American Civil War Reproduction Camping Items- 540 888 3595 – by The



. $9.00

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Wood items

This is the one issue item (besides his weapon) a soldier would not be caught without. Reenactments take place in varying weather conditions including rain, snow, and cold windy marches. Getting your uniform wet on a Friday night can make the whole rest of the weekend miserable. This one versatile item can make all the difference. Our Ponchos are light weight yet durable. They are properly made of 100% cotton canvas with vulcanized black rubber coating, and all edges and neck are reinforced, and brass grommets are set with reinforcements. 6′ x 42″..$37.50

Beware of cheap copies!
We have seen others ponchos manufactured from cheap yard goods
which have canvas separating from the rubber after very little use.
And some are being made with synthetic liners.

Wear it to keep dry, warm, and to block the wind. In snow conditions it can be worn inside out for camouflage.
Place it on the ground to sit or lay on. and the dirt and moisture will not soak into your uniform.
Put it over the end of your shelter as a door.
Wrap your spare clothes in it to keep the dew and dampness out.
With a little string it can be tied to a tree for a makeshift shelter.

RUBBERIZED GROUND CLOTH – as above with no neck hole or button. $35.00

Confederate PAINTED CANVAS GROUND CLOTH – with edge reinforcements and grommets. $35.00

This rubberized 100% canvas is much heavier and more durable than the ready-made poncho’s and ground cloths.
It is about 42 wide, and we will cut it to any length you desire rounded to 1/2 yard.

If you see no need for grommets in your ground cloth – this is an less expensive / more durable alternative.
Camping without a tent? 4 yards will wrap under over your sleeping blankets.
Make a sack to keep your gear dry.
$15.00 per yard. 42″ wide

Included are all pieces needed to assemble your own poncho made from our heavier, more durable rubberized material. (You will need to purchase glue) The pieces are pre-cut to size, and the kit contains complete instructions, grommets, and one neck hole button. In just a few hours, working outside, or in a well ventilated room. you can totally glue your own poncho together. The only sewing is 1 button at the neck – and that is optional. Grommet setting may require a trip to your local awing shop, or you can purchase a grommet setting tool at any half way decent fabric or hobby shop. Do allow your poncho to dry for 24 hours before use. $29.50

If you are making a poncho, or repairing one, we have found that 3M Black Automotive Weather Stripping glue works best (It is sold a auto repair shops for putting the black rubber stuff in place around your car windows.) It stays flexible, and does not show up badly if you are a little messy.

GROUND CLOTH KIT – Just like Poncho Kit (see above) but no neck hole pieces or button. $27.50

MATTRESS / CARRY-ALL-SACK – The ultimate portable mattress. This 100% cotton canvas 6′ long x 28 wide bag folds and ties shut on one end to make a pillow. It is water mildew resistant. This mattress bag is great for carrying your stuff into the event. Then at night you stuff it with straw for a comfortable nights sleep, up off of the cold damp ground. When the event is over, dump out the straw, stuff your gear in, and all your stuff is together in a water resistant sack for the trip home. It is also good for hiding and protecting swimming pool air mattresses and foam pads. $42.50

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Call World-Class Data Recovery Experts.
Data Recovery Service for Hard Disk Drive, SSD RAID Recovery

M icro C om Worldwide Data Recovery engineers have been successfully serving to retrieve data from what were called rotating memory devices a long time ago now known by most of us as hard disk drives for well over two full decades. OK, admittedly the image on the right is a bit more likely to depict what your brain might feel like right now, and not so much what actually went awry in the disk drive inside the failed, intensely troubled computer system you may be staring at.

The point is, MicroCom Data Recovery Service exists not just for profit, but to help you . in your time of need. We never forget we’re a service first. So whether data on your hard drive was damaged by fire, or by flood or by any of the numerous, far more likely and usual causes of data loss: the drive won’t mount, it’s crashed, clicking, unbootable (i.e. you have a hard drive failure ), there is friendly, expert remedy available right now. just a phone call away: 844.432.8256 .

So whether you’ve had a hard disk drive crash/failure, or mission critical files suddenly became inaccessible, or the power went out and now that it’s back on again data seems “lost” and your lifeblood information gone with it, we can help. Did a now former employee reformat a company hard drive? Did your data back-up process or BC (Business Continuity) plan fail? Even in the above pictured case of severe environmental damage to your equipment. whatever your situation world-class MicroCom data recovery experts can get your data back safe and sound.

Why Choose MicroCom.

  • For over 25 years as of 2015, MicroCom has been successfully recovering data from hard drives and, for as long as they’ve been in use, as long as there’s been a need, RAID data storage subsystems .

  • Our engineers are highly experienced in all operating systems and data storage media. They know both the science and the art of safely saving your data with the lowest possible risk of permanent information loss. they know sophisticated techniques built on numerous years of experience, and they know data storage hardware technology from the standpoint of hard disk drive design engineering. In terms of expertise, you’ll know that your data is in good hands the hands of experience.
  • World class customer service with immediate connection to a live data recovery expert. no automated routing of calls during normal business hours.
  • We not only save your data, we rigorously protect your information security as well as your personal and corporate privacy. We put our commitment to this in writing: check it out .
  • We understand how stressful a data loss situation can be, and we are intently focused on and committed to providing you with the absolute highest quality service and technical support. both during the process and after your data is retrieved. Call us. check us out.

    Data on Failed Hard Drives: Our Specialty

    An amazing mechanism (with its cover off), storing as much as a terabyte of data inside a laptop computer.

    Hard drive recovery (or rescuing data from any other storage medium for that matter) is as much an art as it is a science. The technology involved in the process of recovering data from devices based on spinning disk technology often require an advanced level of expertise. One false move and your prognosis for retrieval of data may worsen, quickly, permanently. Our chief engineer has over 30 years experience recovering data and knows every trick in the book. In the same way that you would expect a medical surgeon to protect your well-being and do no harm, exposing you to a minimum of risk, every member of our rigorously trained recovery engineering team is keenly dedicated to protecting the media that holds the recordings of your data during the diagnostic analysis phase. Since 1989, thousands of grateful clients have learned, if MicroCom can’t get your data back no one can, and the reason is, quite simply, the data exist no longer .

    You may be also assured that our data recovery engineers have seasoned experience with all operating systems platforms. running on all manner of data storage equipment hardware, which includes not only hard disk drives (HDDs), but also Solid State Devices (SSD s) and optical discs (DVDs CD-Rs).

    It’s no obstacle for us whether your trouble or data recovery requirement has arisen with a MacBook Pro , a or a heretofore trusty iMac G5 , based on any of the feline breeds of Apple Mac OS. or whether disaster reared its head on a complex RAID running UNIX (e.g. SCO, Solaris), Linux, Novell Netware, AS400, RS6000/AIX, or even on a classic DOS or any of the wide array of more modern Microsoft operating systems such as Windows-7 thru Windows-10 , Windows XP , Win2K or

    Windows 2003/2008 Server we’ll get your data back if it still exists, with unsurpassed courtesy and consideration combined with the most advanced skill and tools available.

    MicroComWorldwide Data Recovery

    may be located in Chatsworth, California

    but it’s not so far away.

    Our long list of clients includes companies and individuals from all over the world. So whether you’re in Los Angeles or within the nearby local Los Angeles area. or in New York. Miami. Chicago. or Denver. Hong Kong. England. Indonesia or Timbuktu wherever you are.

    We’re only one day away by FedEx . UPS
    or any other major overnight courier!

    If your hard disk drive is still under manufacturer’s warranty. MicroCom extends the additional consideration of sending the defective hard drive back to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

    Some verbal applause from clients.

    Call an Expert Now for a FREE Consultation .

  • Consultant directory #consultants, #gps, #doctors, #surgeons, #anaesthetics, #burns #and #plastics, #cardiology, #cardiothoracic


    Consultant directory

    With so many consultants, all with special interests, we appreciate it can be difficult for GPs to make the right referral choice, and it can be confusing for patients.

    This consultant directory is offered as an easy reference guide to the specific clinical services and interests of all the consultants working at or for University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

    Browse by category

    Browse by category results: ophthalmology

    Mr Michael A Burdon, Consultant Neuro-Ophthalmologist

    Graduated from the University of London (St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School). Post-graduate medical training in Oxford. Ophthalmology training in Birmingham and London. Sub-speciality interest in neuro-ophthalmology.

    Mr Alastair Denniston, Consultant Ophthalmologist (Uveitis/Med Retina)

    Graduated from the University of Cambridge and awarded a PhD from the University of Birmingham. Previously clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham. Special interests include uveitis, ocular inflammatory disease and medical retina.

    Lt Col Nicholas Glover, Consultant Vitreoretinal Surgeon

    Completed his higher training in ophthalmology at Oxford University and is a fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Specialist areas are vitreoretinal surgery, trauma and medical retina and cataract procedures.

    Lt Col Andrew S Jacks, Consultant Neuro-Ophthalmologist

    Trained in ophthalmic surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital London. Special interests in military ophthalmology and ophthalmic trauma, neuro-ophthalmology and adult strabismus.

    Mr Sai Kolli, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

    Graduated from Cambridge University. Postgraduate training in Birmingham, Leeds and Moorfields Eye Hospital. PhD in corneal stem cell therapies in 2009. Special interests; corneal and external eye disease, corneal, cataract and refractive surgery.

    Mr Timothy D Matthews, Consultant Neuro-Ophthalmologist

    His areas of clinical interest are neuro-ophthalmology, eye movement disorders and squints, glaucoma, cataract and refractive surgery. He is the clinical surgery lead for ophthalmology at UHB and the regional advisor of the West Midlands Deanery.

    Miss Faye Mellington, Consultant Opthalmic, Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgeon

    Graduated from Oxford University in 2000. Completed Ophthalmology training in London and Oxford and advanced subspecialty training in Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery in Oxford, Birmingham and Moorfield Eye Hospital, London.

    Mr Shabbir Mohamed, Consultant Ophthalmologist

    Graduated with honours from Manchester Medical School in 1996; his main interests are the medical, laser and surgical management of patients with glaucoma and management of patients with ocular surface disease including red, sore eyes.

    Miss Susan Mollan, Consultant Ophthalmologist

    Completed higher surgical training at Oxford and the West Midlands. Had advanced training in neuro-ophthalmology, adult strabismus and glaucoma. Interests include furthering medical education along by developing and maintaining medical standards.

    Mr Aidan Murray, Ocular Plastic Consultant

    Gained his first medical qualification in 1991 from the Royal London Hospital and completed his specialist training in ophthalmology in Birmingham. He is a specialist in oculoplastic, lacrimal and orbital surgery.

