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Cooling Heating Rental Specialists

Why Hire? Why is rental such a good idea?

Over the years, Carrier Rental Systems have provided a large range of clients with bespoke hire solutions for cooling, heating and generator rental.

Why would a company or business want to hire any of the solutions available?

Cash flow and budget for expenditure is always under scrutiny, which is why rental is a great way to take advantage of fixed monthly costs and flexible contracts. Our contracts can cover a whole range of time periods and operational sizes – from a ten year rental to keep your commitment to customers down to breakdown cover for a critical piece of equipment.

Unreliable cooling equipment on site can give a negative effect throughout a range of processes, risking your business plan, or it could simply be the case that a working environment is uncomfortably hot. Whatever the disruption to your workforce or equipment, it will come with a cost, which is where Carrier Rental Systems can help.

Many of our projects are to help throughout replacement cover, where permanent systems are being upgraded, but down-time is not an option. We can ensure that cooling and heating requirements are fulfilled to keep your business running throughout.

Tax Relief – As rental expenditure is 100% allowable against corporation tax, you can easily reduce what you pay.

No Need For Capital Expenditure – If you are waiting for approval from capex, or cannot obtain approval for a fixed period, our medium term rentals are good options. This can let you continue operations and get new contract based on a temporary plant basis.

Fixed Monthly Costs – With our constant rental prices, you can easily and accurately budget for outgoings and keep your cash flow high.

Inclusive 24/7 Call Out – As your heating or cooling system can be critical to the running of your business, we can ensure that you stay running with the use of our 24/7 call out facility via our dedicated phone number – 0800 026 4717. We guarantee that one of our breakdown technicians will be back in touch with you within 1 hour to talk through your problem. If the problem requires a call out, we promise that an engineer will be on site within 4 hours of the decision being made.

No Charges For Maintenance – Some companies can issue invoices amounting to thousands of pounds for maintenance during rental, but with Carrier, the price is included with the rental fee.

Flexibility – We can offer our services to meet changing needs throughout the year to suit fluctuations in demand or seasonal temperature changes. Why rent a chiller or heater for purposes they were not designed for?

Research Development – If you want to trial a new product for extra capacity then you can trial the equipment before buying with Carrier Rental Systems. This short term testing can help with the long term growth of your business.

New Premises Short Term Leases – If you have moved into a new premises or have a short term lease, renting is a great option to cover your needs during this period. You might not have the time or inclination to install a new air-conditioning system until you have expanded your business.

Isan Esarn Esan Car Rental, North East Thailand Bangkok Airport Car Hire


Welcome to Korat Car Rental

Looking for car or truck rental in Pak Chong,North East Thailand?

Korat Car Rental offer a range of cars, trucks, & 4WD vehicles for hire. Our rates are very reasonable, our terms are simple, our service is excellent, and our fleet is well serviced and with full insurance & paperwork. Prices of cars & trucks range between 900 – 1500 baht per day.

Bangkok Airport Car Rental and Car Hire

We are committed to helping keep your trip comfortable and simple when it come to car and truck hire in Korat. We provide a personal high quality service to our customers who rely on us, and our fleet of well maintained vehicles, when they visit Thailand. After arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport, which is Bangkok’s International airport, you will get a reliable and convenient Bangkok airport car hire by Korat Car Rental, which is most trusted for providing high quality pick-up, drop-off and chauffeur driven services at a reasonable price in Pak Chong,North East Thailand. By a reservation of suitable fleet from our wide selection of fully insured and well maintained fleets, you will enjoy our comfortable Bangkok airport car rental service. Give us a call today at +66 (0)818 773 198.Read client testimonials .

Please browse our website, and feel free to contact us if you think we can help you in any way.

Why Korat Car Rental?

Korat Car Rental promise to offer the best deals for rental cars, car rental and car hire in the area of Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand. Our Car Rental prices are very competative, from 1000 THB per day for a pick-up, and 1500 THB for a sedan.


The owner Jimmy speaks great english, so don’t worry about calling him. I rented a pickup from him for 1000 per day, and have no complaints what so ever. Deposit 5000 returned in full.

He’s a regular type of guy. I explained my insurance requirements very carefully to him and he showed me that he had proper cover for self drive hire.

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Information on Ivory Regent Landaulette

The Ivory Regent Landaulette is the ideal wedding car for a bride and groom but it can seat up to 5 passengers plus the driver. It is a modern car and has all the sophistication of a 1928 Regent so you will arrive in style.�

Our uniformed chauffeur is on hand to make sure your day runs smoothly by getting you to the church on time, and then on to your additional stops such as the locations for your photographs and finally the hotel.�

We provide co-ordinated ribbons, which match your wedding colours, and there is a spray of flowers on the back shelf so when the top is down this provides excellent photo opportunities for your guests.

