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Mobile Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Best-in-class mobile solutions for Dynamics AX creating greater efficiencies, helping open new opportunities, drive productivity and reduce costs

Why switch to Dynamics AX?

Familiar and unbeatably flexible, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a powerful yet easy to implement ERP business solution which can quickly provide a ROI and maximise your existing Microsoft skills

Continued Growth for DAX

Microsoft saw another record year in the growth of Dynamics AX in 2012, with a roadmap of continued development can you afford not to review Dynamics AX?

Downturn Equals Opportunity?

With continued economic uncertainty, many companies faced with slow or declining order books simply go into hibernation planning to wake up when the climate has warmed. Others however will see an opportunity to come out of the downturn leaner and fitter.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 you can revitalise your business processes and introduce new efficiencies throughout your organisation. A revitalised, effecient and agile business is key to survival and future success.

Take a look at the future of business software. Call now to find out how.

AX Software specialise in just one business application – Dynamics AX, the award winning and world’s fastest selling enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from Microsoft.

Having a detailed understanding of the small to mid size market enterprise, (SME) we know that we can deliver a world class business application that does not have to cost the earth to implement and support.

Flexibility is a word synonymous with marketing literature seen in many software brochures, at AX Software we aim to prove just how flexible Dynamics AX 2012 is and how it can positively effect your business in a relatively short space of time.

As a Microsoft Certified partner company, we have the expertise but also flexibility of our own to meet with your business needs and ultimately deliver a modern, cost effective business application that will drive your company forward in an ever increasingly competitive world.

If you are considering reviewing your core business applications please contact us to find out more of what Dynamics AX 2012 and AX Software has to offer your business.

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-language, multicurrency, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It is a component / modular based system which allows companies to select the functionality they require in order to match their business processes. Each component / module has tiered levels of functionality, which allows organisations large or small, with simple or sophisticated requirements to select exactly the right level of functionality for them.

This makes Dynamics AX highly cost effective and secures the investment you make in Microsoft, as it will scale in line with your business requirements. Microsoft have termed Dynamics ‘a life time’ business solution, it has an extensive road map of continued development and it has Microsoft behind it – so why ever change your business application again?

These are some of the reasons why Dynamics AX has proven to be so tremendously attractive to organisations both small and large throughout the UK and the world, being the fastest selling ERP product globally for three successive years.

The future of business software

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Dynamics AX delivers the ground breaking Role Centre concept to your users. With visual cues and advanced reporting this needs to be seen to be fully appreciated, contact us now to learn more.

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ShopEdge Software

James Kurchak LAM Ltd.

Jack Danson NASG Tennessee North, LLC

We were looking for a stamping-related software package that would accommodate our work flow and allow us to use Blanket Orders-or normal ordering-as opposed to a work order based system.

Adam Tomlan ISM

We needed the best bang for our buck by reducing carry costs of inventory, creating a competitive advantage through cost effective production, such as reducing the time and improving the speed of change over to accommodate smaller volume.

Greg Wicker NASG Ohio, LLC

We were looking for a system that could improve our Production Scheduling. Taking into consideration small quantities, on-time delivery, highly efficient production, and reducing our set-up times

Adam Tomlan ISM

Tennessee Stampings had zero visibility of WIP components and finished goods; we needed a system that could handle bar coding capabilities from steel-receiving to WIP inventory through to shipping.

Jack Danson NASG Tennessee North, LLC

ERP Software Exclusively for Metal StampingSoftware Demo

Our software coordinates repetitive manufacturing and stamping, and enforces industry best practices. Your business processes are strengthened and long term benefits are realized. Improvements in productivity and profitability are driven by our innovative “industry specific design” reflected in our powerful scheduling engine, integrated tooling, inventory automation and throughout our system.

Optimize your inventories and control costs; you save time and money by eliminating islands of information, spreadsheets, and paper based environments with our fully integrated system that streamlines your work flows.

Make better decisions across your enterprise with powerful Business Intelligence and dashboard tools derived from real-time data. Information is available at your fingertips wherever you may be.

Request a demo today to see how ShopEdge can benefit you. Our demos are live demonstrations of our software and can be customized to highlight key data from your organization. Contact us today to schedule your personalized demo and find out how ShopEdge can streamline your operations so you can spend more time on what matters.