    Miss Helen E Palmer, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Medical Retina

    Gained her first medical qualification from Guy’s Hospital, London and completed her specialist training in London and Birmingham. Her interests include diabetic and vascular eye disease, macular degeneration and uveitis.

    Professor Pete Shah, Consultant Ophthalmologist

    An internationally recognised leader in glaucoma surgery. Also specialises in complex cataract surgery.

    Contact us

    Heritage Building
    (Queen Elizabeth Hospital)

    Mindelsohn Way
    Edgbaston, Birmingham
    B15 2TH

    Tel: 0121 627 2000

    Queen Elizabeth
    Hospital Birmingham

    Mindelsohn Way
    Edgbaston, Birmingham
    B15 2GW

    Tel: 0121 627 2000

    Heating & Air Conditioning #heating,heating #and #air #conditioning #installation,emergency #service,air #conditioning,heating #&


    Michael Heating Air Conditioning

    Michael Heating and Air would be happy to be your hometown Heating and Air company. We offer Free estimates if you are in need of a heating or cooling replacement. Also call us for maintenance visits to keep your system running at its best. When your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump is having difficulty, call us for a Service call. If you are looking for a local, honest, family owned business that’s been serving Clarke, Oconee, and surrounding counties for over 40 years give us a call 706-353-6773.


    HURRY! OFFER ENDS MAY 31, 2017.

    Special event going on now!

    No interest if Paid in Full up to 60 months

    Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the promotional period.1

    Subject to credit approval.

    Minimum purchase of qualifying equipment.

    1 The Visa credit card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Special terms apply to qualifying purchases of $XXX or more charged with approved credit. Minimum monthly payments are required during the promotional(special terms) period. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date at the APR for Purchases if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the promotional period. Paying only the monthly minimum payment will not pay off the purchase balance before the end of the promotional period. For new accounts, the APR for Purchases is 28.99%. If you are charged interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00. This information is accurate as of 01/06/2016 and is subject to change. For current information, call us at 1-800-431-5921. Offer expires 05/31/2017

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    Plumbing Repair in Tucson, AZ

    Experiencing plumbing leaks or cracks in Tucson, AZ? Contact the team at Rite Way Heating, Cooling Plumbing. When you have blockage or drips in your plumbing system, or need regular maintenance to prevent future repairs and wasted money, call our experienced technicians for plumbing repair service. Rite Way plumbing is the number one choice for all of your plumbing repair needs.

    Rite Way s plumber was punctual, professional and did an outstanding job of fixing our plumbing problems for the price we agreed on with Angie s List. We could not have asked for better service and will continue to use this company for future heating, cooling and plumbing jobs. Thomas W

    Tucson Plumbing Repair Services

    At Rite Way, we specialize in the following plumbing repair services but are not limited to:

    When addressing problems with your homes plumbing systems, such as faucets, showers, sinks toilets and bathtubs, Rite Way carefully assesses the situation, makes a diagnosis, and fixes the problem correctly the first time. Our professional service will save you from future repairs. Our team works hard on every plumbing service and repair call we receive to ensure our plumbing customers in Tucson are always satisfied.

    Rite Way will ensure that all plumbing repairs and services are performed with the highest quality service. Beyond the repair work we offer, we also specialize in plumbing installation services. The Rite Way team can assist with any large or small plumbing installation job. Our highly skilled plumbers and technicians are the best in the business, earning us an outstanding reputation in the Tucson community. Give us a call at 520-445-3395 to make an appointment!

    I just wanted to drop you guys a line……ONE HELL OF A GREAT JOB! The smell problem we were having at El-Rio golf course has been plaguing The City of Tucson for over 20 some odd years. No one has been able to eliminate it. You guys have a great team member that is very knowledgeable and knows his craft. I appreciate your effort in solving this matter GOOD JOB BRYCE, HIS CREW, AND RITE WAY PLUMBING.

    Emergency Plumbing Service in Tucson, AZ

    Are you having a plumbing emergency? Rite Way has highly trained technicians in Tucson on call 24/7 to meet your every need. Call us at 520-445-3395 so our professionals can help you quickly and efficiently!

    Plumber, Plumbing Service, Emergency Plumbing Repair in Tucson, AZ

    If you’ve had a great experience with Rite Way make sure to review us today!

    Emergency Notification – Mass Communication Software #emergency #notification #software


    Enterprise-Class Emergency Notification

    Businesses need more than simple outbound
    mass messaging. they need a comprehensive system for complex situations.

    • Incredibly adaptable—use it the way that suits your business
    • Robust reliable—it’s there when you need it most
    • Two-way communication—know what and who to focus on

    You should decide how to use your emergency mass notification system.

    ERMS is the developer and provider of Advantage . the industry’s most flexible and adaptable emergency mass notification system. The Advantage EMNS is a complete solution with 7 tightly-integrated modules including: Messenger, Mapper, Library, HotLine, Crisis Manager, Roll Call, and myAdvantage.

    And it’s sold as a complete system (the opposite of add-ons) and backed by an abundance of Administrator tools and settings that provide advanced flexibility.

    Mobile Apps built to save lives.

    It’s one thing to create mass notification software that stands up to any type of emergency. It’s another to stay one step ahead of evolving technologies and industry trends. But it is something else entirely to do both without losing touch with what the end-user needs and wants.

    We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver enterprise-class, scalable, and relevant solutions while still working closely with our customers.

    What’s the ERMS Advantage difference? First-class responsiveness combined with enterprise-class capabilities.

    Proactive Approach
    In an industry where getting there first matters, we invest in research and development to stay on top of emerging technology and industry trends. We are always looking to deliver enhancements to our solutions—sometimes before our customers are aware of the need. We are in this for the long haul.

    Collaborative Relationships
    Our highly-trained team works with our customers to understand their goals and guide them through a comprehensive (custom and live) implementation and training process. And we continue to work collaboratively with our customers on an ongoing basis to ensure the ERMS Advantage emergency notification system is configured to suit their unique needs. If a customer requests added functionality, we do our best to accommodate. No red tape or market analysis. In fact, over 80% of our product development road map comes directly from customer input.

    Comprehensive Solutions
    In a crisis, having one unified system that can handle all outgoing and incoming automated notifications simultaneously is essential. We focus on what we do best: emergency mass notification software. It is a cohesive solution…not a piece of one. No plug-ins, add-ons or extras. It’s also adaptable and flexible with the industry’s most comprehensive API. That means you can configure it to suit your exact needs, and easily integrate it with other 3rd party complementary alerting technology–or with your existing database software.

    First Responder #first #responder #training, #firefighter #training, #ems #training, #emergency #responder #training


    “We have been using Action Training Systems for 6 monthsnow and find it to be an extremely valuable addition to our trainingprogram. It has provided our firefighterswith an online tool that is comprehensive and challenging with 24/7accessibility. It has allowed us tofocus more on our practical training knowing the theoretical portion has beentaken of through the ATS online modules. The technical s.

    “The ATS Online interactive course delivery system is excellent and running flawlessly. We are very pleased with this product and the fact that we no longer have to maintain any locally installed software to access your courses.”
    Parry Boogard – Battalion Chief – Training, Safety EMS – Valley Regional Fire Authority, Auburn, WA

    “We couldn’t be happier with new ATS Online platform and quality of training available. We have started working through the courses and have even utilized the streaming videos during our training the other night, which worked out beautifully”.
    Tyler Abhold – Training Coordinator – Yakima County Fire District #4 – Yakima, WA

    “After 6 months of using ATS Online as part of our training program, we have seen an overall increase in competency for both testing outcomes and during drills, we will definitely be renewing our subscription!”
    Frank Bracken – Fire Training Officer, Chena Goldstream Fire Department. Fairbanks, AK

    After obtaining feedback from our members I am writing to say that we found your training to be both enjoyable and informative. This course is designed for the individual who desires to become certified as a firefighter and prefers to work at their own pace. I would highly recommend this to any department small or large.
    Ron Bennett – Captain/Training – Retreat Volunteer Fire Department – Co.

    “With Action Training Systems, we can assign the class to everybody and it’s easy to track. We run reports to tell us who has and who hasn’t had the training, and we can teach to the entire department without pulling a truck out of station and driving across town to the training facility, so now they can stay in service.”

    Steve Bailey – Former Assistant Chief – Independence Fire.

    “The (HAZMAT) videos that came out really help drive the point home by describing the containers and showing what they look like,” Tavalez said. “And they can support the instructor’s lecture or bring up topics that they may have forgotten or weren’t a part of the discussion. So the students are looking at something modern and they’re seeing modern equipment and they can relate to it a lot better.

    “Your computer-based training is the greatest educational purchase we’ve made to date for this department.
    The materials are designed so the firefighter is mentally engaged prior to starting an instructor-led course wihich is followed by hands-on training. This system allows our volunteers a time-enriched training atmosphere. With our firefighters better prepared and more engaged. We’ve achi.

    “I think your course format is great. The way it is set up you have to honestly take the course not just pencil-whip it.”

    Tom Jorgensen – Deputy Chief – Findlay Fire Department – Findlay, OH

    “We have been pleased with the online firefighter modules from Action Training Systems. We are currently working on Salvage Overhaul, then we’ll be heading into Fire Detection, Alarms Communication. Since we started using this training system, we’ve noticed that the members who’ve participated in the online modules as assigned, end up having a much greater understanding of what is expe.

    “Its’ all up to date. ATS always updates their stuff. It looks good, it’s straight forward and it’s quality.”

    Tom Christie – 1st Assistant Chief – Stanford Heights Fire District – Serving Colonie Niskayuna, NY

    “We have been using Action Training Systems for 6 months now and find it to be an extremely valuable addition to our training program. It has provided our firefighters with an online tool that is comprehensive and challenging with 24/7 accessibility. It has allowed us to focus more on our practical training knowing the theoretical portion has been taken of through the ATS online modules. The techn.

    “The Action Training program is extremely comprehensive and as simple and accommodating
    as it gets for firefighters and users that need the flexibility to achieve any aspect of training desired.
    Very straight forward from logging on to tracking the progress of each firefighter.
    As a Fire Chief I personally appreciate viewing our Firefighter progress and at the same
    time review.

    I want to thank you and the personnel, of Action Training Systems. For the past three years we of Mason Fire District have used your programs to raise the awareness and skills of our Firefighters and are now reaping the rewards. Your well thought out and informative programs have resulted in a demonstrably improved Department.
    This was proven in our recent elevation from a WSRB ratting of 8/.

