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Carswell Music Studios Inc.

Carswell Music Studios Inc. Is a music teaching and production franchise, which was incorporated in June of 1990. It is an affiliation of music performers and educators who work independently as self-employed teachers of the studio. Mr. James A. Carswell is the president and founder of this enterprise.


At Carswell Studios, we approach music from the standpoint of exploration and structure. Learning how to understand how music is put together enables us to perform better.

What sets Carswell Studios apart from other teaching enterprises? Even as our students have fun playing and improvising, we do not compromise technical and artistic expertise! Our curriculum still very closely parallels the technical guidelines of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. Our students try Royal Conservatory examinations and many receive first class honours.

Carswell provides a warm and friendly, home cooked teaching product to a number of families involved throughout the Greater Metro Toronto and surrounding areas. Carswell Studios have achieved a happy median a balance between achievement and enjoyment.

We charge a very low registration fee which enables our students to play in two excellent recitals each year, as well as participate in at least two workshops which enhance our students performance skills. This is preparation for auditions, recitals and concerts that students do twice a year as part of our curriculum.

Participate in our Carswell Chorister singing group, which meets twice and month and performs in community concerts and at our recitals. We also run a summer theatre camp where in a short two weeks, young students learn a Broadway musical and perform it on stage, with costumes, makeup, choreography, dancing and great music!

Meet with your full musical potential by studying with our incredible, motivated and inspirational staff, by signing up with our studio today!

Our Lessons Include:

Special Needs:

Proactive, friendly Qualified Instructors

Look No Further. Get Started Today

Audio Engineering, Video and Music Production and Business School #music #production #schools


Audio Engineering, Video and Music Production Programs

We have 3 programs that build upon each other. Each program is an additional 8 months. All 3 programs together last 24 month.

The Recording Conservatory is the premier Audio Engineering, Video and Music Production, and Business School. Because of our one-on-one mentor-ship approach, The Recording Conservatory is where truly passionate students are coming to jump start a vibrant career in the music and video industries. Our proven curriculum is taught exclusively by real working industry professionals in real working studios. TRCoA is, in the truest sense of the phrase, a trade school. Our main goal is to hand craft you into a working audio engineer, music producer, studio owner, video producer, record label, or music and video business entrepreneur. At TRCoA, not only will you create professional, You Tube-ready video and music productions, but we’ll set you on a career path to creating your own business. Not only will you learn to be an Avid, Pro Tools and Premiere Pro recording, editing, mixing, and mastering expert, but you will learn how to initiate and maintain the business relationships necessary to be successful. We take special care to create close relationships with each student. We listen to your goals and strive to help you reach them.

Beginning Audio Engineering – 8 Months

The Beginning Audio Engineering Program is approximately 8 months long and is a comprehensive program that is designed to teach you everything you would need to know to function as an audio engineer in a professional recording studio. You will meet one-on-one with different instructors four hours each week to cover course subjects. Additionally you will do two assists a week for the first four weeks with other professional and student engineers in our state of the art facilities. At week five you will start your own projects. You will do as many as six projects in the beginning class alone. Each one of these projects will cover seeking the artists you would like to work with, booking them on the studio calendar, recording, editing, overdubbing, mixing, and mastering. Unlike many other schools where projects are completed in groups, you will own your projects from bringing in the artist to mastering the final mix. By the time you get out of the beginning program you will know how to and will have done the entire recording process as many as six times.

