Jul 12 2017

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Welcome to J.G. Wentworth’s real story about “scams”, “rip offs” and “frauds”.

Of course other companies want to buy your structured settlement payments, but most of the time they just can’t match JGWentworth on the speed, experience, service and getting you more money for your payments.

JGW has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

You can’t earn that rating unless you are treating your customers well.

Here is the deal: EVERY DAY

  • JGW does more transactions than our competitors
  • JGW pays more money than competitors to people like you
  • Thousands of people trust JGW with their structured settlement payments

Yet some of JGW’s competitors may suggest that J.G. Wentworth, a company which has sold over $785,300,000.00 in bonds since 2010, won’t pay their customers.

So, next time when someone can’t get you more money faster, watch out for name calling and deception and go with the company who really can deliver.

Selling structured settlement payments to a company like JG Wentworth makes sense. You get a lump sum of cash as quickly the courts allow.

That’s why tens of thousands of people have sold their structured settlement payments to JG Wentworth. They know experience means they get more money faster. It’s that simple.

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