    ATS Online Training is working great for us. We couldn’t ask for better EMT training courses.
    Brad Simpson -Emergency Services Technician
    Motiva Enterprises LLC – Norco Refinery – Norco, LA

    “We like the training that ATS provides. We have successfully used it in our county for new recruits for about 5 years now. They simply watch the modules and take quizzes and test. Every 2 weeks at least we get them together to practices or learn the hands on portion. We have well over a 90% pass rate when they challenge the State of Michigan Firefighter Training Council exam.”
    Martin W. Ers.

    Fire Flood Restoration #damage, #restoration, #restoration #az, #emergency #service, #fire #damage, #water


    For immediate assistance call: 480.214.3747 Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Resolution Fire + Flood is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited firm, so you can feel confident you are partnering with a company with integrity and a focus on “Doing the right thing”. We are licensed, bonded and insured for both residential and commercial projects.

    Even small fires can create significant amounts of soot and odor, leaving the home or office essentially uninhabitable. Resolution Fire + Flood’s processes allow you to get back to normal, FAST. We offer the following services: • Soot removal • Cleaning of the structure, both inside and out • Deodorization services • Contents restoration • Pack out services Learn about our other services.

    Resolution Fire + Flood has the expertise to not only remove moisture from floors and carpet, but dry wall, plaster, cabinets, and more. It is our goal to dry as much as reasonably possible and save both you (and the insurance company) time and money. Our Tools: Innovative moisture detecting equipment, including infrared cameras to see “behind” walls and ceilings to detect moisture. High velocity air movers, axial fans.

    Resolution is IICRC certified for mold remediation. Be aware of mold remediation contractors who do not recommend a third party evaluation from an industrial hygienist. Performing mold remediation without this independent evaluation is a potential conflict of interest for the contractor. The goal for mold remediation is to remove the mold from the premises. Resolution Fire + Flood will give you an honest opinion, and will.

    Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Removal, Crime Scene Cleanup Services #water #damage,fire



    Water Restoration services for residential and commercial clients to help reduce the loss and restore the damage from a water damage situation. The company is IICRC Water Damage Certified and BBB Accredited with technicians who know how to handle any type of damage situation. Flood or water situations should be handled with restoration specialists who know how to prevent further issues and have the correct equipment to test to make sure the moisture is eliminated.

    Mold Remediation occurs from typically having too much moisture which creates mold spores that can spread easily when touched or when they feel defensive. Small shower mold remediation projects can be done by removing the grout or smaller area and putting it in a sealed 6 mil bag. Larger areas which are more than 10 inches of mold should be completed by the IICRC Mold Guidelines by a professional remediation company.

    Fire Damage Restoration is typically completed by a full service restoration company that can repair the fire damage and also rebuild the home. These services are performed by IICRC certified fire restoration technicians who go to on site courses before ever stepping into a person’s home. Our team is trained and experienced in fire restoration work and the company has been around since 1989.

    Smoke Damage happens in a home or building when the fire has become large and the smoke goes into the drywall and other surfaces and causes odors and hazardous breathing conditions which need to be taken care of properly and tested with the proper equipment to make sure the air is breathable and safe for living.

    RN Programs Bay Area California #cerebral #palsy #center,emergency #medical #services,practical #nurse #programs


    RN Programs Bay Area California

    County Of San Diego Community Profiles California Home Page
    Marcy Metz, RN. CEN, Chief of Emergency Medical Services BAJA CALIFORNIA L ORANGE Anza-Borrego Springs Palomar-Julian Jamul Mountain Empire Pendleton Ramona Fallbrook considered, such as, Subregional Area. Census Tract, Zip Code, or City.

    Left: Chevron In California Bottom Chevron Corporation Home
    Hivwn|i(lftqCf|n| t|nr(FFil|rn | CnOilRniwn| Cn8ehClnViiprn9i(fpt|eifn|inCf tfsCn In the San Francisco BayArea. we maintain our Chevron s total investment in California community programs and nonprofit

    Understanding rn And LPn State Of Oregon: State Of Oregon
    Ms. Mill is a staff nurse in at BayArea Hospital in Coos Bay and has more certificate from the University of California in Davis, Calif. Also offers RN -to-BSN program. Practical NurSe PrOgraMS apollo college Web site: 2010 Lloyd Center,

    STATE OF CALIFORNIA Welcome To The Emergency Medical
    RN. Barry Hurd, Del For providing dedicated community service in organizing public access defibrillation programs in San Diego County. and Neonatal Disaster Coalition hailing from the BayArea with work groups being formed in Southern and Central California as well as in the BayArea.

    Nurse-Driven Programs To Improve Patient Outcomes
    Nurse-Driven Programs to Improve Patient Outcomes Transforming Care at the Bedside, Francisco, California ; Director (Dr Lacey), Nursing Workforce and cated in the San Francisco Bayarea .12 Funding was

    Family Matters
    State of California may or may not have a budget by the time this letter reaches your ed temporary suspension of new admissions to some of our flagship programs such as Acute Care PNP and Perinatal CNS. Nevertheless, FHCN is co-sponsoring the BayArea Advanced Practices

    ^ RAHMAN ZAMANI, MD, MPH Director of Programs ^ EILEEN M. WALSH, RN. MPH Child Care Health Consultant/Healthline Nurse * The California Child Care Portfolio, BayArea (510) 622-2602 Central Coast (805) 682-7647

    The Status Of Science Education In BayArea Elementar Y
    E x te rn a l O rg a n iz a tio n s P ro v id in g S u p p o rt fo r S c ie n c e E d u c a tio n 0 % 1 0 % 2 0 % 3 0 % 4 0 % 5 0 % 6 0 % In fo rm a l BayArea school district survey (almost 60% of BayArea school districts responded,

    Middletown NY Plumber And Heating Professional – Middletown Plumbing and Heating: Home


    Local, Professional Fair Pricing Guaranteed

    Welcome to Middletown Plumbing Heating, your local plumbing and heating specialists.

    Are you looking for a plumber in Middletown, New York? You’ve come to the right place. No job is too big or small! We gladly serve both residential and commercial accounts . Our qualified plumbing service technicians are fully trained and insured to assist you.

    All of our plumbers are prepared to handle any job throughout the Hudson Valley and Orange County New York. Unlike the competition, our technicians undergo many hours of rigorous training before they even step through your door. We continuously conduct on the job training, so that are plumbers are always on the cutting edge of plumbing technology innovation. We use a network of plumbers, heating techs, and AC professionals, to make sure you get the best service, in the quickest time!

    We understand that plumbing and heating problems can occur unexpectedly at any time, that’s why offer 24 hour emergency service.

    We are dedicated to providing quality plumbing heating solutions, at the best price possible. We pride ourselves at providing superior customer satisfaction and value.

    We provide a wide arrange of services to meet your needs. From replacing water heaters, to installing new gas lines, to fixing that leaky pipe, at Middletown Plumbing Heating we got you covered.

    We gladly offer free quotes and estimates. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to ask about current discounts and promotions!

    Middletown NY 10940 & 10941

    At Middletown Plumbing Heating we pride ourselves in staying local. We love Middletown, New York, it is the home many of our network of service professionals. We always show our Middletown Middie Pride! We thank you for supporting us!

    Check Us out on Yelp. We are listed as a Best 10 Plumbers in Middletown, New York!!


    At Middletown Plumbing Heating you can expect only the best service possible. We pride ourselves on treating every customer with care. Having any repair done to your home can seem daunting, however you can rest easy knowing that we only employ qualified trained technicians offering fast and reliable service. We work with only the best professionally trained technicians

    Our network of plumbing techs are qualified to work throughout Orange, Ulster Sullivan Counties. We continually serve the following areas:


    At Middletown Plumbing Heating we believe in one simple concept. We do our best to serve you, the customer. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. You’re the boss! It is our goal to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction to every single job we undertake. Whether it may be simple water heater replacement for your home, or a large commercial plumbing job, we treat every challenge with the highest priority for our business. We totally understand you have the option to choose any other plumbing and heating company, and we humbly thank you for choosing to work with us. We love working Middletown, New York, and providing the best plumbing business, and we hope to continue to provide excellent value and service for many years to come. Give us a call at (845) 200-2351 if you have any questions.

    Call Middletown Plumbing Heating for a free estimate on your water heater repair or replacement. We service all makes and models, and offer same day water heater replacement in Orange County. We gladly accept all major credit debit cards.

    We work with the best plumbing businesses in the area to offer you the best plumbing and heating experience.

    Emergency Plumber Atlanta 877-297-4570 #emergency #plumber #atlanta, #emergency #plumbing #atlanta, #plumbing #service


    Emergency Plumber Atlanta

    Emergency Plumber Pros

    If you are in need of an emergency plumber, we are just a phone call (or email) away.

    There’s never a good time for plumbing emergencies, but when they do happen it’s important to hire a professional who can resolve your problem quickly so you don’t have to stress over it for very long.

    Call Emergency Plumbing Service in Atlanta at 877-297-4570

    We’ll Be There Pronto. When you have a plumbing emergency, Emergency Plumber Pros can dispatch one of our experts to the rescue! Our technician will quickly arrive on scene, diagnose the problem and give you an accurate and detailed written estimate of the needed repair. Once we have your permission to proceed with the job, we work quickly and efficiently so you can get your home or business back to normal as soon as possible.

    Real Expertise. We’ve got the experience and the real expertise to handle almost any plumbing problem you can throw at us including drain and toilet stoppages and repairs, garbage disposal issues, dishwasher problems, water heater repair and replacement, sewer and water line cleaning, repair and replacement. In other words, if you’ve got anything from a stopped up drain to leaking pipes to a gushing water line break, our trained technicians can fix it.

    24 Hour Plumber Atlanta. Because emergencies always seem to happen at the worst possible moment and often in the wee hours of the night or on a weekend or even a holiday, our hotline is always open — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In other words, we never close. We take pride in the fact that we are at your service any time you need us — day or night. We are truly your 24 hour plumbing Atlanta.

    We Are Licensed. Our plumbers all have an up-to-date plumbing trade license as mandated by our state and local laws. They have passed competency tests of their plumbing skills and our strict screening process to qualify for our team.

    We Are Bonded. Never hire a plumbing company or a contractor of any kind who doesn’t offer the protection of a bond. A bond is a form of insurance that protects both you and us. Our bond is current and our bond number and certification are always available upon request.

    We Are Insured. We are fully insured. That means we have both liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance.

    Liability insurance covers any property damage or injuries caused by our work.

    Workers Compensation covers a worker injured while doing your repair without regard to who is at fault in the accident. Workers’ Comp provides payments for lost wages and medical services and (God forbid!) benefits to the worker’s family in the event of death.

    Our full insurance coverage ensures that you never have to worry about being liable for any missteps, incompetence or mishaps that might occur in the course of repairs. No fly by night plumbing service Atlanta here!