The Ivory Regent can team up with the Ivory Bramwith �or Ivory Supreme for wedding parties of up to 10 people.

Complimentary drink is provided for your Wedding party.�

Click for Ivory Regent Photographs

Information on Champagne Gold Bramwith Limousine

Our spacious Champagne Gold Bramwith Limousine can seat up to 6 passengers plus the chauffeur. This replica 1931 Model A ford offers the best in classic styling but has modern engineering to ensure you will get to the church on time.�

The champagne and gold colouring matches any wedding colour theme with the addition of colour co-ordinated ribbons and a spray of flowers on the back shelf.�

This car can be teamed up with both our�Champange and Gold Bramwith Landaulette and Champagne and Gold Regent �for bridal parties of up to 14 people; we also provide child seats for pageboys and flower girls.�

Click for Champagne Gold Bramwith Photographs

Information on Champagne Gold Bramwith Landaulette

The Champagne and Gold Bramwith Landaulette with its open top is the ideal car for the Bride and Groom, Chief Bridesmaid and Best man to travel together in style and can hold up to 6 passengers plus the driver. �

The wide opening doors give easy access to and from the vehicle in even the most extravagant wedding gown so the bride always looks graceful.�

Our fully uniformed chauffeur is on hand to serve you a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, which is the perfect excuse to take a photo.�

In the case of larger bridal parties of up to 10 people this car can �be teamed up with either the��Champagne and Gold Bramwith Limousine �or the Champagne and Gold Regent

Click for Champagne Gold Bramwith Landaulette Photographs

Information on Champagne Gold Regent Opentop

This Champagne and Gold Regent is the perfect car for the bride and groom and for larger bridal parties this car can be teamed up with both the� Champagne and Gold Bramwith Limousine and the Champagne and Gold Bramwith Landaulette �to give a total of 14 members of your bridal party so you can have as many flowers girls and page boys as you desire.�

The open top is perfect for photographs and video the top can be opened or closed by our chauffeur in a matter of seconds.�

Our driver can stop before arriving at the Church or Hotel to put down the roof so when you arrive you can greet your guests in style no matter the weather.�

Click for Champagne Gold Regent Photographs

Information on Ivory Chrysler 300

This superb American built Chrysler is fast becoming a very popular wedding car, coupled with the fact that is in the sought after colour of Ivory, which will compliment any colour theme, what more could a discerning Bride ask for. � You will definitely know you have arrived in this very smart and impressive looking automobile.

This car is perfect for the bride and groom and can be teamed up with our Ivory Supreme or our Ivory Bramwith so your wedding party can travel in style.�

Click for Ivory Chrysler 300 Photographs

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Investment Properties

  • Your company and website provide an awesome resource for the aspiring ‘turn-key’ investor.

