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CRM solutions from the German market leader

for small and medium-sized enterprises

With CRM solutions from CAS CRM, you benefit from CRM products that improve customer management processes across business areas helping you to build long-lasting customer relationships. Whether you work in Marketing, Sales or Services – you benefit from one centralized database that makes processes more efficient. Trust in our experience as the German market leader for CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Powerful CRM standard solution

In CAS genesisWorld, the proven CRM standard solution, you can create central company processes and make information available at the touch of a button – for noticeably better customer management in your company.

Web-based CRM
quick to deploy

Make a start with CRM and avoid high investment costs. Our web-based solution CAS PIA allows you to manage your customer data centrally and increase sales efficiency by giving you online access to all customer data.

CRM industry solutions

No one knows your sector as well as you do – not many people know CRM as well as we do. CAS CRM software offers numerous expert solutions – tailor-made to suit your sector and your requirements.

CRM as key to your company’s success

A loyal customer influences your company’s success to a great extent. Customer satisfaction and the relationship with customers should therefore be defined as the most important assets of your business. The implementation of strategical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in your company is the first step of managing all customer relationships of your company systematically, making sure that every client has the best experience with your business

CRM – competitive advantage

Especially small and medium-sized companies deal with a lot of competition, making customer acquisition and customer win-backs even more difficult. Customers make high demands on your services: They want high-quality products and services and communication with your business and all employees. Obtaining customer satisfaction requires high efficiency in your sales team, management of all important customer data across all departments, simple and effective contact management, and the implementation of CRM fundamentals.

CRM software by CAS Software AG: Ideal solutions for your customer management

CAS Software AG in Karlsruhe is the German market leader in CRM software for small and medium-sized companies. We have been specialists in the area of CRM for 30 years. We offer professional CRM solutions which are customised according to the requirements and software applications of small and medium-sized companies. Our products help you focus on your customers in every area of your business. You can collect, record, and edit client data effectively as a team. The software reduces your employees’ necessary administrative workload, is fun to use, and instantly improves your customer support and customer relationship management. In addition, you increase sustainable efficiency in sales, marketing, customer service, and all other departments that use customer data or have direct contact with customers.

CAS Software AG cloud CRM solutions

Our CRM is very flexible concerning the requirements of our clients. Next to business solutions which were especially developed for important industrial sectors such as financial service providers, research facilities, or engineers, we also offer a streamlined cloud CRM software. Cloud CRM (being part of the “software as a service” (Saas)) does not require any local installation on your company’s computers. Instead, your employees can access the CRM solution with a web browser, or any other device that is connected to the Internet. The software is also accessible via mobile application on smartphones and tablets. This allows your employees to access all important customer data in the cloud, regardless of their current location. The sales team can benefit from more flexibility and significant work assistance. Due to highest security standards, customer data is at least as secure as when relying on on-premises solutions (local data storage).

Goals of CRM solutions

The goal of a professional CRM solution is to recognise customer needs and systematically adjust your business processes according to those needs. The client is the most important person in your business. Following the “customer centricity” approach, all business activities and strategies should centre around the customer. Due to the CRM system. during new developments, touchpoints, and services, the focus is always on the customer. But how does that work? A CRM system collects data about your client and makes it available to all your employees. Customer service, sales team, marketing managers, and all other employees can easily be granted access to the customer data. The employees gain insight into addresses, appointments, tasks, correspondence, sales opportunities, projects, sales, complaints, and receipts of the client. This results in professional support and coordinated customer service. With the centralised data and information from our CRM software you make decisions in customer care, inform the sales team, increase efficiency in customer service, and improve customer loyalty in the long term.

The advantages of our CRM solution for your customer relationship management

  • Highest customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, as customer needs are optimally understood and dealt with
  • Dealing with customer needs based on a customer centricity strategy in your business
  • Centralised data storage for an optimal integration in all departments and consistent contact management
  • • Professional campaign management: precise communication and marketing actions based on extensive client data
  • Measure and improve your relationship with customers through key figures
  • Improve efficiency in customer service
  • Easy market potential analyses
  • Interesting insights through customer research and analysis of all customer data
  • Intuitive usability results in highly motivated employees
  • Analyses for the executive board and management as a basis for decision-making
  • Save working time and further expenses in customer care
  • Mobile CRM solutions which are accessible when being away on business

The professional CRM software “CAS genesisWorld” by CAS Software AG includes all these advantages and also further functionalities, which make daily business easier for your employees. Our CRM solution is tailored to your business and your communication processes. Make use of the ideal standard solution for small and medium-sized businesses, combined with special modules e.g. for sales, marketing, or service, with an overall optimal cost-performance ratio. Your optimal start in the topic of CRM software: Sign up for free to our CRM webinars and get to know our products live!

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MetLife Bank is the financial banking division of MetLife, Inc. the holding company that is also the parent of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. MetLife Bank is a federally chartered bank, and MetLife Bank services include a number of deposit products and home loan options. MetLife Bank customer service and the licensing of Charles Schultz s Snoopy character are two factors that have helped the bank achieve popularity among national banks.

The MetLife Bank national charter went into effect in 2001. Today, American Banker ranks MetLife Bank in the top 100 of the nation, and the bank holds over $10 billion in customer deposits.

A group of New York City investors and businessmen founded MetLife in 1863 as the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company. The company s primary product was disability insurance for Union soldiers fighting the Civil War. The company began to focus on life insurance in 1868 when the company name changed to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company financed built the Empire State Building, contributed to the construction of the Rockefeller Center in New York and was the single-largest private financial contributor to the Allies in World War II.

Since then, MetLife has diversified their portfolio by providing insurance of all types and MetLife bank services. In 2009, MetLife had total revenues of $49 billion and was the largest insurance provider in the United States.

MetLife Bank Services

MetLife Bank Services include several types of deposit accounts and home mortgages. FDIC insurance covers all MetLife Bank deposit accounts.

One of the most popular of MetLife Bank services is their High Yield Savings Account. This account has a minimum initial deposit of $50. Interest rates on this account are on four tiers based on account balance.

The MetLife Bank Money Market Account offers competitive interest rates with more flexibility in money management through debit card access and check-writing privileges. Interest rates and the four-tier interest rate system are identical to that for the savings account.

MetLife Certificates of Deposit are available in one of nine term lengths from 3 months to 60 months. CDs at MetLife earn interest on a five-tiered rate system. The minimum deposit to open a CD account is $2,000.

MetLife Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are available in three types. The traditional IRA is the most popular, but Roth IRAs and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts are also available.

Bank customer service at MetLife is reachable by telephone, email and standard mail.

The largest insurance company in the United States backs MetLife Bank. The stability from this backing and the range of MetLife Bank services available make this bank a popular choice for customers across the United States.

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Applied Card Systems – Employment with a leader in credit card account


Looking for a company with a proven record of substantial growth? Applied Card Systems is a Leader when it comes to Credit Card Account Servicing and our Number 1 Customer, Applied Bank. is a prominent Leader in the Bank Credit Card Industry.

In 1996, we employed just 70 Associates. We now have 2 Operating Centers – Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and Boca Raton, Florida. Currently, the ACS Family includes hundreds of Associates.

How do you like that for growth?

Our phenomenal growth and success is a direct result of:

  • The hard work and dedication of our Associates
  • The essential services we offer
  • Our commitment to Superior Quality Service

We are a Cutting Edge Company with outstanding Associates, much-needed Products, and a Great Future. So you re asking yourself, What does this company do? Well click on About Us to find out and tour our Web Site. In no time you will learn more about our Company and our remarkable Career Opportunities .

Other Customers
We Service

2017 Applied Card Systems. All Rights Reserved.

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Help Desk and Live Chat Software

Implementing help desk software and live chat software is one of the easiest changes you can make to quickly improve customer service and loyalty. The H2Desk help desk is intuitive, user-friendly, and extremely easy to learn and use. It was designed to make your support operation more efficient and help improve client satisfaction by delivering best-in-class service. You and your team will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve customer inquiries received via email, ticket, or live chat. Support emails are automatically converted into actionable tickets and tracked to ensure issues are resolved and closed in a timely and professional manner. Live chat is fully integrated so website visitors can receive real-time support without leaving your website.

Implementing self-service customer support software allows clients to take advantage of knowledge base articles, tutorials, and tips, and reduces your helpdesk team’s work volume. Customer’s get immediate results and your helpdesk has one less support ticket to handle. It’s no surprise that most successful companies long ago discovered that impatient customers and profitable businesses both love self service. It’s a win-win! Our customer service software delivers instant feedback and status updates to both clients and agents. When a support ticket is generated, clients receive an automatic confirmation that allows them to easily check the status of the ticket and communicate back to your support team. Notifications are also automatically sent to appropriate agents so they will know a support request needs attention. Additionally, clients can view all of their tickets via the online help desk software system’s customer portal. So, their support history is available in one central repository, making it easy to know the status of each case.