    Affordable Emergency Plumbing Atlanta. Hiring a plumber shouldn’t cost you a small fortune. We always do our best to resolve your plumbing problem at an affordable price. Our trucks are fully stocked to save valuable time and expense while getting the job done efficiently.

    Emergency Plumbing Service

    Guaranteed! Everything we do is absolutely guaranteed. Our master plumbers strive to provide the highest quality service no matter the size of the job. No job is too big or too small for us.

    Professional, Courteous and Neat! We take pride in the professional and courteous service you will receive from our staff. Our skilled plumbers make sure the job gets done right. And when the job is done, they leave your home as neat and clean as possible (considering the type of emergency we dealt with!)

    If you need a professional plumber, give us a call or contact us via the form on this page.

    Call Emergency Plumber Atlanta 877-297-4570

    Emergency Plumber Pros
    235 Peachtree St NE #400
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Atlanta, Decatur, Avondale Estates, Scottdale, Conley, Forest Park, Clarkston, Ellenwood, Smyrna, Mableton, Pine Lake, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Morrow, Red Oak, Clarkdale, Austell, Redan, Riverdale, Marietta, Rex, Lithonia, Lithia Springs, Union City, Jonesboro, Norcross, Lilburn, Stockbridge, Fairburn, Inman, Powder Springs, Douglasville, Fayetteville, Roswell, Alpharetta, Duluth, Snellville, Lawrenceville, Conyers, Tyrone, Kennesaw, Lovejoy, North Metro, Hiram, Palmetto, Mcdonough, Hampton, Woodstock, Grayson, Winston, Peachtree City, Acworth, Dallas, Suwanee, Loganville, Sunny Side, Holly Springs, Sharpsburg, Covington, Newnan, Porterdale, Locust Grove, Turin, Dacula, Emerson, Buford, Sargent, Jenkinsburg, Cartersville
    30002, 30003, 30004, 30005, 30006, 30007, 30008, 30009, 30010, 30012, 30013, 30016, 30017, 30019, 30021, 30022, 30023, 30024, 30026, 30029, 30030, 30031, 30032, 30033, 30034, 30035, 30036, 30037, 30038, 30039, 30042, 30043, 30044, 30045, 30046, 30047, 30048, 30049, 30052, 30058, 30060, 30061, 30062, 30063, 30064, 30065, 30066, 30067, 30068, 30069, 30070, 30071, 30072, 30074, 30075, 30076, 30077, 30078, 30079, 30080, 30081, 30082, 30083, 30084, 30085, 30086, 30087, 30088, 30090, 30091, 30092, 30093, 30094, 30095, 30096, 30097, 30098, 30099, 30101, 30102, 30106, 30111, 30120, 30122, 30126, 30127, 30132, 30133, 30134, 30135, 30137, 30141, 30142, 30144, 30152, 30154, 30156, 30157, 30160, 30168, 30187, 30188, 30189, 30213, 30214, 30215, 30228, 30232, 30234, 30236, 30237, 30238, 30248, 30250, 30252, 30253, 30260, 30263, 30264, 30265, 30268, 30269, 30270, 30271, 30272, 30273, 30274, 30275, 30277, 30281, 30284, 30287, 30288, 30289, 30290, 30291, 30294, 30296, 30297, 30298, 30301, 30302, 30303, 30304, 30305, 30306, 30307, 30308, 30309, 30310, 30311, 30312, 30313, 30314, 30315, 30316, 30317, 30318, 30319, 30320, 30321, 30322, 30324, 30325, 30326, 30327, 30328, 30329, 30330, 30331, 30332, 30333, 30334, 30336, 30337, 30338, 30339, 30340, 30341, 30342, 30343, 30344, 30345, 30346, 30347, 30348, 30349, 30350, 30353, 30354, 30355, 30356, 30357, 30358, 30359, 30360, 30361, 30362, 30363, 30364, 30366, 30368, 30369, 30370, 30371, 30374, 30375, 30376, 30377, 30378, 30379, 30380, 30384, 30385, 30386, 30387, 30388, 30389, 30390, 30392, 30394, 30396, 30398, 30399, 30515, 30518, 30519, 31106, 31107, 31119, 31126, 31131, 31132, 31139, 31141, 31145, 31146, 31150, 31156, 31191, 31192, 31193, 31195, 31196, 31197, 31198, 31199, 39901

    Our Rating

    Emergency Plumber Pros

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.

    Emergency Plumbing Atlanta: Fast Response in Atlanta #atlanta #emergency #plumber


    Emergency Plumbing

    Have a plumbing emergency? There is no reason to panic. Just follow some basic first-response steps and then call Atlanta Plumbing Experts for 24/7 emergency plumbing services. At all times of day and night, we are standing by to take care of the problem before it turns into a disaster.

    What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency
    Atlanta Plumbing Experts is ready to handle all types of plumbing emergencies, no matter how big or small. The most common emergency plumbing problems homeowners experience are leaks, clogged toilets, frozen pipes, and burst pipes. In these situations, it is very important that you take the right actions.

    Leaking Pipes
    Do: Turn off the main water valve. If possible, position a bucket under the leak to prevent water damage.
    Don’t: Ignore the problem or try to fix it with methods like waterproof tape. The problem will just get worse and can lead to costly water damage to your property.

    Clogged Toilets
    Do: Try to plunge the toilet to remove the clog. If the toilet looks like it might overflow, remove anything in the vicinity (like bathroom mats) and put newspaper or rags on the floor to absorb the water.
    Don’t: Pour drain cleaner chemicals down the toilet if it is completely clogged. They will just sit on top of the clog and corrode your pipes, leading to a bigger problem.

    Frozen Pipes
    Do: Open the faucets to allow water to circulate through a partially-frozen pipe. This will prevent further freezing and help unthaw the pipe. Call a plumber immediately to prevent pipe from bursting.
    Don’t: Use excessive heat (like a hair dryer or torch) on a frozen pipe. The heat can cause the pipe to burst.

    Burst Pipes
    Do: Turn off main water valve and electricity. Immediately call a plumber. Move any furniture which is in path of the water. Stay away from electrical devices. If your basement is flooding, get out of the house.
    Don’t: Do not put your property ahead of your safety. If there is leaking near electrical outlets or you smell gas, get out of the house immediately.

    We Guarantee to Be There for You in Emergencies
    You need a plumbing company in Atlanta that you can depend on in emergencies. Atlanta Plumbing Pros is proud to say that you can count on us no matter what plumbing emergency occurs. We guarantee that we will be able to help by promptly sending a certified plumber to your home or business in a fully-stocked truck. With the exception of jobs which may require excavation work or repiping, we can generally fix the problem immediately. If the plumbing emergency is a large job, we will do all in our power to solve the immediate problem until we can come back to tackle the root of the problem.

    With fair prices and fast response, there is no need for your plumbing emergency to ruin your life or property! Call us now for immediate plumbing assistance.

    Atlanta Plumbing Experts
    Plumbing services available 24/7

    2484 Briarcliff Road NE
    Atlanta. GA 30329

    A-Plumbing Service and Repair Specialists: Plumbing Company for the South Texas Coastal



    Our Guarantee to You:

    Complete satisfaction with both our service and our plumbers is 100% guaranteed. Our highly-skilled, licensed and insured plumbing professional team want you to have the best experience possible. You can count on our plumbers to identify, explain and address your plumbing problem. We’ll be there when you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because we understand emergencies don’t come at convenient times.

    Chamber Membership:

    We love our Chamber of Commerce and have been a member since 2004! Our membership allows us to network with our community in a way that no other membership can. Participating in events, helping and giving support to our community here in the Texas Coastal Bend is rewarding, but we especially like working with our area youth and are proud donors to Rockport-Fulton High School’s “Project Graduation”!

    Customer Loyalty:

    We have the most technologically advanced plumbing tools & equipment available. We treat every plumbing project like an emergency and never sacrifice quality. With over 100,000 service calls logged, we pride ourselves on doing the best job possible! We have a 5-Star Rating from Yelp as well and Top-Rated by Angie’s List! We thank you sincerely for your business and trust! Give us a call TODAY: 361-790-9005 or 361-758-3516 today!

    Our Green Philosophy:

    A-Plumbing offers valuable tips and recommendations to home owners and businesses with regard to Water Conservation. A leaky or dripping faucet or a running toilet can waste many gallons of water per day. We fix leaks and help conserve our precious water. We support the efforts of our local and state agencies who remind us daily. TO THINK GREEN AND CONSERVE WATER!

    Copyright 2017 FREE ESTIMATES

    South Carolina Emergency Management Division #scemd, #south #carolina, #emergency, #management, #hurricane, #disaster,


    Welcome To SCEMD

    The South Carolina Emergency Management Division, a division of the Adjutant General s Office, is the coordinating agency responsible for the statewide emergency management program. SCEMD s mission is to develop, coordinate, and lead the state emergency management program, enabling effective preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters in order to save lives, reduce human suffering and minimize property loss.

    Columbia, S.C. – Summer is what South Carolina is known for. With all the fun in the sun to be had, it s also when the potential increases for heat-related injuries. Stay safe with these tips. Read More.

    S.C. Hurricane Guide Available May 28, 2017

    Columbia, S.C. – The Official 2017 South Carolina Hurricane Guide will be released via 10 coastal newspapers, available in 20 SCDMV offices in coastal counties and at any Walgreens store statewide. The Guide will be available for download on Read More.

    Severe Weather Flood Safety

    Columbia, S.C. South Carolina s Severe Weather and Flood Safety Preparedness Week for 2017 will be observed March 5-11 this year. Read More.

    Below Freezing Temps to Continue Through Sunday

    Columbia, S.C. (Saturday, January 7, 2017) The S.C. Emergency Management Division encourages everyone in the state to be prepared for below freezing conditions that are expected to continue after this weekend s winter storm. Read More.

    Winter Weather Begins in South Carolina

    Columbia, S.C. (Friday, January 6, 2017) – Governor Nikki Haley has declared a State of Emergency in advance on a winter storm that has begun to affect the state. Read More.

    Residents Should Prepare for Winter Weather

    Columbia, S.C. (Thursday, January 5, 2017) – The South Carolina Emergency Management Division asks residents to prepare themselves and their homes for possible winter weather. Forecasters with the National Weather Service expect a wintry mix of snow, ice and rain for much of the state beginning Friday evening and lasting through Saturday. Read More.

