May 29 2017

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My Business Portal Login

We are changing the way you can do business with us at Optus. Our emphasis is on self-service to simplify and expedite how we interact to deliver the business benefits to your organisation.

‘My Business Portal’ will become your single access point for Optus Business online functionality. We are initially rolling out the capability to create, track and manage service and fault request through the portal for all your Optus, Alphawest and Uecomm services.

Login to other services

You can continue to access the services in the menu opposite until their integration into the Portal at a future date:

Optus Business Customers

Insight Plus

Inbound Service Management

Alphawest Customers

EMC Dashboard (EMC)

Your EMC Dashboard will remain active to view service performance and access reports until migration. Access to the EMC Service Desk is unchanged.

We’re committed to delivering mobile, fixed and satellite networks to cover your business.

Our dedicated Support team is on hand to help you with all matters relating to your order.

Our latest expert Business and Information Communications Technology advice.

Discover the trends and changing customer expectations that affect your business.

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