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FAQs – ERISA Summary Plan Description (SPD) Document Requirements

The Summary Plan Description, or SPD, is the main vehicle for communicating plan rights and obligations to participants and beneficiaries. As the name suggests, it is a summary of the material provisions of the plan document, and it should be understandable to the average participant of the employer. However, in the context of health welfare benefit plans, it is not uncommon for the SPD to be a combination of a complete description of the plan’s terms and conditions, such as a Certificate of Coverage, and the required ERISA disclosure language, such as the ERISA wrap document. Note: An insurance company’s Master Contract, Certificate of Coverage, or Summary of Benefits is not a plan document or SPD.

An SPD must contain all of the following information:

  • The plan name
  • The plan sponsor/employer’s name and address
  • The plan sponsor’s EIN
  • The plan administrator’s name, address, and phone number
  • Designation of any named fiduciaries, if other than the plan administrator, e.g. claim fiduciary
  • The plan number for ERISA Form 5500 purposes, e.g. 501, 502, 503, etc. (Note each ERISA plan should be assigned a unique number.)
  • Type of plan or brief description of benefits, e.g. life, medical, dental, disability
  • The date of the end of the plan year for maintaining the plan’s fiscal records (which may be different from the insurance policy year)
  • Each trustee’s name, title, and address of principal place of business, if the plan has a trust
  • The name and address of the plan’s agent for service of legal process, along with a statement that service may be made on a plan trustee or administrator
  • The type of plan administration, e.g. administered by contract, insurer, or sponsor
  • Eligibility terms, e.g. classes of eligible employees, employment waiting period, and hours per week, and the effective date of participation, e.g. next day or first of the month following satisfaction of an eligibility waiting period
  • How the insurer refunds (e.g. dividends, demutualization, and medical loss ratio (MLR) refunds) are allocated to participants. Note: This is important for obtaining the small plan ( 100 participants) exception for filing Form 5500.
  • The plan sponsor’s amendment and termination rights and procedures, and what happens to plan assets, if any, in the event of plan termination
  • A summary of any plan provisions governing the benefits, rights, and obligations of participants under the plan on termination or amendment of the plan or elimination of benefits
  • A summary of any plan provisions governing the allocation and disposition of assets upon plan termination
  • Claims procedures may be furnished separately in a Certificate of Coverage, provided that the SPD explains that claims procedures are furnished automatically, without charge, in the separate document (e.g. a Certificate of Coverage), and time limits for lawsuits, if the plan imposes them
  • A statement clearly identifying circumstances that may result in loss or denial of benefits (e.g. subrogation, coordination of benefits, and offset provisions)
  • The standard of review for benefit decisions (We recommend consideration of granting full discretion for the plan administrator or authorized fiduciary to interpret the plan and make factual determinations.)
  • ERISA model statement of participants’ rights
  • The sources of plan contributions, whether from employer and/or employee contributions, and the method by which they are calculated
  • Interim SMMs since the SPD was adopted or last restated
  • The fact that the employer is a participating employer or a member of a controlled group
  • Whether the plan is maintained pursuant to one or more collective bargaining agreements, and that a copy of the agreement may be obtained upon request
  • A prominent offer of assistance in a non-English language (depending on the number of participants who are literate in the same non-English language)
  • Identity of the insurer(s), if any
  • Additional requirements for Group Health Plan SPDs:
    • Detailed description of plan provisions and exclusions (e.g. copays, deductibles, coinsurance, eligible expenses, network provider provisions, prior authorization and utilization review requirements, dollar limits, day limits, visit limits, and the extent to which new drugs, preventive care, and medical tests and devices are covered) A link to network providers should also be provided. Plan limits, exceptions, and restrictions must be conspicuous.
    • Information regarding COBRA, HIPAA, and other federal mandates such as the Women’s Health Cancer Rights Act, preexisting condition exclusion, special enrollment rules, mental health parity, coverage for adopted children, Qualified Medical Support Orders, and minimum hospital stays following childbirth.
    • Name and address of health insurer(s), if any
    • Description of the role of health insurers (i.e. whether the plan is insured by an insurance company or the insurance company is merely providing administrative services)

