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Looking for a company with a proven record of substantial growth? Applied Card Systems is a Leader when it comes to Credit Card Account Servicing and our Number 1 Customer, Applied Bank. is a prominent Leader in the Bank Credit Card Industry.

In 1996, we employed just 70 Associates. We now have 2 Operating Centers – Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and Boca Raton, Florida. Currently, the ACS Family includes hundreds of Associates.

How do you like that for growth?

Our phenomenal growth and success is a direct result of:

  • The hard work and dedication of our Associates
  • The essential services we offer
  • Our commitment to Superior Quality Service

We are a Cutting Edge Company with outstanding Associates, much-needed Products, and a Great Future. So you re asking yourself, What does this company do? Well click on About Us to find out and tour our Web Site. In no time you will learn more about our Company and our remarkable Career Opportunities .

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Erie Bankruptcy Lawyer | Filing Bankruptcy in Erie, PA

Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney can be a difficult decision. Whether you have lost your job, are unable to work, suffered a business setback or simply don t have the money to pay your bills, our licensed Pennsylvania debt relief attorneys are here to help you get the fresh start you deserve. The sooner you schedule a free consultation to start your debt relief journey, the sooner you can start to breathe freely again.

Filing Bankruptcy in Erie, PA? You should you hire Foster Law Offices as your bankruptcy lawyer.

Our firm is dedicated to providing individuals and families in Northwestern Pennsylvania with affordable, comprehensive legal services. As a Erie bankruptcy attorney and debt relief law firm, we understand the local economy. Our licensed Pensylvania bankruptcy attorneys and knowledgable legal staff are here to aid you in receiving the fresh start you deserve. In addition to serving Erie, PA we also have six other convenient offices to serve you: Meadville. Franklin. Warren. Mercer. New Castle and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bankruptcy has afforded thousands of individuals, families and businesses a TRUE fresh start and a new financial beginning. Let us show you how .

With over 60 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable staff wants to help YOU get the debt relief YOU deserve. Call today to schedule your FREE consultation.

Comprehensive Debt Relief Services:

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy
  • Credit Rehabilitation
  • Small Business Reorganization
  • Bankruptcy Recommendations
  • Payment Plans
  • Mortgage Repayment Plans
  • Mortgage Modification
  • Credit Card Elimination/Negotiation
  • Medical Bill Elimination/Negotiation
  • Wage Garnishment Elimination
  • Stop a Scheduled Sheriff Sale
  • Stop a Scheduled Real Estate Tax Sale
  • Stop Pending Lawsuit, even post judgment

Local Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Erie Pittsburgh Districts:

Licensed Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorneys Free initial consultation Seven convenient Office Locations:

Did you know? Bankruptcy can stop a tax sale, sheriff sale and/or pending foreclosure. Also, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy prohibits utility companies (such as water and electric company) from turning off your service. Read more frequently asked questions about bankruptcy and debt relief .

Filing for Bankruptcy: The Basics

  • Free Consultation with a licensed Attorney
  • We can STOP a pending lawsuit
  • We can STOP a garnishment
  • We can STOP a pending reposession
  • We can STOP the harassing phone calls
  • We can help you get the fresh financial START you deserve

Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

  • Our firm is 100% dedicated to the practice of bankruptcy
  • Our paralegals have over 20 years of combined experience in bankruptcy
  • The bankruptcy lawyers at our firm are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania
  • Our experience will make your experience better
  • We understand the burden of debt and will work with you to make the process as easy as possible

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Montezuma Castle Ancient Ruins

Montezuma Castle National Monument Mike Koopsen

Montezuma Castle, built by the Sinagua Indians during the 1100s is one of the most well preserved ancient cliff dwellings in America. Gazing through windows of the past, the set of 20 room high-rise apartments carved into towering limestone cliffs illustrates a story of an Indian Tribe with ingenuity, survival, and tenacity that turned an unforgiving desert landscape into convenient prosperity.

For mysterious and unknown reasons, the Sinagua abandoned its habitat in the 1400s. Maybe they had over extended agricultural pressure on the land. Perhaps there was an unbearable prolonged drought or most could have been eliminated through conflict with ancient Yavapai Indians. Most Sinaguans likely the were absorbed into other Tribes to the north. The Hopi Indians of today believe they are the descendants of the Sinagua.

Interestingly, the name Montezuma Castle was a mistaken name. Early settlers who discovered the cliff dwelling ruins erroneously assumed the ruins were connected to the Aztec Emperor Montezuma. But in-fact the Sinaqua abandoned the Castle dwellings a century before Montezuma was even born. And the dwellings are not a castle at all, but a multifamily prehistoric high-rise apartment complex.

The Sinaqua were daring builders who scaled the high cliffs to build the dwellings into cliff alcoves overlooking the Beaver Creek area a few miles from what is now Camp Verde, Arizona located about 26 miles southeast of Sedona.

The Sinagua used ladders to scale up the cliff walls and as they reached specific levels the ladders were pulled-up behind them until reaching the safety of community rooms. This helped prevent enemies from scaling straight-vertical barriers.

As agriculturists, the Sinagua had some existing benefits that enticed them to build Montezuma Castle. The prehistoric Hohokam People had been here hundreds of years previously and built irrigation systems to water farming crops along the banks of Beaver Creek.

The land was already fertile with an abundant variety of wildlife which providing good hunting, augmenting a primary diet of corn. There is also evidence that the Sinaqua mined salt in the area. Combined with the natural safety provided by the security of the cliffs, fertile farming grounds and hunting made this the ideal place to build their castle.

