Sep 21 2017

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Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH Employment Information

Columbus, Ohio Overview

Founded in 1812 at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, Columbus, Ohio is home to 822,553 residents, as well as The Ohio State University, the Ohio State Capitol Building and 4 Fortune 500 companies. The city is also home to a lively arts scene, and it’s picturesque, riverside landscape was the location for many famous films, including Traffic, The Silence of the Lambs, Tango & Cash and Air Force One. Columbus also has one of the largest rose gardens in the country and the internationally renowned Columbus Zoo.

The cost of living in Columbus, OH is 6.3 percent below the national average and 10.6 percent the Ohio state average. Forbes ranked it as the 20th most affordable city in the country. Housing, healthcare, utilities and groceries are all far below the national average, while transportation is on par with the national average. The median household income for the city is $54,434, while the median home price is $140,300. Rental properties cost an average of $788.

Columbus Job Opportunities

Columbus was one of the few cities in the country to avoid the impact of the recession due to a highly diversified workforce. Education, banking, insurance, energy, healthcare, medical research and retail are just a few of the many industries providing jobs in Columbus, OH. Many large corporations call Columbus home, including 4 Fortune 500 companies: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Big Lots, American Electric Power and L Brands. White Castle and Wendy’s also have their operations in Columbus. The largest employer for Columbus, OH jobs is the Ohio State University, providing many education jobs to the local economy.

According to Forbes, Columbus is the number one most up-and-coming high technology city in the country. Employers for Columbus jobs in the industry include Compuserve, Sterling Commerce, Mettler Toledo and the Battelle Memorial Institute, which is the largest private research and development organization in the nation. For those looking for a less urban setting, consider jobs in Dublin, OH. as well.

Columbus Employment Trends

As of July 2014, Columbus had an unemployment rate of 4.6 percent, which was well below the national average of 5.9 percent and the state average of 5.7 percent. There was a growth rate of 2.5 percent for jobs in Columbus and a projected growth rate of 1.9 percent annually, which places it 18th in national rankings. Columbus ranks 30th on Forbes list of best places for business and careers and ranks 138th on the cost of doing business. Search Columbus jobs in diverse industries to find the best fit.

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