Managing support tickets and customer inquiries can be tedious and time consuming. A review of surveys from customer service software buyers shows that most companies think ticket management, self-service, and live chat are essential components of the best customer service software. Using the built-in automation in the H2Desk software, you can reduce and even eliminate certain manual functions so you can focus on your customers. Say goodbye to manually assigning tickets to agents. When a ticket is created, the system will assign it, set the required SLA due time, and send out reminders if an unresolved ticket is expiring. The system also allows you to create specific tasks from within the ticket to ensure all necessary actions or steps are completed before the ticket is closed. Below are some additional examples of how our web based customer service software helps automate support functions:

  • Creates recurring tickets for scheduled or repetitive functions
  • Tracks service level agreement compliance
  • Automatically assigns support tickets to support team agents
  • Creates scripted canned responses for frequently raised issues or questions
  • Knowledge base with as-you-type searching encourages customers to use self-service options before generating a ticket
  • Provides real-time customer support using built-in live chat functionality

We’ll take care of the techie stuff

Get instant secure access to your own online helpdesk running on our SSL secure servers. Or, if you prefer an on-premise solution, you can install the software on your own server.

Ticket alerts without a browser

Our desktop software application instantly notifies you of new tickets. No need to keep your browser open!

Fully customizable help desk software

We provide complete access to CSS stylesheets and HTML templates. Make your customers feel right at home with a design that matches your existing website’s look and feel.

Developers – use our API

Powerful API let’s you design your own user interface, execute database search queries, and build custom reports.

While our online help desk software allows you to efficiently resolve issues and improve customer service, it also allows you to track the internal performance of your helpdesk team by department and individual. Easily identify and reward your top performers, and discover areas that need improvement. Set the expected resolution time by department and priority level and ticket due dates are automatically set by the system for every ticket that’s created. Want to be notified when a ticket is past due? No problem. You or a designated staff member receive an email if a ticket exceeds the assigned due date. You can also set predefined resolution due dates by customer company, allowing you to give higher priority to your most important customers. It’s all configurable to work the way you want your helpdesk to work. You decide your work rules, and we help you execute them, seamlessly and automatically. So, what are you waiting for?

We can help you determine which support solution provides your operation to the highest level of success.

Learn more with a quick tour. or better yet, sign up for a 30 day free trial.

Contact management software – Service Desktop Pro #business #contact #manager,contact #management,contact #and


    Manage Your Business Personal Contacts
    Schedule Your Appointments Alerts
    Track Project Leads Project Sources
    Manage Invoices Payment Receipts
    Organize Your Digital Documents
    Track Business Personal Expenses
    Manage Projects, Tasks Products
    Manage Customer Support Issues
    Organize Passwords Subscriptions

Contact Management Software

Need of contact management software:

Contacts are the lifeblood of any successful business, more so for the service providing and small business. Efficient contact management not only results in increased business, but also leads to enhanced reputation. Our valued customers keep telling us that our contact management software is very simple and easy to use.

contact management software functions:

Service Desktop Pro s contact management software module functions as a single repository of your critical contact and customer information, categorized by types and roles. What more, communication with your contacts is just a click away.

You can send emails, make telephone calls, send faxes and open contact web pages if you have the required options enabled on your operating system. Intelligent shortcuts ensure that you can associate projects and raise invoices against clients without referring to several other screens.

Powerful and interactive search features enable you to search contacts easily and quickly. Click the images below to enlarge .

Contact Management Software Module Features:

Adding Contacts. Categorize contacts as individuals, company contacts or others and store personal, business and contact information. Segregate contacts as clients and employees. The automatic image resizing function enables you to add pictures to contacts without the hassle of manually resizing pictures.

Searching Contacts. Pro-actively search companies and contacts based on multiple search criteria like first name, last name, date of birth, company etc.

Adding Companies. Add Company / Organization details with whom you do business. You can assign contacts to companies.

Assign Tasks. Assign tasks and bugs to team members and generate invoices and view projects associated with clients. Quick search contacts by dropdown list or contact name.

Managed dns services – load balance, failover, geoip, geodns, gslb, geolocation #managed


Sites built on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure can now automatically and transparently redirect user traffic from their bare domain name to the www version of their sites. Simply add a http redirection record in the edgedirector control panel and all further record maintenance is automatic. The edgedirector http redirection service is geodns enabled and hosted on multiple distributed redundant edgedirector servers

Affiliate marketers and traffic aggregators can use chained redirects crossing domains as a means of referral masking to protect the source of their user traffic.

dns services for geo-targetted global load balancing
dns services for automatic distributed failover

server health is constantly monitored in parallel from multiple data centers, when a server fails or the server requests a pause, the dns records are dynamically altered to point to other balanced servers or hot spare standby servers

dns records are dynamically selected to respond to queries with the server address configured for the geographic location as determined by the address of the incoming query

global load balancing, failover and hot spare features can be combined to achieve the best result possible for high availability and lowest network latency

global load balancing can be configured on CNAME records for third party cloud and cdn traffic management

a customer webcast

read and watch the blog and webcast to find out how one happy customer dramatically improved their site uptime and availability.

$15 per million queries
no minimum
no contract

wildcard records
instant record updates
server controlled traffic management
email and sms alerts
daily usage reports
administrative zone change alerts
browser based control panel
courtesy standby server
dynamic load management api
http management api
bulk text file input
free setup support
free technical support
http redirection service

content delivery networks
global load balancing
automatic server failover
global disaster recovery
performance optimisation
distributed high availability
content regionalisation
cloud services management

DNS is a core internet protocol that enables your web presence by translating human readable domain names to network routable addresses. DNS availability is critical to delivering your audience to your site on demand around the clock.

Our managed authoritative dns hosting services deliver the DNS uptime and availability that are crucial to your success.

The authoritative dns server platform is scalable, flexible, and responsive. It delivers accurate dns responses quickly and propagates dns zone record changes immediately to all dns servers. No more waiting for dns updates. It is authoritative dns service at its best.

The service is further enhanced with an advanced dns feature set to help you stay at the front of the internet pack.

automated maintenance failover
When your servers are unavailable, your visitors are pointed to a information page hosted on servers. The pointing mechanism is specially designed to inform and reassure human users while also avoiding search engine penalties. Even if all of your servers in every data center are unavailable, your users will still receive some reassurance that you will be back.

wildcard dns record support
Users can be directed to a default server when the hostname does not exist in your dns zone. No more lost users from typing errors like ww

global dns load balancing
Use dynamic geoip mapped dns records to point your users to the closest healthy server to improve server response latency. Turn your existing servers into a custom content delivery network with an international footprint.

geoip content delivery mapping
A content delivery network can also be geolocation aware. Dynamic dns answers are used to point your users at the geolocation designated server for their geographic place of origin. You can easily deliver geotargeted content from single or multiple content distribution servers.

monitored server failover monitors your servers and tailors dns answers automatically to include only servers that are currently available in the defined set. Designated subscriber administrators are automatically notified of outages for corrective action. Once the server is back online, it will again be included in the server pool.

hardware load balancing compatible
You may designate any ip address as the published endpoint in your dns records. This includes the public interfaces of single or redundant hardware load balancers and caching appliances in your data center. Combine global load balancing with local load balancing for the best server response time and greatest resilience to service interruptions.

These advanced dns based capabilities work together to provide your users with the best service possible. A set of globally distributed geolocation aware servers becomes as easy to manage as a single server and as powerful as any CDN. Imagine a no-compromise CDN custom built for your unique requirements with complete control in your hands.

more on managed dns services.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the experience is worth a million words. Try the 10 second geolocation demo.

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distributed server monitoring

microsoft platform specialists

disaster recovery sites

web site spell check

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Online Lead Generation Via Effective Content Marketing And Cost Effective Ads #effective


Best Content Marketing Increasing Customer Engagement Ad Blitz Effective Advertorials

Do You Know?

Increase Customer Engagement: First-class marketers know that engaging buyers and influencers is the name of the game for content marketing. Once customer engagement improves, so will leads. Curata’s tactics study showed that 76 percent of marketers saw an increase in buyer engagement as a direct result of content marketing. Content that provides value for readers will draw them in and start conversations. Find out what type of content your customers want, publish on these topics consistently and engagement will increase. Keep this engagement up by actively participating in conversation, whether through social media or blog comments.

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Arts (49)

Business (60)

World (43)

Many different components go into creating a top-notch content marketing strategy. With this in mind, it’s important for marketers to prioritize their goals and know how to overcome various challenges in order to get the best results. Curata’s third annual study, Content Marketing Tactics Planner. surveyed over 500 marketers on their current and upcoming content strategy tactics. Among the results were insights into the top content marketing priorities and challenges.