Recording Arts – 16 Months (Includes BAE)

The Recording Arts Program is approximately 16 months long and includes the Beginning Audio Engineering Program. The 8 months beyond Beginning Audio Engineering are designed to take you directly on a video and music production career path. Working in the video and music industries is very reputation oriented. Often it is difficult for beginning audio engineers and music producers, even if they are accomplished, to gain a foothold. If they aren’t working then they aren’t gaining a reputation and if they don’t have a reputation as an audio engineer or music producer then they aren’t getting work. The second 8 months are a direct answer to that problem. During the program you will be seeking out what will be potential clients, bringing them into the studio, and doing single full production songs with them. In the Advanced Program you will do as many as 10 music production projects like this (10 single songs with the intent to create a client). Through this process you will be learning how to find and interact with potential clients, how to build client relationships, and a refinement of the music production skills you started in the beginning program. In tandem to your music production projects you will be attending a weekly music business, beat composition, marketing and design, and Pro Tools lesson. The business and marketing lessons will cover everything from designing your own business card and website to understanding QuickBooks, music law, and video and music publishing. The beat composition lessons combine traditional songwriting techniques with the use of the most current beat production software. You will learn how to compose, arrange, and write charts on today’s most powerful and exciting songwriting software. There are very few students that make it all the way through the Recording Arts Program that don’t create at least a client or two. So, if you continue the path we start you on during the program, you will have a solid client base in the coming years.

Audio and Video Arts – 24 Months (Includes RA)

The Recording and Video Arts Program is approximately 24 months long and includes the Recording Arts Program. The 8 months beyond The Recording Arts Program are designed to teach you every aspect of music video production and internet media development. This program will be available for the 1st time in 2016. More information coming soon!

I LOVED the experience!

I was a student at TRCoA from Jul ’07 to Nov ’08, and I LOVED the experience! It is now 2013 and the relationship I have with them is STILL paying dividends. Mr. Stinson and his EXCELLENT faculty take the time to draw out, nurture and GROW each student’s unique aptitude for music production and they really help you grasp the material. Additionally, the general environment or “vibe” of the school just lends itself to maximum creativity. Immediately, you will get the sense that you are truly cared for.

The studio is state of the art.

The studio is state of the art. The view is incredible which absolutely compliments the beauty of the studio itself. I finished the school years ago but still call and bug the staff about any questions that come up in my musical journey. I highly recommend it to any prospective engineers who truly want to learn what it takes to make great music and turn it into a business. Good luck with everything.

They teach you the skills you need to know to be a working engineer

I am currently a student at TRCOA and have absolutely loved my experience here thus far. John Stinson and the staff at the conservatory do a great job of working one on one with each student, creating a more intimate learning environment. They teach you the skills you need to know to be a working engineer in this competitive field. With the help of top of the line facility’s and equipment, we students get hands on experience with industry standard room’s and gear, that help familiarize us to be adaptable engineer’s for any working studio.

Kersh Media – Video Production and Video Marketing Kersh Media, media production


Kersh Media

Sales and Marketing Videos

Media production colleges

Product launches, video brochures, interactive DVDs, point of sale videos, promotional and marketing films that influence buying decisions.

Motion Graphics

Media production colleges

Top quality motion graphics, animations, cartoons, CGI and infographics to add impact to your video at highly affordable prices.

School Video Production

Media production colleges

Quality, affordable films for schools, universities and colleges, that make you stand out and communicate your unique selling points.

Corporate Videos

Media production colleges

High quality films to promote your business or organisation. Video for your company website or YouTube channel, Facebook page and more.

Exhibition Videos

Media production colleges

We produce high quality video for expos, product launches, video brochures and point of sale displays that help convert footfall into sales.

Foreign Language Videos

Media production colleges

Speak to your clients in their native tongue (including BSL signing) with our multilingual videos. European, and World Wide.

Training Videos

Media production colleges

Videos for; staff training, change management, internal communications, health and safety and how to videos. Apps, video games and more.

Explainer Videos

Media production colleges

Do you like to read complex text descriptions of services? Neither do we. Our hand drawn, animated expaliner videos offer a better solution.

Testimonial Videos

Media production colleges

Video testimonials allow people to see what others are saying about you, how they feel about your products and what makes you stand out.

Welcome to Kent’s Professional Video Team

Kersh Media

Kersh Media produce high quality, affordable video content. Whether you need a TV commercial, a corporate or promotional video or a budget video for your website, we promise the same quality and attention to detail. Kersh Media are a Kent video production company set up by senior BBC & ITV journalists and filmmakers.

