May 22 2017

Business Opportunity, Franchise, Partnership Malaysia – AK Noodles House #small #business #loan

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Business Opportunity, Franchise, Partnership Malaysia

Business Opportunity

AK Noodles House welcomes business partners who are dynamic, aggressive, and have passion in food beverage industry to join our family.
The initial capital involvement depends on the location and type of business.

Ideal location

The ideal location for AK Noodles House will be in high traffic areas such as shopping centers or office buildings with mixed of high rise condominiums/apartments. The size of AK Noodles House ranges from 700 sq.ft to 1, 000 sq.ft, subject to the needs based on estimation of customer volume.


To ensure the food quality and service quality, AK Noodles House requires its business partners to be actively involved in the business, preferably on a full-time, hands-on basis. The business partner is required to complete an extensive, multi-weeks training program prior to commencement of the business.

Below qualifications are essential in order to be considered as AK Noodles House business partners:

  1. Passion in F B business
  2. Strong desire to deliver exceptional customer service
  3. The ability to perform recruitment, training, motivation and implementation of standard operating procedures effectively.
  4. The ability to control food quality and customer service in line for highest customer satisfaction.
  5. A minimum of five years of managerial position is a must.
  6. Strong desire to succeed.

One or more business partners are allowed to start and involve in the business operation together. To ensure long-term business continuity and avoid unnecessary conflicts due to ambiguity partnership, AK Noodles House strongly recommends the joint partnership establishes clear duties and responsibility, business organization structure and authority level in the form of writing.

Protective territory

Business partner will be granted a limited protective territory that comprises primary sources of customer in the selected location.

Business start-up assistance and on-going support

Intensive guidance will be given to business partner on location selection prior to the confirmation of location. Thereafter the design and renovation will be advised by AK Noodles House based on the characteristics of the location and traffic flow.

Sixty (60) days before the commencement of business, AK Noodles House will provide full comprehensive trainings to guide the prior opening preparation and setting up. In addition, advertising and promotion materials like bunting, leaflets, banner, emails, newsletter, online promotion and etc, will be progressively launch in line with the business operation.

In addition, throughout the co-operation period, comprehensive support will be given in areas of:

  1. Advertising and promotion
  2. Human resources support and training
  3. Business development
  4. Operation improvement
  5. Quality control and inventory control
  6. Others

Profit and return

The return of F B business is generous most important, this is CASH business!

Profits will be affected by various variables factors including sales figures, the business partner’s ability to manage the operating cost such as financing cost, rental, food wastages, staff efficiency and performance and other.

New potential partners are encouraged to view the performance of our existing business partners.

Get started

Please send us your personal profile with the information related to above mentioned requirement. And also tell us your target location and relevant information (if there is any) and we will contact you for an initial discussion and outline the next process steps.

AK Noodles House

Bringing you a food and beverage experience!

To view some potential Shopping Malls. If you have any new locations wish to propose to us, kindly email us with the information.

Johor Baharu

Klang Valley


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