Sep 29 2017

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“Within minutes, every carbon monoxide detector on every floor of the house was going off and ADT called me immediately. Thank goodness ADT called me after three of my alarms kept warning me to evacuate and insisted that I do so.” Lynn McNelly, Colorado

“I heard a loud noise at the back of my house. Glass was shattering from the sliding door on the patio. ADT called me right away and I told them to send help because someone was in my house. It is reassuring to know that ADT and the police officers were there.” Wendy Haughian, Washington

“One of the firemen the night of the fire said, ‘Do you know how lucky you were tonight?’. But I like to look at it as, we weren’t lucky we were protected (by ADT).” Amy Steffens, Indianpolis

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“Home security giant ADT has made a strategic expansion beyond alarm systems and into the realm of the Internet of Things.”

“Did you lock your door on the way out today? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app for that? Turns out, there is.”

“ADT Brings Smart Automation Apps to Home Security.”

Editor Rating: Excellent
“ADT definitely lives up to its reputation, and earns our Editors’ Choice.”

“Amid a flood of new competitors, the venerable security giant is offering users a bounty of new features.”

“ADT Pulse® is on a roll.”

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