    Locksmith Flower Mound TX – #1 Local Emergency Services #locksmith #in #flower


    Locksmith Flower Mound TX – #1 Local Emergency Services

    Most of our professional locksmith services can be scheduled and completed within one business day. We equip our mobile units with the most advanced tools and quality hardware to handle all of your locksmith needs quickly and efficiently. Our services range from residential door locking systems to large commercial security door locking systems.

    Here are a few of our services:

    • Duplicate key cutting
    • Rekeying of residential and commercial locks
    • Security Gate locking systems
    • Master key system installation for commercial properties and apartment complexes
    • Emergency unlock and repair services available 24/7
    • Safes, locks and keys locksmithing
    • Keyless entry lock systems for residential and commercial properties
    • Access control system for increased security

    All of our services are performed by qualified technicians who are experienced with the newest locksmith techniques and advanced door hardware. Our residential and commercial customers enjoy the added convenience of 24 hour, 7 days a week, emergency locksmith services. If you have a lockout emergency we will be there any time day or night.


    Why Locksmith Flower Mound TX?

    Lock related issues can happen to you when you least expect them, and that’s when you need a locksmith. You start thinking: Is it possible to find a reliable and skilled locksmith near me ? – and that’s where we jump in. Of course it is possible, with our professionals at Locksmith Flower Mound TX who are licensed and insured, as well as bonded. We are your best allies in solving lock related problems. If you are searching for the best locksmith in Flower Mound TX, you will find us.

    You can experience a lock related situation in the most inconvenient time. If you, let’s say, have a terrible experience of attempt burglary in your home, you want to rely on a trustworthy professional who can provide you with a premium locksmith services. We supply a variety of other locksmith services as well, from helping you when you are locked out of your car or office, to upgrading your security system.

    Additional locksmith services we can provide for you:

    • Lock rekeying / replacement
    • Safe combination resets
    • Opening jammed doors
    • Security system upgrade
    • Broken key extraction
    • Automotive lock issues
    • CCTV system installation

    Our trained professionals are equipped with the latest technology so we can offer you high quality brands, such as Master lock, Yale, Kwikset and Schlage door locks. Our company is bonded and has insurance, as well as license, so you can feel confident in hiring experts. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and we can get to you in the shortest time to provide you with the locksmith services you need.

    Estimate your cost! – Customer’s trust is one of the most important things, so at Flower Mound TX Locksmith service, we want to keep things honest with you. Estimating your cost can make you feel comfortable and leave no room for any surprises in terms of price. It’s up to you to assess what option would be the best for you and your budget, so we offer you the possibility of estimating your cost for free. You can fill out the form and be sure what service will you get for what price.

    Having premium quality locksmith service for a reasonable price is the best deal you can get. I finally found a reliable and trustworthy locksmith near me! – you can say now. You can feel comfortable and safe at your home, office or in your vehicle with services locksmith Dallas provides for you. We are available for you to call us or e-mail us for any questions or requests you might have.

    We are your best allies in solving all your lock related problems. Call us right now and enjoy our high quality service for a reasonable price: 469-706-0800 Use us and realize why we are the best locksmiths you can find .

    Expert Locksmiths In Flower Mound TX

    Our expert locksmiths are highly knowledgeable and professionally trained in the newest techniques, tools, and locking systems. So, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality locksmith services with Flower Mound TX Locksmith. Out certified locksmith technicians strive to provide you with affordable quality residential locksmith services that exceed industry standards.

    Whether you just need old door and window locks update or repaired, or want to increase your home’s security. there are same day locksmith services available to you. Our mobile locksmith units are all outfitted with the necessary specialty tools and high quality hardware to ensure that our technicians can provide you with highest possible craftsmanship and customer service for every residential and commercial service we offer. We Provide locksmith services at: 75038. 75039. 75060. 75061. 75062 and 75063 etc’
    Professional locksmith in Flower Mound TX. Committed to fast and reliable service. Irving Locksmith dispatching from E Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75060. Call us at 469-706-0800 and discuss your needs with an experienced technician and get a free estimate or fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Our best local locksmiths around Flower Mound TX

    Selected service/location: Flower Mound TX

    Find us on the web using: Locksmith Flower Mound TX . Flower Mound TX Locksmith
    * Call to check security systems service availability at your location.

    ABS Plumbing #denver #plumber, #water #heater, #water #leak, #sump #pump, #stove #gas



    ABS Plumbing

    Customer Testimonials from Service Magic

    We are all familiar with plumbing problems. Leaks, flooding, sink clogs, noisy pipes, water that simply won’t heat up. Thoroughly acquainted with Denver’s unique plumbing structure, our expert plumbers in Denver are set to provide you with the best and most professional plumbing solutions for residential and commercial plumbing problems. Whether your septic tank needs pumping, a restaurant’s grease trap needs cleaning, or low water pressure requires boosting – ABS Plumbing can take care of the job to your complete satisfaction.

    The expert team of ABS Plumbing provides plumbing quotes for every home plumbing service you need. Ranging from fixing various toilet plumbing problems, sewage systems and pipelines in case of running water problems, to installing boilers in your shower.

    Get your plumbing estimate here by filling out our form to the left.

    We provide these main services:

    • Water Heater Repair
    • Water Heater Installation
    • Tankless Water Heater Install
    • Tankless Water Heater Repair
    • Stove/Gas Line Repair
    • BBQ Gas Line Repair
    • Shower Leak
    • Water Leak
    • Full List of Services

    Our bathroom and kitchen renovation services include :

    • TV/Video Inspection of Sewer Lines
    • High Pressure Water Jetting Latest Technology
    • Drains electrically cleaned
    • Grease Trap Replacement

    ABS plumbing provides emergency plumbing service at an affordable rate in the Denver metro area. This includes Aurora, Castle Rock, Denver Tech Center, Golden, Lakewood, and other Denver areas.

    We are here to take care of your home or business plumbing needs. We provide fast and friendly service for: toilet repairs, old pipe repairs or replacements, garbage disposals, faucets, or noisy pipes. We come to your place with fully stocked trucks that have the majority of plumbing parts for your home. Call ABS Plumbing for a professional licensed plumber at 720.530.3309.

    Emergency landing for plane with cocaine leads to plea deal – San


    Emergency landing for plane with cocaine leads to plea deal

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) A Canadian passenger on a plane that made an emergency landing at Ohio University ‘s airport while carrying over 290 pounds (131 kilograms) of cocaine has agreed to plead guilty to a federal drug charge.

    The Columbus Dispatch ( ) reports the agreement filed Tuesday doesn’t say whether 45-year-old David Ayotte will testify against the pilot in custody on the same charge. Both are from Mirabel in suburban Montreal.

    The pilot told officials a mechanical problem forced him to land March 29.

    Ayotte will formally enter his plea later on a charge of possession with the intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine. The potential sentence could be years in prison and fines up to $10 million.

    News Channel

    He remains jailed. His attorney, Diane Menashe. declined to comment Wednesday.

    Information from: The Columbus Dispatch,

    The Latest

    • Celebrities spotted around S.A. over long weekend
    • Photos: Tubers flock to C. TX rivers for holiday fun
    • ’80s heartthrob brings band to rock Comic Con after party
    • Big flavor, low prices: S.A.’s best-value restaurants
    • Critics pick top restaurants, bars near downtown
    • Burgers to try at San Antonio’s top restaurants
    • Rock, metal gods shake up S.A.’s weekend at Rockfest
    • Alamo City Comic Con hosts a galaxy of stars and fans
    • Texas country music star adds some twang to S.A. Missions’ game
    • 34 brands that could be next to announce mass closures
    • A look back at Joske’s of Texas
    • Things you’ll never see again in San Antonio

    Recent Breaking News

  • 5 Emergency Management Jobs #emergency #management #masters #degree, #5 #emergency #management #jobs


    5 Emergency Management Jobs

    There are many different types of emergency management jobs ranging from disaster planning specialists to emergency medical technicians. Getting your Associates degree from an accredited institution can get you an entry-level job as an assistant or an apprentice, but you’ll need to pursue a Bachelors or a Masters Degree in Emergency Management if you want to move up to a higher-paying position in the future. Choose a high-ranking program with emphasis on your area of interest. For example, Tulane University’s Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy is a good option for students who specifically want to study humanitarian crisis assistance. On the other hand, students who are interested in working for a government agency should look into FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI). Because EMI is overseen by the federal government, it’s a great start for students who want to work in the public sector.

    5 Popular Emergency Management Jobs

    Fortunately, for qualified candidates, there are many different types of Emergency Management Jobs to choose from and the field is expanding, so not only are these jobs rewarding in that they protect our citizens and communities, but there is also a comfortable amount of job security associated with them. Following are five popular Emergency Management Jobs and their descriptions.

    1. Emergency Management Specialist

    Emergency management specialist is one of the fastest growing career fields within the emergency management industry. Emergency management specialists work behind the scenes to train emergency personnel, coordinate communication between different disaster relief agencies and plan disaster response strategies. Due to an increase in national security threats and devastating natural disasters, well-educated emergency specialists are in high demand. The average salary for entry-level jobs is around $28,000. Experienced emergency specialists can make $90,000 or more.

    2. Homeland Security Officer

    Homeland security is another growing emergency management career field. Professionals who work in homeland security focus on prevention and preparedness. They can be responsible for securing the nation’s points of entry and vulnerable areas, intercepting threats and developing disaster response programs. The average salary for homeland security officers who work in federal emergency management is around $70,000. Homeland security professionals who advance to management positions are usually paid a higher salary.

    3. Hospital Emergency Preparedness Administrator

    The healthcare industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, and qualified professionals like hospital emergency preparedness administrators are high in demand. The position involves creating prevention and response plans for all types of hospital emergencies including electric outages, natural disasters, hazardous spills and hostage situations. Emergency management professionals who want to work in this field must have at least a bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience in the healthcare industry. Salaries range from $90,000 to $115,000 depending on experience and education.

    4. Emergency Dispatcher

    While emergency dispatchers do not handle critical situations directly, they are just as important as the first responders they work with. Ambulance, fire and police dispatchers field emergency calls and direct emergency response personnel to their closest locations. They play a very important role in getting first responders to the scene as quickly as possible. The average salary for a dispatcher is $36,500.

    5. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

    Emergency medical technician has always been one of the most popular emergency management jobs in the world. While it’s a high-stress profession, it can be very rewarding. Emergency medical technicians respond to medical emergency calls. They deal with a variety of challenging situations on a daily basis. The national average salary for emergency medical technicians is $30,000. While other emergency management jobs do pay more, it’s possible to make a lot more money as a head emergency medical technician for a private facility.