Online Video

We produce social video – video content that lends itself naturally to social media and sharing activity. Our professional video is more likely to solicit comments, shares, likes, or forwards and boost your video SEO ranking – resulting in more sales leads and conversions for your business. We are Kent video production companies.

Globe Testimonial

Media production colleges

A wonderful video that s really helped us explain who we are and what we do. Feedback has been very positive from clients and staff alike. Thank you for doing such a great job so quickly


Kersh Media was established in 2004 to provide quality, affordable video production Kent. We create video podcasts, internet video, mobile video, DVDs, videos for YouTube, video adverts and more. We use the latest generation of High Definition cameras & digital edit systems. We are a Kent video company.

Video Companies

Every day more and more small business owners and entrepreneurs are turning to online video producers to find and engage new customers. The medium is more compelling and more likely to build a relationship with consumers than text alone. We produce video production London and video production Kent.

Kent County Council Video

Media production colleges

As expected the finished video is highly professional and comes across very well. Once again our thanks to you and the whole team for delivering such a super piece of work !

Kent County Council


We’re a full service video production company which means our BBC trained team produce anything from underwater or aerial filming, to computer generated motion graphics and everything in between. We write scripts and we can provide professional actors. What ever you need to communicate your message.

Video Marketing

In a world where 72+ hours of video is uploaded every minute and more than 3 billion videos are being watched every day; increasingly, what you’re NOT doing on YouTube could be hurting your brand’s performance. We are YouTube video producers and social video producers. We are a video production Kent company.

Sevenoaks School Video

Media production colleges

We are delighted with the video which has made a very positive impact on all those who have seen it. We were impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of your team. Thank you . Sevenoaks School

Kersh Media

We’re based near the M25 and London. Video Production Kent, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Ashford, Dover, London, Canterbury, Thanet, Dartford, Surrey, Sussex, Essex

The Top 25 Music Schools 2016 #music #production #schools #in #miami


The Top 25 Music Schools 2016

The Juilliard School

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

Notable Alumni: Joshua Bell, Leonard Slatkin

It may be located squarely in flyover country (Bloomington, Ind.), but Jacobs is one of the largest music schools in the U.S. Student John Weisiger, who graduated from the school and has found music publishing and scoring work in Portland, Ore. says: I would say that versatility has been the biggest thing I ve gained from my experience there it has given me the ability to adapt to the opportunities that have come my way. I would not have the jobs I have now if I didn t have all that experience.

University of North Carolina School for the Arts

Notable Alumni: Eddie Barbash, Randy Jones

Composer and UNCSA alumni Christopher Heckman, who teaches film scoring at the Winston-Salem school, says one of the biggest advantages is that the program is incorporated into the School of Filmmaking. There s a studio system model there for everything preproduction through post, he says. It s a great place to grow as an artist for two years before you head out into the real world.

Columbia College

Notable Alumni: Phyllis Diller, Kid Sister

Columbia College in Chicago is growing its media scoring department in order to balance academic and concert-oriented training with more commercial possibilities. The school offers an MFA in Music Composition for the Screen, as well as music training through a Bachelor of Arts degree for music majors and minors, offering study in music theory, composition, history and literature, as well as conducting, music technology and ample performances.

Columbia University

Berklee College of Music

Oberlin Conservatory of Music

New England Conservatory

Notable Alumni: Sean Callery, Cecil Taylor

New England Conservatory offers courses in jazz, as well as classical, contemporary improvisation, and world and early music. Class sizes are small, with a ratio of five students to one teacher, making for one of the more intimate music education experiences in the country.

Curtis Institute of Music

Eastman School of Music

Royal College of Music

Notable Alumni: Benjamin Britten, Andrew Lloyd Webber

The London school offers a cozy 800-student population and an elite musical education designed to make you a working musician, with the Creative Careers Centre specifically tasked to help students market themselves and develop employment as instructors. Facilities include the famed Britten Theatre and the recently refurbished Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, and the school maintains close ties to the neighboring Royal Albert Hall.

