Sep 30 2017

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Carswell Music Studios Inc.

Carswell Music Studios Inc. Is a music teaching and production franchise, which was incorporated in June of 1990. It is an affiliation of music performers and educators who work independently as self-employed teachers of the studio. Mr. James A. Carswell is the president and founder of this enterprise.


At Carswell Studios, we approach music from the standpoint of exploration and structure. Learning how to understand how music is put together enables us to perform better.

What sets Carswell Studios apart from other teaching enterprises? Even as our students have fun playing and improvising, we do not compromise technical and artistic expertise! Our curriculum still very closely parallels the technical guidelines of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. Our students try Royal Conservatory examinations and many receive first class honours.

Carswell provides a warm and friendly, home cooked teaching product to a number of families involved throughout the Greater Metro Toronto and surrounding areas. Carswell Studios have achieved a happy median a balance between achievement and enjoyment.

We charge a very low registration fee which enables our students to play in two excellent recitals each year, as well as participate in at least two workshops which enhance our students performance skills. This is preparation for auditions, recitals and concerts that students do twice a year as part of our curriculum.

Participate in our Carswell Chorister singing group, which meets twice and month and performs in community concerts and at our recitals. We also run a summer theatre camp where in a short two weeks, young students learn a Broadway musical and perform it on stage, with costumes, makeup, choreography, dancing and great music!

Meet with your full musical potential by studying with our incredible, motivated and inspirational staff, by signing up with our studio today!

Our Lessons Include:

Special Needs:

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