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Columbus, OH

Treatment Centers in Columbus, Ohio (OH)

The following drug treatment centers, alcohol rehab programs and dual diagnosis treatment facilities are all located in Columbus, Ohio. Clicking on the name of any treatment program will bring up a details page with all of the contact information we have in our database for that rehabilitation center, as well as ratings and reviews about the facility written by members of our website. If you have personal experience with any of the treatment centers listed, we encourage you to register for our site and share your experience with others by writing a review of your own. Our directory lists treatment centers in Columbus, Ohio as a public benefit. Please call our 24/7 addiction helpline at 1-888-351-6764 for further assistance. We’re here to help!

We are a treatment facility specializing in the treatment of Adult Chemical dependency AND/OR mental health disorders. We DO accept medicare. We can provide transportation!

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Ronald A. Wittel, Jr.

Attorney at Law

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Columbus Ohio

Ever feel like debt has totally overwhelmed you? Many people are completely over their head in debt, and the anxiety causes difficulty breathing. Don’t give up hope. You are not alone.

As an experienced Columbus Ohio bankruptcy attorney, I can help you determine if filing bankruptcy is a good choice. As a licensed Ohio attorney, I can guide you through the process and help you achieve a fresh start to your life. Filing bankruptcy is not always the best choice for a situation. If an alternative is better for your situation, I can help you determine that as well.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Works

There are generally 2 types of bankruptcy for the average debtor. a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To determine if you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court uses 2 tests for eligibility, the Means Test (or your income relative to the average American median income) and the Totality of the Circumstances Test (or look at the total circumstances to determine your monthly debt to income). The courts also consider a 3rd test called the Special Circumstances Test which looks at circumstances of a situation (like major medical, health, or other factors).


When a person receives a Bankruptcy Discharge. the discharge allows the debtor to discharge all underlying contractual obligations on unsecured debts. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as a fresh start because it allows debtor (or the person filing the bankruptcy) the opportunity of a fresh start from the unsecured creditors of credit cards, medical bills, and other types of debt. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to get rid of or discharge most unsecured debts. A Bankruptcy Discharge means that the estate has successfully discharged all unsecured debts that are owed.

Federal Bankruptcy Stay Order

When a person files a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition. they are protected under federal law by a Federal Bankruptcy Stay Order. which stops most lawsuits. If there are pending garnishments or repossessions, the filing of the bankruptcy may stop the collection efforts (except for child support).

Bankruptcy Trustee

A 341 Meeting of Creditors is conducted to evaluate the debtor’s situation. The Bankruptcy Trustee represents the various creditors of the debtor, and Trustee’s Duty is to evaluate all the assets and liabilities of the debtor. A Trustee has the power to Avoid Liens and recover assets on behalf of the bankruptcy estate. The debtor is entitled to a certain amount of protection through exemptions provided by state and federal law. These exemptions allow the debtor to protect some equity in cars, bank accounts, houses, and tax refunds. The Bankruptcy Trustee can sell property if there is equity in the property, and they can Distribute the Proceeds to the various creditors according to priority of the claim.

Non-Dischargeable Debts

Generally, a federal stay order applies to all unsecured debts. However, some debts are not eliminated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The most common non-dischargeable debts are taxes. student loans. child support. and government loans. Any debt created by false pretenses, a false representation, or actual fraud is also not dischargeable. Also, any personal injury caused by a motor vehicle driven by debtor while intoxicated may not be dischargeable. Generally, a creditor needs to bring a non-dischargeable adversary action to assert a debt survives bankruptcy discharge. The exception to bringing an adversary action is child support, taxes, and most student loans.


With automobiles, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing may stall out repossession efforts. There is usually a 45 day period after filing where the creditor cannot repossess the car. During that time period, a debtor may be able to work out payment arrangements with a car company. Only a Ch. 13 bankruptcy filing can help catch up on car and house payments. In addition, sometimes a Ch. 13 bankruptcy can “cram down” the amount owed on a car if the car has been owned more than 910 days. A Redemption makes it possible to reduce an existing car loan down to fair market value.

Utility Shut-Offs

Some Utility Shut-Offs may be stopped for a limited time after filing for bankruptcy. The Utility company may request an additional deposit within 20 days of the filing of the bankruptcy petition.


