial name reservation application is not approved, you will need to apply for new names. You may apply for between 1 and 4 names during each application process. Each name reservation application costs R50. A company registration may vary between R125 and R475 (R125 for a private company, R475 for a non-profit company registered without members).

    There are five types of companies that you can register. If you wish to run a franchise business, you would register a private company. If you wish to register a church, you would register a non-profit company. A private school could be registered as a private company or non-profit company, depending on its objectives. An association of professionals such as lawyers, doctors, civil engineers etc, may be registered as a personal liability company.

    Defensive names

    To view information on defensive names, click here .

    In this section

    Small Business Tools for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses – Resources from Grasshopper

    #small business tools


    Small Business Tools to Simplify Life

    Spoiler Alert! There’s no Easy Button. But business doesn’t have to crush your soul. Our tools and comparisons should take some of the trouble out of your day and help make some decisions easier.

    Previous Next

    Compare Online Tax Software TurboTax vs. H R Block vs. TaxAct – Online Tax Software Comparison

    Pick the best online tax software for your business. We’ve compared TurboTox, H R Block and TaxAct to help you make an educated decision.

    Compare website builder Squarespace vs WordPress – Picking the Best Website Builder

    Pick the best website building tool for your business. We’ve compared Squarespace and WordPress to help you make an educated decision.

    Compare Communication Tools Yammer vs Lync vs HipChat – Comparing Internal Social Messaging Tools

    Looking for an internal social communication solution with chat and video? Consider Yammer, Lync or HipChat. Compare and contrast to see which option is best.

    Set your goals 5 Goal Setting Apps for Entrepreneurs

    Take a look at these 5 apps to increase your odds of setting and reaching your goals.

    Looking for the Grasshopper logo?

    7 Tips for Starting (and Growing) Your Lawn Maintenance Business #small #business

    #lawn mowing business


    According to the 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are nearly 1.25 million people employed as grounds maintenance workers. Even better, the projected employment is expected to increase by another quarter of a million by 2020. What does that mean? That the BLS expects demand for grounds maintenance workers to increase by 20% – faster than the average for all occupations – tells you that there is definitely a market for new lawn maintenance businesses.

    1.Identify Your Goals. Create a Mission Statement.

    The first step is to identify exactly what you want to accomplish with your new lawn maintenance business. Exactly why are you starting this lawn maintenance business? Do you want to work part-time? Full-time? Manage a team? How big do you want to grow? Are you prepared to manage the business aspects – invoicing, taxes, legal, sales and marketing? Also, what differentiates you from the competition? Do you have monetary goals for Year 1? How about Year 5?

    As you start defining your goals, start thinking about creating an internal mission statement that helps you clearly define who you are and why you’re creating this business. Your mission statement should be designed to help you give a purpose to your business. It may sound like a waste of time and a little bit too corporate, but every time you make a decision, you can look at your mission statement and ask “Am I living up to my mission?” And remember that, like the Constitution, your mission statement can be a living, modifiable document.

    Just for fun, Franklin Covey offers a Mission Statement builder that can help you start thinking about what’s important to you.

    Identifying your target market is based in part on your goals and mission statement. Are you targeting corporate office lawn maintenance? Are you going to maintain lawns in your neighborhood? Are you going to open a chain of lawn maintenance businesses throughout the Midwest? If so, what niche are you looking to fill? Do you want to be the low-price leader like Wal-Mart? Do you want to go organic like Whole Foods?

    Your target market is just that – the people you plan to target with your marketing efforts. What does your ideal client look like? Many marketers choose to develop something called a buyer persona – a short paragraph or two – that provides a snapshot of what your ideal buyer looks like. HubSpot has a great post on questions to ask when developing personas. Developing a buyer persona can help you create targeted, effective marketing campaigns.

    You wouldn’t go to a gunfight without a gun, right? Once you’ve developed goals, a mission statement and identified who you’re selling to, it’s time to start buying the tools you need to run your business. So how do you choose? First, consider your goals and the types of services you plan to provide. Target equipment that is going to help you get things done faster (so you can do more jobs), professionally (so you provide a quality product) and that requires minimal maintenance (so you can limit the amount of time and money you spend on repairs and/or new equipment). Remember to think about total cost of ownership as opposed to the initial price. Just because a mower has a cheaper purchase price doesn’t mean it’s the best solution.