Drive leads: Increasing sales was the number one priority for marketers utilizing content marketing. This goes to show that content marketers have not lost site of the importance of gaining leads. The study also revealed that over 60 percent of marketers saw an increase in the quality and quantity of leads due to content marketing. Getting consistant, quality content up on your site or blog drives a higher quality of visitors and in-turn, increases sales. The more recognition your brand receives, the more likely people will be to read your content.

WEBMaster’s Blog

Welcome to Online Lead Generation Via Effective Content Marketing And Cost Effective Ads

Which Super Bowl Commercials Won the YouTube Ad Blitz?

  • We won’t know which Super Bowl commercials won the YouTube Ad Blitz. but digital marketers can still share some eye-popping video statistics and a couple of compelling Super Bowl ads with their more traditional colleagues when they gather around the office water cooler and chat about last night’s Big Game.
  • In real life, 82,586 football fans watched yesterday’s official NFL Super Bowl XLVIII for two halves at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, more than 100 million football fans watched Super Bowl 2014 for almost 3.5 hours in four quarters plus a half time on the Fox broadcast television network.
  • So, why would some digital marketers want to tip their hand before the big game? Well, eMarketer reported on Jan. 31 that a recent study conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics for the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that US adults would spend an average $68.27 on Super Bowl-related items. With more than 100 million consumers expected to watch the game, total spending will reach $6.8 billion.

  • Zappos – 10-Hour Long Customer Service Call Sets Record #automated #system,call #centers,zappos


    Zappos’ 10-Hour Long Customer Service Call Sets Record

    It appears Zappos has a unique definition of good customer service.

    The online shoe and apparel retailer broke its personal record for longest customer service phone call on December 8 with a conversation that lasted 10 hours and 29 minutes, spokesperson Diane Coffey stated in an email to The Huffington Post. Shockingly, Zappos doesn’t view the incident as bad news.

    A member of Zappos’ Customer Loyalty Team was apparently just following protocol when he or she took the record-setting phone call. For Zappos, the lengthy conversation is proof of the company’s dedication to its customers.

    Believe it or not, the representative wasn’t even helping the caller with a customer service problem, per se. Instead, the Zappos’ employee was mostly speaking with the caller about what it’s like to live in the Las Vegas area. Although the discussion may have veered off the topic of clothes and shoes, Coffey stated that the conversation did eventually lead to a sale of a pair of Ugg boots.

    The team member was able to take breaks periodically throughout the call, according to Coffey.

    A 2007 study showed that American call centers for companies like Zappos’ collectively receive 43 billion calls a year. according to CBS News.

    In 2011, FastCustomer found that Continental Airlines is guilty of putting customers on hold for the longest amount of time with an average wait time of 13 minutes. In fact, five of the 10 companies with the longest wait times were airlines.

    Fortunately, it’s likely that Zappos customers face shorter hold times than customers who call companies that use automated answering systems. Stella Service found that the automated answering services put customers on hold for one minute longer than real people do .

    So why would a company use an automated system? According to Emily Yellin, author of “Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us,” customer service representatives cost about $7.50 per call whereas an automated system only costs 35 cents.

    UPDATE. After this story was published, Jeffrey Lewis, Zappos Customer Loyalty Team supervisor, reached out with the following statement: “Zappos’s first core value is deliver wow through service, and we feel that allowing our team members the ability to stay on the phone with a customer for as long as they need is a crucial means of fulfilling this value.”


    From Our Partners

    Customer Loyalty Reward Programs #customer #reward #programs, #customer #rewards, #customer #loyalty, #customer


    Customer Loyalty Reward Programs: A Way to Increase Revenue

    The other day I went to Costco to replenish several items in our home. As I was checking out the cashier called someone over who pulled up my purchase records. Turns out that if I upgraded my membership I could earn money back on my purchases; enough to more than pay for the upgrade. Why not?

    Now why would they offer to give me money back on my regular purchases? Because they know that now I will choose Costco over the grocery store or another discount warehouse. They increase their volume without advertising or marketing. This is a customer loyalty/reward program that works. It effectively costs them nothing and they ve increased the odds that their current clients will buy more.

    Panera Bread Bakery-Cafes had a loyalty/reward program where you could get a free cup of coffee after the purchase of ten cups. They had to discontinue the program because someone created counterfeit cards and offered them on the internet.

    So, what can we learn from these examples? First, it s a great idea to offer a customer loyalty/reward program. It s less costly to keep current clients than it is to find new ones. Add to that the idea that you should try to capture all of the business you can get from your current clients and you ve got the foundation for a loyalty program.

    Second, make sure it s something easy to implement and explain. If it s too complicated no one will use it because they won t understand it. Moreover, you don t want to create a plan that is costly.

    Third, create a program that can t be hi-jacked. Consider the Panera example. The loyalty card was too easy to duplicate so someone did. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there.

    Interestingly, participation in loyalty/reward programs is up in this recession. According to Colloquy research,

    U.S. consumer participation in rewards programs is on the rise across all demographic segments. Consumers are leaning on loyalty programs to stretch household budgets further by earning rewards for their purchases.

    What does this tell us? That using loyalty/reward programs can be an effective strategy for increasing revenues even in a recession.

    Beyond the lessons learned from the examples above is the understanding that in order to have customer loyalty you must provide an excellent client experience. It will do you no good to have a program if your product, service, and/or customer service is sub-par. Think about it. If the experience isn t good there isn t a program in the world that is going to keep clients coming back for more. So, in reality, customer loyalty/reward programs begin with customer service.

    Before considering implementing a loyalty/reward program, do a quick reality check. Do you have something that your clients need, want, and like to come to you for? Do you provide outstanding customer service? If the answers are yes, then you can devise a loyalty/reward program that is solid and effective.

    Provide outstanding customer service, have a quality product or service, and tack on an attractive program. Using this strategy, you will be able to not only penetrate your current clients, but retain them over the long term. Even in a recession, you CAN increase your revenue using customer loyalty/reward programs.

    About the Author: Diane Helbig is a Professional Coach and the president of Seize This Day Coaching. Diane is a Contributing Editor on COSE Mindspring, a resource website for small business owners, as well as a member of the Sales Experts Panel at Top Sales Experts .

    It is a great reminder to include the customer service element which is often missing in programs.

    I would perhaps add to keep it simple if you are just starting a program, don t forget to track results and get feeback from your customers so you can ensure the program remians relevant.

    I love reward/loyalty programs because they give me discounts (similar to coupons) without the hassle. Add in the fact that saving money is the fashionable thing to do these days and you have the recipe for a great customer retention program.

    The fastest way to erode a valuable customer base, is to poorly manage any sort of program that is seen as an added benefit.

    Some examples are Too Many Emails relevant or not know your customer.

    Rewards programs that are too difficult to follow, or collect upon. This can possibly turn into a customer service issue, which could eventually send the once loyal customer packing.

    Poor implementation of a program Same as above, possibly turning a loyal customer into someone that had purchased without thought, and now the only problem they have is with a program, that they didn t even need.

    Think of Loyalty Programs as VIP customers, because generally, the customers will now regard themselves as VIP.

    Some examples I can think of that made me switch brands:

    Peet s coffee has a customer of the week, and they get any drink whenever they want correction, a free small cup of coffee once a day I thought we weren t doing a customer of the week this week weren t you already in here today? SPECIAL, you bet before I just walked in paid, now I walk in and get a hassle for a week. Eventually there were other issues that have me now going to Peet s once a month maybe, from a prior high of 2.25 x / day. $2600+ in lost revenue, from a series of bad experiences that were totally unnecessary.

    Buying prepaid boat time at a marina, and then being told that the generous deal we were given, must have been a mistake, because they would never make a deal that good. You re right. Refund of $900 in unused time please.

    Staples sends me an in store rebate check for ink cartridges recycled, and a % of purchases made monthly over various thresholds. Large check expired 30 days later. Ouch, like having money taken out of my pocket. I now return ink cartridges and buy paper at Staples with the rebates. I now also purchase those soon to be recycled ink cartridges at Costco for a significant savings over what the rebate would have been, and still get the rebate on other things.

    Do you see where I m going here. If you are going to do it, make sure you CAN do it, and you CAN DO IT RIGHT.

    Live Chat Software for Website Customers #live #chat #customer #service #software


    eGain Chat

    Live chat software for customer service

    Why just chat when you can superchat? eGain Chat™ enables you to offer real-time chat assistance to website visitors. Agents can exchange text messages, files, web pages, and knowledge base articles with visitors to answer their queries, proactively as well as reactively. Rated #1 by analysts, it is the industry’s only chat product to have been proven in both on-demand and on-site deployments for more than a decade.

    An integral part of eGain s customer service software suite. eGain s live chat software integrates seamlessly with the other social experience, web experience, and contact center applications in the suite. It offers endless sales and service opportunities when combined with companion products:

    • eGain Cobrowse. web collaboration software
    • eGain Offers. proactive offer management software
    • eGain Virtual Assistant. an intelligent virtual assistant (avatar) software

    eGain’s chat and web collaboration solutions lead the industry in maturity, depth, and seamless integration with other interaction channels.


