Sep 6 2017

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Online/Part-time Format

Flexibility for Working Professionals

Online/part-time students earn the degree in 2-3 years by taking, on average, 1-3 courses per term. Pre-recorded lectures allow students to learn on their own schedule each week. There are hard deadlines for turning in graded material, but students choose when to work on them.

They have the option of matriculating into the program during 3 different periods of the year, beginning with a 1- or 2-week on-site orientation in June, November or January.

Exceptional Education

With 140+ offerings to choose from, online courses are taught by award-winning faculty and follow the highest standards of instructional design. The full listing of online courses shows the breadth and depth of options.

Engaging Experience

Students interact virtually with classmates and instructors in a variety of ways, from discussion forums to live chats. To experience it first-hand, complete the non-credit course Introduction to Online Learning —free of charge. It’s mandatory at the start of the program.


Average Age


Typical MPH Cohort
is 40-50


U.S. Citizens


International Students

On-Campus Requirement

Up to 80% of the curriculum may be completed online. For the remaining 20%, students have the opportunity to attend on-campus courses. The required “face-to-face” time adds up to a minimum of 4 weeks over the course of 2-3 years.

There is no limit on the number of on-campus courses that an online/part-time student can take. On average, these students complete about 25% of courses on campus.

The on-campus requirement can also be completed by enrolling in the Summer, Fall or Winter Institutes. The intensive 1-3 week courses allow students to earn academic credit in a short period of time. Each institute explores a specific area of public health, allowing students to gain specialized training based on their interests. To learn more, please visit the Johns Hopkins Institutes of Public Health .

Designing Your Degree

The core coursework comprises roughly half of the curriculum and is the same for both the full-time and online/part-time format.

For electives, all students have the freedom to customize their elective coursework based on personal interests and professional goals. With over 140+ online courses to choose from, there are endless possibilities for how to plan your education. A faculty advisor helps you determine elective courses that match your desired knowledge base and skill sets.

The ability to personalize half the curriculum is a defining feature of the Bloomberg School’s MPH degree program.

Online/part-time students can study a specific area of interest by enrolling in a Summer Institute and/or earning a Certificate. In doing so, students can fulfill the on-campus requirement and elective credits at the same time.

Summer Institutes (in person)

Certificates (fully or partially online)

Start Now as a Non-degree Seeking Student

Eager to dive in? Begin your education as a non-degree seeking student prior to admission by enrolling in online, on-campus and/or institute courses. You can also pursue a certificate. Up to 16 credits may be applied toward the MPH degree, assuming that the courses were completed within 5 years of matriculation. To learn how to enroll as a non-degree seeking student, please visit the Office of Student Accounts and Business Services .

State-Specific Information For Online Programs

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