    So how do you choose equipment? The best advice is to network with your peers, talk to dealers and leverage the power of the Internet to get a feel for what equipment is best. Also think about what type of guarantee/warranty is included in the equipment, what kind of customer service the dealer has and how easy it is to obtain replacement parts.

    In the past, one of the best ways to generate customers for a lawn care business was to simply pound the pavement by getting out and talking to your target audience. That’s still a great way to drum up business, but it’s 2012, so don’t forget to use modern technology to add scale to your marketing efforts.

    For example, our partner Go iLawn has a great solution that enables you to pay a couple dollars per property to get measurements, measurements you can then use to send a personalized price quote to potential customers without ever having to visit their property. It’s a real time – and money – saver that can help you quickly and easily build a customer base.

    Whatever route you take, make sure you act like a professional business. It’s worth spending some money on a basic website, a basic logo/brand and things like business cards, local advertising and giveaways like calendars/pens/sticky notes/magnets etc. These items can not only help build brand awareness, but also ensures your first impression is a positive one.

    We sell field service software. so this one is near and dear to our heart. You can’t improve your business if you don’t have metrics that you use to determine how your business is performing. We highly recommend that you invest in field service software – ours costs as little as $99/month – that can help you manage your client and prospect information, quickly and easily schedule jobs, seamlessly transmit to and collect data from the field, and automate your billing.

    But field service software like ours goes beyond improving your business workflow. It also allows you to collect data that can help you make smart business decisions. Are you quoting too little for a specific property because it takes longer than you initially thought? How many jobs per day can you perform? Can you route your crews more efficiently to save time and money? You can answer these questions – and many more – by analyzing the data your business naturally collects.

    We don’t care if you don’t choose our field service software solution. But we will if you don’t choose any solution – doing so is setting your business up to fail.

    At some point – either initially or as your business grows – you’ll need to start putting together a team to help you run your business. Whether it’s a part-time office worker to manage your lawn maintenance business’ scheduling and billing or a full-time field technician, who you decide to hire can have enormous consequences.

    I recently was introduced to Marcus Sheridan (aka thesaleslion ), who runs a pool installation business. As he posted in his blog. he was working his tail off to grow his business and relied heavily on an office worker to manage the financial aspects of his business. Unfortunately, she was embezzling money while at the same time not paying taxes. Not only did he lose a fortune, but he also nearly lost his business and personal assets to the IRS.

    Perform a background check – there are a number of companies like Verifications, Inc.. HireRight. FirstAdvantage and Sterling – that can perform an in-depth check for $100 or less. Also, ask for references. There are great solutions like Net Reference and Checkster that automate the entire reference check process. And give you a good indication of how reliable an employee is.

    Spending a few dollars up-front can save your company a lot of money in the long run.

    Yesterday we talked about how those in the field service industry should use the marketing bulls eye approach to start their marketing efforts at their best customers. So should you. The most cost-effective way to grow a new business is through word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to ask customers to write a testimonial or even use social media like Twitter and Facebook to tell their friends about you. Most clients will take time to recommend you if they’re happy with your work and you ask them face-to-face.

    You can take it a step further by spending money to generate referrals. Hold a contest to see who can generate the most referrals and give them a gift (iPads or Android tablets are a great idea). Start a “Street Team” and send packages containing business cards, stickers, posters, etc. that your Street Team can give to their friends and family. Also, leverage the power of Angie’s List and other review sites to generate new business by giving a discount to clients that agree to give you a review. And remember to always track your activities to see which ones are most profitable so you can improve future marketing efforts.

    Want to learn more about what it takes to succeed in the green industry? Then download your free copy of Local SEO for Green Industry Businesses and learn how to create web presence that sells!

    How to create an invoice #online #business #games

    #business invoices


    How to create an invoice

    Last Updated: 7 July 2016

    If you re providing a tax invoice, there are some things you need to include on it for it to be valid. Ensuring your invoices are correct and complete will help you claim your full tax entitlement.

