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Oxygen Cylinders and Tanks

Total Lifestyle Solution to Backup Tanks Travel Cylinders

We’ve looked around and sifted through all the major manufacturers of supplemental oxygen therapy tanks and cylinders. We wanted the best value based on a balance of three main aspects: (1) safety (2) ergonomics/user convenience and (3) construction/engineering quality. We found the best balance of values from the DeVilbiss oxygen therapy lifestyle solutions. These are quality products centered around the life of the person. Durable oxygen cylinders and tanks fit for travel are paired with industry leading conserver technology – giving you the best possible out-of-home oxygen use experience. A personal filling station is the ideal solution to keeping your home safe and uncluttered, while giving you independence from delivery services.

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station

Eliminates need for oxygen delivery refills. It’s a home appliance on wheels, about the size of an oxygen concentrator. The iFill cylinder refilling unit gives you the power to completely fill, or just top off your backup tank and various travel cylinders. Learn more about iFill

DeVilbiss Walkabout 1
with PD4000 Conserver

Cylinder Bag and oxygen conserver work with a C-Cylinder, providing easy to carry portable oxygen system with 4:1 savings, extending the 240 Liter oxygen tank to 7.1 hours at 2 liters per minute.
Price U.S. Dollars

DeVilbiss Walkabout 2
with PD4000 Conserver

The easy way to walk with 415 Liters of Oxygen. hidden in a bag on your back. The Walkabout 2 carries a D Cylinder with a PD4000 Conserver capable of extending use of its tank over 12.5 hours.
Price U.S. Dollars

DeVilbiss Walkabout 2
with PD1000 Conserver

This cylinder bag system uses a smaller, lighter oxygen conserver a 3:1 savings ratio. With the PD1000, a D-Cylinder will last 10.5 hours at 2 LPM.
Price U.S. Dollars

Walkabout Mini
with PD4000 Conserver

Easy to carry, very lightweight with top of the line conserving capability, perfect for an afternoon of shopping, site seeing, walking, touring, or anywhere you can’t carry oxygen tanks of any weight. At 2 LPM, the 164 liter M-6 cylinder can last 5 hours.
Price U.S. Dollars
$710.00 – 0 tanks
$761.00 – 1 tank
$863.00 – 3 tanks

Walkabout Mini
with PD1000 Conserver

Lightest portable oxygen system in DeVilbiss line of cylinder bag systems, Walkabout Mini with PD1000 is ideal for minimal size and weight. The 164 liter M-6 cylinder can be completely filled from the iFill in one hour, and can last 4.1 hours at 2LPM.
Price U.S. Dollars
$685.00 – 0 tanks
$736.00 – 1 tank
$838.00 – 3 tanks

Handi-Air Tote

Saves your back from bending and lifting heavy tanks. Looks just like a regular upright rolling carry-on tote bag. Has various openings and straps for cylinders and cannula options. Handle extends and tanks get pulled along behind you as you walk.
Price U.S. Dollars

with PD4000 Conserver

Very small oxygen carrying bag system, holds 170 Liter tank, slightly more than Walkabout Mini. Ideal for active lifestyle, this system holds the ML-6 tank horizontally, allowing users to wear it across the waste or diagonally as a shoulder bag. Using PD4000 makes ML-6 tank last approximately 5 hours at 2 LPM.
Price U.S. Dollars
$707.00 – 0 tanks
$767.00 – 1 tank
$887.00 – 3 tanks
$1,067.00 – 6 tanks

with PD1000 Conserver

Inexpensive, lightweight, small, and easy to carry. Holds your oxygen at the waste as a fanny pack, or diagonally across the chest or back. DeVilbiss PD1000 conserver offers 3:1 savings ratio able to extend usage time for the ML-6 tank up to 4.3 hours at 2 LPM.
Price U.S. Dollars
$682.00 – 0 tanks
$742.00 – 1 tank
$862.00 – 3 tanks
$1,042.00 – 6 tanks

Do you See his Oxygen?