    Support for all popular browsers on the customer s desktop

    Support for mobile devices and multiple languages

    Support for text, and one or both way audio and video chat

    Text and video chat transcript can be saved and printed by or emailed to the customer

    Display of special messages and audio alerts in the case of off-hour requests, new messages, while waiting for agent to join chat, error during chat etc.

    Chat conferencing allowed between agents, supervisers, and customers in the middle of a session

    Visitor details and navigation history are shown to agents to enable informed interactions

    Agents can conduct 3-5 chats simultaneously

    Easy toggling between text chat, video chat, and email inboxes for blended agents

    End-of-chat survey to elicit customer feedback

    Canned responses are available to agents to enable quick but well-written messages

    Ability to set up multiple entry points for chat with related queues and resources for each

    Scalable to suit any contact center or business demands

    Completely integrated with all other eGain products

    OEM integration with Cisco contact center products

    Get an eGain-powered customer engagement hub today!

    Enhance customer experience, acquisition, and retention. Increase self-service adoption. Improve contact center agent productivity. Increase revenue through upsell and cross-sell at the point of service. Ensure compliance and security in customer interactions. Reduce unwarranted field visits, product returns, and associated costs. Build customer loyalty through brand-aligned customer service.

    Knowledge Management

    Serve knowledge everywhere! Use the same knowledge base, and a range of access methods (search, browse, guided help, chatbot), for social, mobile, web, and contact center use.

    Web Self-Service

    One size doesn’t fit all in web self-service! The same approach to self-service will not work for every type of customer, every type of inquiry, or every stage of the customer life cycle. eGain SelfService enables organizations to provide distinctive, productive, and brand-aligned self-service experiences that enable breakthrough improvements in customer self-service effectiveness and adoption, while allowing seamless, context-aware escalations to live customer service or sales agents.

    Video Chat, Text Chat, Cobrowsing

    Are you looking for efficient ways of providing better experiences to your website visitors? Studies show that chat and cobrowsing are the most effective channels for engaging, selling to, and serving online customers. Reach out to customers, proactively or reactively, right when they need help and avoid abandoned shopping carts and half-filled forms. Offer distinctive mobile customer service.

    Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

    The business benefits of Artificial Intelligence in customer engagement are real and game-changing. eGain uses AI technology-enabled reasoning capability to guide customers, contact center advisors, and field experts to the right answers, diagnosis, and process. This capability improves first contact resolution, customer satisfaction, agent confidence and productivity, and reduces truck rolls saving millions for the business.

    Running an effective help desk (Book, 1998) #computer #industry #customer #services #management,


    Running an effective help desk


    “Counter The definitive guide to setting up and running a successful Help Desk-now updated and expanded to include the latest Web-based technologies. This book is for you if you are: * A business manager charged with researching, planning, and setting up a Help Desk in your organization * An IT manager who wants to improve the level of technical support and communication within your organization with the latest support technologies * A Help Desk manager looking for guidance on how to upgrade traditional Help Desk functions with Internet- or intranet-related processes. The thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded Second Edition of the critically acclaimed, first-ever guide to running an effective Help Desk, this book tells you everything you need to know to plan, budget, staff, implement, track, upgrade, and even outsource your organization’s Help Desk. Drawing upon her extensive experience as a leading North American expert on Help Desk planning and management, author Barbara Czegel: * Guides you step-by-step through every phase of setting up traditional and Web-related Help Desks for the Internet and an intranet * Provides a wealth of practical advice on all technical, management, and human-factor aspects of running an effective Help Desk * Supplies ready-to-use templates in both Word and HTML formats for an array of Help Desk projects. On the companion website you’ll find: * Real-life Web-based Help Desk examples * All the templates from the book in HTML and Word formats.”


    Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first.

    Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first.


    Add tags for “Running an effective help desk”. Be the first.

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    Partner – Channel Management Software: Partner Community #contact #and #customer #management #software


    Today’s contact management software enables you to track every single interaction with a contact – from first phone calls and initial emails through to closed deals and after-sales service and support. You’ll see every action agreed with a contact and receive reminders and prompts about next steps. Using a cloud-based contact management system such as Salesforce means everybody’s working with the same view of a client, making online collaboration effortless – from desktop, mobile or any Internet-connected device.

    While early contact management systems were essentially databases with records of contact names and numbers, everything changed when these databases were merged with sales management software. The next leap forward was Salesforce’s pioneering cloud-based approach, making up-to-date customer information available across teams, platforms and devices. Contacts, records of all interactions, and sales information were combined, showing more detail of customer journeys. Today, with online contact management and CRM integrated in one platform, a single view of the customer journey is possible across channels, from call centres to social media and online communities.

    Having the right CRM and contact management system in place is vital for any growing business. Read more about the evolution of contact management to CRM or see Sales Cloud in action:

    With the advent of Mobile CRM running in the cloud you can access up-to-date customer information wherever you are. Information can be updated and accessed from a smartphone, tablet or any other web-enabled device. And as customers increasingly choose mobile and social media channels, a contact management system like Salesforce can track this activity to give you new analysis and insight, helping to build a more complete picture of your customer.

    Salesforce brings the collaborative potential of a social media platform to contact management. People from across your organisation work on a single, shared customer record: updating, annotating and discussing on a common platform to deliver the best results for both you and your customer. Contact management is more efficient; marketing is more targeted and tactical; and knowledge from many sources feeds into the sales effort, often having a direct result in increased sales and improved conversion rates. Meanwhile, broader analysis is made easier – you can see the effect of marketing campaigns, customer service, and product launches on your customers, helping to plan and adapt new campaigns and tactical marketing efforts.

    Experience for yourself how contact management works within Salesforce. Take a Guided Tour of Sales Cloud:

    Small Business CRM. Learn more about Salesforce for Small Business the UK’s favourite CRM for SMBs.

    The Importance of CRM for Small Business. Read why CRM is critical for today’s fast growing small businesses in order to find, win and keep customers.

    Cloud CRM. Salesforce pioneered cloud CRM in 1999, today, Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s #1 CRM. Learn more.

    Cloud Computing. Still unfamiliar with the benefits of cloud computing? See why businesses continue to join the enterprise cloud computing revolution.

    What is CRM?. We explain what Customer Relationship Management is and why is now an essential component of modern business.

    CRM Systems. Get up to speed on the basics of CRM systems, how they work and how to pick the right one. Check out our ‘Beginner’s Guide to CRM Systems’.

    Contact Management Systems. Learn more about the evolution of contact management systems to CRM and what that means for your business.

    Social CRM. Learn how CRM can help you manage your social accounts and contacts to improve your sales process.

    Sales CRM. CRM isn’t just a fancy way to manage contacts. See the other benefits a CRM solution can have on your sales management.

    Mobile CRM. The beauty of a modern CRM like Sales Cloud is that contact management can be done anywhere, anytime, on any device, thanks to mobile CRM.

    Sales Tracking. Manage your sales process and workflow with the UK’s leading CRM system.

    Customer Service Software. Who needs software when you can run your customer service in the cloud? No Software. No headaches. Happy customers.

    Real-Time Website Customer Support #live #chat #customer #service #software


    Your Customers Deserve the Best in Live Chat.

    Integrating customer engagement software with your website is simply the best way to engage your customers in real time. For more than 15 years, the world’s most innovative online retailers and enterprises have trusted Velaro to thrill users, reduce cart abandonment, provide one-on-one support and drive revenue growth.

    Make Every Chat Better Than the Last.™

    Only Velaro offers Live Chat Performance Management – a suite of actionable analytics and reporting tools designed to drive agent excellence and customer satisfaction. Get real-time feedback, find coachable moments – and improve constantly.

    Velaro Is Enterprise Live Chat Software

    Enterprise Security
    Enterprise Security

    Keep your customers’ sensitive data completely secure.

    Reporting Analytics
    Reporting Analytics

    Velaro gives you the exact data you need, when and how you need it.

    Workflow Routing
    Workflow Routing

    Get the right visitor to the right agent at the right time – every time.

    Performance Management
    Performance Management

    Foster continuous improvement and Make Every Chat Better Than the Last.

    Trusted by Industry Leaders

    Velaro is built to support the enterprise. That’s why leaders in eCommerce, education, healthcare, technology and more consistently turn to us to optimize sales and deliver consistently stellar customer service on desktop and mobile.

    Case Studies

    Industry Solutions

    Online Course: Hotel Management 101 – CEU Certificate #online #hospitality #management #certificate,


    Hotel Management 101

    Course Description

    Hotel Management will provide a realistic look at every major portion of the hotel business which will help anyone planning or currently pursuing one of the many different career opportunities available in this burgeoning and dynamic industry.