    Custom designed invoices

    Voluntary standards apply to the layout of tax invoices to help make it easier for your customers to locate important information. If you plan on creating a custom design for your invoice, it s recommended that you follow these voluntary standards as a guide.

    Features such as business logos, paper colour, font style, advertising and other additional content on your invoices are not affected by these voluntary standards.

    For regular invoices (not tax invoices), it s recommended that you also use these standards as a guide, though you re not required to do so.

    What to include in a tax invoice

    Tax invoices must include at least seven pieces of information to be valid. Depending on the value of the invoice and what was sold, there may be more requirements.

    For sales of less than $1 000, the seven details are:

    1. The words Tax Invoice must be used preferably at the top.
    2. Your identity as the seller, such as your business name or trading name. Contact details are optional, but recommended.
    3. Your ABN or ACN.
    4. The date the tax invoice was created.
    5. A brief description of the items sold, including quantity and price.
    6. The GST amount (if any) payable. You can display GST for each item in a separate column, or within the total price. If you choose not to display it separately, use a statement such as Total includes GST as this is needed for the next detail.
    7. The extent to which each item sold includes GST. You ll meet this requirement if you either:
      • show the GST amount for each item
      • clearly state that the total price includes GST.

    Tax invoices for sales of $1 000 or more also need to show the buyers identity or ABN.

    Examples of tax invoices

    Check out the ATO s website for examples of tax invoices, including examples for the following scenarios:

    How can I send my customers their invoices?

    The way that you provide your customers with invoices is generally your decision. Depending on the circumstances, you could choose to send your invoice via post, fax, email, printable web page or provide it face to face.

    Regardless of which method you choose, sending the invoice at the time of purchase is recommended to encourage prompt payment. If your customer requests a tax invoice from you, there is a requirement that you provide it within 28 days of the request. Your method of delivery should take this into account.

    The method that you choose must also allow for record keeping requirements to be met.

    Record keeping requirements

    By law, you re required to keep business records for at least 5 years. Whether you keep printed or electronic records is up to you.

    You need to keep all invoices for income you ve received and payments you ve made to others. These will help you prepare your Business Activity Statement (BAS), income tax return and other tax obligations.

    Check out the ATO s Manage your invoices, payments and records for more information on these requirements.

    Dealing with unpaid invoices

    There are a number of ways that you can deal with unpaid debts and customer disputes. Read our managing unpaid debt page for helpful tips and resources.

    You can also check out our case studies on payment disputes for independent contractors.

    What happens if the tax invoice is incorrect?

    If the tax invoice you sent is incorrect or incomplete, it s not a valid tax invoice. You ll need to replace it with a complete and correct tax invoice.

    If you receive a tax invoice with missing information, you can still treat it as a valid tax invoice if you re able to find the information within other documents the supplier has given you. Alternatively, ask for a new one with the correct information.

    Tips for invoicing

    By following some simple tips, you can help boost your cash flow and reduce the risk of unpaid invoices. Try the following when sending your next invoice:

    • Include your payment terms on the invoice and ensure your customer is aware of them. For example, requiring payment to be made within 30 days of receiving a correct, valid tax invoice.
    • Be timely and predictable. Being prompt when sending your tax invoice ensures that you re paid as soon as possible. If you need to send invoices on a regular basis, try sending them at the same time of day so that your customer knows when to expect them.
    • Offer a variety of payment options and state these on your invoice.
    • Try sending your invoices via email. It can decrease the chance of your invoice being lost in the mail and help encourage a prompt payment.
    • Be detailed in your item description field. Being detailed and providing a full account of the product or service you provided can help reduce the chance of a dispute.

    What to do.

    Was this helpful?

    Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, we’d love to hear them.

    Please provide your comments in the feedback form .

    You might also be interested in

    Starting A Free Online Business, Step by Step #weekend #business #ideas

    #free online business


    Starting A Free Online Business, Step by Step

    Every day, thousands of people search for information on starting a free online business. They are looking at online business systems, searching for free online business opportunities, and basically looking for legitimate home business ideas so that they can work from home .

