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Bring your family to campus on June 11 for a day of science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as lunch, games, crafts, and raffles. Visit exhibits about the human brain, astronomy, and robots, and see a demo on how to build a roadster out of recycled materials. Kids can also dive into the world of sports analytics and examine the science behind wireless charging stations. Register .

The Low Down dives into the archives for “Understanding Our Brains, Understanding Ourselves,” a discussion that brought together an expert panel of alumni and professors to talk about the brain. Take a listen .

“. Twenty years later, I give back to Columbia because of those early days. Because of the excitement I felt to be taking that first step in pursuing my dreams. Because there are other young people today whose parents struggle to pay the bills, but successfully embolden their children to reach beyond their circumstances.” Read more of alumna Adriana Villavicencio’s story and more inspiring stories on ColumbiaYou .

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