    A great hotel manager leads by example. Like any business intent on survival and success, the hospitality industry requires insight into the financial aspect of every facet and every detail. Hotel Management is a course for those who wish to enjoy both personal and professional success in the hospitality industry; and need to have a more than casual understanding of the business and financial operations of the industry.

    Hotels and motels are not only places where a guest can obtain tasty food and comfortable lodging, they are an integral part of community life, with facilities for meetings, entertainment, and personal services. The career choices for a person seeking a job in the hospitality industry are vast: guest service manager, head chef, front office clerk, security officer, banquet manager, bookkeeper, concierge and many more opportunities that can be personally satisfying and financially rewarding. Renewed business travel, and domestic and foreign tourism will boost employment growth of lodging managers in full-service hotels.

    Additional demands for managers are expected in suite hotels. Business customers are willing to pay more for rooms with kitchens and suites that are spacious enough to conduct small meetings in. Other trainee and managerial opportunities will be available in large full-service hotels offering restaurants, fitness centers, ample meeting rooms and play areas for children, among other amenities.

    The hospitality industry offers today’s young men and women an interesting and exciting career. Management of a hotel or restaurant calls for a wide range of capabilities. For those wishing a rewarding and challenging life of service to others, a future in the hospitality field should be seriously considered.

    Lesson 1: History and Profile of the Hospitality Industry

    This lesson describes the evolution of the hotel, the different types, and the managerial aspects.

  • Lesson 2: Setting Goals and Objectives

    This lesson describes a manager’s duties, job opportunities, and educational programs and financial aid available.

  • Lesson 3: Managing People

    This lesson describes the different job positions in the hotel, managerial duties, and sales and marketing techniques.

  • Lesson 4: Invest Time In Your Personnel

    This lesson discusses interviewing, training, and motivational aspects when hiring employees.

  • Lesson 5: The Reservation Experience

    This lesson covers reservations, customer special requests, travel agencies, and cancellations.

  • Lesson 6: Guest Accounting Practices

    This lesson describes the different methods of payment, credit limits, and the special needs of a casino hotel.

  • Lesson 7: Managing Guest Services

    This lesson addresses guest amenities, room rates, and preventing problems.

  • Lesson 8: Food and Beverage Management

    This lesson covers everything from planning menus and cooks to meeting and convention planning.

  • Lesson 9: Hotel Environment

    This lesson deals with staff issues and hotel security.

  • Lesson 10: How Outstanding Managers Beat Work Overload

    This lesson explains how to separate work from home life, and which area you would be most comfortable in the hotel management.

  • Additional Course Information

    • Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements
    • Earn an Official Certificate Documenting Course Hours and CEUs
    • Verify Your Certificate with a Unique Serial Number Online
    • View and Share Your Certificate Online or Download/Print as PDF
    • Display Your Certificate on Your Resume and Promote Your Achievements Using Social Media

    Course Title: Hotel Management 101

    Course Number: 33024

    Languages: English – United States, Canada and other English speaking countries

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Describe the history and profile of the hospitality industry.
    • Know setting goals and objectives.
    • Describe managing people.
    • Know the reservation experience.
    • Know guest accounting practices.
    • Describe managing guest services.
    • Describe food and beverage management.
    • Describe the hotel environment.
    • Describe how outstanding managers beat work overload, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

    Student Testimonials

    • “I have nothing to say about only that it was good.” — Dorothy G.
    • “A good source of information for a long term employee or for a new trainee.” — Magaly D.
    • “Thanks for your help! It was a great experience.” — Melissa M.
    • “All, even though it was challenging, but I needed to experience that. Thank you so much for being my instructor it was great working with you.” — Nontokozo G.

    Related Courses

    Call Center Software Solution Provider Philippines #contact #center #solution, #call #center #software,


    Call Center Software that transforms customer service

    Unleash the power of putting your Customers first strategy in your Business by deploying our Cloud based VoIP Call Center Solutions and lead your organization into a well managed, cost efficient, with greater performance, enhanced ROI and a brand which everyone Trusts. Our powerful and feature rich Call Center Solutions are extremely flexible, quick to deploy and comes under your budget. Ultimately your Call Center will be a Winner in all Fronts!

    The smart way to delight your customers

    Customers expect great customer service! VoIP4Callcenters has designed and developed such Superior Quality Cloud based VoIP Solutions for Call Centers to empower you to deliver exceptional customer service to your customers and enable you to do business anytime, anywhere. Our VoIP Call Center Solutions are 99.9999% reliable, flexible and scalable. With dedicated efforts of our R D team we provide most advanced and latest features at most competitive rates. Using our features such as Auto Attendant, Call Queue, Call Waiting, Music on Hold, IVR, Auto Dialer, VoiceMail, Voice Broadcasting, Internet Fax, Click to Call etc. your customers will be very delighted and satisfied and it will be a competitive advantage for you in the industry.

    VoIP Auto Dialer

    VoIP4Callcenters provides Preview, Progressive and Predictive VoIP Auto dialer to quickly and automatically make multiple outbound calls using a preselected contact list leading to lots of time and cost saving.

    VoIP Termination

    VoIP4Callcenters offers Carrier Grade 100% High Quality Wholesale A-Z VoIP Voice Termination services for destinations all over the world. SIP Termination for unparallel Superior Quality Voice Calls at amazingly low costs.

    VoIP Solutions

    VoIP4Callcenters provides powerful, secure, flexible VoIP Solutions for all of your Business Communication needs. Our VoIP Solutions are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

    VoIP Numbers

    VoIP4Callcenters offers Toll Free Numbers and DID Numbers which can be forwarded to any Landline, Mobile, SIP, Skype, Gmail or IP PBX System with most advanced features like Auto Attendant, Call Recording at most competitive rates.

    VoIP Business

    VoIP4Callcenters offers cost efficient Top Quality Flexible Hosted VoIP Business Solutions within small part of your current budget to mobilize your work force and transform your business. Reduce your current costs by at least Half.

    Call Center Solutions

    Streamline all of your Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Telecommunication Services with VoIP4Callcenters’s Call Center Solutions which are customizable as per needs of Call Centers, BPO, SMB or Large Enterprises.

    Manage Your Communications from Anywhere

    By deploying VoIP4Callcenters’s VoIP Call Center Solutions you get leverage of our cloud based solutions which will enable you to manage your business anywhere anytime. Our cost efficient VoIP Call Center Solutions has full spectrum of features and give you flexibility and mobility to work and manage your business operations from any geo-location using our Web Based Online Admin Portal.

    • Manage Admin Portal from Desktop PC or Mobile
    • Manage all inbound and outbound calls easily
    • Identify bottlenecks, issues, employee’s productivity and ratings
    • Can Improve Quality of Customer Service by monitoring and analysis of call recordings
    • Flexibility: Customize as per your Business.
    • Deploy Fast: Start working in 24 hours.
    • Seamless Integration: API & CRM integration.
    • Mobility: Locate Agents anywhere you need.
    • Hosted: Work/Manage from any PC, Mobile.
    • 99.9999 % Uptime: Never lose an opportunity.
    • Phone, Text, Email: Unified communication.
    • Powerful Capabilities: Rich Calling Features.
    • Quality Assurance: Real-Time Monitoring.


    Become a Winner in all fronts, be it sales, marketing, customer service, employee and customer satisfaction or efficiency and productivity in your Call Center! VoIP4CallCenters Solutions for Business Call Center is delivered from the internet and is hosted in the cloud, at our most reliable servers. No need to setup any hardware in your office, no need to spend on any maintenance. Our customers are saving more than 50% as compared to traditional carriers each month. We offer over 40 Business-Class Premium Features with Business Call Center Solutions.

    How to upgrade to VoIP Call Center Solutions?

    Now most of the world is internet based and moving to cloud and voip based solutions. Time is ripe now to witness cheap VoIP technology therefore optimum time to upgrade your old Phone Systems.

    Business Features in Toll Free / DID Numbers !

    Don’t you want to have a phone number which has advanced set of 40 plus business features which can give a propellent to your business and boost your revenue and profit tremendously.

    Value-Added-Network (VAN) for Suppliers #suppliers #edi #value-added-network, #van #tier-1 #edi, #van #service


    EDI Network Connectivity: Value-Added Network (VAN)

    Looking to exchange business documents instantly and easily with your customers?
    Let InterTrade help you connect with your trading partners.

    An EDI Value-Added-Network (VAN) provides direct access to all partners in your supply chain and InterTrade is one of only a handful of TIER-1 EDI VAN service providers in North America. InterTrade is fully and securely interconnected to all other major VANs, enabling you to quickly connect your enterprise to your trading partners for efficient, real-time EDI exchanges integrated to your IT systems.