    That’s what I do, and I love it. That’s a photo of me above. It was actually taken several years ago – this is my 12th year working from home. And it was taken at a friends house too. I love being able to work anytime, anywhere!

    Anyway- yesterday I had opportunity to meet two such ladies who were searching for that very information, and who happen to live in my town. They found me on MySpace. so we talked there and then decided to meet for lunch and discuss what it takes to start an online business.

    I’ll share the same details with you here that I shared with them over lunch, which were simple steps for starting a free online business. I cant share the fabulous spinach salad, or the great conversation we had, but hopefully this will prove useful to you if you are searching for internet business ideas yourself.

    Home Business Ideas

    There are so many home business opportunities and internet business ideas, that it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where you should start. We talked about a few of the different business models – from ecommerce sites that use wholesale dropshipping. to offering a service or starting your own blog.

    You can make money online in a variety of ways. Just a few examples include: sell your own product, offer services, sell advertising on your website or blog, or promote other people’s products and/or services.

    That last option is called Affiliate Marketing. It’s basically commission-based sales, and I compare it to the offline model of selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. When you make sales, you make money. You can sign up as an affiliate for a company and they will give you an Affiliate Link. You promote that link, and anyone that goes through your link to make a purchase will be tracked – resulting in a commission to you for that sale.

    This is the internet business model that I focused on during our conversation over lunch yesterday. I actually use a variety of internet business models to make money online myself, but Affiliate Marketing seemed to be a perfect match for my new friends.

    Some business models are active, while others are more passive. An active business model requires a more active role on your part. A membership site for example is high maintenance. If you offer services, then you need to interact with clients and take phone calls on a regular basis. I prefer passive income models, which allow you more freedom and flexibility.

    That’s not to say that active business models cant be incredibly profitable and successful, just that something more passive seemed like a good fit once I got to know her a bit.

    To clarify, when I say passive I dont mean that you wont have to work at it. I think we’ve all kind of figured out by now that “get rich quick schemes” dont really work. And we were discussing real, legitimate ways to make consistent income online. Not spotty one-off ways to make a few bucks here and there.

    We discussed the realistic investment of time and money, and I confessed that I put a lot of time in upfront to get each of my internet business models up and running (some more than others). I explained that you could invest money to get sales rolling in quicker, or you could invest time (up to 6-12 months even) to get your sales up to a good level on a consistent basis. You’ll make money along the way of course, but geting that consistent income is the key.

    Going that route, you can get started for less than $10. Yes, literally.

    The passive part comes in after you have your affiliate site up and running – once you’ve done that groundwork. With affiliate marketing the merchant is handling orders, shipping and customer service. All you have to do is send them traffic through your affiliate link.

    Once your site is up and running, you’ve set up your systems (such as a newsletter, blog, or whatever fits your model), and you’re driving traffic to the site. most of the “work” from there can be automated, and maintained in very little time. For example, I can usually run a site like that in as little as 5 hours a week. That frees you up to create more just like it, and duplicate your income

    Starting a Free Online Business

    I mentioned above that you can get started for less than $10. I know that a lot of people are interested in starting a free online business, but this small investment is well worth it. Especially if you are serious about making a consistent income with a real online business.

    You could actually spend a lot more than ten bucks, but if you take my advice you’ll save a lot of money – and still end up with a solid internet business model.

    What are the steps in creating an online business?

    Your first step is to decide what niche you will target. Meaning: what are you going to sell, or what topic is your website going to be about? You might start with the product, or you might start with the topic – it doesnt really matter as long as you get that initial idea.

    To help you, here are some of my own mini-tutorials on keyword research. Keywords are simply the words or phrases that people are searching for online. If you read through the links on that page, you’ll have a much better understanding of how you can research keywords to choose topics or products.

    Once you decide what your website will be about, you’ll need two things: a domain name and a hosting account. The domain name is your website address (like www.ClickNewz.com is mine) and the hosting account is the space online where you will put your website.

    I use GoDaddy.com to register my domain names. For hosting, I use HostGator – they allow you to host multiple domains or sites on the one account (saving you money when you start duplicating!) and they have tons of cool features that save you time & money too.