If a Ch. 7 bankruptcy case fails, it is dismissed. Generally, a dismissal is a bad thing. There are various effects of dismissal. One of the major effects is that creditors can go after the debtor and try to collect again against them. The creditor can garnish wages, go after bank accounts, file judgment liens, or suspend driver’s licenses in the effort to collect on the debt. Sometimes a bankruptcy case can be converted to another type of bankruptcy.

In my free initial consultation, I assess what is going on with a client and determine if I can help them. My fees are based on the complexity of the bankruptcy case, but I try to competitively price my fees in a reasonable, affordable, and efficient way. Please call me at the following to set up a free initial consultation:

Phone: (614) 445-3000

Take the next step, and call today.

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Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH Employment Information

Columbus, Ohio Overview

Founded in 1812 at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, Columbus, Ohio is home to 822,553 residents, as well as The Ohio State University, the Ohio State Capitol Building and 4 Fortune 500 companies. The city is also home to a lively arts scene, and it’s picturesque, riverside landscape was the location for many famous films, including Traffic, The Silence of the Lambs, Tango & Cash and Air Force One. Columbus also has one of the largest rose gardens in the country and the internationally renowned Columbus Zoo.

The cost of living in Columbus, OH is 6.3 percent below the national average and 10.6 percent the Ohio state average. Forbes ranked it as the 20th most affordable city in the country. Housing, healthcare, utilities and groceries are all far below the national average, while transportation is on par with the national average. The median household income for the city is $54,434, while the median home price is $140,300. Rental properties cost an average of $788.

Columbus Job Opportunities

Columbus was one of the few cities in the country to avoid the impact of the recession due to a highly diversified workforce. Education, banking, insurance, energy, healthcare, medical research and retail are just a few of the many industries providing jobs in Columbus, OH. Many large corporations call Columbus home, including 4 Fortune 500 companies: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Big Lots, American Electric Power and L Brands. White Castle and Wendy’s also have their operations in Columbus. The largest employer for Columbus, OH jobs is the Ohio State University, providing many education jobs to the local economy.

According to Forbes, Columbus is the number one most up-and-coming high technology city in the country. Employers for Columbus jobs in the industry include Compuserve, Sterling Commerce, Mettler Toledo and the Battelle Memorial Institute, which is the largest private research and development organization in the nation. For those looking for a less urban setting, consider jobs in Dublin, OH. as well.

Columbus Employment Trends

As of July 2014, Columbus had an unemployment rate of 4.6 percent, which was well below the national average of 5.9 percent and the state average of 5.7 percent. There was a growth rate of 2.5 percent for jobs in Columbus and a projected growth rate of 1.9 percent annually, which places it 18th in national rankings. Columbus ranks 30th on Forbes list of best places for business and careers and ranks 138th on the cost of doing business. Search Columbus jobs in diverse industries to find the best fit.

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From digital electronics to early childhood education, to fabrication, radiology to radiant energy, and everywhere in between, Career Technical Education helps students learn skills for the future. By the time the students graduate, they will have earned an education founded on rigor, career certifications, and on-the-job experience. The South-Western City Schools Career Technical Programs prepare students for two-year and even four-year colleges. P rograms are available at the district’s four home high schools and the South-Western Career Academy. Typically, two years in a single program are required to earn at least five credits, so students should choose carefully during their sophomore year for a two-year commitment to a program. Students coming out of each of these programs have the upper hand in landing a job because there is such a high demand in today’s job sector for these skilled trades. For more information on Today’s Career Technical Education, click on the About tab and view the videos, or click on the High School tab to read more.

Total College Credits Offered:

Innovation Entrepreneurship First Annual Pitch Night Yields Success!

Five groups of students from the district’s Marketing/Innovation and Entrepreneurship program pitched their start-up plans to local entrepreneurs and the community Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at the Grove City High School Auditorium.

The students worked collaboratively within their groups, with business coaches and mentors, and their teachers to bring their innovative ideas to the forefront. The program utilized the INCubatoredu program which provided an authentic experience where students were able to learn from real entrepreneurs and business experts in addition to their instructor. Through this program students had the opportunity to learn business, marketing and finance foundational skills while at the same time having the chance to explore their passion. Students worked in collaboration with their team to develop and test hypotheses on their own business concept and had to adapt it accordingly.

Pitch Night gave the students the opportunity to present their plans live in front of real, local entrepreneurs and to experience the actual business start-up process. We would like to thank the judges provided by Rev1 along with our additional partners in Cultivate and INCubatoredu.