Yale School of Music

Notable Alumni: Marco Beltrami, John Mauceri

At Yale School of Music, graduate students in performance or composition find themselves in a rarefied atmosphere. The style of music that was prevalent at Yale is a lot less accessible to the average listener than commercial music, says composer Christophe Beck (Ant-Man ) of the New Haven, Conn. program: I took the only conducting course I ve ever taken at Yale, and even though I don t conduct now, that really helps with orchestration as well.

University of Miami, Frost School of Music

Notable Alumni: Ben Folds, Bruce Hornsby

Frost s Henry Mancini Institute gives classical and jazz students training in world music and contemporary performance styles, while the orchestra performs and records for major venues with such artists as James Newton Howard (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ).

University of North Texas

California State University, Northridge

Middle Tennessee State University

Manhatttan School of Music

Notable Alumni: Herbie Hancock, John Corigliano

MSM boasts 132 practice rooms and eight performance spaces that host 700 performances a year, including operas, orchestral concerts, student and faculty recitals, and jazz concerts both at the school and at Lincoln Center.

California Institute of the Arts

Notable Alumni: Gabrial McNair, Ravi Coltrane

Valencia-based CalArts has its own branch of the Herb Alpert School of Music with courses in hip-hop, jazz, pop, voice arts and rock, as well as tonal and atonal music. There s also Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence Design (MTIID), a program designed to prepare students for careers in electronic composition and performance, sound design and synthesis, web/multimedia design and interactive audio. Students perform in more than 250 concerts a year and have opportunities to collaborate with the filmmaking and animation students (Pixar s John Lasseter and Brad Bird are alumni).

Syracuse University

Notable Alumni: Michael Croiter, Jessica Kullman

Syracuse s Crouse College and the Setnor School of Music, housed in a Byzantine building that sports carved spiral staircases, a 3,823-pipe organ and bell towers, offers an appropriate venue for the first university in the U.S. to offer a degree in music (in 1877), with the expected emphases in instrumental and vocal performance and composition.

New York University

UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Belmont University

Full Sail University

Notable Alumni: Sebastian Krys, Gary Rizzo

In Winter Park, Fla. Full Sail offers students training not only in music performance and composition, but also in the business realities of a music career and the art of marketing yourself in the music world with its Music Business bachelor s degree. A Recording Arts degree trains students in recording, mixing and editing music, and a Show Production bachelor s degree program educates students in the production of live audio performances and tours.

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  • Top Audio Production Schools in New York City: Programs, Colleges, Degrees, Courses,


    Audio Production Schools in New York City

    New York City, NY (population: 8,459,026) has six audio production schools within its city limits. Columbia University in the City of New York. the highest ranked school in the city with an audio production program, has a total student population of 24,230. It is the 4th highest ranked school in the USA and the highest in the state of New York.

    Audio Production students from New York City schools who go on to become audio production engineers, audio professionals, audio engineers, audio producers, etc. have a good chance at finding employment. Also, Audio and video equipment technicians make on average $42,450 per year and there are about 46,070 of them employed in the US today.

    Of the 6 audio production schools in New York City, only 4 have a student population over 10k. After taking into account tuition, living expenses, and financial aid, New York University comes out as the most expensive ($34,011/yr) for audio production students, with Touro College as the lowest, reported at only $4,470/yr.