    Benefits to Suppliers

    EDI may seem complicated but in reality, it is a vehicle to standardize and simplify communications between trading partners. Retailers, suppliers, distributors, 3PLs, etc. all can benefit by exchanging important business documents on a secure network and in real-time. This translates into:

    • More accurate information – less manual intervention
    • Increased automation – less paper; more green
    • Improved visibility on B2B transactions
    • Closer business relationships
    • Shorter sales cycle
    • Faster orders-to-cash
    • More sales!

    Small, medium and large businesses are turning to InterTrade for customizable network solutions that grant quick access to any trading partner at the most affordable price.

    Simple and Affordable EDI VAN Solutions to Fit Your Needs

    • InterTrade s EDI solutions allow you to share POs, Invoices, ASNs, and other critical business documents electronically with your trading partners, regardless of their back-office applications and ERPs
    • InterTrade supports a wide array of communications options including FTP, AS2/AS3, HTTPS, VPN and our own ultra-secure proprietary security communications software (ecConnect)
    • Our state-of-the-art monitoring tool (ecView) provides real-time visibility on all documents shared between you and your business partners

    Whether you have your own EDI software and IT staff or you want InterTrade to manage your entire document mapping, translation and transportation, our customizable solutions will ensure you fully meet your partner requirements, easily and quickly.

    Contact our experts to discuss your EDI needs and find a solution that is right for you.

    Fully Managed EDI Services (including analysis, mapping, translation and transportation)

    InterTrade s Managed EDI Services drive results to your bottom line by enabling you to focus on your core competencies knowing that your electronic trading relationships are optimally managed.

    InterTrade takes on the onus of implementing, operating, maintaining and optimizing the entire infrastructure and services needed to run your B2B electronic document exchanges so you can comply with your trading partner requirements without the expense of new hardware, software or specialized in-house EDI resources.

    This full-service hosted EDI implementation includes:

    • Application file specifications analysis
    • EDI standards compliance
    • Connectivity implementation
    • Data transformation mappings creation
    • Customer testing
    • Trading partner testing
    • Continual monitoring and production

    Fax to EDI

    ecFax Fax-to-EDI capability provides an efficient and cost-effective way to trade electronically with your fax-ready business partners, regardless of their size. The Fax-to-EDI service automatically converts information from trading partners faxes into electronic data and then delivers this data ready for integration into your ERP or other enterprise applications. The result? Faxed documents can now be processed just like electronic ones.


    If you need an easy and cost-effective EDI solution that requires nothing but a computer and an internet connection, Web-EDI is your answer. Web-EDI allows you to become EDI-enabled to reach all of your retailers through a web browser. It is fast to implement, easy to use and requires no additional software. Our web-EDI service also enables carton label printing for your convenience.

    AS2 Brokerage

    Let InterTrade handle your complex communications connectivity to your trading partners. Whether they require AS2, AS3, FTPS, etc. InterTrade provides the connectivity so you can do what you do best – focus on your core business.

    Discuss your EDI needs with our experts for personalized professional service.

    Revolution ehr pms #all #news,benefits,features,pricing,partners,practices,events,brochure,meaningful #use #checklist,technical #specs,white #papers,sales #inquiries,customer #support,careers, #coupons,



    RevolutionEHR is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management and EHR software for optometrists.

    I LOVE having a Web based system. . Phil Rainey, OD, Boise, ID. You guys are a rare breed with your extreme customer-satisfaction methodology. . Jeff Klosterman, OD, Harrodsburg, KY. Everyone at RevolutionEHR has been fantastic and I could not be more pleased. . Andrew Paik, OD, Chicago, IL. RevolutionEHR Announces Optovue Integration. RevolutionEHR Announces Integration with ClinicAid for Claims Submission. RevolutionEHR Poised for Substantial Growth Initiatives after Significant Financial Investment.


    RevolutionEHR is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management and EHR software for optometrists.


    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Webinars

    You’re not alone. So many doctors are in search of a better EHR/PMS for their practice. Join your colleagues to explore what makes RevolutionEHR unique and, dare we say, the best option in the sea of EHR and PMS software solutions. Learn why so many doctors choose RevolutionEHR and never look back. We’ll be taking a deeper look at the electronic health record and answering any questions you may have. Wednesday, September 28th at 8:00 pm CDT. Introduction to RevolutionEHR (Canada). The ABC s of ICD-10.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Vanessa

    Register to watch a series of short videos that show how RevolutionEHR frees you to focus on what you do best – caring for patients. RevolutionEHR Announces Integration with Essilor Visioffice and m’eyeFit Mirror Systems. RevolutionEHR Announces Optovue Integration. RevolutionEHR Announces Integration with ClinicAid for Claims Submission. Dr Scott Jens Blog.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Spend More Time With Your Patients

    Spend More Time With Your Patients. As a professional, you’re in the business of caring for your patients. That’s why you went into optometry. Focus on Your Patients. You didn’t become an optometrist to spend your day fighting with computer systems and searching for paperwork. You made the choice to be a doctor so you could care for patients. We’re different from all the other vendors. Our solution is online. It frees you and your staff to do what you do best – focus on patient care. Dr Scott Jens Blog.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | RevolutionEHR Announces Optovue Integration

    RevolutionEHR Announces Optovue Integration. Cloud-Based Integration Results in Streamlined Workflow and Efficiency with Entering Patient Demographic Information. Madison, WI) March 3, 2015. The leading provider of cloud-based practice management and electronic health record software for the optometric community, is pleased to announce integration with Optovue for streamlined workflow and increased efficiency with entering patient demographic information. Customer success is a top priority for us at Opto.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Partners

    We integrate the services of our partners to bring you the only web-based complete practice solution. RevolutionEHR has partnered with RxNT to develop a seamless integration which allows optometrists to easily e-prescribe from RevolutionEHR. RxNT is the only stand-alone e-prescribing solution to achieve platinum partner status with Surescipts. More than 250,000 providers trust TriZetto Provider Solutions advanced eligibility, claims management, reimbursement and analytics tools to maximize revenue, simpl.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | News

    RevolutionEHR Announces Integration with Essilor Visioffice and m’eyeFit Mirror Systems. RevolutionEHR Announces Optovue Integration. RevolutionEHR Announces Integration with ClinicAid for Claims Submission. RevolutionEHR Poised for Substantial Growth Initiatives after Significant Financial Investment. Adopting EHR Sooner Rather Than Later. Patient EHR Portals: Strategies to Meet Mandated Patient Use Levels. Trying to Make Heads or Tails out of Meaningful Use? My MU Aha Moment. RevolutionEHR Announces Cl.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Give Your Patients Access to Their Records

    Give Your Patients Access. RevolutionPHR, our secure online personal health record for your patients, provides direct interconnectivity between you and your patients. Increase Your Patient Engagement. Save Time for Your Patients. Patient interview data entered into RevolutionPHR is imported directly into an active encounter within RevolutionEHR for that patient. You have all of their information at your fingertips. More Time With Patients. Experienced U.S. Based Support. Access Data From Anywhere. Revolu.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Features

    RevolutionEHR is not only the leading cloud-based EHR for optometry, RevolutionEHR is also a complete practice management solution. Check out our feature lists. Simple yet flexible data entry. Access to historical exam data. Pull forward previous test results. Customized care plan library. Documents and images management. Letter creation from exam results. Integrated optical Rx creation. Customizable CPT triggers no superbills. Seamless ePrescribing – no double entry. Product / Service catalog. Dr Scott.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Customer Testimonials

    RevolutionEHR is a true partner in continual improvement and delivery of eye care service excellence, not to mention one of the coolest and smartest bunch of people to be around. Deborah Bosner, Columbus, OH. By the way, my staff has been going through the training process with Kathrene. She is a GREAT trainer! She has a lot of patience. Donald Yee, OD, Sacramento, CA. It was definitely worth the move! Cheryl Roers Ott, OD, Kiel, WI. Thank you and your whole team! I am a billboard for your software.

    RevolutionEHR | Leading Cloud Based EHR for Optometry | Customer Testimonials

    RevolutionEHR is a true partner in continual improvement and delivery of eye care service excellence, not to mention one of the coolest and smartest bunch of people to be around. Deborah Bosner, Columbus, OH. By the way, my staff has been going through the training process with Kathrene. She is a GREAT trainer! She has a lot of patience. Donald Yee, OD, Sacramento, CA. It was definitely worth the move! Cheryl Roers Ott, OD, Kiel, WI. Thank you and your whole team! I am a billboard for your software.

    JavaScript content must be enabled in order to access RevolutionEHR. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. It appears you may be using an old browser. Please click here to see the list of supported browsers and how to update yours. It appears your browser does not have flash player installed. Click here to download the latest version.

    JavaScript content must be enabled in order to access RevolutionEHR. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. It appears you may be using an old browser. Please click here to see the list of supported browsers and how to update yours. It appears your browser does not have flash player installed. Click here to download the latest version.