    Further Reading

    Crime Scene Cleanup Atlanta – Trauma Cleaning, Emergency Cleaning Services, Smyrna Restoration


    Professional Crime Scene Clean UP in Atlanta

    The police, fire department and crime-scene investigators who arrive at a crime scene perform crucial tasks in the aftermath of a death. But they don’t, as a general rule, clean up. The trauma and crime scene cleaning is ultimately left up to the family or loved ones. In the past, these types of cleanups would be washed up by a simple garden hose and towel, mopped up with household chemicals, or at the very best cleaned by the mortician.

    The Atlanta Crime Scene Cleanup Industry is becoming a vital ally to police depts. fire depts. constables, property management companies, body shops, funeral homes and various state agencies, such as victims witness and homicide survivors. After a tragic incident, it is helpful to have someone unattached from the family clean the scene as it can create painful memories. Customers will have peace of mind that the scene is properly disinfected and free of any infectious diseases. CSC companies keep businesses OSHA compliant by preventing exposure of blood borne pathogens to untrained employees.

    Each state has their own rules and regulations for CSC companies. In Georgia, a Crime Scene Cleanup company must possess a contractor’s license from the State Registrar of Contractors. The contractors license is required because biohazardous waste cannot be removed from many common household building materials. For example, drywall, carpet, permanent fixtures, and other porous materials must be removed if contaminated. Secondly, a Biohazardous Medical Waste Transportation License from ADEQ or the use of a licensed waste transporter is required. Without this license, biohazardous waste cannot be properly disposed at certified facilities. Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup companies in Atlanta are also required to be OSHA compliant. This includes bloodborne pathogen (BBP) training, respiratory fit testing and training, written BBP exposure control plan, and providing a method to remove and properly store biohazardous waste. Lastly, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires companies to use EPA approved chemicals for the removal and decontamination of biohazardous waste.

    Our Atlanta Crime Scene Clean Up Services

    • Crime Scene Clean Up
    • Crime Scene Cleaning Service
    • Trauma Cleanup
    • Trauma Clean Up Service
    • Emergency Cleaning
    • Cleaning
    • Crime Scene Cleaning
    • Cleaning Service
    • Maid Service
    • Trauma Cleaning
    • House Cleaning
    • Clean Up

    Why Atlanta Should Hire Us for Crime Scene Clean Up

    Water Damage Atlanta specializes in mold remediation as wel as cleaning those old mold and mildew stains from your home. Our restoration specialists go above and beyond the call of duty to surpass your expectations. Contact us today and find out why we are the premier choice for mold removal in the Atlanta area.

    Recent Articles About Atlanta Crime Scene Clean Up

    If you are looking for Atlanta Crime Scene Clean Up then please call 404.593.0692 or complete our online request form .

    International Emergency Contact s #international #emergency #family #locator #system, #next #of #kin


    The Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) was established as a FREE tool for daily emergencies and national disasters. NOKR is your emergency contact system to help if you or your family member is missing, injured or deceased. NOKR is the central depository for Emergency Contact information in the United States plus 87 other countries. ( See NOKR’s network of volunteers ). NOKR is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to bridging rapid emergency contact information. NOKR was established in January 2004, for daily emergency situations.

    NOKR provides the public a free proactive service to store your emergency contacts, next of kin and vital medical information that would be critical to emergency response agencies. Stored information is only accessible via a secure area that is only accessible by emergency public trust agencies that have registered with NOKR.

    NOKR encourages every township, county, municipality, city, state and nation to take ownership of the NOKR. This resource belongs to you, your citizens and to your emergency agencies. Take the NOKR registration forms and add your own identifying symbols.

    NOKR is your trusted safe guarding organization for all personal emergency contacts worldwide.

    NOKR does not own the registrants information we store, this information belongs to the registrants and is made available securely to registered emergency agencies during times of urgent need. NOKR is the protector of this vital bridging resource to reconnect individuals and families after urgent events.

    Get your FREE Driver License or Identification Card decals.
    Click Here!

    The injury or passing of a loved one is a difficult time for families and friends. This sad time is compounded when you’re not informed when a loved one is injured or passes on. This happens when Local and State Agencies are unable to locate a family member or Next Of Kin. This would happen for numerous reasons:

    A lack of information about family or contacts.
    A lack of resources available to search for family members,
    emergency contacts or Next Of Kin .

    Follow NOKR on twitter:

    Help NOKR get the message out.

    Why should I register myself or my family with NOKR?

    NOKR is the ONLY organization globally, that provides a free emergency contact resource of this kind, to both citizens and to emergency agencies. We hope there is never a need but we do know that events in life and disasters will happen. It’s entirely your choice to decide how you will prepare yourself and your family.

    Many people think that if they are carrying a driver’s license, identification card or credit cards, authorities will know who their emergency contact is. These forms of identity only indicate who you are not who should be contacted in the event of urgent need. To add to this problem, often times your current identification is not updated or readily available and it becomes very difficult and complex to locate emergency contacts. Who will speak for you or your family member when they can ‘ t? NOKR is the solution.

    Here are just a few scenarios where your information will be useful.
    Missing or injured child, adult or senior.
    Lost child.
    Those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.
    Accidents while traveling Nationally or Internationally.
    Unconscious person unable to communicate.
    Natural Disasters (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods, Tsunamis, Fires).
    Terrorist Acts Nationally or Internationally.
    Deceased person used to locate a next of kin or point of contact.

    Plumbing charleston #new #jersey #plumber, #plumbing #contractor, #emergency #plumb, #boiler #repair, #water


    Ocean County Plumbers | Monmouth County Heating | Air Conditioning New Jersey

    New Jersey’s Home Comfort Solutions

    With over 80 years of experience, F.S. Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is a full-service HVAC & Plumbing Contractor for all Central Heating & Air Conditioning installations and repairs needed in Ocean. Monmouth and Middlesex counties

    We provide the highest quality in craftsmanship, workmanship, and are dedicated to excellence in providing fast, dependable, quality service for all of your home improvement and repair needs. We provide 24 emergency service for all emergency repairs and complete client focus from start to finish.

    Tankless Hot Water Heaters

    The Rinnai tankless hot water system is revolutionizing the way modern homes meet their water heating needs. The Rinnai can produce and supply endless streams of hot water to multiple outlets simultaneously without any fluctuation in temperature

    If you are looking for a New Jersey plumbing, heating and cooling specialist please call us today at 732.409.6734 or complete our online service request form.

    Latest Plumbing and Heating Articles

    As a homeowner in New Jersey, you want to be able to take the best care possible of your house. This includes addressing service needs for all of your systems, such as heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing. Read More

    Hiring a Monmouth County plumber is not as easy as just picking up a phone book and picking one. You need to make sure that you get a qualified plumbing contractor and not some hack. To increase your odds of choosing a good plumber there are some questions that you should ask. Read More

    ISO 22000 Food Safety Standard in Plain English #food #safety #plan #template,


    Identify CCPs for each of the control measures that will be used by your HACCP plan to manage and control food safety hazards.

    7.6.3 Specify critical limits for each critical control point (CCP).

    Specify critical limits for each CCP in order to ensure that you do not exceed acceptable food safety hazard levels for end products.

    Explain why you have chosen your particular critical limits and document your rationale.

    Use your critical limits to ensure that you do not exceed acceptable food safety hazard levels.

    Establish a monitoring system for each CCP.

    Establish procedures and instructions to help you monitor your CCPs and critical limits.

    Establish a record keeping system to track your CCP monitoring activities.

    Use your HACCP plan to describe the actions you plan to take when you exceed or violate critical limits.

    Establish and maintain procedures to handle products that are potentially unsafe.

    Update preliminary
    documents and

    Atlanta Emergency Experts – Atlanta Emergency and Restoration Services 24 #emergency #water


    About Us

    As Big Red Construction built a reputation over the years for quality work with various insurance companies, our owner, Lenny Veksler began receiving referrals for water- and storm-damaged properties.

    Lenny’s son Alex joined Atlanta Emergency Experts and the company began officially offering water-damage repair, dry-out services, controlled removal of fungi and restoration of normal fungal ecology. Alex holds certification from the International Society of Cleaning Technicians in cleaning and mold remediation.

    Over the years, our business has grown largely due to the excellent service we provide. Today, we have 10 employees and offer a wide range of services from 24/7 emergency services to construction throughout the Atlanta metro area.

    Our mission is to provide you with quality emergency response services when you experience a loss. We adhere to the strict guidelines of our industry, and we respond to every emergency call with the utmost urgency. We are committed to responding to your needs fast – If we’re not available when you call, we guarantee we’ll get back to you in as little as 10 minutes. We look forward to providing you with the professional service you deserve.

    Our Team

    • Water Extraction
      water removal, flood pump out
    • Water Removal
      surface, cavity, contents, flooring drying and dehumidification
    • Fire Remediation
      smoke & odor removal, fire damage restoration
    • Mold Remediation
      controlled removal of fungi, restore normal fungal ecology
    • Sewage Remediation
      sewer back-up, over-flown toilets
    • Plumbing Services
      busted pipes, frozen pipes, exploded water heaters
    • Emergency Exterior Services
      emergency tarping, board-up, tree removal

    Roger Andresen, Atlanta, GA
    “Amazing! How quick they got so much done w/such quality”

    Brat Batchelor, Snellville, GA“I saw you guys did a beautiful job at Mom and Dad`s house last week. They were thrilled to death. I appreciate your persistence and you obviously run a first class operation.”

    Nellie C. Cox, Atlanta, GA“Dear Lenny, Thank you for the fine-tuned attention that you gave to the job at Tara`s townhouse. You were consistently timely in your response to her calls, pleasant in your attitude, and professional in your dealings. May you have continued success.”

    Specialist Vehicle Ambulance sales, Ambulance for sale, Ambulance hire, ambulance rental, Ex


    At Specialist Vehicle Solutions

    We are one of the uk’s leading ambulance sales specialists. We offer a full range of Ambulances. Pts Ambulances, Wheelchair accessible vehicles, Welfare vehicles, Mobility vehicles Mini buses etc. We also offer Ambulance PTS vehicle hire rental, we can offer hire and rental on a long and short term basis. Including Front line A E ambulances, Bariatric ambulance, PTS stretcher vehicles, all seated PTS and wheelchair vehicles, single wheelchair vehicles, CEN approved vehicles etc .We have over 100 Ambulances and PTS vehicles on our hire fleet. Specialist vehicle solutions ambulance workshop is set up specifically to deal with ambulances and specialist vehicles incorporating the latest diagnostic equipment, lift and ramp repairs, air conditioning, ambulance emergency lighting, rear suspension conversions, etc.