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Retail Solutions.

It’s what we do best!

A full feature end-to-end Omni-channel Commerce Platform

ChainDrive is a fully-Integrated Omni-channel retail software that provides today’s retailer with “real-time” valuable insight across the enterprise. Comprising of industry specific retail process components that leverage a centralized database, ChainDrive enables you to maximize productivity, improve efficiencies and optimize processes across all channels.

Specifically designed and developed to meet the industry demands of Omni-channel retailing, ChainDrive synchronises operations throughout the physical and digital selling environments to truly offer a completely unified system. ChainDrive empowers you to meet consumer demands by seamlessly providing them with what they want, when they want and in their channel of choice.

From point of sale. merchandising to flexible fulfillment through to financials and more, ChainDrive offers you all of the functionality required to meet the demands of today s rapidly evolving retail environment in one complete unified system.

Omnichannel Retail

ChainDrive is a fully integrated end-to-end ERP and Omnichannel software designed for today’s multi-channel retailer (retail, etail and wholesale). ChainDrive’s unified commerce platform enables retailers to manage and control all business channels within a single environment.


e-comDrive is a fully-integrated Back-Office System exclusively designed and developed for today’s web retailer. Its revolutionary components and robust attributes offers etailers the most all-inclusive advanced ecommerce software on the market.


ChainDrive for Wholesale is a component that has been specifically developed for wholesale suppliers. It seamlessly supports the management of all front-end and back-end operations which allows wholesalers to gain real profit from extensive process control.

Central visibility of inventory allows us to work smarter with the inventory we have. Instead of excessive orders, for instance, we can often transfer existing inventory to meet demand.

Lisa Johnson. VP of finance

We chose Multidev primarily because the company gave us one integrated, end-to-end system that gave us the upgrades and the tools we needed, without requiring us to deal with multiple vendors, platforms, or add-ons.

Kurt Schloss. Senior Director of Merchandising

The Cleveland Indians

Using a single system for all of our retail management needs has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective method of optimizing our business processes.

Greg Nicoghosian. President Mephisto Shoes

For us, choosing ChainDrive came down to its ability to give us control over our inventory.We now have one inventory solution that knows what product is in our warehouse and which is in our stores.

With a solid infrastructure in place and a professional support system to rely on, we can now focus our efforts on expansion with ease of mind.

Tony Kanou. Vice President

News Events

ChainDrive Jewelry to unveil new software features and functions at the JCK Show in Las Vegas!

Posted on April 7, 2017

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SAP Business One Overview

The SAP Business One Overview provides you will a complete overview of the SAP Business One solution

SAP Business One is built for small to medium sized businesses that have outgrown their accounting-only or legacy systems and are looking for a single, integrated solution to manage their entire business. SAP Business One provides executives and managers with instant access to critical business information so they can confidently make informed business decisions, and offers more than just accounting. SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that covers virtually all aspects of your business including finance, logistics/operations and customer relationship management. Currently, SAP Business One has more than 46,000 customer that are serviced by 1500 certified SAP Business One partners, covering more than 25 different industries in 120 different countries. This is evidence that SAP Business One has worked for many companies just like yours, and that support and development is a priority when it comes to providing solutions and services that are of the highest standard.

SAP Business One is a Comprehensive Business Management Solution

SAP Business One supports every critical business function, allowing you to stay on top of your business and grow profitability. Non-technical users have the power to make critical changes on their own, and the system can easily accommodate new functionalities when required. You have access to precise, up-to-the-minute information and can quickly access accurate, relevant and complete business information from the desktop with an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to get answers fast. You work more efficiently and proactively. The unique Drag Relate™ feature instantly places information and transactions in understandable formats and drill downs into the information to answer questions and perform what-if analyses. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook is guaranteed.

With SAP Business One Decision Makers Are Instantly Notified

SAP Business One automatically keeps you on top of issues that require decisive action through workflow-based alerts to monitor and take action on specific business events. The information therefore finds the correct person at the correct time. Managers are no longer required to run reports to obtain mission critical management information. The system runs the reports at the pre-defined times and the reports are sent to the relevant recipients. With workflow-based alerts SAP Business One monitors and takes action on specific business events. Exception management automatically detects, logs, and reports on exceptions.