Recommended, but not required provisions in an SPD:

  • For insured arrangements, attach the Summary of Benefits provided by the insurance companies to help ensure you have provided an understandable summary of the Certificate of Coverage
  • For self-insured arrangements, provide the name, address, and phone number of any Third Party Administrator (TPA) paying claims or benefits.
  • Language that in the event there is a conflict between the plan document, the SPD, and a Certificate of Insurance, which document controls

Wrap SPD Document Requirements:

Group insurance Certificates of Insurance are typically not SPDs because they do not contain all of the language required by ERISA. An employer must prepare an ERISA wrapper to supplement the Certificate of Insurance. Together, the wrapper and Certificate of Insurance comprise a proper SPD.

An employer may wish to consolidate its various component benefit plans into a single plan for reporting and disclosure. ERISAPros ‘ proprietary WrapTight sm plan is a multi- or mega-wrap plan, which saves the employer the time and expense of preparing an SPD, a Form 5500, and an SAR for each separate component benefit plan by replacing them with one comprehensive wrap plan.

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McNamara-O-Hara Service Contract Act (SCA) – Wage and Hour Division (WHD) –


Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

McNamara-O-Hara Service Contract Act (SCA)

The McNamara-O Hara Service Contract Act requires contractors and subcontractors performing services on prime contracts in excess of $2,500 to pay service employees in various classes no less than the wage rates and fringe benefits found prevailing in the locality, or the rates (including prospective increases) contained in a predecessor contractor’s collective bargaining agreement. The Department of Labor issues wage determinations on a contract-by-contract basis in response to specific requests from contracting agencies. These determinations are incorporated into the contract.

For contracts equal to or less than $2,500, contractors are required to pay the federal minimum wage as provided in Section 6(a)(1) of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

For prime contracts in excess of $100,000, contractors and subcontractors must also, under the provisions of the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, as amended, pay laborers and mechanics, including guards and watchmen, at least one and one-half times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. The overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act may also apply to SCA-covered contracts.

The Wage and Hour Division has issued a final rule to implement Executive Order 13495, Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts. This final rule will be effective once the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council (FARC) issues regulations for the inclusion of the nondisplacement contract clause in covered Federal solicitations and contracts, as required by the Executive Order. For more information, please visit the Nondisplacement Final Rule Webpage. (August 29, 2011)

  • Fact Sheet 39 Outside Sales Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (PDF)
    • Fact Sheet 17a ?>

HIPAA Compliant Email – Policy, Rules, and Regulations #hipaa #compliant #email, #hipaa


Hospitals and Doctors looking to comply with HIPAA rules are using Secure to store and transfer protected health information (PHI). HIPAA policy provides the guidelines for access, storage, and transmission of PHI.

Secure Medical has the most innovative and highest quality secure medical HIPAA email service in the world. We partnered with CryptoHeaven to offer the most secure and easy to use encrypted email service at low cost. Use our service platform for remote secure HIPAA email communications with other doctors as well as with other medical industry specialists and companies.

  • Over 395,000 email addresses for doctors in over 65 medical specialties.
  • Over 250,000 medical industry business to business email addresses for decision makers and thought leaders in over 80 medical industry market segments.

Last Updated on Friday, 06 April 2012 23:32 Read more.

Secure Medical is a secure email hosting system that is HIPAA compliant

Secure Medical is HIPAA compliant secure email hosting system with state of the art encryption.

  • Formal compliance with HIPAA rules. policy, and regulations
  • Secure Medical Email uses stronger security features than those used by banks, MasterCard VISA
  • Transparent encryption technology ensures maximum fool proof security
  • Stay VIRUS FREE with included and always updated virus scanner
  • BLOCK SPAM 100% with user configurable challenge and response system, and advanced spam filters
  • Works as Webmail with any web browser

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 June 2010 13:13 Read more.