S. Thompson

  • Simple process and very reliable guidance — buying through Norada is a breeze!
    Daniel Brown
  • Your commitment to always give value to your prospects (web site tools, blog, personal time, etc.) is a terrific distinguishing attribute and sets Norada apart from other real estate firms.
    E. Hauber
  • Marco was professional, helpful and informative throughout my initial investment opportunity. His knowledge, guidance and support made my experience exceptional!
    Derek Pines
  • Everything went as planned. Everyone Norada lined up was easy to work with. Couldn’t ask for an easier transaction. I am very satisfied with my investment.
    Tyler Caruso
  • Marco and his team were very responsive, thorough and honest. I have already recommended them to other investors.
    Patrick and Ryan M.
  • I’m an investor from the Netherlands (Europe) and trust is the most important factor for me. Marco earned my trust over and over by his knowledge and his excellent service.
    Sebastian Van de Poppe
  • The process was incredibly easy and the investment exceeded our objectives. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to hit a home run and strengthen our financial portfolio!
    Bryan Dunker
  • I appreciate the great level of service that you guys gave, and will definitely keep you in mind for future deals.
    Mark Rosenberg, Esq.
  • My wife and I connected with Marco and he was very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting us purchasing a duplex in Indianapolis. His network covers all aspects of the purchase with very few surprises. We are looking forward to working more with him and his team in the near future.
    Tom Kostek
  • The entire investment property ordeal was very foreign to me, despite the research that I was able to do prior. I want to commend Marco for being so transparent, informative, and diligent with me; you are a great businessman!
    Jonathan L.
  • Marco made it very easy for me as an out of state investor. His expertise in the markets makes me feel very reassured.
    Emily D.
  • In the 4-1/2 years I’ve been looking at Real Estate companies online, I’ve yet to see a turn-key property company that I think is better than Norada.
    Ralph Franks
  • Norada provided me with great service and they were flexible with some of my issues during the transaction process.
    Robert I.
  • I would definitely consider Norada since Marco is very active in BP. In addition, he is very responsive and knowledgeable!
    Chris K.
  • I can’t say enough about Norada’s top notch, all-around professionalism. As someone who conducts business-to-business transactions, I can vouch that they are an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Liz Nowlin
  • Marco is one of the smartest real estate guys I spoke to in the last four years!
    A.U. New York
  • Transaction was pretty smooth. All my questions were handled in timely fashion and to my satisfaction. Overall, great experience.
    Tushar Puri
  • I appreciate your first-rate presentations and professionalism. You are head of the class.
    Ian Y.
  • I am very impressed with your website and more importantly your investor approach. I like transparency and your success is proving that investors like transparency as well.
    Paul Janerico
  • Marco stepped up to the plate and became an exceptionally well versed, educated and valuable provider of quality properties and resources for anyone buying.
    Cherie Anderson
  • Friendly staff and great communication. I always felt like I was involved throughout the process. Property closed quickly.
    Cameron C.
  • Insights like yours are why people like yourself are so valuable on my team.
    Tom Kostek
  • I’m a big fan of all the info you guys publish and appreciate it.
    Brandon Laughridge
  • I appreciate the continued excellent customer service and advice that was provided along the way.
    William S.
  • You are awesome! Thanks for the advice and guiding me through each step.
  • I am looking forward to expanding my real estate portfolio and would not hesitate to use Marco and Norada again.
    Tom K.
  • One thing I like about your company is the ability to be in several different markets to help diversify my real estate portfolio.
    K. Bassett
  • I love your setup. It makes my job a heck of a lot easier.
    S. Kornbluth
  • Norada Real Estate is an excellent resource for anyone looking to invest in real estate. I enjoyed working with Marco Santarelli, and he was a great help through the entire process.
    J. Chen
  • I have to say that I’m really happy with the purchase.
    Sebastian van de Poppe (Holland)
  • Marco is extremely professional and helpful. He is your go-to person for investment real estate.
    Whitney W.
  • Marco is very knowledgable and helpful to a starter investor like myself. He navigated us through the whole process and promptly assisted us when necessary to close on our first purchase.
    Ranjith M.
  • Marco is an awesome guy. In our industry, it’s critical that you find people to work with that are smart, credible, honest, and just fun to be around. If you’re looking for those things, Marco is your man.
    Mike Hambright
  • Thanks Marco – it’s been great. I looking forward to many more!
    Rami M.
  • Marco was a great help in helping to simplify the process of looking for an investment property. Thanks Marco!
    Anthony Dickson
  • You read my mind. That would be great and VERY much appreciated. That kind of assistance is what makes Norada a cut above the rest.
    LeRand D.
  • It was a great decision to work with Norada. I couldn’t be happier with the property I’ve acquired with positive net cash flow each. Look forward to building my portfolio even larger.
    D. Cerecedes
  • Marco is not only full of knowledge and experience, he goes out of his way to share that information by making himself extremely accessible. His patient guidance on everything from property purchasing to asset protection has made my foray into the highly stressful world of real estate investing a genuine pleasure. I look forward to working with Marco many more times in the future.

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    The M3 Bracket System allows Measurement of Positional Change (i.e. Thermal Growth Dynamic Movement) using your existing Rotalign . Rotalign Pro. Rotalign Ultra. Optalign Plus, Aligneo , Optalign smart. smartALIGN . Masterlign Masterlign Basic. We are offering one new set, which currently sells for well over $5,000.00, at a closeout price of only $3,200.00 US.

    New M3 Bracket System for sale – $3,200.00 US. Note that Rotalign sensors and the LT 300 Alignment Simulator that the M3 Bracket set is mounted on are not part of the sale. Please click on picture to enlarge.

    Bev and I have not been active in new laser sales since 2007 and no longer need our Show Display which we used at Industrial Shows and meetings. This Show Display is a quality reversible, maroon / blue, display which is very portable and can be set up free standing including storage which is underneath the built in table (see the second picture). The upper half of the display separates and can also be set up by itself on a 10′ table. The Show Display ships in four cases by UPS, FedEX but we carried the Show Display to shows and meetings in the back of one of our trucks or our van.

    The backlit Header / Banner part of the display can be easily changed by your local sign shop to whatever you need – a Company Name. Church Name or Organization name. The various packard wording you see on the display are for the Pr ftechnik AG products that we had been selling but they can also easily be changed by your local sign shop. If interested, please contact us by email with your best reasonable offer as our Show Display package will be sold soon.