Congratulations to all who participated on a job well done! Additional congratulations are extended to the night’s overall winning team:
Dynamic X Tracking consising of the following Grove City High School students: Dan Rutan, Connor Miller, Blade Such, Steven Petrovsky, and Dalton Ford. Check out the social media post below made by member Dan Rutan!

PR and Event Management Students Organize Distracted Driving Event

Thank you to the PR and Event Management program and all of our partners for helping make this day a great success teaching our students valuable lessons when it comes to driving and making sound decisions.

Jackson Township Fire Department

  • Offering fire extinguisher training
  • Demonstrations using the Jaws of Life
  • Conducting a mock crash scenario

Grove City Police

  • Offering field sobriety demonstrations
  • Providing a simulator where students can experience the dangers of distracted driving

Ohio Department of Transportation

  • Providing two simulators where students can experience the dangers of distracted driving

Med Flight

  • Participating in the mock crash by landing a medical helicopter and crew during the scenario scenario


  • Offering hands-on demonstrations of their emergency vehicles and first aid scenarios


  • Providing a banner for students to sign and pledge to stay focused while driving and to always drive sober.

South-Western Career Academy
Sophomore Program Exploration Days:

The Sophomore Program Exploration Day took place in early February at the South-Western Career Academy where the students had the chance to tour the facility, meet the teachers, and interact with Career Tech programs in which they are interested. Check out the school visitation dates and times below.

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Patriot Preparatory Academy

Worth a deeper look:

This school is about the same as the state average in key measures of college and career readiness, but depending on the state, average can mean only a minority of students are ready for college and career.

(Remember: high graduation rates don’t mean much if students are graduating without the coursework and test scores they need to succeed.)

Ask the school what it’s doing to help all students succeed in advanced classes and prepare for college entrance tests .

4-year high school graduation rate

A promising sign

Students at this school are making more academic progress given where they were last year, compared to other students in the state.

Strong student progress (also known as student growth) means different things. In some states, the average progress is so low. that even strong progress may not prepare a majority of students for college and career. It also depends on the school’s test scores.

Strong progress with low test scores means. that students are starting at a low point but the school is doing a better job at supporting their academic growth than most other schools.

Strong progress with high test scores means. students have strong academic skills and the school is a doing a better job at supporting academic growth than most other schools.

Ask the school how it interprets this rating and what you can do to support the school’s continued success.

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Apply Online!

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Licensed Practical Nursing

Apply For Our LPN Classes Today!

Start Your Licensed Practical Nursing Career at Stone Academy

What is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)?

LPN s are nurses licensed by the state to provide routine patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. The majority of Licensed Practical Nurses work in long-term care facilities, home care, rehabilitation centers or hospice facilities.

What are the job opportunities for graduates?

  • 8.4% Average Job Growth from 2014-2024*
  • 327 Annual Openings for LPN s*
  • $56,436 Average Annual Salary for LPN s in CT*

Why become a Licensed Practical Nurse at Stone Academy?

  • No Prerequisite Courses No Waiting Lists
  • Flexible Schedules Advanced Placement Available
  • Become a Nurse in Months Not Years
  • Job Placement Assistance Over 400 Graduates Placed Since 2010
  • Go on to become a Registered Nurse through the LPN-RN Transition program

*Connecticut Department of Labor LPN

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Program Overview

A Licensed Practical Nurse is a contributing member of the healthcare team. Under the direction of Registered Nurses, they provide basic bedside care, assist in evaluating the needs of the patients or clients, and monitor their condition. LPNs are responsible for data collection, including all aspects of physical assessments, prioritizing the implementation of therapeutic nursing measures, providing and delegating direct patient care, and assisting clients in the prevention and promotion of health. They provide care to the patient or client by assisting in their personal hygiene and providing comfort measures. An LPN is trained to utilize the nursing process and critical reasoning to provide care within the guidelines of the Nursing Practice Act, promoting patient safety at all times in diverse healthcare delivery settings. Stone Academy s Licensed Practical Nursing program combines classroom course work with clinical experiences in a variety of area facilities with diverse populations to prepare our future LPNs for entry-level positions in both acute and long-term care settings. Stone Academy s LPN classes offer the flexibility of a full-time day or part-time evening/Saturday program. Upon graduation, our students are eligible to sit for the Connecticut NCLEX-PN licensing examination. Prospective students interested in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse must first attend an information session. Here you will learn about the application and acceptance process along with specific information regarding the schedules for upcoming LPN classes. Licensed Practical Nursing GE Data