SAP Business One is Flexible and Adaptable

Users of the SAP Business One solution can specify their preferences for fields, data type, policies, queries and reports without time-consuming IT involvement. Changes made to SAP Business One go into effect immediately across all relevant areas, so you can adapt SAP Business One to fit the way you do business. Various levels of customisation within SAP Business one make it easy to add unique business processes to a standardised system. Integration capabilities offer flexible integration between external systems and SAP Business One.

Integrated CRM with SAP Business One

  • Uniform sales cycle and standardised customer engagement process
  • Ability to track opportunities with existing or new customers
  • Apply the customer’s specific business rules to your own organisation that are then enforced when dealing with the customer
  • Sales representative activity planning and tracking
  • Affordable and Easy-to-Implement Solution

SAP Business One Product Updates, latest features, and enhancements

Business Management with SAP Business One

Drawing upon 35 years of experience in developing business management software, SAP built SAP Business One from the ground up – exclusively to meet the changing and industry-specific needs of SME’s.

SAP Business One ERP

Although Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have been around for quite some time, there is still a common misperception that they re one and the same as accounting systems. And, there are still companies which believe that if the accounts are in order, there s no requirement for ERP.

SAP Business One Accounting and Financials

As your business grows, so do the challenges associated with managing its financials. Without an integrated and automated financial management solution, which is offered by SAP Business One, increased business complexity can overwhelm your existing financial and accounting processes, giving rise to inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

SAP Business One Purchasing Management

Purchasing management is a core function of the SAP Business One ERP and business management application. It enables you to manage your entire procurement process from purchase order creation to supplier invoice payment.

SAP Business One Sales Management

Closing business, turning leads into sales, is the lifeblood of your company s revenue stream. You have to monitor all the leads to view the sales stream as a whole and tend each lead as if it were your only sale, which SAP Business One covers as standard.

SAP Business One Inventory Management

SAP Business One allows for accurate and streamlined inventory management and increases your ability to deliver on promise, as well as to maintain customer satisfaction and inventory cost control.

SAP Business One Production Management

SAP Business One supports all your basic requirements for production activities by enabling you to accurately and effectively manage bills of materials (BOMs), production orders, and material requirements.

SAP Business One MRP

SAP Business One Material Resources Planning (MRP) helps you determine how much should be purchased for a purchase item and produced for a manufactured item at a particular point in time.

SAP Business One Procurement Management

Managing procurement processes effectively requires integration across business functions and centralized data with real-time visibility. Discover how the SAP Business One application provides integrated procurement management functionality, helping you optimize and streamline purchasing practices and control costs.

SAP Business One Reporting

Many small businesses struggle with the complexities of generating accurate and timely financial reports from company data. Few report generation tools have both the ability to gather the correct financial data and the flexibility needed to put that data into a useful format. SAP Business One provides consolidated and accurate reports through Crystal Reports.

Wat is ERP #erp #software #consultant


Wat is ERP

ERP heeft als doel de productiviteit van organisaties te maximaliseren, kosten te beheersen en optimaal te voldoen aan klantwensen. ERP realiseert dit door de automatische afhandeling van logistieke, administratieve en financiële bedrijfsprocessen onder te brengen in één bedrijfsbreed informatie- en managementsysteem. Deze geïntegreerde automatiseringsoplossing is bekend als ERP software. ERP systemen zijn toepasbaar voor nagenoeg alle typen organisaties, groot en klein en zowel producerend als dienstverlenend.

Op en via deze pagina

Meer uitleg

Deze pagina bevat slechts een deel van de uitleg over wat ERP software is. Meer over de toepassing en achtergronden van ERP leest u in artikelen, boeken en whitepapers die het ICT informatiecentrum publiceert. Wilt u een ERP oplossing gaan kiezen, maak dan gebruik van de ERP box. Deze is gratis voor u beschikbaar.

Voordelen ERP software

De toepassing van ERP software maakt uw organisatie effectiever, efficiënter, sneller en flexibeler. De beheersing van uw bedrijfsproces wordt beter, doorlooptijden van orders verkorten, de klantgerichtheid neemt toe, de voorraadkosten worden lager en de servicegraad stijgt. Eigenlijk is het heel overzichtelijk: in uw ERP systeem brengt u alle logistieke, financiële en administratieve gegevens onder in één systeem. Het grote voordeel hiervan is dat u inzicht heeft in alle relevante bedrijfsinformatie die uw organisatie verder op weg kan helpen. Mits u het goed heeft ingericht.