    _____________________ _________________ _____________________

    In 2007, after 40 years of heavy travel, we changed the pace and the direction of what we do, and look forward to working with our customers to provide:

    Laser shaft alignment system Rentals
    Used laser shaft alignment systems buy sell
    Shim Sets replacement Shim Packs

    Sonic Belt Tension Meters
    Alignment related tools

    We had worked with Ludeca for 21 years covering the Carolinas, Georgia and Eastern Tennessee resigned on June 4th 2007 and ceased our representation as of July 3, 2007.

    We have continued to take care of our customers, as we have for 44 years, with technical support including after hours,laser rentals and shims. When you need assistance please call Norm or Bev Voelzow at 704-233-9222 or send us an email !

    _____________________ _________________ _____________________

    Top Gun . when used with Laser Shaft Alignment, is a registered trademark of Voelzow Company, Inc.

    Welcome to our Laser Alignment Top Gun Site. This site is for Shaft Alignment professionals and others who are interested in Laser Shaft Alignment. Our site contains tips, tools and information useful in the field of Laser Shaft Alignment and shaft alignment in general. We conduct training classes for all Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment systems, all Optalign systems, smartALIGN , Aligneo , pocketALIGN and Masterlign systems in the Southeastern US schedule permitting. Each of our trainers has over 20 years experience in alignment and Laser Shaft Alignment!

    We have many rental Rotalign Ultra, Rotalign Pro, Rotalign Standard, Optalign smart, Optalign Plus and Aligneo shaft alignment systems, and have many of the special brackets that you may need also! Find out late in the day that you need to rent a laser for an alignment tomorrow call us as we ship the same day on orders received as late as 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time!

    We are located in rural North Carolina near the towns of Wingate and Marshville (where Randy Travis is from) about 40 miles Southeast of Charlotte not far from RaceCar City or the Charlotte Motor Speedway (Lowe’s now). We rent laser systems, ship SS shim products and all of our other products anywhere in the US. If you are at a Paper Mill, Power Plant, Fiber Plant, Steel Mill, Chemical Plant, Petrochemical Plant or Pipeline – you most probably have a Laser Shaft Alignment system! If you need to rent an additional laser for an outage please give us a call at 704-233-9222 or send us an email !

    We are very confident that the information you find on these pages, especially our Laser Tips section, will be a help to you when doing your next alignment. If you have a question, want to make a suggestion, or want to correspond with us, please use the email link or Request Form near the bottom of this page. We welcome your suggestions and questions 24/7!

    Have a Great Day! (We are Still Here!)

    Voelzow Company, Inc.
    4804 Lawyers Road East
    Wingate, NC 28174

    All text, graphic and photograph files are Copyright Voelzow Company, Inc. – Wingate, North Carolina USA. Reference the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Of 1998.

    Top Gun . when used with Laser Shaft Alignment, is a registered trademark of Voelzow Company, Inc Wingate, North Carolina USA.

    Note: We have not given anyone or any company permission to use any text from our website on their website or in printed material or for use on an auction site listing etc!

    Optalign , Rotalign , smartALIGN , Aligneo and Eddytherm are registered trademarks of Pr ftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH of Munich (Ismaning), Germany the Inventors of laser shaft alignment Visit .

    Here’s how much your company pays to rent office space #nyc #office


    Here’s how much your company pays to rent office space

    When it comes to real estate, it’s always location, location, location and price, price, price.

    Start a company in Chicago, and you’ll pay half as much to rent commercial office space as in New York. And it’s even cheaper in other major cities.

    The average monthly rent for a square foot of office space is $1.74 in Atlanta and $1.92 in Dallas, according to data from TheSquareFoot.

    But in San Francisco, the price jumps to $5.43. It’s even pricier in New York City at an average of $6.16 — and that’s across all five boroughs.

    Here’s how much the average office space costs per employee in your city, based on allocating 200 square feet per employee:

    Source: The Square Foot

    Of course, opening an office in New York or San Francisco is going to cost a lot more per employee than just the figure listed above. There’s still those salaries to pay. San Francisco’s median income in 2013 was $75,604, and the average annual wage for tech workers was $156,518 .

    Perhaps not surprisingly, the city also has the nation’s highest cost of living — 48.8% above the national average.

    The office rent prices are mostly in line with residential real-estate prices in the area.

    A cool $1 million in San Francisco will get an 837-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo (with a parking spot!). That same $1 million in a suburb of St. Paul, Minn. buys a five-bedroom custom home with a wine cellar, bar and spa.

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    Your local real estate resource!

    A smarter home search.