Secure offers secure HIPAA Email product for the medical market.

Secure communications and document management systems provider Secure has introduced a secure HIPAA Email hosting and communications product for the medical market. This turn key solution provides full compliance with HIPAA rules, HIPAA policy, and HIPAA regulations with respect to access, storage, protection, backup, and transfer of PHI.

Designed to provide secure, auditable and confidential email communication to doctors and patients, the Secure HIPAA Email hosting solution uses encryption to guarantee both security and proof of delivery.

Last Updated on Monday, 24 January 2011 10:00 Read more.

HIPAA Compliance

For compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulated entities must securely store, maintain and transmit protected health information (PHI). Secure provides a solution that is fully compliant with HIPAA rules. HIPAA policy, and HIPAA regulations with respect to access, storage, and transfer and PHI.

The requirement for a health care information system is whether medical record privacy is adequately protected. It means unauthorized persons can’t see it, it doesn’t get misused, and those using it can be identified.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 June 2010 13:11 Read more.

Secure Medical Email Hosting

Secure presents powerful secure HIPAA compliant Email hosting solutions:

Secure can work either over the Web or through an email client. Many of our clients use both, using, for example, secure email client application at their main or “home” PC, and using secure Webmail when using a PC at work or when traveling. Secure operates independently from your ISP or other email services.

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Healthcare companies use Secure

Healthcare companies use Secure to deliver patient records, lab records and medical transcription data to doctors, hospitals and clinics. With Secure you can:

  • formally comply with HIPAA rules, HIPAA policy, and HIPAA regulations
  • achieve HIPAA readiness with a minimal cost
  • send medical records, unlimited size voice files and transcribed document
  • only authorized parties have access to the data; access records are kept for each email and each file accessed by any party; records are kept as long as the underlying data itself is available on the system

Last Updated on Monday, 11 January 2010 12:03 Read more.

Secure has Great Encryption

Encryption key is created on your computer and protected with your passphrase. Only you know the passphrase and your data can not be decrypted without it. Only encrypted data is stored on Secure Medical .net servers. Your data is encrypted at your computer before being sent to Secure Secure Data Center. Upon restore, your files are decrypted on your computer. Any time your data is out of your computer, it is always encrypted. All of our services including secure medical email. and secure online storage use highest grade encryption technology for maximum data security.

Last Updated on Saturday, 09 January 2010 11:21

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Products Menu

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Manage Operational and Enterprise Risk Management, MEGA, governance risk and compliance.#Governance #risk


Enterprise Architecture Software for Digital Transformation | MEGA

Governance risk and compliance

Main menu

Governance risk and compliance

Governance, Risk Compliance

Manage your company’s strategic and operational risks, internal controls, and regulatory requirements

Our Governance, Risk Compliance (GRC) solutions are designed to let GRC departments such as Risk Management, Internal Control, Compliance, and Internal Audit operate efficiently and effectively – and respond quickly to changing business needs. The GRC practices used in our solutions will give your top management the critical information it needs to strike the right balance between cost optimization, risk management, and capacity for innovation.

At MEGA, we develop the enterprise risk management tools you need to effectively manage your operational and IT risks using the three lines of defense model: internal controls, risk management and compliance, and internal audit. Backed by our expertise, you will be poised to quickly adapt to today’s fast-changing business environment.

Our solutions draw on more than 20 years of experience helping businesses boost operational efficiency and performance by identifying, monitoring, and managing their most important risks, internal controls, and regulatory compliance issues.

In addition to mapping your risks and internal controls, our holistic approach will show you how key elements of your organization interact and give you a clear, shared vision of your assets and how they work together. This will let you make better-informed decisions, ensure that the right systems are in place, and pool stakeholders’ efforts so they are all working towards executing your strategy. It will also let you leverage synergies among different departments.

Our governance, risk, and compliance solutions incorporate the recommendations and best practices set forth in international standards issued by industry organizations, such as the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG).