    Our ambulance body shop is equipped to deal with all kinds of repairs from a minor scuff to accident damage including insurance work and ambulance livery. Specialist vehicle can carry out all kinds of fabrication work to ambulances and specialist vehicles from stretcher fittings to window conversions. At specialist vehicle we are proud to work with some of the countries leading ambulance and specialist vehicle insurers providing like for like ambulance hire.We offer full dealer facilities including Part exchange, Finance and Lease Warranty, Credit and debit card. Collection and delivery.

    Our Ambulance and Specialist vehicles are mostly purchased from the UK’s major leasing companies and the NHS. We stock a range of parts and spares for ambulances and specialist vehicles. Viewing is by appointment as stock changes very quickly please contact us before making a special journey. If you do not see the vehicle that you require, please email or give us a call with your requirements. You may also use our Enquiry Form

    At Specialist vehicle solutions the vehicles available for sale belong to us, we do not sell for 3rd parties or charge buyer fees or commission on our vehicles, no middle men deal direct with the specialists, don’t get caught up in a 3 way purchase.

    Buy with Confidence

    Buy with confidence from the specialists. We understand the vehicles we are dealing with.
    Every vehicle is inspected, as well as the mechanical condition the specialist features

    Suppliers to: the NHS St John Ambulance British Red Cross Members of: FSB BAA IAA

    Specialist Vehicle Solutions Ltd – Fisher Street, Dudley Port Tipton West Midlands. DY4 8XE – Tel: 0121 439 7014 – Specialist Vehicle Solutions is a Limited Company, Registration Number: 07076435 – Vat Number: 982 2270 15

    Ambulance for Sale UK – Ambulance Rental and Hire – Stretcher PTS vehicles – Emergency vehicles – Right hand drive emergency vehicles – New and Pre Owned Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Used ambulances UK – New Ambulances UK – Ex NHS – RRV – Ferno

    Sign In to Edit this Site 2017 Specialist Vehicle Solutions Limited.

    How to Buy McDonald – s Stock – Blog – Saving Advice


    How to Buy McDonald s Stock

    McDonald s is one of the largest companies in the world. The company has locations in just about every country and makes billions of dollars each year. McDonald s does a great job of keeping its customers and stockholders engaged as well. There are constantly new promotions and ideas being launched within the company and, if there s a lag, the McRib can always come back.

    Because MD s is such a popular and successful restaurant many people want to know how to buy McDonald s stock. If you ve never bought stock before, below is a step by step guide on how to buy McDonald s stock.

    How to Buy McDonald s Stock

    There are many ways you can buy McDonalds stock. You can contact your local brokerage or buy it through one of the many online brokerage websites. You can also go through the McDonald s site itself. If you re looking to buy McDonald s stock you may want to check out an online brokerage company.

    Picking the right brokerage company for your needs can be difficult. If you are a more active trader you may want to search for a broker with lower fees, or maybe you are a trader that likes to hold on to their stock and need a company with no transaction fees at all.

    Most online brokerage companies charge a fee of $5 to $10 for handling your investments. You can even begin trading with some more traditional companies like Scottrade, Fidelity and Charles Scwab. The online broker I d recommend for buying McDonald s stock, however, is Ally.

    Ally is a great place to start trading, especially if you re looking at a specific stock. The company prides itself on providing traders with all the tools they need to become a do-it-yourself trader. Another great thing about Ally is that there is no account opening minimum and they keep all of their fees extremely low. You pay a flat $4.95 for Stock and ETF Trades, $0.65 + $4.95 base for Options trading and $1 on bonds (minimum of $10 for bonds trading).

    If you re interested in how to buy McDonald s stock through Ally you ll want to set up an account for yourself. Ally provides research materials and various other tools for all of its traders so if you re feeling overwhelmed, don t worry. They ve got you covered.

    Once you ve set up your account you can begin searching for McDonald s stock and any other stock you may be interested in. You ll want to set up either a one-time purchase of stock or a recurring monthly amount. Currently to stock price of McDonald s is over $150.

    After You Invest

    Once you ve figured out how to buy McDonald s stock you can begin investing elsewhere too. Ally offers its investors great trading options with a plethora of successful companies (and it takes way less time than a traditional broker). Making your first investment is exciting. Remember, even if it is only a little bit every month it is better than nothing at all. Open an Ally Invest account today. your wallet will thank you!

    Have you invested in McDonald s stock? How did you do it?

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    TOP 10 Plumbing Companies in Houston TX – The Prime Buyer s


    See related categories in Houston

    Consumers use the Prime Buyer’s Report to avoid the scam, fraud, and businesses with low customer satisfaction.

    Independent research conducted by Prime Buyer’s Report editors includes phone call surveys with customers of local businesses, checks with state agencies on license and complaint history, verification that each business has insurance coverage to protect you as a customer, phone interviews of business owners, signed agreements that they use only legal workers, and more to determine the businesses that are safe to spend with.

    Plumbing Companies in Houston serving Baytown, Seabrook, Waskom, Spring, Katy, Bridgeland Community, Tomball, Hallsville, Alief, Deer Park, La Porte, Humble, South Houston, Marshall, West University Place, Houston, Pasadena, Channelview, Jacinto City, Atascocita, Cloverleaf, Aldine, Mission Bend, Cypress, Webster, Bellaire and Galena Park




    The Best Plumbers in Houston TX Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

    Plumbers in Houston TX bearing The Prime Buyer’s Report TOP 10 symbol are the plumbing contractors who have exceeded the minimum Texas regulatory standard. They are the plumbing companies proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for competency and value, have liability insurance as protection for you the customer, who use only employees legal to work in the U.S. and for whom our staff has called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with the plumbing services in Houston TX, including for plumbing repair, copper repiping, plumbers for new construction, commercial plumbers, 24-hour emergency plumbers, clogged drain repair services and more.

    Updated November 4, 2016

    The TOP 10 Plumbing Companies in Houston TX

    Areas Served: Houston TX,Harris County,Atascocita TX,Baytown TX,Cypress TX,Alief TX,Pasadena Texas
    Services: plumbers for plumbing repair, leak repair, leaky faucet, home repiping

    Areas Served: Houston Texas,Pasadena TX,Harris County,Cypress TX,Atascocita TX,Alief,Baytown TX
    Services: plumbers for residential plumbing repair, commercial plumbing repair, new plumbing

    Areas Served: Baytown Texas,Harris County,Bridgeland Community,Houston TX,Cypress TX,Alief TX
    Services: plumbing contractors for all home plumbing repair and new plumbing

    Areas Served: Atascocita TX,Harris County,Baytown TX,Pasadena TX,Cypress TX,Houston TX,Spring TX
    Services: plumbing contractors, new plumbing, replumbing, copper repiping, plumbing repair

    Areas Served: Houston TX,Pasadena Texas,Harris County TX,Baytown TX,Spring TX,Bridgeland Community
    Services: plumbing repair, new plumbing, plumbing inspections, repiping, clog cleaning

    Areas Served: Harris County,Bridgeland Community TX,Houston TX,Channelview TX,Pasadena Texas
    Services: plumbers for plumbing repair & new plumbing, pressure relief valves, water pressure

    Areas Served: Harris County TX,Cypress TX,Pasadena TX,Alief TX,Houston Texas,Atascocita,La Porte TX
    Services: plumbers for commercial plumbing, residential plumbing, leak repair

    Areas Served: Houston Texas,Harris County,La Porte TX,Houston TX,Channelview TX,Spring TX,Baytown
    Services: residential plumbers, commercial plumbers for new plumbing, plumbing repair

    Areas Served: Harris County Texas,Houston Texas,Pasadena TX,Alief TX,Cypress TX,Baytown TX,Spring
    Services: local plumbing company, leak repair, lead detection, faucet repair, toilet repair

    The Best Plumbers in Houston TX Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

    The state of Texas requires plumbers in Houston TX to be licensed by the TSBPE (Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners).

    But the state license for plumbing is no guarantee that any particular plumber in Houston TX is doing business ethically, is providing value, or is satisfying customers.

    This makes it all the more significant that all residential or commercial plumbers in Houston TX who bear The Prime Buyer’s Report-TOP 10 symbol have been cleared by our research staff as passing all the requirements for Prime Buyer’s Report-TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, good complaint record, verified state license, proof of liability and workers comp insurance for your protection, only employees legal to work in the U.S.. and more.

    See other areas for Plumbing Companies

    See related categories in Houston

    Consumers use the Prime Buyer’s Report to avoid the scam, fraud, and businesses with low customer satisfaction.

    Independent research conducted by Prime Buyer’s Report editors includes phone call surveys with customers of local businesses, checks with state agencies on license and complaint history, verification that each business has insurance coverage to protect you as a customer, phone interviews of business owners, signed agreements that they use only legal workers, and more to determine the businesses that are safe to spend with.

    Plumbing Companies in Houston serving Baytown, Seabrook, Waskom, Spring, Katy, Bridgeland Community, Tomball, Hallsville, Alief, Deer Park, La Porte, Humble, South Houston, Marshall, West University Place, Houston, Pasadena, Channelview, Jacinto City, Atascocita, Cloverleaf, Aldine, Mission Bend, Cypress, Webster, Bellaire and Galena Park



    Heating, Air Conditioning, Electric, Plumbing Service & Repair #woodfin, #emergency #service, #heating



    All of us at Woodfin are happy to announce that Your Home Team has relocated to a new home. Our main facility is now located at 1823 N Hamilton Street, Richmond, VA 23230. Only our location has changed, nothing else! We’re still the same Woodfin team you’ve come to know and trust over the years. We are confident that our relocation will only strengthen our commitment to you. Click here to learn more about our new location.

    Employment Opportunities Our Service Areas Follow Us:

    Woodfin has great employees offering great service for heating and cooling, heating oil delivery, plumbing and electrical in Richmond VA.

    Call Us: (804) 730-5000

    24/7 Emergency Service
    Open 8am-5pm: Monday – Saturday



    Call Accounting for Hospitality: More Than Just Guest Call Billing #hotel #call


    ProfitWatch Call Accounting

    >ProfitWatch Call Accounting is an extremely user-friendly call accounting solution designed to meet the needs of the hospitality client. Offering seamless interface with almost any PBX and PMS model, ProfitWatch offers hotels, motels, casinos, resorts, spas, and cruise lines a powerful, simple solution to manage all their calls and so much more.

    How can ProfitWatch help your property?
    • Accurately bill back guest calls
    • Analyze trunks to identify savings
    • Identify toll fraud and VoIP hacking
    • Monitor for phone abuse
    • Send emergency call notifications, including caller location
    • Reduce costs with expense management tools and carrier audits
    • Improve localized marketing campaigns with geographic call plotters
    • Easy to use plus 24/7 one year of technical support included
    Customized Bill Back

    ProfitWatch includes multiple pricing tiers to allow users to run promotional rates for guests and encourage phone usage. Invoices can be pulled on demand, or generated automatically and sent to a printer, saved to a file, or emailed.