    Real Estate Services offered by Homes Land

    Homes Land is an all-inclusive real estate web site offering thousands of luxury home listings and houses for sale in over 300 markets throughout the US and CA. Each real estate listing provides extensive information about the property for sale along with photos, virtual tours and local housing market information. The information available on www.HomesAndLand.com goes far beyond the real estate listing, you can also find real estate tips, moving guides, mortgage rates, home selling guides or you can get expert assistance from a top real estate agent.

    Our goal is to make it easy to find your next new home. Simply enter a city and state, zip code or county in our search bar to see the newest homes for sale in our vast real estate listing database including the most recent MLS houses for sale. You can save your favorite search and subscribe to an email alert to receive automated real estate updates emailed to fit your specifications.

    Subscribing to your favorite Homes Land eMagazine has also never been easier! You can now subscribe to the Homes Land magazine available in your preferred area and be the first to browse the newest issue. From within the magazine, you can also click to contact top real estate agents in the area that will answer your questions about the listings or the local housing market.

    About Homes And Land: Homes Land Magazine is the most popular and widely read real estate listings publication in the U.S. and Canada. Each magazine contains detailed listings for homes, houses, condos and land for sale, as well as new homes and apartment rentals. Each listing is also available here on our web site through our listings search. You can also order magazines for your local area to carry with you to find homes for sale.

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    CDW, LDW.

    Have you ever come across these terms? Do you know what they mean? When renting a car either locally or abroad the truth is that not all car rental companies offer you the same coverage. It all depends where you travel to and which car rental company you use.

    Collision Damage Waiver and Loss Damage Waiver

    You may be responsible for purchasing your own Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) insurance which provides coverage for the full value of the vehicle that you are renting as well as covering some of the additional losses to the rental company if your accident results in the rental vehicle being unavailable to rent out.

    If you turn up to the car rental desk without your own Loss Damage Waiver insurance, your car rental company may insist that you purchase their car rental insurance policy before they let you drive away in the car. Why not buy your car rental insurance before travelling to make sure you’re not surprised with unexpected extra costs at the rental desk?

    Rental companies will usually try and sell you their CDW/LDW coverage which can cost up to $15 per day, where as coverage from Insuremyrentalcar.com starts at $9.75 per day!

    We are clear, competitive, and comprehensive!

    Why buy from Insuremyrentalcar.com?

    Insure My Rental Car’s mission is simple…we aim to make it easier for drivers to understand their insurance options and save them money. The message is always the same wherever you live – buy your rental car insurance before you get to the rental desk!

    Insuremyrentalcar.com offers insurance covering Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) up to $100,000 if the car is damaged or stolen. Daily policies start at $9.75 per day agency. The website will also offer single trip policies starting at $17.50 and annual policies starting at $93.99. Annual policies offer particularly good value for regular users and have the added advantage of covering US residents for vehicles rented outside of the USA.

    Our aim is simple. provide customers with competitively priced Car Rental Insurance without compromising on the levels of coverage!

    Rental Car Insurance

    Now, with Insure My Rental Car, you can buy valuable and effective loss damage and theft coverage away from the Rental Car counter.

    Better yet, you get primary damage coverage that automatically kicks in without the need to submit a claim to your personal auto insurance policy.

    • Damage and Theft
    • $0 Deductible
    • Primary Coverage
    • Personal Property Coverage*
    • Hotel / Motel Burglary*
    • Accidental Death / Accident Medical Expenses**
    • Worldwide Coverage
    • Easy Claims Handling and processing
    • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance Service by Road|America™*

    **Upgrade (US Residents only – Selected States)

    Our policies can be purchased by both US and Non-US Residents!

    Insure My Rental Car’s insurance policies can be used by US residents at home and overseas, and can also be used by Non-US residents when renting a car in the United States. So whether you are a permanent US Resident or are simply looking for Car Rental coverage to insure yourself while visiting the US, we could have a policy to suit your needs!

    BigPond Movies DVD #dvd, #movies, #dvd #rental, #online #dvd #rental, #delivered, #highest


    * Please review our FAQs if you have questions about the BigPond Movies DVD service closure.