Modulaire opbouw

Goede ERP software is altijd modulair opgebouwd. Deels zijn die modules standaard en geschikt voor elk soort onderneming en deels zijn ze geënt op de behoeften in specifieke marktsegmenten. Binnen het ERP systeem zijn meerdere toepassingen in gebruik die elk een eigen taak hebben in het geheel. Dat kan zijn een financiële taak, een taak rondom de goederenadministratie of rond het klantinformatiesysteem. Het ERP systeem zorgt ervoor dat alle informatie uit die verschillende onderdelen van het bedrijf in dezelfde database wordt opgeslagen en onder één knop beschikbaar komt. Het alternatief is dat u voor elk onderdeel een separate applicatie met eigen software in gebruik moet nemen. Omslachtig, duur en vaak kunnen die onderdelen ook niet ‘zomaar’ met elkaar communiceren. Dat geeft weer meer werk en kosten en is bovendien nauwelijks efficiënt in veel gevallen.

Inzichten en overzichten

Het klinkt net zo logisch als het is: wanneer je alle relevante bedrijfsinformatie over processen, producten, mensen en middelen bij elkaar en beschikbaar hebt voor de mensen die ermee moeten werken, scheelt dat veel extra werk. Uw processen verlopen daarbij sneller en leveren betere kwaliteit in resultaat. Uw klant kan sneller worden bediend met betere service en uw leverancier kan sneller worden geholpen (lees: betaald). Tenslotte hebben uw medewerkers op elk moment overzicht en inzicht en alle andere betrokkenen weten wat de status van de informatie is. Uw organisatie wordt flexibeler en is beter in staat te reageren op veranderingen in de markt, klantwensen of wet- en regelgeving. U hoeft niet langer (te) grote voorraden aan te houden in de hoop ze te kunnen verkopen. Door het ERP pakket heeft u alle informatie over producten, doorlooptijden, aanlevertijden etc. beschikbaar en kunt u just-in-time produceren en leveren. U heeft de beschikking over alle gegevens omtrent uitstaande orders, inkoop, capaciteit en productie en ziet daarmee sneller de relatie daartussen. Wat u weer in staat stelt sneller en betere beslissingen te nemen.

Samenhang zien

Het ERP systeem maakt gebruik van dezelfde informatiebron (database), waardoor alle gegevens maar eenmaal hoeven te worden ingevoerd en voor meerdere doelen gebruikt kunnen worden. Door die ene bron bent u in staat meer inzicht te krijgen in de samenhang van bedrijfsprocessen. Het verbetert de samenwerking en communicatie tussen de diverse afdelingen binnen uw bedrijf. Ze beschikken immers allemaal over dezelfde informatie.

Er zijn veel voordelen wanneer u werkt met een goed ingericht en op uw markt en organisatie afgestemd ERP systeem. Niet alleen staat alle relevante informatie in een en hetzelfde systeem, maar ook de rapportages eruit kunnen u verder op weg helpen bedrijfsprocessen te doorgronden, knelpunten te signaleren en vervolgens het proces te optimaliseren. U weet op elk moment de status van specifieke processen; of het nu gaat om leveringen, betalingen, inkooporders, productiemiddelen, beschikbaarheid personeel etc. Door die inzichten bent u beter in staat uw afspraken na te komen en tijdig te leveren. Dat bevordert de klanttevredenheid, uw betrouwbaarheid naar de markt en daarmee uw concurrentiepositie.

Nadelen ERP systeem

Er is ook wel een nadeel aan het onderbrengen van al uw belangrijke informatie in één systeem. Het maakt u helemaal afhankelijk van dat systeem en/of de leverancier ervan. Maar elk nadeel heeft zijn voordeel; dat betekent namelijk ook dat er voor uw automatisering maar één verantwoordelijk is. Het is altijd overzichtelijk als u maar één verantwoordelijke leverancier hoeft aan te spreken in geval van voorkomende problemen. Er zal geen discussie (meer) zijn tussen uiteenlopende partijen rond de diverse applicaties die actief zijn in uw bedrijf. Tevens zijn er geen hick-ups (meer) met samenwerkende systemen.

