Mar 18 2018

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Italtel Deploys Green Center at University of Pisa

By: Mandi Nowitz

Weightless Enjoys LoRaWAN’s Untouched Slice of the IoT Cake

By: Cynthia S. Artin

Salesforce Adds CXone Agent to AppExchange

By: Maurice Nagle

Kontron, Pica8 Expand Their Partnership

By: Paula Bernier

This iPhone X Feature Makes it Worth $1,000

By: Rich Tehrani

Cisco Launches Digital Voice Assistant for Meetings

By: Mandi Nowitz

VPS Unveils SD-WAN for Wholesale Customers

Business jobs

This week, Verizon Partner Solutions announced the arrival of a SD-WAN solution for wholesale customers. The intention is to offer improvement in areas like network efficiency and operational expenses, while delivering exceptional performance.

The Best Way for Contact Centers to Deploy Speech Analytics

Business jobs

The ability to analyze every customer call has become powerful and indispensable for many industries, and it has transformed the contact center into a valuable source of real-time business intelligence on an enterprise-wide basis.

Survey Finds Organizations Not GDPR Compliance Ready

Business jobs

HyTrust, Inc. announced findings from its latest cloud adoption survey, which was conducted at VMWorld 2017. The survey evaluated the deployment choices of 323 respondents for cloud infrastructure, containers, workload security, risk, and compliance. This biggest discovery was the vast

AOTMP Award Recognizes MOBI’s Service Level

Business jobs

Mobility management platform MOBI has received the AOTMP Telecom Management Industry Award for Service Level Performance. The MOBI solution enables businesses to centralize, understand, and control their device ecosystems.

MyOperator Addresses SEBI Compliance

Business jobs

MyOperator is an Indian firm focused on cloud-based telephony, and recently unveiled an offering specifically for stockbrokers, which includes its call recording and SMS documentation features to meet the new SEBI regulations.

Business jobs

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