    Avg School Rank

    Distance from New York City

    0 Schools Selected

    Visit Your Selected Schools

    Subject id:1520, School id:”1008

    116 St and Broadway, New York, New York 10027

    Subject id:1520, School id:”3161

    70 Washington Sq South, New York, New York 10012-1091

    Subject id:1520, School id:”5247

    500 W 185th St, New York, New York 10033-3299

    Subject id:1520, School id:”1144

    695 Park Ave, New York, New York 10065

    Subject id:1520, School id:”4522

    27-33 W 23rd St, New York, New York 10010

    Subject id:1520, School id:”1142

    365 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10016

    Click Update Map to show all schools within the current map bounds (even after you move the map). Feel free to Change Subject to only show schools that offer a specific program. Learn more in our Feature Guide

    Value-Added-Network (VAN) for Suppliers #suppliers #edi #value-added-network, #van #tier-1 #edi, #van #service


    EDI Network Connectivity: Value-Added Network (VAN)

    Looking to exchange business documents instantly and easily with your customers?
    Let InterTrade help you connect with your trading partners.

    An EDI Value-Added-Network (VAN) provides direct access to all partners in your supply chain and InterTrade is one of only a handful of TIER-1 EDI VAN service providers in North America. InterTrade is fully and securely interconnected to all other major VANs, enabling you to quickly connect your enterprise to your trading partners for efficient, real-time EDI exchanges integrated to your IT systems.

    Benefits to Suppliers

    EDI may seem complicated but in reality, it is a vehicle to standardize and simplify communications between trading partners. Retailers, suppliers, distributors, 3PLs, etc. all can benefit by exchanging important business documents on a secure network and in real-time. This translates into:

    • More accurate information – less manual intervention
    • Increased automation – less paper; more green
    • Improved visibility on B2B transactions
    • Closer business relationships
    • Shorter sales cycle
    • Faster orders-to-cash
    • More sales!

    Small, medium and large businesses are turning to InterTrade for customizable network solutions that grant quick access to any trading partner at the most affordable price.

    Simple and Affordable EDI VAN Solutions to Fit Your Needs

    • InterTrade s EDI solutions allow you to share POs, Invoices, ASNs, and other critical business documents electronically with your trading partners, regardless of their back-office applications and ERPs
    • InterTrade supports a wide array of communications options including FTP, AS2/AS3, HTTPS, VPN and our own ultra-secure proprietary security communications software (ecConnect)
    • Our state-of-the-art monitoring tool (ecView) provides real-time visibility on all documents shared between you and your business partners

    Whether you have your own EDI software and IT staff or you want InterTrade to manage your entire document mapping, translation and transportation, our customizable solutions will ensure you fully meet your partner requirements, easily and quickly.

    Contact our experts to discuss your EDI needs and find a solution that is right for you.

    Fully Managed EDI Services (including analysis, mapping, translation and transportation)

    InterTrade s Managed EDI Services drive results to your bottom line by enabling you to focus on your core competencies knowing that your electronic trading relationships are optimally managed.

    InterTrade takes on the onus of implementing, operating, maintaining and optimizing the entire infrastructure and services needed to run your B2B electronic document exchanges so you can comply with your trading partner requirements without the expense of new hardware, software or specialized in-house EDI resources.

    This full-service hosted EDI implementation includes:

    • Application file specifications analysis
    • EDI standards compliance
    • Connectivity implementation
    • Data transformation mappings creation
    • Customer testing
    • Trading partner testing
    • Continual monitoring and production

    Fax to EDI

    ecFax Fax-to-EDI capability provides an efficient and cost-effective way to trade electronically with your fax-ready business partners, regardless of their size. The Fax-to-EDI service automatically converts information from trading partners faxes into electronic data and then delivers this data ready for integration into your ERP or other enterprise applications. The result? Faxed documents can now be processed just like electronic ones.


    If you need an easy and cost-effective EDI solution that requires nothing but a computer and an internet connection, Web-EDI is your answer. Web-EDI allows you to become EDI-enabled to reach all of your retailers through a web browser. It is fast to implement, easy to use and requires no additional software. Our web-EDI service also enables carton label printing for your convenience.

    AS2 Brokerage

    Let InterTrade handle your complex communications connectivity to your trading partners. Whether they require AS2, AS3, FTPS, etc. InterTrade provides the connectivity so you can do what you do best – focus on your core business.

    Discuss your EDI needs with our experts for personalized professional service.