Toch kan het lastig zijn om met één systeem te werken. Als er iets mee is of er moeten updates worden doorgevoerd, ligt ook direct alles stil. Dat is echter goed te ondervangen met een gedegen voorbereiding en eventueel goede begeleiding van de leverancier. Erger is het dat u door dat ene systeem meestal wel wat flexibiliteit inlevert. Als het systeem eenmaal in gebruik is, is het meestal niet meer zo makkelijk aan te passen. Of alleen tegen hoge kosten.

Juiste keuze voorbereiden

Om er achter te komen welke voor- of nadelen specifiek voor uw branche gelden bij het gebruik van een ERP oplossing, is het zaak voorafgaand aan de aanschaf en ERP implementatie een serieus (voor)onderzoek te doen. Alleen dan krijgt u gedetailleerd inzicht in wat voor uw bedrijf of branche de beste oplossing is en waar u op moet letten. Voor elke organisatie is een goede ERP oplossing haalbaar en betaalbaar.

Wilt u weten welk ERP systeem voor uw bedrijf het best geschikt is, zet dan eerst uw wensen eens op een rij. Stel een projectgroep samen om te bedenken hoe u het best alle denkbare scenario’s kunt invullen en met welke gevolgen. Kies niet standaard voor een bekende naam of vaar niet blind op het advies van een ander. Bereid u goed voor en betrek de belangrijkste gebruikers van het systeem bij het project. Zij kennen de problemen vanuit de praktijk en kunnen u op de goede weg helpen. Om niet helemaal afhankelijk te zijn van derden is het verstandig zelf kennis (in uw organisatie) te vergaren over de voor- en nadelen van ERP oplossingen en wat de markt zoal te bieden heeft. Daarnaast kunt u best eens langs gaan bij collega’s/bedrijven die al een ERP systeem in gebruik hebben en vragen naar hun ervaringen. Dat maakt de zaak vaak al wat overzichtelijker.


Er bestaat een enorme diversiteit aan systemen en leveranciers. Veel daarvan zijn gericht op een type bedrijfsproces, specifieke branche of bedrijven met een bepaalde omvang. Andere zijn generieker en worden eenvoudig op maat gemaakt voor uiteenlopende toepassingen. De selectie van het ERP systeem dat het beste bij de organisatie past, vereist daarom een professionele aanpak. De informatie van het ICT informatiecentrum helpt u daarbij, met name de ERP box.

Meer over ERP software

Een uitgebreide uitleg over ERP software, de toepassing ervan en andere aspecten leest u in het gratis boekje ‘ERP software’, samengesteld door het ICT informatiecentrum. U kunt het hier als e-boek aanvragen.

Steps to take before implementing a cloud-based HCM system #cloud #based #erp


Steps to take before implementing a cloud-based HCM system

Having a cloud-based human capital management (HCM ) system is very appealing; moving to the cloud offers the opportunity for transformation, simplification and efficiencies that provide a wealth of value. But before you make the move, you need to evaluate your current human resources (HR) processes and applications and envision how they might need to look in the future.

Download this free guide

Buying HR Tools: The 4 Phases of Assessing Your Needs

Whether your goal is to replace your entire HR system because it has become obsolete or there’s a desire to consolidate all HR apps under a single vendor, tap this guide to help you determine your company’s specific software wants and wishes.

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Ask yourself: What is your vision for HR? How should your organization’s HR technology landscape look in the future? When you have a clearly defined vision for how you want to run HR in your organization. it is much easier to plan how to achieve that vision. Although technology plays a major role in operational excellence, having a defined HR strategy sets the foundation for understanding how to implement that strategy and how technology can support it.

Determine what processes and applications are causing headaches

Before moving your HCM system to the cloud, understand what processes or applications are causing headaches. What keeps you and your HR team up at night? What processes are bogged down with cumbersome, manual, paper-based requests? What technology is proving to be inefficient or is unable to meet the needs of users? By understanding the problems HR administrators, managers and other employees involved in HR-led business processes face. you can begin to build a roadmap to overcome these challenges and move toward the HR vision you have for a top-notch organization.

