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India Virtual Phone Numbers

Accelerate your entry into India with a toll free phone number

Accelerate your entry into India with a toll free phone number

Is India a new frontier your business is looking to penetrate? A number will make your entry into the Indian market a whole lot easier.

You can enjoy international call forwarding to any phone line anywhere in the world. If your business is located across different time zones, you can have your Indian customers’ calls forwarded to multiple phone numbers, both landlines and mobiles or PBX, wherever your business hours are in operation.

You can also arrange for voicemails and faxes to convert into emails. All these smart features come with your number at no extra cost. Simply choose a number from our huge online inventory and it will activate in 60 seconds!

Create a virtual office and make your customers happy

Starting an office in a new country can be challenging and expensive, not to mention the logistics of dealing with local phone companies and landlords. With a toll free number in India, you can create a virtual office there without leaving home.

Your Indian customers will appreciate easy phone access that doesn’t require figuring out the correct dialing code to get hold of you. They can simply call up from Delhi, Mumbai or wherever they’re located in India. It’s that simple!

A toll free number is also an inexpensive and convenient way for loved ones to call you. And with our crystal clear lines, they’ll think you’re in the same city!

One of the world’s biggest markets on the line, without having to leave your office!

India’s emergence in recent years as a major economic force has opened up limitless business opportunities. The country remains a manufacturing powerhouse and has the world’s fastest-growing telecommunications industry.

With a population of 1.2 billion, there are endless business opportunities waiting for you. Make them happen by setting up a toll free phone line.

Sign up today for a free trial of up to 20 days!

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