Free HIPAA Compliance Checklist #hipaa #it #compliance #checklist


Free HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Posted April 1, 2014 by Jack Anderson, CEO Compliance Helper

A HIPAA compliance checklist is a quick way to assess your compliance status. While it is not a replacement for a HIPAA risk assessment it will generally tell you what you need to do and where you need to start. But even a risk assessment is not the best way to measure and demonstrate your on-going HIPAA compliance. HHS has not given anyone the authority to certifiy your organization’s HIPAA compliance. Their stated position is that HIPAA compliance is a process not an event. This process is on-going and it is important to know youer status on an on-going basis.

This is why, working with our privacy and security expert, Rebecca Herold, we developed HIPAA compliance metrics. Keeping your policies, procedures, and forms up-to-date is critical as is documentation of your compliance activities. The Compliance Meter(tm) displays the current status of policie, procedures, and forms as well a the performance of compliance activities. This is a useful tool for those charged with HIPAA compliance in an organization as well as their mangement, but even more critically it demonstrates to your business partners and clients that you are compliant on an on-going basis.

The old idea of a compliance manual is as out of date as a manual typewriter. Buying a manual and putting it up on your shelf is not HIPAA compliance. A friend of mine sold these manuals and to make sure it was noticed when it arrived he had it shrink wrapped in bright pink plastic. Update pages were shipped wrapped in bright yellow plastic but intended to replace the corresponding pages in the manual. He told me that if he actually visited any of his clients he invariablly would encounter the manual, still in it’s original pink shrink wrap with the yellow shrink wrapped pages neatly stack on top. If a business partner, auditor. or client ever saw this they would immediately know that the organization was not only not compliant, but guilty of willful neglect.

The 21st century approach to this is an on-line service offering templates of policies, procedures, and forms to be edited by the organization under the supervision of a privacy and security expert, monthly lists of compliance tasks that need to be accomplished, updates of policies, procedures, and forms as needed, and the Compliance Meter ™ keeping track of all of this.


From: Vu Nguyen, 04/20/14 04:47 PM

Free HIPAA Compliance Checklist

From: Dave Weir, 04/20/14 06:06 AM

How do I download the items from your website?

Check Your HIPAA Compliance

Our free HIPAA risk assessment gives you a quick appraisal of your situation.

Have Questions?

Or call Jack Anderson at 866-984-3573 ext 709

Free PCI Compliance #free #pci #compliance,pci #compliant #free,merchant #processors, #fees,pci #compliance #guide,


Free PCI Compliance. why becoming PCI Compliant matters

PCI Free provides free compliance solutions and resources. Merchants and business owners can save time and money with free PCI compliant merchant solutions.

If your business accepts or processes payment cards, it must comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). All businesses and merchants that store, process and or transmit card holder information are now required to be PCI compliant.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements for enhancing data security. This originally began as individual programs from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. To facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB aligned their individual policies to release the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards .

Is PCI Compliance just another profit center for my merchant processor?

Many believe that the new PCI compliance standards are little more than new revenue stream for merchant processors. Most small business owners and merchants have little information about the process and as a result wind up paying inflated PCI compliance fees. Merchant processors have been charging up to 300.00. Completing a form is frequently all that is required for many merchants to meet the standards, charging small businesses $300.00 for nothing more than completing a form is excessive, to say the least.

Smart business owners become PCI Compliant

In today’s economy, merchants and small business owners are required to thoroughly evaluate operating costs, merchant processing fees is an area frequently overlooked. Evaluating and comparing merchant processing solutions including fees for services such as ours for your business can be well worth the time it takes and result in considerable savings for your company.