Some organizations might have a problem with recruiting and retention. while others might have a problem identifying and managing potential leaders. Other problems could include the usability of the software, how complex or burdensome the performance management process is, or mobility. Some organizations want to move away from legacy HR technology and move to something modern and more usable and that has enhanced functionality.

Build a list of the problems and rank them by priority. That will help identify critical problems that have to be fixed first and problems that could be addressed later.

Build a roadmap based on your HR vision

Once you know your HR vision and understand your challenges, build a roadmap for achieving your vision. Typically, a roadmap can be for any period from two to five years or beyond. Building a roadmap by process area or technology area over a period of time helps determine the plan of action to resolve the challenges you face. For example, if your major challenges center on recruiting and onboarding employees, then these are obvious areas to focus on first. A roadmap should line up which processes you will tackle and in which order you will focus on each of them.

Deciding to get some quick wins early on in the initiative will influence how you start your roadmap. Solving two or three small but frustrating business problems at the beginning of the initiative is a great way to drive value to the organization early on. This also helps the change management process; employees who are involved in these processes begin to experience positive changes early into the initiative’s lifecycle.

Once you’ve done your due diligence and have selected a vendor, it’s time to do it again — but this time for an HCM system implementation partner.

Technology’s role in implementing a cloud-based HCM system will influence greatly how your roadmap develops. Is it best to get the foundation in first and go for a core HR system? If I decide to implement a recruiting solution, should I also implement an onboarding solution to enhance the overall recruiting experience for my recruiters and my managers? If I want to put in a new career development plan system for employees, should I also implement a learning management system that can integrate with the career development plan? How will all of this fit in with my goals management process and therefore influence my performance management process?

Integration can play an important role in building out the roadmap. Understanding how the pieces fit together helps in understanding where value can be added. Having a recruiting system that doesn’t integrate with your onboarding or core HR software can be a major challenge. On the other end of the scale, the task of having to build a few complex integrations that will last only for a short period of time (e.g. six or nine months) might influence the order of migrating processes or applications to the cloud.

Execute on your roadmap

Once you have prepared a roadmap, execute on that roadmap. Probably at some point during the aforementioned processes you may have looked at some software. If you have not, or at this point haven’t decided on a vendor, then now is the time to evaluate vendors based on your needs and your roadmap. Different vendors have different benefits. Loosely coupled applications might make the transition smoother, or if you prefer a big bang approach then some vendors may have more strength than others.

Once you’ve done your due diligence and have selected a vendor, it’s time to do it again — but this time for an HCM system implementation partner. Finding the right implementation partner is similar to finding the right HR technology: You need to find someone who can solve your problems, who you can work with, and who has experience working with other customers. An episode of Firing Line with Bill Kutik can help you understand some of the tips and tricks needed when you look for partners.

Change management is a large part of any enterprise software implementation, and making changes to HR processes and technology requires a solid change management plan to back it up. Developing your change management strategy before you commence on your initiative and then realigning it with your initiative on an ongoing basis will greatly improve acceptance of your new processes and systems.

Once all the pieces are in place it is time to deliver on that strategy. Implementing new processes and technology is never easy, but with the right vision, strategy, plan, technology and partner you can make it a more than worthwhile exercise for improving your business.

Next Steps

This was last published in November 2015

Construction ERP Software, Work – Procurement Management, e-governance products – India, UAE,


Software product innovators for the
Architecture- Engineering Construction (AEC )vertical
serving government bodies and construction enterprises

SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd is dedicated to innovate reliable and world class software products for the niche vertical of Architecture- Engineering- Construction (AEC ). Our products enable customers to reduce costs, increase productivity, have effective control and improve resource utilization in-terms of people, infrastructure and customer service.

Our products of repute:

AutoDCR® a national award winning product, which has revolutionized building plan scrutiny process in governing bodies. Currently it is implemented across 50+ ULB’s in India

PWIMS™ Public Works Information Management System, a web based Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application for managing the core functional processes of works planning, procurement and maintenance in public works organizations.

OPTICON™ a robust construction management software especially designed for construction organizations. With intelligently built modules for projects, finance, plant machinery, your building projects are assured of positive returns.

BIM Services Project virtualization is gaining importance day by day. With the availability of a 3D model, before commencement of actual construction has multifold advantages. With BIM, a design remains consistent, coordinated, and more accurate across all stakeholders

With 750+ man years of experience and in-depth client study SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd has developed e-governance and construction ERP products keeping in mind specific needs of our customers, you can be assured that your business is in good hands.

