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By Morgan Brewton-Johnson • June 3, 2016

If you’ve ever been to a fitness class like SoulCycle, Pure Barre or Flywheel, you understand the hype surrounding these new, wildly successful exercise crazes. Perhaps the most popular of these, SoulCycle is now in 8 states, recently partnered with Target to bring pop-up classes to 10 new cities, and you’d be hard-pressed to spend

By Grace Cordsen • May 24, 2016

Why buy new clothes when you can have a rotation of new ones shipped right to your doorstep? This is the question rental clothing companies have been trying to impress upon female college students for the past few years. With the accessibility and opportunity supplied by the internet the rentable clothing industry has metamorphosed into

By admin • May 20, 2016

By Sophie Helmers • May 15, 2016

In a time of sluggish growth and economic uncertainty, the last thing people want is more competition for education and employment. However, some prominent economists are asserting that this is exactly what America needs. According to Gad Levanon—director of macroeconomic research at a prestigious business research group called the Conference Board—America is staring straight at

By Gladys Teng • May 13, 2016

In college, on top of hours of schoolwork, difficult classes, and extracurricular commitments, the last thing a student would want to worry about is having to pay pesky overdraft fees. Overdraft coverage has generally been more of a nuisance than convenience for bank account holders, because while it allows clients to make transactions when their

By Sophie Helmers • May 12, 2016

Tax reform policy is always a hot button issue during Presidential campaigns. This election cycle is no different. Couple this with a new awareness of gender equality issues (think of the recent uproar over transgender access to public restrooms in North Carolina), and it’s no surprise that sales tax on tampons is generating its share

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