Artifacts confirmed the Sinaqua were fine artisans. A variety of artifacts including stone tools, metates for grinding corn, needles carved from bone to weave garments have been discovered. They created artistic ornaments made of turquoise, shells and local gemstones. Pottery was not an ornate craft but simply plain, functional cooking ware.

Other groups of Sinagua Indians groups created separate villages in Northern Arizona areas including Tuzigoot Ruins about 23 miles from Montezuma Castle. The remnants of the village of Tuzigoot originally were two stories high with 77 ground floor rooms that were accessed via ladders through roof openings.

Another nearby Sinagua settlement was Montezuma Well . a limestone
sink created by the collapse of a large underground cavern. The well is fed by a continuously running spring which the Sinaquas used to irrigate crops. The ruins were a collection of large pueblos and scattered single one-room dwellings. Montezuma Well is only about 11 miles from Montezuma Castle.

Location, Fees, Amenities and Ranger Programs

Over a million visitors visit Montezuma Castle National Monument every year. There are no lodging or camping facilities at the park, but motels are located nearby in Camp Verde Arizona. Higher-end hotels and several resorts are about 30 miles away in Sedona. Phoenix is about 90 miles to the south and Flagstaff Arizona is about 50 miles north of the castle.

Montezuma Castle is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. Hours are from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM during the summer months. During the winter months, the National Monument gates close at 5:00 PM. Nominal entrance fees apply. Children under 16 are admitted free. A free annual pass is available for active military personnel and their dependents.

The Montezuma Visitors Center features a small museum displaying ancient artifacts and the park includes paved, self-guided trails of which some portions are wheel chair assessable. Some trails are too steep for wheel chairs. Bring a lunch to enjoy a picnic area under the trees on the banks of Beaver Creek.

Ranger programs on various topics of interest are scheduled each morning at 10:30 and 11:30 subject to staffing. Occasionally there are special events. Dogs on leash are permitted on the trails. Check with the Montezuma National Monument Park for any changes to schedules, fees and guidelines.

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NHS or Private Drug Alcohol Rehab Clinic #addiction,alcohol,castle #craig #hospital,celebrity #rehab #with


NHS or private rehab?

Private rehab

Private residential rehab is the preferred rehab treatment option for many professionals and their family members. Admission can often be organised within 24 hours, on Mondays to Fridays.

If you are able to fund treatment privately or if you have private health insurance then you will be able to access private rehab treatment.

Good quality private rehab treatment provides the best option for detoxification and recovery from addiction. Just because a treatment centre is private, does not guarantee that it provides a good quality programme. Make sure you check the quality standards of a rehab clinic that you are considering. Inspection reports, ISO accreditation and verified outcomes (success rates) provide a way of checking on the quality of a treatment programme.

Executive Rehab Guide is published by Castle Craig Hospital. which is the UK’s leading private addiction treatment clinic. Castle Craig also operates a clinic in Ireland called Smarmore Castle. Both these treatment centres provide an evidence based, high quality treatment programme. If you are struggling to fund rehab treatment then Smarmore Castle provides a payment plan option which helps to make treatment very affordable.

Find the right addiction clinic for you

Guide To Rehab is an independent addiction treatment advice service that aims to provide vulnerable individuals with drug and alcohol addiction problems with a credible range of trustworthy rehab treatment centres.

The recommended rehab treatment providers are carefully selected to ensure that they meet the highest standards of the addiction treatment field according to industry inspection reports from the Care Quality Commission and Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

Who can apply for rehab funding with the NHS?

In some cases it is still possible for the NHS or social services to fund your stay in a private rehab clinic. All UK residents should have the option of addiction treatment through the NHS at community based rehab or private residential rehab. which is free at the point of delivery. In order to qualify for NHS funding at a residential rehab clinic you may have to show that you have explored local community-based treatment options first. Your GP can refer you to your nearest alcohol and drug action team. Accessing residential rehab this way may take a number of weeks, depending on the willingness of your local addiction team to fund your treatment.

Pros and cons

Private rehab:

+ Flexible treatment plan;

+ Speed of admission – sometimes within 24 hours;

+ All treatment on one site: cohesion of care and daily routine;

+ Patients will usually have the same therapist/staff caring for them throughout treatment;

+ Will take place in a safe environment away from temptations and worries so patients can focus on recovery;

+ The therapeutic community provides strong bonds with therapists and other patients that aid recovery;

+ Family visiting times and facilities to make phone calls/receive letters, visiting accommodation sometimes provided;

+ Often provide complementary therapies such as equine therapy, art therapy, gym and fitness;

– More expensive than rehab on the NHS;

– Not always covered by health insurance.

NHS rehab:

+ Accessible to everyone;

+ Located in the local community. close to home and family;

– Lengthy admissions process;

– Might not be referred to residential rehab;

– Patients may be asked to go to different clinics/centres for different treatments;

– Recovery may be affected by life distractions and access to drugs and alcohol;

– Access to the personal therapist is more limited;

– Patients may not have the same therapist/staff caring for them throughout treatment;

– It may be more challenging to build an outpatient support network.

NHS alternative: Cross border treatment

Organising admission to a private rehab clinic via the UK NHS or local addiction services can take months and the outcome is far from certain. However it is often possible to gain a much faster access to funding through the EU cross border healthcare directives.

UK based patients wishing to take advantage of that option can find more information on the Smarmore Castle website (Smarmore Castle is based in the Republic of Ireland and is ideally suited for UK NHS patients).