Products from SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. assure:

  • Productivity ramp up
  • Focus on core function of your business
  • Improved bottom lines
  • Preserve your company’s assets

Investing time and money in business technology?

SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is the trusted associate in your tryst for success.

ADSS Global – Disaster Recovery #sage #software #reseller, #sage #300, #sage #erp,



With 15,000 sq. ft. of working space, ADSS Global can be your �home away from home� in the event of a disaster. ADSS Global sets itself apart from the rest by providing an excellent location and office facilities as well as service on a first-name basis.

Among the list of available features offered to ADSS Global Disaster Recovery clients are:

  • Private Offices
  • Large Open Work Areas
  • Training Rooms
  • Well-Appointed Conference Rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Computer Room
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Phone and Voice Mail System Access
  • High-speed Protected Internet Access
  • Remote Data Access
  • Faxing, Printing, and Copier Access

    Aside from the comfortable appointments, the ADSS Global Disaster Recovery location offers:

    • 24×7 Physical Access and Key Fob Security
    • Climate Controlled Workspace
    • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Around-the-clock Access to the Office and IT Staff
  • Ample Parking
  • Close Proximity to Shopping and Dining

    Along with having an on-demand recovery location and the right personnel, a critically important step in recovering from a disaster is maintaining business continuity. Business Continuity is more than a backup location. It is more than the offices and the cubicles. It is the knowing and documenting exactly which processes, systems, services, employees, and customers are affected, what steps are to be taken and in what order they should be taken.

    Anything that can be done should be done to minimize the potential of having to find the answer to a question in a crisis. A true Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan should be developed to plan out exactly who, what, when, where, and how. Have the experts at ADSS Global work with you to develop, test, and maintain a Business Continuity Plan so that you already know the answers to who, what, when, where and how during a disaster.

    In the final analysis, you may have spent years on real dollars and �sweat equity� in building your business, but will your business survive if you were out of operation for a few days, a week, or a month? And even if your business should survive, at what costs in lost clients and revenue versus having a true Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan.



  • Compiere Open Source ERP – A Modern, Low-cost ERP Software Solution #erp,


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    Compiere ERP Software

    Compiere is the leading Cloud-based, ERP software and customer relationship management (CRM) system provided by Aptean ( Unlike on premise ERP solutions, Compiere allows you to easily extend its core functionality to fit your specific processes without forcing you into an expensive and difficult upgrade path. Compiere solutions provide businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations with easy, flexible, low-cost access to rich functionality for managing all financial, distribution, sales, and service processes. With Compiere, customers can easily and affordably customize the solution to fit their business requirements with no or minimal programming.

    The companies we serve.

    Compiere’s customers include organizations in distribution, retail, manufacturing, publishing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, government, non-governmental groups, and charities in more than 40 countries. Compiere solutions serve the needs of small local organizations, as well as large, global enterprises that operate in several countries with different currencies, tax laws, accounting standards, and languages.

    How we deliver.

    With Compiere, customers have a choice in the software capabilities they deploy and how they deploy them. Customers can contact Aptean ( and request for a demo and buy a licensed version of the software. Alternatively they can also take help of our partners to buy the Software. Customers can deploy Compiere solution at their own data center or adopt a Cloud-based deployment using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), a secure and scalable virtual computing environment. Compiere offers two versions (Standard and Enterprise) each with core ERP and CRM functionality. The Enterprise version includes additional capabilities to meet the needs of companies with large businesses and with multi-country operations. In addition to software capabilities, Compiere experts and a network of authorized partners in 25 countries help companies with solution design, integration, migration, training, technical support, and compliance with local requirements.

    Compiere is changing the way businesses and other organizations access and use enterprise software capabilities. The Compiere business model enables a much shorter sales cycle than traditional ERP vendors, making it possible for the company to invest significantly more resources in developing additional software capabilities.

    Compiere solutions are:

    • Easy to acquire, as the cost of acquisition is very competitive.
    • Easy to implement because the solution can be used with a wide range of hardware platforms, operating systems, databases, and browsers.
    • Easy to adapt and customize because of a revolutionary model-based application platform that speeds and simplifies development and customization.