    JavaScript content must be enabled in order to access RevolutionEHR. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. It appears you may be using an old browser. Please click here to see the list of supported browsers and how to update yours. It appears your browser does not have flash player installed. Click here to download the latest version.

    JavaScript content must be enabled in order to access RevolutionEHR. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. It appears you may be using an old browser. Please click here to see the list of supported browsers and how to update yours. It appears your browser does not have flash player installed. Click here to download the latest version.



    Ready-to-Use Business Apps – Database Software #esri #customer #care #portal


    • Construction (14)
    • Education (20)
    • Health Care (43)
    • Legal (16)
    • Manufacturing (28)
    • Professional Services (85)
    • Real Estate (29)
    • Advanced Functionality (36)
    • Apps Recently Published (14)
    • Community Answers (8)
    • Customer Support (93)
    • Examples (16)
    • Finance (75)
    • General (11)
    • Human Resources (102)
    • Information Technology (76)
    • Knowledge Management (37)
    • Marketing (65)
    • Modules (15)
    • Non-profit (34)
    • Other (41)
    • Personal (57)
    • Product Management (58)
    • Project Management (204)
    • Quickbase Training (16)
    • Sales (133)
    • Software (32)
    • Supply Chain (23)
    • Team Management (173)

    See all

    Project Management Apps

    Simple Project Manager

    Author: Quick Base | 21,666 Downloads

    Track projects and tasks with this easy-to-use project management software, which is feature-filled and robust enough to handle the challenges of any business project.

    Complete Project Manager

    Author: Quick Base | 16,078 Downloads

    Manage multiple projects and tasks in one central location.

    Document Library

    Improve team collaboration and track revisions of work in progress, all in one central spot.

    Sales Apps

    Simple Contact Manager

    Author: Quick Base | 11,207 Downloads

    It s time to connect with the right people at the right times.

    Complete Contact Manager

    Author: Quick Base | 8,667 Downloads

    Track your company s ongoing relationships with other companies and contacts using this B2B-focused contact management app.

    Complete Sales Manager

    Author: Quick Base | 8,057 Downloads

    Do you want a solution that will allow you to see at a glance how your sales team is performing? The Complete Sales Manager App from QuickBase allows you to view the entire sales funnel from top to bottom and see the activities of each one of your sales representatives.

    Human Resources Apps

    Vacation Calendar

    Author: Kathy Marohl | 2,769 Downloads

    I have created a Time Off Calendar so that you can record scheduled time away from the office, i.

    Training Management System

    Author: Quick Base | 2,348 Downloads

    Gain real-time visibility into the performance of your employee training programs with this comprehensive training management app.

    ABC Daily Time Cards

    Author: Kirk Trachy | 1,637 Downloads

    This application tracks time cards and accounts for employees who have to Punch-In and Punch-Out multiple times per day.

    Simple Project Manager

    Track projects and tasks with this easy-to-use project management software, which is feature-filled and robust enough to handle the challenges of any business project.

    Customer Support Apps

    Complete Contact Manager

    Author: Quick Base | 8,667 Downloads

    Track your company s ongoing relationships with other companies and contacts using this B2B-focused contact management app.

    Support Customers

    Author: Quick Base | 1,885 Downloads

    Organize, prioritize and engage with customers on support requests to ensure accurate and timely responses with this robust customer support app.

    ABC Customer Request Tracker

    Author: Kirk Trachy | 1,637 Downloads

    ABC Customer Request Tracker keeps track of web requests without being a QuickBase user.

    Health Care Apps

    Simple Projects and Budgets

    Author: Quick Base | 831 Downloads

    Track expenses for projects with this full-featured budget management app.

    Weight Loss Tracker v1.0

    Author: Eric Hansen | 435 Downloads

    This is a weight loss tracker in the vein of a popular reality television show.

    Medical Billing Claims – Essentials Compliant

    Author: Elise Orr | 295 Downloads

    This application is designed to keep track of patients, their appointments, claims sent to the insurance company, and the services a provider will charge for on a regular visit.

    Other Apps

    Meeting Calendar

    The Meeting Calendar is a fully interactive visual calendar plus scheduling tool.

    Scheduling Calendars

    This is a simple one table application that helps schedule events that populate calendar reports.

    Out of the Office Tracker

    This tracks team members who will be out of the office.

    Try Quick Base Today

    30 day free trial. No credit card required

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    Home – Australian Adult Learning Institute – Online Training Courses #training #and


    Are the qualifications you offer approved by Centrelink?

    Yes they are. All qualifications offered by the Australian Adult Learning Institute are approved by the Australian Government Department of Human Service for Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance and Pensioner Education Supplement. We suggest discussing this with Centrelink to determine your eligibility.

    Can I complete my qualification in less than 12 months?

    Yes you can. All of our qualifications are self paced and supported by a dedicated Trainer assigned to you who works at your pace.

    Are your qualifications Nationally Recognised Qualifications?

    Yes they are. The Australian Adult Learning Institute is a Nationally Registered Training Organisation Provider No: 41044 and are registered on the National Government Training and Qualification Website (

    We always recommend that you check that your Training Provider is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and not a third party broker acting on behalf of an RTO. Training Providers who are not a RTO cannot issue a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

    Why are your qualifications less expensive than other training providers?

    At the Australian Adult Learning Institute we believe in “Making Education Affordable” .

    We offer online promotions throughout the year to ensure that our students are not paying over inflated prices that some training providers charge. The price advertised is for the full qualification to be completed within 12 months with no hidden charges.

    Definitely not, all prices advertised on our website are the full price for each qualification. We believe in being 100% transparent in all advertising and pricing.

    Are your online learning materials truly online as many training providers say they are but they are only PDF files I can download or are they sent to me on a memory stick?

    All our online training resources are 100% online, which means you can access your learning materials 24/7 and save your work online as you go. You can access your online learning via your Smart Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Desktop Computer, Laptop or MAC Computer.

    You will have access to your very own online learning space where you can view all the learning resources you need to successfully complete your qualification at your own pace. Once enrolled, your online learning will be activated and you will be introduced to your dedicated Trainer and Assessor. Your Trainer and Assessor will work with you throughout your learning journey via phone, email or online. We will provide you with support and guidance to ensure that you become qualified with confidence.

    All online learning resources are updated regularly to meet industry standards.

    Once you have successfully completed your qualification you will still continue to have access to your online learning materials for your records and reference purposes.

    How do I know I can trust the Australian Adult Learning Institute?

    We are a customer centric organisation with all staff that follow and live this philosophy. We have over 25 years of industry experience in Adult Education with a goal to ensure that our student’s needs are met. Please review our testimonials for recent feedback from our satisfied customers.

    What resources do I need to complete my studies?

    • Any of the following technologies: Smart Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Desktop Computer, Laptop or MAC Computer
    • Internet connection
    • Email address
    • Adobe Reader Adobe Flash Player
    • Basic Microsoft suite or equivalent
    • Printer

    Is the Australian Adult Learning Institute’s website secure?

    Yes it is. At the Australian Adult Learning Institute, we respect your privacy and the securing and integrity of all of the information that you provide to us. Any information you provide to us is completely protected and is kept totally confidential.

    Are you a Registered Training Organisation?

    Yes we are. We are registered and listed on the website. Our Registered Training Organisation number is 41044. We strongly recommend that you look for the Nationally Recognised Training logo and Registered Training Organisation Number before you commence any qualification within Australia. Only Registered Training Organisations are authorised to display this logo and issue a certificate or statement of attainment for the qualification or studies you have completed.

    How long do I have to complete my qualification?

    All qualifications have the duration of twelve months to complete from the date of enrolment. We recommend completing 1 unit of competency per month.

    Yes you can. You can apply for a one, three or six month extensions. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your student handbook for more information.

    What support will I get to complete my qualification?

    You will be assigned a dedicated Trainer and Assessor who will be able to give you guidance and feedback on the units that you are studying, have completed, and have submitted for assessment.

    How long does it take before I get my certificate?

    Once you have achieved Competency in the final unit within your qualification, your certificate will be issued and posted to you via express post within ten working days.

    The Australian Adult Learning Institute will. Only Registered Training Organisations can issue Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

    How can I pay for my qualification?

    We accept payment via Paypal, Credit / Debit Card, or by direct Bank Deposit, over the phone, or online.

    Are my credit card details retained by the Australian Adult Learning Institute after I have paid for my qualification?

    Not at all. To protect your details we hold no records of your credit card details or do we have access to this information after your payment has been made.

    Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is defined as follows:

    Recognition of prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit.

    Credit is the value assigned for the recognition of equivalence in content and learning outcomes between different types of learning and/or qualifications. Credit reduces the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification and may be through credit transfer, articulation, recognition of prior learning or advanced standing.