    1. Why has BigPond closed it’s online DVD rental service?
      A. Technology improvements now allow us to deliver Movies directly to your home via Broadband. The benefits are that you can now choose a movie to watch, download it and begin watching in minutes.
  • What do I do now that the service is closed?
    A. You can still get BIGPOND MOVIES on a T-Box, via your PC, directly from an LG or Samsung TV and even via your mobile. If you want a T-Box, then now’s a great time to get one. Please log-in to find out about the great offers we have for DVD subscribers.
  • What happens now?
    A. On the last day of operation of the service, Friday September 30, an email was sent to you describing the closure process. Please ensure all outstanding DVDs are placed in the post by the 7 th of October, so they are received back by the 15 th of October. Once those DVDs arrive back at one of our Fulfilment Centres, we will automatically close your account and you will receive a refund of the unused component of the current month’s subscription. This refund will be processed within 2 weeks back to your Credit Card or Telstra bill depending on your payment method.
  • My 12 month contract was set to expire after the 30th of September. What happens to my account?
    A. All accounts, both 12 month contracts and casual monthly accounts, were cancelled on the 30th of September 2011, unless you had already cancelled your account prior to this date.
  • Will I be charged an Early Termination Fee for cancelling my 12 month contract before it expires?
    A. There will be no Early Termination Fees to customers who cancel their 12 month contract after the 1 st of July 2011.
  • What if the DVDs don’t make it back to Telstra?
    A. If DVDs are legitimately lost in the mail system, then please report the DVD as lost on the web-site and we will take this into account when finalising your account. If DVDs are not returned by 15-October and do not appear to be lost, then we will be applying a DVD replacement fee of $15.00 per DVD before finalising a customer’s account.
  • Can I get all the content that I am used to on the DVD service?
    A. Currently we have around 3,300 of the most popular titles available for download, so this range is not as comprehensive as we had for the DVD service. The range is being added to all the time as Movie studios and distributors make more content available to us. You should find most of what you wish to watch and over time we will be growing the catalogue to be as large as what was offered via DVD.
  • Can I use my same DVD login details for the Download service?
    A. You will need to create a new movie account to use the download service. If you wish to download and watch movies on your PC, please go to http://bigpondmovies.com and click on the Register link towards the top right hand side of the screen. If you are purchasing an IP TV device such as a compatible Samsung or LG TV, or the new Telstra T-Box, please follow the prompts whilst registering those devices.
  • When will the last charges appear on my credit card or Telstra bill?
    A. For customers paying by credit card who did not cancel prior to the service closing, your last monthly subscription payment will appear in September. Any additional DVDs that were dispatched in September that were above your monthly quota, as well as any lost DVD fees for DVDs not returned by the 15th of October, will be charged in October. For customers paying via their Telstra Bill, their payments will appear a month later, depending on the billing date of your Telstra account. Subscription fees will appear in October, and any addition DVD charges or late fees will appear in November.
  • The creative minds behind Disney-Pixar’s groundbreaking animated blockbusters invite you back inside the toy box for a heartwarming and hilarious movie experience you’ll never forget. In Toy Story 3, Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (vo.

    Toy Story 3 (2010)

    John Ratzenberger, Timothy Dalton, Michael Keaton, Ned Beatty, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles

    Action Adventure, Animated, Children Family, Comedy, Animated Feature, Family Comedy, Fantasy, General Adventure

    A winner with audiences and critics alike, DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon rolls fire-breathing action, epic adventure and laughs into a captivating and original story. Hiccup is a young Viking who defies tradition when he befriends.

    How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

    Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois

    Craig Ferguson, David Tennant, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel

    Action Adventure, Animated, Children Family, Comedy, Animated Feature, Family Comedy, General Adventure

    An epic adventure about a young Persian Prince who allies with a conquered Princess in order to locate a dangerous artefact that controls the fabric of time, and ultimately the fate of the world. Threatened by a mysterious conspiracy to steal a coveted da.

    Prince Of Persia (2010)

    Ben Kingsley, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton

    Action Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, General Action, General Adventure, General Romance

    When J’s druggie mother overdoses, the teenager is left with little choice but to move in with his grandmother, “Smurf”, the cold-hearted matriarch of a notorious crime family. As J becomes more and more ingrained in the family’s ruthles.

    Animal Kingdom (2010)

    Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Jacki Weaver, Luke Ford, Sullivan Stapleton, James Frecheville, Guy Pearce

    Action Adventure, Drama, Suspense Thriller, Crime, General Drama

    Mother and Child is a striking drama centred around three women whose paths will cross and change them forever: Karen (Annette Bening; The Women, Being Julia) a reserved 50-year old nurse, who was forced to give up her daughter Elizabeth (Naomi Watts: 21.

    Mother And Child (2009)

    Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, Jimmy Smits, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson

    Drama, General Drama

    Specialist Vehicle Ambulance sales, Ambulance for sale, Ambulance hire, ambulance rental, Ex


    At Specialist Vehicle Solutions

    We are one of the uk’s leading ambulance sales specialists. We offer a full range of Ambulances. Pts Ambulances, Wheelchair accessible vehicles, Welfare vehicles, Mobility vehicles Mini buses etc. We also offer Ambulance PTS vehicle hire rental, we can offer hire and rental on a long and short term basis. Including Front line A E ambulances, Bariatric ambulance, PTS stretcher vehicles, all seated PTS and wheelchair vehicles, single wheelchair vehicles, CEN approved vehicles etc .We have over 100 Ambulances and PTS vehicles on our hire fleet. Specialist vehicle solutions ambulance workshop is set up specifically to deal with ambulances and specialist vehicles incorporating the latest diagnostic equipment, lift and ramp repairs, air conditioning, ambulance emergency lighting, rear suspension conversions, etc.

