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Asset Wealth Management country reports

PwC and accelerando have joined forces to deliver asset wealth management country reports on European markets.

The powerful combination of PwC’s expertise in the asset management industry and accelerando’s knowledge of Europe’s fund selector and investor landscape offers investors an exciting new tool.

Our country reports are a must have for asset wealth managers considering the opportunities in a particular country or trying to understand the latest asset management trends, investor appetite for various asset classes, ease of market entry, level of competition and distribution channels.

Our reports draw upon the knowledge of a large pool of country and industry experts to help clients perform better in existing markets and identify new markets in a rapidly changing environment. Through our structured research, based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, we help you to understand how multiple factors in the world of asset management affect your business.

Each country report provides you with insight on:

  • The state of the asset management industry
  • The key trends shaping the future of the industry
  • Products that are in demand
  • Your competitors
  • Institutional investors and their asset allocations
  • Wholesale fund selectors and the asset classes that interest them
  • The strongest distribution channels and how they are evolving
  • Prevailing market strategies

Our in-depth reports contain more than 50 pages of analysis, including data on AuM, asset class breakdown, net sales, investor asset allocations, distribution channels and much more.

About us

About accelerando associates

Founded in 2004, accelerando is a leading European asset management consultancy with offices in Frankfurt, London and Valencia. accelerando provides fund research and bespoke strategic advice to specialist and mainstream asset management companies around the globe. Its international team combines cutting-edge experiences from investment sales, investment management and consulting from four different European countries, in five European languages.

Based on its vast experience and insight, accelerando has built an unparalleled platform on European fund intelligence. The company helps asset management firms to develop and to optimise in a smart, practice-focused and cost-efficient manner.

About PwC Market Research Centre

The PwC Market Research Centre is a multi-purpose department composed of analysts, experts and economists who assist clients in their decision making by providing industry-focused thought leadership pieces, macroeconomic forecasts and survey analyses with a focus on the financial services industry. The Centre’s team includes experts from diverse backgrounds. Its clients feature companies in the financial sector, trade and industry, international institutions and government bodies.

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Looking for a company with a proven record of substantial growth? Applied Card Systems is a Leader when it comes to Credit Card Account Servicing and our Number 1 Customer, Applied Bank. is a prominent Leader in the Bank Credit Card Industry.

In 1996, we employed just 70 Associates. We now have 2 Operating Centers – Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and Boca Raton, Florida. Currently, the ACS Family includes hundreds of Associates.

How do you like that for growth?

Our phenomenal growth and success is a direct result of:

  • The hard work and dedication of our Associates
  • The essential services we offer
  • Our commitment to Superior Quality Service

We are a Cutting Edge Company with outstanding Associates, much-needed Products, and a Great Future. So you re asking yourself, What does this company do? Well click on About Us to find out and tour our Web Site. In no time you will learn more about our Company and our remarkable Career Opportunities .

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Pet Transport Company

TLC has become the most popular nationwide pet and small animal transport service in the country. TLC

TRANSPORT was the FIRST established USDA licensed, Private “families only” Pet Transport Service. We have been safely transporting your loved ones across America since 2001.

TLC specializes in moving “one family at a time” to provide you and your pet family the safest pet relocation service possible. We give your kids the same love and care they get from you.

Group Pet Transports are also available as we can have several pets but different families in the same van.


Readers Beware. TLC does not transport puppies or any animal purchased over the internet. Also, we do not fly pets. Please click below to report these scams. I am sorry they are using our good name.

Our safe method of Ground Pet Transporting provides for your pets every need.

Our drivers are experienced Pet Movers. Your pets will travel by Minivan for both private and group transports. Group transports have a limit of 4 pets/crates per van. We do it this way to provide your pets the shortest trip possible. And also because it is more comfortable for them. We also use our larger, customized van for the larger pet families. It is equipped with built-in stainless steel crates. And each crate has it s own heat and air. It just all depends on the size of your family.
We are always able to provide one on one communication with your pets by just looking over our shoulder. This enables our professional drivers to closely monitor and care for your Pets Shipping throughout their entire air-conditioned and/or heated journey, with frequent rest, exercise and potty breaks along the way. Our drivers stop every 4 hours for potty and exercise breaks. Each dog gets his own 10-minute walk or run. And a back massage or belly rub is always appreciated.

