Best Cloud Service Providers – 2017 Reviews

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Best Cloud Service Providers - 2017 Reviews, NEF6.COM

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Best Cloud Service Providers – 2017 Reviews

A lot of companies running internal legacy systems eventually encounter some kind of scaling related issue. It becomes very difficult to manage those environments, especially if you have unpredictable growth. They aren’t usually architected with sufficient flexibility. As a result, those systems can eventually fail under the weight of their own success. Cloud solutions like AWS are frequently the right choice for these companies unless they have extremely stringent security requirements.

Lead Software Architect, MojoTech

We have used AWS and Google Cloud for different reasons within different projects. Sometimes, the client will ask for a specific platform because of business reasons or based on their prior experience and trust in one platform or another. Most of the time, we aim to choose the right platform for the right solution. Google Cloud and AWS provide very similar services, but they are different enough to be matched against a solution we are trying to build.

Amin Yazdani Salekdeh

Director of Technology, A.Y. Technologies

Microsoft Azure s Power BI is far superior to the new analytics offering from AWS. It s established in the market, has great pricing, and has an embedded streaming analytics for the IoT Hub, allowing for real-time data and integration for statistical modeling. Azure has functions that match up with AWS Lambda, so they re comparable in this regard. Both platforms will go back-and-forth and leapfrog each other in terms of pricing and functionalities. They re much more on-par than they were a year ago.

Vice President of Delivery, Menlo Technologies

Azure definitely has a substantial advantage of being vertically-integrated in terms of the code being written. But I can t write off Amazon entirely, given that they have a dazzling array of services, including email, message queuing, machine learning, data platforms, and so on. All the platforms draw their best ideas off of each other. We try to evaluate people s internal proficiency on how to build and maintain their platforms.

Chris Deprofio and Tom Golden

Microsoft came late to the cloud market compared to Amazon and Google, but they have become as competitive in terms of pricing as the other cloud platforms. We have a level of comfort in running apps like Microsoft Office and SharePoint in an environment that is being provided by their manufacturer. There s a security and compatibility level which come from knowing that we re dealing with one vendor that supports all the products that we need for daily business operations.

Mani S. and Raymond Shupak

Techminds Group LLC

The most attractive aspect of cloud providers is their packaged services. A client doesn t have to install MySQL on a server, they instead get something which works like MySQL. They can plug into it by clicking a button. Even regular Microsoft SQL servers are available at the click of a button. These are all attractive prospects, but the underlying issue about them is that they lead to platform buy-ins.

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