    Our ambulance body shop is equipped to deal with all kinds of repairs from a minor scuff to accident damage including insurance work and ambulance livery. Specialist vehicle can carry out all kinds of fabrication work to ambulances and specialist vehicles from stretcher fittings to window conversions. At specialist vehicle we are proud to work with some of the countries leading ambulance and specialist vehicle insurers providing like for like ambulance hire.We offer full dealer facilities including Part exchange, Finance and Lease Warranty, Credit and debit card. Collection and delivery.

    Our Ambulance and Specialist vehicles are mostly purchased from the UK’s major leasing companies and the NHS. We stock a range of parts and spares for ambulances and specialist vehicles. Viewing is by appointment as stock changes very quickly please contact us before making a special journey. If you do not see the vehicle that you require, please email or give us a call with your requirements. You may also use our Enquiry Form

    At Specialist vehicle solutions the vehicles available for sale belong to us, we do not sell for 3rd parties or charge buyer fees or commission on our vehicles, no middle men deal direct with the specialists, don’t get caught up in a 3 way purchase.

    Buy with Confidence

    Buy with confidence from the specialists. We understand the vehicles we are dealing with.
    Every vehicle is inspected, as well as the mechanical condition the specialist features

    Suppliers to: the NHS St John Ambulance British Red Cross Members of: FSB BAA IAA

    Specialist Vehicle Solutions Ltd – Fisher Street, Dudley Port Tipton West Midlands. DY4 8XE – Tel: 0121 439 7014 – Specialist Vehicle Solutions is a Limited Company, Registration Number: 07076435 – Vat Number: 982 2270 15

    Ambulance for Sale UK – Ambulance Rental and Hire – Stretcher PTS vehicles – Emergency vehicles – Right hand drive emergency vehicles – New and Pre Owned Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Used ambulances UK – New Ambulances UK – Ex NHS – RRV – Ferno

    Sign In to Edit this Site 2017 Specialist Vehicle Solutions Limited.

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    Explore our solutions for the entire market

    JAI has £2.5 billion of commercial and residential real estate under management in the UK alone. An established property manager of major commercial buildings, particularly in the West End and City of London. The company also has a growing residential portfolio under management, concentrating on high value apartment blocks and mixed use developments. JAI takes a progressive approach to [ ]

    The UK’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust, was looking for a flexible solution to manage its unique portfolio. This included 250,000 hectares of countryside, 700 miles of coastline, 300 historic houses and gardens and 49 industrial monuments owned and managed. In addition, there are over 2,800 listed buildings and 320 holiday cottages. As part of their [ ]

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    Overseas Auto Insurance # #car #insurance, #auto #insurance, #international, #rental #car


    Overseas Auto Insurance

    When you are organizing a trip outside of the United States and planning to drive a vehicle, there are a few items you need to consider. Besides making sure that you understand both the traffic laws and driving customs that may be unfamiliar to you, you also need to be sure that you make the necessary preparations to drive legally in your destination.

    Finally, you need to look into car insurance for your rental so that you are covered in case you should have an accident or another incident while overseas.

    International Driving Permit

    Many countries will recognize your U.S. driver’s license, but some will not. They may, however, accept an international driving permit. or IDP. An IDP is a translation of your driver’s license in 10 languages and is honored by many foreign governments.

    You can obtain an IDP by submitting your application along with the following to the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the National Automobile Club (NAC).

    • Your payment.
      • Fees will be listed on your application.
    • 2 photos (passport-sized).
    • A photocopy of the front and back of your driver’s license.

    The IDP is valid for 1 year from the issue date and may only be used in combination with your driver’s license. You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

    For more information on IDPs, visit our International Driving Permits page.

    Does Your U.S. Car Insurance Policy Cover Overseas Rentals?

    The only way to be sure whether your U.S. car insurance policy covers overseas rentals is to contact your car insurance company and ask.

    Often, U.S. policies do not apply when you travel overseas; however, they may apply when you travel to the bordering countries of Canada and Mexico.

    If international car insurance is required, your current auto insurance agent may be able to help you get a policy for your time abroad – through a sister company, for example.

    When Should You Consider International Insurance?

    You should consider purchasing international insurance when neither your U.S. car insurance coverage nor your credit card (see below) covers you in your destination country.