We do not like to use cargo type vans because we feel they are too bouncy and noisy and impersonal. And there are no windows for them to look out. We do not want your pets to feel alone and separated from their driver by a partition. Our drivers talk to your pets while they travel. Doing this reduces their stress and makes the trip more comfortable for them. This is especially good for Cats Shipping and birds shipping. Cats need the least amount of stress possible. And birds need a smooth and draft free ride.

Special arrangements can also be made to transport your vehicle and your pets together. Please call the office to find out more about this special feature on how you can save money with your moving expenses.

We are also able to guarantee on time delivery within 1 to 4 days of departure, depending on the miles of your trip. A coast to coast transport takes only 4 days. Also, we do not give you a window time, instead we are able to give you your exact day for pickup and delivery.

There are so many people that have multiple pets. TLC offers a “families only” Pet Transportation Package for your convenience. By transporting “one family at a time”, we find that it reduces the stress of being surrounded with other animals. It also eliminates your concern for infectious diseases. Also, your pets do not need to be in a crate if you would prefer they lay on their beds for their trip. This is especially good for senior and disabled dogs.

We also arrange your Private Family Pet Transport around your dates and schedules. You may choose your transport pickup date.

In addition to our private family Pet Transports, we also offer and provide intimate group Pet Transports for people with just one or two pets who do not desire or require that their Pets Travel privately.

Our group Pet Transports run coast to coast every week. Our east coast pickups are on the 7th and the 21st of every month. And our west coast pickups are on the 11th and the 25th of every month. We also offer east coast transports from Maine to Florida on the 15th of every month. And from Florida to Maine on the 17th of every month.

So whether you are permanently relocating across the country or going on vacation and you want your pets with you or you are a snow bird just going away for the season, TLC

TRANSPORT will deliver your dog-cat-bird-exotic door to door, safe and sound happy and content.

If you would like to discuss the Pet Transportation of any of your family members, please contact us.

If you would like a quote for transport only, please fill out a QUOTEREQUEST form and your quote for transport, along with transport details, will be emailed to you on our TLC

Transport letterhead the same day as received.

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We know how stressful driving a new classic car over a long distance can be right after purchase, or how draining driving across many states can be due to relocation. Certainly, both are not fun. That is why we offer professional auto shipping services such that your car stays cared for and protected throughout its trip.

We offer affordable cross country moving cost which varies depending on how big or small your home or business is, the number of items to be moved, and location to or from which you are moving. When you move with Cross Country, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or charges. We will provide you with a flat price depending on your exact inventory.

Our team of movers are trained at packing belongings in the most effective way. We use moving boxes and other types of customized wardrobe boxes to ensure that your packing needs are met adequately. Whether you need us to pack your household dishes, chairs, expensive wares, gadgets, art works, etc. our professional movers specialize in packing everything in a skillful way.

November 20, 2015

“ I’m surprised by the negative reviews noted in 2015 because my experience was so wonderful. I understand how the sales and admin sides can be subpar, I’m used to this in NYC; poor communication, etc. But in the case of FlatRate, the actual muscle, smarts, and good will of the team eclipsed any bumps in the road along the way. We had sensitive materials over a 100 years old and they never made me feel as if I was being too sensitive or overly concerned. In fact, their bedside manner was superlative. Aiby and his team made what is typically a draining and stressful experience to be full of humor and professionalism. I think the sales team likely undercut the true value of this job to close the deal at a significant disservice to the team who did the actual move — two moves — home + storage facility from NYC to NJ. From 9am to 10pm at night until everything was in the correctly labeled room. High-fives all around. Be tolerant with the office — and the movers will knock it out for you. We did across the country with Flatrate, too. Not a hitch. ”