    The domain name will cost you $8.95 for the first year. The HostGator account is $9.95/month, but I have a coupon code you can use to get your first month free. And that’s all you really need upfront to get started – so start up cost is actually less than $9, and then 9.95/month.

    So you’ve picked a topic for your website, you registered a domain name, you set up your hosting account. now you need to create a website. (This is the hard part for most people)

    It might be tempting to just hire a web designer, and that’s certainly an option, but you really want to learn some things yourself if you are going to be running an internet business. Creating your own website will also save you a lot of money.

    You’ll find some tools in your hosting account to help you develop your website. You can also find all kinds of free resources online by doing a search. If you decide you need some help, consider hiring someone to design a template for you – not an entire website. Its much cheaper to just outsource the template design and do the rest of the work yourself.

    You’re going to run into questions along the way. But dont let that stop you! I have an online business discussion forum where you can stop in and ask any questions you have, and get help from others who have already gone through these steps themselves.

    Go back through the steps and check out some of the links. Read my keyword research tutorials, and then join us at the forum if you have any questions before you get started.

    If you liked this tutorial, be sure to sign up for my free weekly tips. It’s the best way to get the current scoop on free resources, and new online business tips!

    Invoice Software and Online Billing Made Easy #what #is #the #stock #market

    #business invoices


    Fast & Easy Online Invoicing Software

    Customize Your Invoices

    Create spiffy looking invoices complete with your own logo, payment terms, and client info. See your totals and taxes get calculated on the spot!

    Automate Your Workflow

    Save time and get paid faster with recurring invoices. You can even auto-bill your client’s credit card so you never miss a payment.

    Accept Credit Cards

    Start accepting credit cards from day one. Setup is painless, and clients can pay you right from your invoice — even on their mobile device.

    Multi-Currency Invoicing

    Working internationally? No problem! FreshBooks lets you bill in any currency. Plus, you can also set default currencies for your clients.

    FreshBooks mobile allows me to quickly send invoices and check in on my business no matter where I am.

    Amber MacArthur. TV Host, BNN s App Central

    Improve Your Cash Flow with Online Invoicing

    No matter how you collect payment, FreshBooks makes it easy to stay on top of billing so you can get paid faster.

    From Estimate to Invoice

    Get your projects moving faster with professional-looking estimates. When you re ready to bill, go from estimate to invoice in just two clicks.

    Know When Your Invoice is Viewed

    See if your invoice was viewed with a tidy invoice history. Clients slow to pay? Send reminders and add late fees so your cash flow doesn’t suffer.

    Bill Anytime, Anywhere

    With the FreshBooks companion app for iOS and Android, you can send an invoice straight from your client s office and get paid by the time you get home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does FreshBooks support recurring billing?

    Absolutely. If you invoice the same amount on a set schedule, FreshBooks Recurring Profiles are a dream come true automating everything from making invoices to collecting payments and even (gently) reminding any late-paying customers.

    Is FreshBooks compatible with a mac?

    Great news: FreshBooks is available on any device—desktop, mobile or tablet and plays nicely with both Mac and PC.

    Are my invoices safe in the cloud?

    The safety of your private data is our top priority, that s why it s protected by 256-bit SSL encryption the gold standard in Internet security. The FreshBooks billing system is synced to the cloud using industry-leading secure servers.

    Are FreshBooks Invoices professional looking?

    If FreshBooks Invoices were any more professional, they d come with a bowtie. Better yet, they re clean cut, easy to read and even include your own logo.

    Can I make and send invoices while away from my office?

    Whether on a train, in a plane, or hanging from a weathervane, FreshBooks iOS and Android apps let you painlessly invoice your clients wherever and whenever you need to.

    Can I mail my invoices both traditionally and electronically?

    All your invoices live in the cloud, meaning they can be sent online. But, if you prefer to kick it old school, FreshBooks offers a ground mail option too.

    All your invoices live in the cloud, meaning they can be sent online. But, if you prefer to kick it old school, FreshBooks offers a ground mail option too.

    Join 5 million people using FreshBooks to make billing painless

    Setup only takes a minute. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.