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2016 Chevrolet Malibu vs #2016 #chevrolet #malibu #lt #vs. #2016 #honda #accord


2016 Chevrolet Malibu vs. 2016 Honda Accord, 2016 Mazda 6, 2016 Toyota Camry

From the April 2016 issue

Let s start the proceedings with a couple of toasts. First, here s to the ancient Chumash Indians, the name of whose little creekside California hamlet of Humaliwo got boiled down by the tongues of the conquering Spanish into the word Malibu. And here s to the widow Rhoda May Knight Rindge, or May to her friends. The last owner of the 17,000-acre Rancho Malibu, she battled the burgeoning Los Angeles County to stop its plans for a coastal road through her property. But back in 1919, L.A. got what L.A. wanted, and the Pacific Coast Highway was born as the Roosevelt Highway. Luckily, Rindge did not live to see the banks of her beloved Malibu Creek developed with outlets for Starbucks and Yogasmoga. Nor, indeed, did she live to see the mid-size Chevy Chevelle that took the rancho s name in 1964.

Why all the fuss over Malibu in this test of four mid-size sedans? No particular reason, except that we decided to take the new Malibu and its most formidable competitors to Rindge s old, sunny seaside homestead, where the miles of good road are today outnumbered only by the suntanned utopians carrying their teacup Maltipoos.

Radically redesigned this year, the Chevy Maltipoo, er, Malibu has its name written on the front doors in widely spaced movie-theater-marquis letters, as if a David Lean epic is about to open. To keep the prices real, we opted for the base engines on all the cars in this test. While the others here have conventionally breathing four-cylinder engines displacing 2.4 to 2.5 liters, the Malibu goes turbo right off the bat with a blown 1.5-liter. Our LT is a couple of steps up from the bottom, and as equipped is the most expensive car here at $27,940. However, knock off the $1150 sunroof that we opened just once, to make sure it did open, and the Malibu would be the second-cheapest car in this test.

We re always extolling the Honda Accord. and its near-perennial status as a 10Best winner ensures its place in this test as the high castle for everyone else to throw rocks at. The version to buy is the Sport manual, but as this is a slush-only test, we took this opportunity to live for a while with the optional continuously variable transmission. A CVT is as far as you can possibly get from a manual unless your car has hydrostatic drive. The Accord doesn t, but it does offer a Sensing package with a bunch of anti-collision systems that add a grand to the price. Even so, at $26,900, this Accord Sport represents the second-lowest price.

Mazda s 6 is always a sales underdog, a brand-B pick that is still built in Japan and still living in the shadows of giants. More than seven Toyota Camrys get sold for every Mazda 6. But the 6 is a former comparo winner and 10Best awardee. If the Malibu is to earn space on the zestier side of the family-car menu, it s the 6 that it will have to contend with. The current 6 debuted in 2014 but got an update for 2016 that includes a fancier interior. Of the three trim levels available, our Touring is the middle one, with a 184-hp 2.5-liter four and a six-speed automatic. Our sleek test car arrived with just one option: $300 Soul Red paint.

And speaking of the big C, here comes the sales champ, natty in a swish blue robe and rolling on 18-inch aluminum wheels with black accents. This Lawrence Welk of Toyota Camrys ouch, okay, maybe this Lady Gaga of Camrys is an SE, with the wheels, Blue Streak Metallic paint, and blue seats and blue-glowing gauges (you gotta really like blue) that are all tossed in with the $1875 Special Edition package. If you don t fancy blue, pearl white is also available. Our one option, an entertainment-and-navigation suite, costs $525.

Thus, the Malibu must contend with two market giants in the Accord and Camry and a left-field challenger in the 6. The hugely competitive mid-size segment is home to scores of other entries. But we ve bypassed the Sweet 16 and gone straight to the Final Four. Some of the slighted competitors will get a chance in the future to face the winner of this comparo, so we d better get on with the business of picking one.