Small Business Compliance Guide Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Merchants

Visa MasterCard American Express Discover

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Careers in Hedge Funds: Your Guide to Exploring a Hedge Fund Job


Careers in Hedge Funds

A hedge fund manager runs all or part of a hedge fund, with the goal of maximizing return. The hedge fund manager makes calls on a wide range of financial assets – from corporate bonds to stocks to currencies. This is one of the most “white knuckle” jobs in all of capitalism. The compensation for working in a hedge fund can be unusually high. It is not uncommon to see a person in their late 20s or early 30s pull down $5 million a year or more in one of the right positions at the big funds. But, of course, there are many others who make much less and and many more who fail altogether. All who participate in this industry take on high risk. It comes down to skill, timing and a little luck. In our recent salary review of starting compensation for recent graduates of the largest MBA programs, the highest average starting pay was in hedge funds (check out the salary ranges ).

What is a hedge fund anyway? At its core, a hedge fund manages a pool of money for large investors. The fund compensates itself for that service by taking a hefty management fee (typically 2% of assets under management per year) and a carry (a percentage of returns over a benchmark) that is paid for performance.

The typical carry is 20%. You can see the attraction of running a hedge fund. A hedge fund with $2 billion under management and a 2/20 compensation scheme would generate $40 million in management fees plus whatever is made on the carry.

Unlike traditional money managers of mutual funds and closed ended funds, hedge fund managers routinely engage in short selling – that is betting that a security will decline in value. There are many flavors of hedge funds but the most common variety is a long/short equity fund. This would be a fund that will try to be market neutral and instead make an excess return (“alpha” as it is called) by being right on security selection – shorting stocks headed down and going long those headed up. Hedge funds can also use leverage to enhance return. This means borrowing against assets in the fund in order to buy more securities. This, of course, can enhance return on the upside and it is not uncommon to see hedge funds close down because they suffered negative returns that would cause no one to want to invest in the fund again.

As we write this career description in late 2009, we are in a period of unusual turbulence in the hedge fund world. Due to the financial crisis many hedge funds have shut down and undoubtedly more closures are to come. But, like the landscape after a forest fire it turns out that many trees are still left standing and stronger. And, lots of new plants, bushes and trees are on the way. Hedge funds are here to stay and will, in fact, probably rise to new heights before long. The reason is that opportunities for alpha are out there and there is no better time than the present to exploit those opportunities.

A hedge fund career is considered one of the most desirable paths in the finance field – although some working in these funds might wonder why. While the senior fund managers pull down a huge share of the compensation, a newly minted MBA does not start at a hedge fund managing his or her own pool of money. Depending on the size and structure of the hedge fund, there may be many (or few) other positions they might take, some of which can also eventually involve steep compensation. These include working at a hedge fund as a junior trader; strategist; analyst; quant; software developer; risk manager; and in various administrative roles. As in most financial institutions, the closer you are to the money, the more of it you get to take home. In other words, the jobs in which you can easily and directly measure the profit due to your performance – and for which that number is large – tend to be the most highly compensated.

Interestingly, a review of the placement reports of a few schools like Chicago, Columbia, Harvard Business School and Stanford will show that there was a fair bit of MBA hiring into hedge funds in 2007 and 2008. This hiring will undoubtedly decline for the classes of 2009/2010 but there is still plenty of opportunity to be had.

The typical hedge fund will have an internal recruiter or two or, if small, will use an external recruiter. Only the very biggest places will show up with any regularity for university recruiting – this might be seen with a Citadel or Maverick. This is a classic area in which to pursue a self directed job search. You need to get out and hit the pavement and meet people in the industry and look for openings. The openings aren’t necessarily scheduled on an annual cycle but tend to occur in real time when a fund is taking in more capital or experiencing strong returns. You’ll maximize your chances of finding a good position by pursuing funds that are doing well. To make the search process more interesting, there are thousands of hedge funds. This is a gigantic and somewhat disorganized industry. The result is an inefficient job market that you can exploit by putting in the time to make connections with potential hiring managers.