“ All facets of the move with FlatRate were exceptional. From working with Ming in the office getting the inventory list correct and helping clarify any aspect that I was unclear about it was a truly outstanding experience. The day of the move 11/13/15 the two guys were polite, friendly and very professional I felt they went above and beyond with care of my items. Packing up was fast and efficient and I met them at the new location where they brought everything in and unpacked very quickly and carefully. This was a move in Manhattan that from pack down to final set up took only about 2.5 hours total which I was expecting to take a lot longer. Thank you very much FlatRate moving, I’m in my new apartment and would recommend this company with the highest regards. ”

Best movers!

November 20, 2015

“ From the very beginning, Stephen was patient with me to create my moving list and estimate. I even changed my inventory a few times, which was never a problem. Despite any changes, his quotes were always better than any other competitors. Then came moving day, which was even a better experience. My movers actually came early. My movers ELVIS and GABRIEL were amazing, who from the very beginning were personable, diligent, and amazingly fast. Nothing was broken and everything arrived at my new designation. Even at the end of the day, my mother shared how impressed she was. (This compliment is equivalent to seeing a unicorn.) This is my fourth move in NYC and the best. I will never use another mover. ”

The costs of living in Denver are rapidly increasing

Don’t get us wrong – Denver is not an expensive city. Among all large cities in USA, Denver comes close to average. It cannot stand comparison to, let’s say, Los Angeles or San Francisco, but living in Texas might be a little cheaper. In addition, real estate costs have been growing rapidly as well. If you are thinking about moving to Denver. you should consider hiring a moving company and starting the relocation process right away, as the prices are only going to rise.

Denver’s neighborhoods vary greatly

When choosing the right Denver neighborhood to call your home, there are many things to take into consideration. Each neighborhood is different. For example, Cap Hill is very stylish and lively. If you are young and looking to go out, party, and meet people, you might look into the Uptown area. If you are looking for a better-off neighborhood, Country Club is the place for you. So before you move from another state to Denver, you should explore these neighborhoods as much as possible.

Flat income tax

In Colorado, the state income tax revolves around 4.6 percent. However, sales taxes are a little over average. In contrast, property taxes are significantly lower than average. If you wish to calculate how high your taxes will go once you move to Denver, click here.

The Weather

On average, there are less than fifty cloudy days in Denver a year. Although Denver winters are snowy, the snow usually comes in storms and doesn’t stick around for too long. Simply put, the weather in Denver is amazing, and it alone is a reason enough for you to decide on packing your things and moving to Denver .
While, yes, the weather in Denver is amazing, it can sometimes be a little unpredictable. Due to Denver’s altitude, temperatures tend to vary quite a bit, so just because it was snowing yesterday, doesn’t mean it can’t be over seventy degrees today. If you are in the process of packing for your relocation to Denver. make sure you pack winter clothes as well.

Denver has unbelievably good food

The fact that Denver isn’t known as a city of great food is a mistake that must be corrected. It has exquisite Mexican food, as well as Vietnamese and Ethiopian cuisine themed restaurants. There’s a great steakhouse at every corner. In fact, there is even a specialty known as “Denver steak”. Here are some great Denver restaurants: — Il Posto serves delicious traditional Italian food
– Avelina is a state-of-the-art restaurant with creative dishes.
– Fish N Beer serves mouthwatering seafood combined with the best craft beers in Denver.
– Saigon Bowl serves traditional Vietnamese food at affordable prices.
– The Cherry Cricket has delicious burgers of all shapes and sizes.

Don’t let the mild sun fool you

Due to high altitude, it is very easy to get sunburns in Denver. For this reason, if you are moving to Denver. it would be smart to carry a bottle of sunscreen everywhere with you during summer.

Denver’s parks are breathtaking

No, we are not talking about Rocky Mountain National Park only. While Rocky Mountain National Park is indisputably phenomenal, there are parks within the city which can provide you with your much needed daily dose of nature. Be it Washington Park, Confluence Park or City Park, or any other amongst the two hundred parks located in Denver, there are plenty of great locations to go for a picnic and enjoy the lovely weather.