    RPL assessment methods used by the Australian Adult Learning Institute:

    • Inclusion of reasonable adjustment for the literacy levels, cultural background and experiences of students
    • Request for specific evidence required to demonstrate prior achievement of the learning outcomes and assessment requirements of the particular qualification components for which credit is sought
    • Provision of a range of ways for individuals to demonstrate that they have met the required outcomes and can be granted credit.
    • Mapping of learning outcomes from prior formal or non-formal learning to the relevant qualification components
    • Questioning (oral or written)
    • Observation of performance in work based and/or simulated environments
    • Consideration of third party reports and/or other documentation such as articles, reports and project material
    • Papers, testimonials or other products prepared by the RPL applicant that relate to the learning outcomes of the relevant qualification component
    • Consideration of a portfolio and review of contents
    • Participation in structured assessment activities that individuals normally would be required to undertake if they were enrolled in the qualification components.

    The assessment outcomes may enable you to meet the entry requirements and/or components of the qualification.

    This may reduce the duration of time to complete your qualification.

    Support Ticketing System #customer #support #ticketing


    Support Ticketing System

    This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy .

    The support module provides a basic ticketing system and helpdesk that is native to Drupal, offering complete email integration.

    Support for Drupal 8
    Development of an 8.x version of this module has started. It is a complete re-write and re-architecture built on Views, Entities and OG. A migration path will be provided from the latest 6.x-1.x release; we hope the community will contribute a patch to also provide a migration path from the latest 7.x-1.x release. We aim to make the first beta releases available during the Fall of 2015.

    The Support module offers the following features:

    • Ticketing activity is illustrated with colorful charts (depends on the Chart API module ).
    • Tickets can be assigned to users (and users can view all tickets assigned to them).
    • Tickets support states (new, active, pending, closed, etc) and priorities (low, normal, high, critical, etc).
    • Configurable email notifications for new and updated tickets.
    • Email integration allows tickets to be created and updated via email, with support for attachments. New users can be automatically created. Ticket properties can be updated via email (using included support_mailcmd module).
    • Highly configurable client and user ticket overviews, highlighting tickets that haven’t been updated for a long time.
    • Fully integrated with Drupal’s search functionality, users can only search for tickets they have access to.
    • Supports an unlimited number of clients, each with their own configuration and access permissions.
    • Tickets are nodes, ticket updates are comments.

    6.x dependencies:

    • Required. Drupal 6.x core comment and upload modules
    • Optional. Comment Upload. allows you to attach files to support ticket updates
    • Optional. Google chart API. generates basic charts from ticket statistics
    • Optional. Internationalization. allows translation of all mail text variables

    7.x dependencies:

    8.x dependencies:

    • Required. Drupal 8.x core
    • Required. Diff. for displaying ticket changes

    Supporting projects:

    • Support Timer. implements a time tracker for the ticketing system, optionally supports billing rates and time planning.
    • Support Views. exposes support tickets to the Views module.
    • Support Dashboard. provides all tickets, all client dashboard view.
    • Support Bot. report on support tickets in IRC via bot integration.
    • Support Fields. define additional per-client support ticket fields with CCK
    • Support Token. integrate with tokens
    • Support Deadline. allows you to add a “due date” to tickets.
    • Support Nag. can send regular reminders about open tickets, and can automatically close issues after a period of time.
    • Support SMS. can send details about open support tickets as SMS messages to cell phones and pagers.

    Similar modules

    This page discusses other modules that offer similar functionality.

    CRM Software – Download Easy Customer Relationship Management Database #crm,business,software,customer,client,client #database #software,client


    Reflect CRM Customer Database

    Customer Relationship Management Software

    Reflect CRM Software for both Mac and Windows enables a business to easily manage customer relationships and databases. In addition, improve client relationships by taking notes, tracking interactions, tasks and upcoming events.

    By utiliziing this customer database software, you will build a stronger relationship with your clients.

    • Improve customer loyalty and retention
    • Increase ROI on marketing campaigns with better targeting
    • Improve cross-selling and up-selling success

    CRM Customer Software consolidates customer information across an organization to help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This gives businesses more complete insight into their clients and customers, and helps front-line employees make faster, better informed decisions.

    Get it Free. A free version of Reflect CRM software is available for non-commercial use. If you will be using Reflect for your home office you can download the free version here.

    Download Now Purchase Now

    Customer Database Software Features
    • Manage unlimited tasks, notes and events for
      each of your clients
    • Set reminders for events, such as phone calls or meetings
    • Easily filter data to generate customer reports
    • Print, fax, email or export reports to PDF
    • Web access mode enables mobile access and
      multiple users
    • Import customer information from your Outlook contacts or other databases
    • Install and run customer relationship software in less than 60 seconds
    • Run multiple businesses from one installation of Reflect CRM Software

    Customer Database

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    Viking Range Corp Phone Numbers & Customer Service Helpline Support #viking #range


    Viking Range Corp Phone Numbers & Customer Service Helpline Support

    So in order to have a quick Viking Range Corp contact customer support, you just need to punch these numbers, 888-845-4641 on your ZTE-U V875m phone. So it means you should not be facing any problem in speaking to Viking Range Corp’s customer service representatives. Don’t be shy in case you are bringing up some trouble questions in your mind, just talk to our customer service representative. At Viking Range Corp, customer representatives department is trained to serve you untiringly. Feel free to visit our websites listed below if still there is anything itching your mind regarding Viking Range Corp online or live support and phone numbers.

    Useful Resources

    Customer Support – Viking Range, LLC – How to Contact Viking Customer Support If you own a Viking product and have questions or require If you wish to speak to a customer service

    Viking Range Corp Phone Number: Shortest Wait, Best – The Viking Range Corp phone number with shortest wait time & best customer service, Viking Range Corp phone support. Viking Range Corp phone numbers Compare

    Viking Range Corp Customer Service – NextCaller – Viking Range Corp customer service phone number. Viking Range Corp customer support number is powered by Next Caller, skip the hold line on your next call.

    What is customer relationship management (CRM)? definition and meaning #customer #relation #management


    customer relationship management (CRM)

  • A management philosophy according to which a company’s goals can be best achieved through identification and satisfaction of the customers’ stated and unstated needs and wants .

    A computerized system for identifying, targeting, acquiring, and retaining the best mix of customers.

    Customer relationship management helps in profiling prospects, understanding their needs, and in building relationships with them by providing the most suitable products and enhanced customer service. It integrates back and front office systems to create a database of customer contacts, purchases, and technical support. among other things.

    This database helps the company in presenting a unified face to its customers, and improve the quality of the relationship, while enabling customers to manage some information on their own.

    • It is imperative that your business always is great at customer relationship management so you keep them coming back for more.
    • You should strive to have the best possible customer relationship management that you can so they will be happy with you.
    • I was really good at customer relationship management and a lot of our customers really enjoyed talking with us throughout the day.
    customer relationship

  • Service Cloud #customer #service #cloud


    Oracle CX Service Cloud Solutions

    Oracle Service Cloud

    Engage Customers, Empower Employees, Adapt Quickly

    Oracle Service Cloud makes it possible for you to better understand your customers and quickly deliver the right answers at the right time through preferred service channels and devices.

    Whether you need to deliver web customer service, enable a cross-channel contact center, provide fast service in the field, connect silos, or adhere to policies and regulations, Oracle Service Cloud makes it easy for customers to engage with your brand; your employees to serve customers; and your organization to adapt to changing business needs.

    Leveraging Oracle RightNow technologies. Oracle Service Cloud provides a complete customer service solution where you can:

    • Enable customers to help themselves with self service and help each other through social communities
    • Provide multiple service channels of choice—whether your strategy is multichannel, cross channel or omnichannel
    • Standardize service across all channels for a consistent customer experience
    • Innovate new ways to engage customers on their terms
    • Empower customers and agents with a single knowledgebase
    • Unify customer and business data in a single location, and
    • Personalize customer engagements with guided assistance based on customer intent

    According to Forrester Research, an investment in customer service technology is the second-most important investment companies are making in 2014 (after sales). It’s no wonder—today’s customers want to quickly find the information they need using whatever channel is most convenient. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd recently pointed out that this customer expectation will continue to grow as millennials’ use of technology makes them more powerful and knowledgeable—and less patient.

    Providing information through a range of channels is key for Beachbody. a fast-growing fitness company, which uses Oracle Service Cloud to provide consistent, accurate answers to some 20,000 daily inquiries from customers and coaches.

    Another critical factor of service is making it easy for service agents to do their jobs. LexisNexis Risk Solutions uses Oracle Service Cloud to handle the majority of its customer interactions. “The mobile factor is really the key to keeping [the agents] connected,” says Joshua Turner, director of customer operations, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Business and Government Services. “The agents love it; it works well. It gives them the flexibility they need, and allows them to focus in on one tool and not worry about 15 different interfaces they have to figure out how to make work together.”

    Key Capabilities