The typical hedge fund manager comes out of the sell side – that is, an investment bank. Many persons who learn to trade or analyze securities in a research position on the sell side gravitate towards hedge fund positions in mid-career. And because hedge funds typically have no training programs they like to hire persons who have already learned the ropes of investments in an investment bank or another investment management firm. Key skills in demand are (1) high intelligence, (2) strong domain knowledge, (3) consistency and attention to detail, (4) deep investing and finance knowledge, (5) strong quantitative and legal skills and (6) the ability to dive deep on an investment story.

There is high demand for individuals with specialized skills and advanced degrees – Ph.D’s that know currencies and macroeconomics; M.D.’s that know drugs and devices and can figure out which ones will succeed and which will fail; J.D.s that can tear apart credit agreements or bet on the outcome of merger deals in the antitrust agencies; mathematicians that can build quantitative trading algorithms etc. This is a field that attracts the best and the brightest. The career outcomes are highly variable but the ride can be exhilarating.

Good luck as you contemplate a hedge fund career!

Articles Worth Reading

Books Worth Reading

The World’s Largest Hedge Funds

Value-Added-Network (VAN) for Suppliers #suppliers #edi #value-added-network, #van #tier-1 #edi, #van #service


EDI Network Connectivity: Value-Added Network (VAN)

Looking to exchange business documents instantly and easily with your customers?
Let InterTrade help you connect with your trading partners.

An EDI Value-Added-Network (VAN) provides direct access to all partners in your supply chain and InterTrade is one of only a handful of TIER-1 EDI VAN service providers in North America. InterTrade is fully and securely interconnected to all other major VANs, enabling you to quickly connect your enterprise to your trading partners for efficient, real-time EDI exchanges integrated to your IT systems.

Benefits to Suppliers

EDI may seem complicated but in reality, it is a vehicle to standardize and simplify communications between trading partners. Retailers, suppliers, distributors, 3PLs, etc. all can benefit by exchanging important business documents on a secure network and in real-time. This translates into:

  • More accurate information – less manual intervention
  • Increased automation – less paper; more green
  • Improved visibility on B2B transactions
  • Closer business relationships
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Faster orders-to-cash
  • More sales!

Small, medium and large businesses are turning to InterTrade for customizable network solutions that grant quick access to any trading partner at the most affordable price.

Simple and Affordable EDI VAN Solutions to Fit Your Needs

  • InterTrade s EDI solutions allow you to share POs, Invoices, ASNs, and other critical business documents electronically with your trading partners, regardless of their back-office applications and ERPs
  • InterTrade supports a wide array of communications options including FTP, AS2/AS3, HTTPS, VPN and our own ultra-secure proprietary security communications software (ecConnect)
  • Our state-of-the-art monitoring tool (ecView) provides real-time visibility on all documents shared between you and your business partners

Whether you have your own EDI software and IT staff or you want InterTrade to manage your entire document mapping, translation and transportation, our customizable solutions will ensure you fully meet your partner requirements, easily and quickly.

Contact our experts to discuss your EDI needs and find a solution that is right for you.

Fully Managed EDI Services (including analysis, mapping, translation and transportation)

InterTrade s Managed EDI Services drive results to your bottom line by enabling you to focus on your core competencies knowing that your electronic trading relationships are optimally managed.

InterTrade takes on the onus of implementing, operating, maintaining and optimizing the entire infrastructure and services needed to run your B2B electronic document exchanges so you can comply with your trading partner requirements without the expense of new hardware, software or specialized in-house EDI resources.

This full-service hosted EDI implementation includes:

  • Application file specifications analysis
  • EDI standards compliance
  • Connectivity implementation
  • Data transformation mappings creation
  • Customer testing
  • Trading partner testing
  • Continual monitoring and production

Fax to EDI

ecFax Fax-to-EDI capability provides an efficient and cost-effective way to trade electronically with your fax-ready business partners, regardless of their size. The Fax-to-EDI service automatically converts information from trading partners faxes into electronic data and then delivers this data ready for integration into your ERP or other enterprise applications. The result? Faxed documents can now be processed just like electronic ones.