A break from the city

Whenever you need a break from the high tempo of urban lifestyle, just head to Rocky Mountain for a skiing or rock-climbing weekend break. However, be prepared to endure unimaginable traffic on your way there and back, since many Denver residents like Rocky as well. Don’t forget to put your skis in the back of the moving truck.

Public Transport

The public transport network in Denver is not so developed, but it sure is growing. If you want to look into the public transit system more, click here.

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You’re probably wondering what it’s like to see a therapist if you are pursuing therapy for the first time. Or, you might be entering into therapy after previous experiences with the process.

Physic al, emotional, and environ mental wellness all factor into one’s mental health. Many issues can contribute to challenges with mental health including situational stressors such as loss, r elationship conflicts, employment struggles, and life transitions. In addition to these str essors, s ome people struggle with issues from childhood or unhealthy patterns that sabotage their relationships. For many, there are also physical stressors such as chronic pain or a chemical imbalance.

We recognize that everyone’s situation is unique and make every effort to understand all aspects of one’s life in order to reach an accurate diagnosis and deliver highly personalized treatment that maximizes your chances of success.

We are dedicated professionals committed to providing quality mental health services. It is our overall goal to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families. Our belief is that all people are valuable and unique, and should be treated with dignity and respect.

While recognizing the potential for change, an assessment of your emotional, physical, spiritual, and life experience is provided in a caring environment.

Lifespan Services, Inc. is now affiliated with the University of Florida College of Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics to provide mental health counseling for children. Alyssa Visalli, LMHC and Bonnie M. Martin, LCSW, CET are Courtesy Faculty Members at UF.

Please call or email for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today.

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Major Harris led West Virginia to the doorstep of a national championship in 1989.
WVU Sports Communications photo

This weekend, Harris joins 23 others being officially enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame. Festivities are already underway with a celebrity golf scramble, block party, parade and pep rally taking place today in South Bend, Ind. The enshrinement dinner and show will air on ESPN Saturday evening beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Harris was the first quarterback in NCAA history to rush for 2,000 yards and pass for 5,000 during his three-year Mountaineer career. In 1988, he led West Virginia to an 11-0 regular season record and a meeting against No. 1-ranked Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl for the national championship. That year Harris completed 105 of 186 pass attempts for 1,915 yards and 14 touchdowns while also rushing 134 times for 610 yards and six scores. West Virginia had the nation’s No. 2-ranked scoring offense in ’88 averaging 42.9 points per game.

A year later, Harris almost singlehandedly guided WVU to the Gator Bowl, leading the team in passing (2,058 yards) and rushing (936 yards).

“Major Harris went a long way to destroy all of the stereotypes that a black player could not play quarterback,” said ESPN’s Mike Patrick.

“The guy was just a great play-maker who always seemed to find ways to come through in the clutch while making everyone around him better,” noted ESPN college football writer Bruce Feldman, who first joined ESPN The Magazine in 1995.

With the possible exception of Jeff Hostetler, no Mountaineer player before Harris has come close to receiving the extensive media coverage Major did during his playing says. Harris arrived at the same time ESPN was transforming college football into one of America’s most popular sports. Eight times Harris appeared on national television during his WVU career, including five appearances on the Family of Networks.

“I remember seeing Don Nehlen during Major’s redshirt freshman year when I was in Morgantown working a game and he said, ‘Mike, wait until you see the kid I’ve got for quarterback next year. He’s a good one,’” Patrick recalled.

The one Harris moment etched in everyone’s minds came against Penn State in 1988 when he faked out the entire Nittany Lion defense for a 26-yard touchdown. Patrick, who grew up in nearby Clarksburg and has closely followed the Mountaineers during his long and successful broadcasting career, fully understood the meaning of that touchdown run and subsequent victory to Mountaineer Nation.