    A good rule of thumb is to purchase international insurance that provides the same level of coverage as you have at home.

    Again, speaking with your auto insurance agent can help you sort out the details of coverage you need while traveling.

    Credit Card Coverage for International Rentals

    Major credit card companies often provide coverage for rental cars if you reserve your rental car with your credit card. This coverage sometimes applies to international rentals.

    Before you go on your trip, however, don’t make assumptions about the rental car insurance coverage the card provides. Contact your credit card company to get specific details about your coverage. Particularly, make sure to find out:

    • Whether the policy applies in the country you are traveling to.
    • If it includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.
    • The coverage limits.
    • Whether you need to pay an additional fee for this coverage.

    International auto insurance from credit card companies may officially be secondary insurance, which means that it applies after your primary insurance kicks in. However, if your credit card insurance is your only car insurance while you are abroad, it may, in effect, act as your primary insurance.

    Finding International Car Insurance

    Start your search for international car insurance by contacting your current car insurance company, as well as your credit card company, to find out what coverage you already have.

    If your regular policy is not good overseas, ask your car insurance company about options for international insurance in your destination country.

    You can also contact the rental car company to find out what they offer, but be sure to read the fine print and only select a policy if it does not duplicate coverage you already have.

    DMV.org Insurance Finder

    Join 1,972,984 Americans who searched DMV.org for car insurance rates:

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    Car Palace Rentals | Newark Car Rentals | Linden Car Rentals

    Call us today and start enjoying our cheap rates without the cheap rental experience at

    • Low daily, weekly and monthly rates.
    • Rates as low as $16.95 per day.
    • A large variety of late model cars and vans that look good and runs great.
    • All major credit cards are accepted.
    • Cash deposit and debit cards accepted on most rentals.
    • International travelers and military personals are welcome.
    • Fantastic customer service and professionalism at all times.
    • Se habla Espanol.

    Car Palace Rental provides discount car rental prices with top of the line auto rental customer service.
    Located in Elizabeth NJ and serves All Union Essex county, Newark Airport and All Surrounding areas.
    We believe that Low Cost car rental can be accompanied with excellent service.
    Located 10 Minute for newark airport and convenient neighborhood location Car Palace Rental strives to meet all of your car and truck rental needs whether you are looking for Dally or weekly car rental, an insurance replacement vehicle or a van or minivan to take on vacation this is the place to come.

    Contact Car Palace| 300 Rahway Avenue Elizabeth, NJ 07202 |Phone: 908-547-0361 |Fax: 908-351-7039

    PINNACLE YACHTS: Yacht Share #chicago #boat #club, #chicago #sail #charters, #chicago #boat

    Smart Ownership Alternatives

    Members in the Pinnacle Yachts fractional leasing program have the pleasure of cruising a magnificent new Sea Ray Powerboat or Jeanneau Sailboat in local waters without the cost and obligation of ownership.

    Pinnacle Members Enjoy:

    • No Mortgage – No Down Payment – No Maintenance Costs
    • A Single-Season Lease That Covers Every Expense
    • Day, Weekend and Week Long Cruising In Local Waters
    • Power and Sail Instruction By USCG Licenced Masters
    • Concierge and Professional Captain Services

    For a reasonable annual lease fee, Pinnacle Members have season-long access to a sail or power yacht valued as much as $600,000.

    The Pinnacle Fleet is comprised of sail and power yachts by acclaimed builders Sea Ray and Jeanneau. These are high-end yachts that sport sleek, fast hull designs, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and finely appointed interiors.

    With private, day-to-day use of their yacht, Members may cruise for a week, get away for several days, or head-out for a few hours.

    Pinnacle offers sailing lessons and powerboat lessons for Members new to yachting or who wish to enhance their skills prior to taking the helm on their own.

    For Members that would like to focus on family, friends and business associates, Pinnacle offers USCG Licensed Captains and Concierge Services for easy entertaining aboard your yacht.

    Pinnacle Members are an astute and fun group, mostly in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, financial professionals, physicians, attorneys, management consultants, government officials, educators, contractors, and real estate developers. Most could own their own boat but choose Pinnacle instead for convenience and camaraderie moreso than financial reasons.

    With hundreds of delighted Members, Pinnacle Yachts is the world’s most successful shared yacht leasing organization. Since our inception in 1998, our fleet has been entirely sold-out each and every season.

    Given the popularity of the program, it is best to act well in advance of the season to secure a share.

    We invite you to join us!

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    All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is make a booking, between 01/6/2017 and 30/6/2017.

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    This June, 5 lucky account holders will win a free car rental. Don’t miss out – book today!

    Book Today Being an account holder means you can:

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