If you need an easy and cost-effective EDI solution that requires nothing but a computer and an internet connection, Web-EDI is your answer. Web-EDI allows you to become EDI-enabled to reach all of your retailers through a web browser. It is fast to implement, easy to use and requires no additional software. Our web-EDI service also enables carton label printing for your convenience.

AS2 Brokerage

Let InterTrade handle your complex communications connectivity to your trading partners. Whether they require AS2, AS3, FTPS, etc. InterTrade provides the connectivity so you can do what you do best – focus on your core business.

Discuss your EDI needs with our experts for personalized professional service.

American CPR Training™ #cpr, #cpr #training #classes, #first #aid #training, #first #aid


Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s minimum advertised price. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.

Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s minimum advertised price. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.

the Time, the Price, and TWICE the Fun!

CPR Training, AED Courses, First Aid Classes and 100 ‘s of other OSHA Safety Training Topics

Train in an accelerated format at your location (training at work, home, you name it – we come to you!) using the knowledge of the industry’s leading professionals, presented in an entertaining and informative manner. Our OSHA Safety Training Classes are offered in a “corporate style”, streamlined format

Save a Life A.C.T. Now!

American CPR Training . Be sure to try our On-Line Price Quote Form for group training at your facility. CPR. First Aid. AED. BBP. Forklift OSHA Safety Classes.

Just click the ‘Get a Quote Now ‘ button on to the right to get a quote now for American CPR Training . America’s Favorite CPR, AED First Aid Training . Have a Safe Day.


On-Site GROUP CPR, First Aid, AED, OSHA BBP Training Quotes

American CPR Training offers many OSHA Compliance Safety Training classes, courses, and programs.

Click Here for List of OSHA Compliance Safety Training Classes Available Through American CPR Training
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American CPR Training

America’s Favorite CPR, AED First Aid Training is more than just the Leader in Safety Training throughout the US, Canada, Mexico.
American CPR Training is ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!
American CPR Training also offers all aspects of Environmental Health Safety consulting, training, products, management, and services.

Among the services we offer are:
OSHA Forklift Safety Training. Train the Trainer, and Do-it-Yourself Industrial Lift Truck Training and Compliance Packages
First Aid Kits. First Aid Courses. First Aid Refills First Aid Programs
CPR Videos and DVDs. First Aid VHS or DVD – even Spanish CPR, First Aid AED Videos. Starting at $49
Emergency Response Team Training, Emergency Response Supplies Response Team Development
OSHA Illness Injury Prevention Programs, OSHA Training DVDs Software, and Packages
Fire Extinguisher and Fire Safety Training

In the News

American CPR Training Affiliate Instructor, Tech Sergeant Earl Scott, returned from a 7 months deployment at Al Udeid Air Force base overseas in Qatar. He is originally from Brooklyn, NY but resides in Philadelphia, PA. Friends and family were anxious for his arrival. His family was told to meet at the base for an orientation about what they should expect when their loved one came home. To their surprise- Earl was already home!

On top of being a Tech Sergeant and American CPR Training Affiliate Instructor, Earl is also a teacher, a coach, and the athletic Director at Holmesburg Christian Academy. He cares about his students and made sure he took the time to also explain to them what it was like and what he did overseas. After a little bit of R R he has returned to his normal routine, including teaching for American CPR Training . His love for teaching makes his classes “fun, highly informative and very hands-on”. He uses real world experience and provides a lot of feedback so the American CPR Training participants feel confident when providing lifesaving skills.

Earl Scott is a representative of the caliber we look for in our American CPR Training Instructors.


Spanish Training Too!

Learn at Home!

ACT is proud to be home to the first and only American Heart Association Approved “Learn at Home” CPR programs including CPR Anytime. These programs come complete with instruction DVDs, student workbook, and up to TWO Mannequins for practice and review so you can keep your skills fresh. ALL FROM ONLY $34.95!

What’s New..

ACT now has more to offer!

CORPORATE CLIENTS: Besides our international group of affiliate instructors, we now also are proud to offer full EHS services in these, and many other communities:
(listed by state)