“For all of the long suffering WVU fans to watch the way he played in that game took 25 years of frustration away,” Patrick said. “The play was an option to the right, he went left – he went in the wrong direction – and it was him against 11 white shirts. Eleven to one wasn’t good odds and he made one of the greatest runs of all-time. The circumstances and who it was against, that is what made it so special.”

There was another Harris play stuck in Patrick’s mind. It came during Major’s freshman year in 1987.

“He took a snap from center, scrambled around the backfield and a receiver was way down the field wide open 55 or 60 yards away and basically quit running because he felt the quarterback wasn’t going to throw the ball to him,” said Patrick. “Well, Major stopped on a dead run and threw it down the field about 10 yards over his head.”

Perhaps no one covering college football today has a better understanding of the history of the sport than Ivan Maisel, who worked for the Dallas Morning News in the late 1980s during Harris’ playing days. Maisel believes Harris was primarily responsible for turning West Virginia into a national football program in the late 1980s.

“Major Harris may not have been the first hybrid quarterback of the modern era – we now expect quarterbacks to have the ability to run and to pass – but in the late 1980s, Harris became a revelation,” Maisel said. “Defenses didn’t know how to handle him. His stewardship of the Mountaineers in those wonderful seasons of 1988-89 turned West Virginia from a regional team into a national team. The Mountaineers have been taken seriously ever since.”

ESPN columnist Mark Schlabach has a similar appreciation for the history of the sport, having graduated from the University of Georgia and spending two years covering college football for the Washington Post. Whenever Schlabach plays Mountaineer football word association, Major Harris is usually the first name that comes to his mind.

“When I think of West Virginia football I think of two players: Sam Huff and Major Harris,” Schlabach said. “Harris was light years ahead of the more mobile quarterbacks we see today. He had a rare combination of passing and running skills and nearly led the Mountaineers to the national championship.”

ESPN’s Pat Forde covered college football for the Louisville Courier-Journal in the late 1980s and was on hand to see Harris perform his magic against the Cardinals in 1989.

“Major Harris was, first and foremost, just a joy to watch,” said Forde. “He played quarterback with nerve and verve and charisma. He conjured big plays out of big trouble. He showcased great athleticism and great leadership and he really helped put West Virginia football on the map, taking the program to the brink of a national championship. When I think of Mountaineer football, he’s still one of the first two or three names that come to mind.”

Major Harris is the 11th person with WVU ties to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
All-Pro Photography/Dale Sparks photo

The Sporting News’ Tom Dienhart also covered Harris while he was working in Pittsburgh at the Post-Gazette.

“In many ways, Major Harris was ahead of his time in his ability to control a game with his arm and his legs,” Dienhart said. “He was a true difference-maker, a leader and trend-setter who literally carried West Virginia to the precipice of the national championship. Few players have so dominated the way Harris did for WVU.”

Those influenced solely by Harris’ unsuccessful post-collegiate football career fail to understand his true impact on the game in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Former West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez has said on several different occasions that the genesis of his revolutionary no-huddle spread offense occurred in 1989 when he was a graduate assistant on Don Nehlen’s coaching staff and he saw all of the different ways Nehlen was using his best player.

Back in the 1980s, Major Harris – in Maisel’s words – was a revelation. Today, players like him are merely an expectation if you want to have a winning football program.

“I’m not sure any player made more of an impact for one team during the 1980s,” Schlabach said. “Just as importantly, Harris’ performance with the Mountaineers opened the door for later African-American quarterbacks like Charlie Ward, Michael Vick and Pat White.”

“I’ll ultimately remember Harris as the first dual-threat quarterback who paved the way for the likes of fellow Mountaineer Pat White, his impact on the current game, and what we’ve come to expect from the quarterback position can’t be underscored,” added college football writer Cory McCartney.

“Major Harris took your breath away with the things he could do on the football field,” Patrick said. “I am so happy for him on this wonderful day.”

Mike Montoro contributed to this story.

1989 West Virginia University promotional video. Produced by MSN.