    911 Alarms

    Receive immediate notification via email, SMS, and screen pop-ups when an emergency call has been placed anywhere on the property.

    Connectivity Loss Alarms

    Prevent lost revenue due to lost data trasmittal with ProfitWatch’s traffic light indicators and sophisticated alarms via email, SMS, and screen pop-up.

    Trunk Analysis

    Don’t let your customers receive a busy signal! ProfitWatch’s Trunk Analysis tools provide IT teams the ability to optimize trunk lines to ensure your hotel has the correct trunk capacity, and to identify opportunities to reduce unneeded lines.

    HotSpot Map

    ProfitWatch’s HotSpot Map provides you a visual tool to quickly determine where your calls are coming from, and where they are going. Each department can be reflected by it’s unique color plot on the map, so you can quickly identify toll fraud and phone abase to unauthorized regions.

    Hospitality Solutions

    Learn More

    Five Real Life Examples of Reducing Liability with Telemanagement


    Metropolis makes the easiest and most robust call accounting product of any we could find. When we’ve needed Metropolis – they’ve been there. Midnight or mid day, and that’s why we sell and support the ProfitWatch program.” Jeff Tweddale, BookingCenter

    This software has incredible functionality. The feature flexibility is unsurpassed and the software is so user friendly that you need no training. Additionally, customer support is excellent.” Joanne Walker, Pinehurst Resort

    Call accounting data never looked so concise!” Communications Convergence Magazine

    User friendly interfaces, low system requirements, easy to use reporting features are rivaled only by the excellent customer service. ” Sandals Resorts

    I have to say that ProfitWatch is by far the most user friendly, intuitive and well designed system that I have ever used. Tasks that I once considered “complex” in other systems are rendered simple in this easy to use interface.” Troy Burke, Rosemont

    Request a Demo

    Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Los Angeles, CA #los #angeles, #ca, #drain, #cleaning,


    Drain Cleaning Plumbing Experts in Los Angeles, CA!

    For over 40+ years Rooter-Man has been providing professional plumbing and drain cleaning services. With millions of satisfied customers, it is clear that Rooter-Man strives to provide the best customer service you will find. Our local Los Angeles, CA plumbing and drain cleaning experts are available to come to the rescue whenever you need us! Whether its routine maintenance or an emergency, residential or commercial properties, Rooter-Man can quickly solve any plumbing system, sewer, and drain problems. Call our local Los Angeles, CA office today to schedule service!

    Customer Reviews

    Rooter-Man-Plumbing is exceptional, I called mid-morning for a service tech to check out my garbage disposal. Victor came to my house by 1:00 and had it repaired within 20 minutes. I highly recommend Rotor-Man, make sure u ask for Victor, he’s AWESOME.

    Our Commercial

    Main drain lines run from a residential or commercial property and connect to a city sewer line or a septic tank. Your main sewer line in Los Angeles, CA can become blocked by debris or by tree roots. Rooter-Man can use a power drain snake, or a high pressure water jet, to quickly clear and clean walls the of the main drain line.

    The majority of the time household drains become clogged by the build up of common items that go through the drain such as hair, grease, or food. Our technicians can clear your sink, tub, toilet, or shower drain, restoring it to proper working condition.

    Video inspections are used to visually check the condition inside a drain pipe. This technology saves time and money by quickly locating any possible defects or damages. Video inspection are recorded and available to all of our customers upon request.

    Rooter-Man has over 40+ years of experience and excellent customer service. We can help you fix any drain or plumbing problems right the first time at a very reasonable rate. Rooter-Man is the best choice when you need trustworthy drain, sewer, septic, or plumbing services.

    Rooter-Man is Trusted By:

    Emergency Plumber 24hr Plumbing Emergency 07720247247 #emergency #plumber #nj


    Emergency Plumber UK Innovation Promotions

    Welcome to the group 24-hour emergency plumber by EPHG Limited and directed by Martin Smith who is the owner of EPHG who is also a qualified gas engineer and has been qualified since 1995.

    EPHG Limited are a national emergency plumbing company operating in a 24 hour electricial, plumbing, heating gas services and also covering all local areas within a reasonable distance of the UK.

    Our business model includes over a combined 600 emergency electricians, plumbers, heating engineer and gas engineer 24 hours and when your looking for a 24-hour emergency plumber then it is best you call the above number and not to mention all the other services we offer.

    For any other emergency service such as electrical, heating and gas then visit our latest site EPHG Limited .

    To contact our 24-hr emergency plumbing company, here are our contact numbers. Either call Martin direct on 07720247247 or the office on 08009705724. Office hours are from 09:00am to 17:00pm. If your looking for an emergency plumber out of hours, then call Martin directly on his mobile.

    Our Services

    Emergency Plumbing Innovations

    We’re not just a 24-hour plumbing emergency company covering the UK with our emergency plumber network, we also run a plumbing article section based on news and plumbing Innovations. Maybe you’re looking to save water or ways to prevent water damage. You can either search for ideas yourself or have us inspect your home to advise what you may require. We have promotions on the Auto Stopcock and other products.

    Emergency Plumbing Service

    Innovations is all about the future and ways to help the emergency plumber to perfect the way we work in your home. Every month in the UK, there is always something new on the Market and ways to stop your plumbing emergency becoming a disaster. We’re here to help promote these innovations and move forwards. If you have any information or plumbing promotions then please follow the contact link below and send us an email.

    Emergency Plumber Articles

    Connect with Emergency Plumber

    Martin Smith, the emergency plumber, has been writing plumbing articles for over a couple of years now and has completed over 200 plumbing articles and has an impressive 14,163 followers in the social networks. Most articles are based on real life plumbing disasters where as other plumbing articles are based on innovation and new materials, including tools. The articles are all unique and written by Martin Smith.

    In the home there are always plumbing emergencies 24-hours a day that need fixing. The company, emergency plumber, run by Martin Smith is always trying to help fellow emergency plumbers gain new experience without even going to the job. The emergency plumbing articles are prepared on a daily basis from Monday to Thursday and released about 8:00pm each day, just when boredom sets in and something interesting to read is needed. However, our company takes a summer break, generally starting from April through to August, and the articles are then released once a week or more.

    24 Hour Plumbing Emergency News

    Everyone loves news – but not if it is bad news in our home when water is pouring through our ceiling and flooding our property.

    Latest News: 10th March 2015 – Welcome to our latest news and for this month we would like to introdue you to our latest App that has just been released for emergency plumbing and gas engineers alike. If you have Iphone or Ipad then you can visit the App store and down load the emergency plumber app by clicking here. If you have an android phone, then you can visit the play store and download the app there where we should be in the top 3 currently. Please feel free to leave us a review.

    How to use Emergency Plumber App – first of all you need to download the App via the App store, once you have down loaded the App, you will then need to request lost password of which it will be sent to the email address you first submitted when registering with us. When signing in, you need to click on the remember me box in the bottom left and your then ready to go. Each time you turn your self on and off call, it takes a matter of seconds.

    Plumber of the year 2014 to 2015 has been voted as Thomas Sweeney and we thank him for all his efforts for all his hard work he has put in, for this we have presented him with a gift that Thomas has won. Thomas Sweeney has won the electric pipe freezing machine and hope he gains great satisfication in using it.

    About Emergency Plumbers Plumbing Advice

    Wondering what we are about? Martin Smith runs a national company as an agent that boasts over 400 engineers registered within the uk. However, Martin also started a social network, which includes running plumbing articles from Monday to Thursday. Martin is a fully qualified emergency plumber and Gas Safe Engineer and has been specialising in plumbing emergencies over 20-years. Martin has also had experience in fitting complete bathrooms and central heating systems. Martin believes that most emergency plumbers don’t have the skills to make a job satisfactory and that there is always room for improvement. For this reason Martin has taken it upon himself as an emergency plumber to educate fellow plumbers.

    As Martin Smith is a very experienced emergency plumber, he believes that having an agent to run a business, which means working with other fellow emergency plumbers, he can then get the best result a plumbing emergency. How we help is by having our terms and conditions work for the emergency plumber and also work for the customer’s protection.

    Emergency Plumber Information & Plumbing Register

    Finding the right plumbing information, when you need an emergency plumber or a gas safe registered engineer, is always very important. It can save you money immediately or it can cost in the short term but save you money in the future. At the present time we have plenty of information in our plumbing articles section and in the near future we will be updating our plumbing information page

    If you’re an emergency plumber and looking to register your details with us and go on to our database, then check all the information we have to offer before registering.

    Ohio corporation law #ohio #corporation #law, #ema #emergency #management


    Welcome to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency

    Please Note that you are viewing the non-styled version of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency website. Either your browser does not support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or it is disabled. We suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version of your favorite Internet browser.

    ODPS Ohio Emergency Management Agency Security Grants for Nonprofits (H.B. No. 384)

    Notice of Funding Opportunity

    Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA)
    Security Grants for Nonprofits (H.B. No. 384)

    Period of Performance: April 19, 2017 — June 30, 2018

    The Ohio EMA Security Grants for Nonprofits program provides funding to nonprofit organizations for eligible security improvements that assist the organization in preventing, preparing for, and responding to acts of terrorism.


    House Bill 384 of the 131st General Assembly authorizes the Ohio EMA to provide grant funding to nonprofit organizations for eligible security improvements that assist the organization in preventing, preparing for, and responding to acts of terrorism. Each nonprofit may apply for up to $100,000 to expend on eligible program costs. The full grant solicitation can be found below. A reminder all three documents (solicitation, product list, and tiered document) will be required to download and use to fully complete the application. The application/assessment requires the use of the tiered document and product list.

    “Nonprofit organization” means a corporation, association, group, institution, society, or other organization that is exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the “Internal Revenue Code of 1986,” 100 Stat. 2085, 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3), as amended. House Bill 384 details that awards under this initiative will:

    (1) Identify and substantiate prior threats or attacks by a terrorist organization, network, or cell
    against the nonprofit organization;
    (2) Indicate the symbolic or strategic value of one or more sites that renders the site a
    possible target of terrorism;
    (3) Discuss potential consequences to the organization if the site is damaged, destroyed, or
    disrupted by a terrorist;
    (4) Describe how the grant will be used to integrate organizational preparedness with broader
    state and local preparedness efforts;
    (5) Submit a vulnerability assessment conducted by experienced security, law enforcement,
    or military personnel and a description of how the grant award will be used to address the
    vulnerabilities identified in the assessment.

    The application period has closed. Notifications have been provided to those awarded.