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Call World-Class Data Recovery Experts.
Data Recovery Service for Hard Disk Drive, SSD RAID Recovery

M icro C om Worldwide Data Recovery engineers have been successfully serving to retrieve data from what were called rotating memory devices a long time ago now known by most of us as hard disk drives for well over two full decades. OK, admittedly the image on the right is a bit more likely to depict what your brain might feel like right now, and not so much what actually went awry in the disk drive inside the failed, intensely troubled computer system you may be staring at.

The point is, MicroCom Data Recovery Service exists not just for profit, but to help you . in your time of need. We never forget we’re a service first. So whether data on your hard drive was damaged by fire, or by flood or by any of the numerous, far more likely and usual causes of data loss: the drive won’t mount, it’s crashed, clicking, unbootable (i.e. you have a hard drive failure ), there is friendly, expert remedy available right now. just a phone call away: 844.432.8256 .

So whether you’ve had a hard disk drive crash/failure, or mission critical files suddenly became inaccessible, or the power went out and now that it’s back on again data seems “lost” and your lifeblood information gone with it, we can help. Did a now former employee reformat a company hard drive? Did your data back-up process or BC (Business Continuity) plan fail? Even in the above pictured case of severe environmental damage to your equipment. whatever your situation world-class MicroCom data recovery experts can get your data back safe and sound.

Why Choose MicroCom.

  • For over 25 years as of 2015, MicroCom has been successfully recovering data from hard drives and, for as long as they’ve been in use, as long as there’s been a need, RAID data storage subsystems .

  • Our engineers are highly experienced in all operating systems and data storage media. They know both the science and the art of safely saving your data with the lowest possible risk of permanent information loss. they know sophisticated techniques built on numerous years of experience, and they know data storage hardware technology from the standpoint of hard disk drive design engineering. In terms of expertise, you’ll know that your data is in good hands the hands of experience.
  • World class customer service with immediate connection to a live data recovery expert. no automated routing of calls during normal business hours.
  • We not only save your data, we rigorously protect your information security as well as your personal and corporate privacy. We put our commitment to this in writing: check it out .
  • We understand how stressful a data loss situation can be, and we are intently focused on and committed to providing you with the absolute highest quality service and technical support. both during the process and after your data is retrieved. Call us. check us out.

    Data on Failed Hard Drives: Our Specialty

    An amazing mechanism (with its cover off), storing as much as a terabyte of data inside a laptop computer.

    Hard drive recovery (or rescuing data from any other storage medium for that matter) is as much an art as it is a science. The technology involved in the process of recovering data from devices based on spinning disk technology often require an advanced level of expertise. One false move and your prognosis for retrieval of data may worsen, quickly, permanently. Our chief engineer has over 30 years experience recovering data and knows every trick in the book. In the same way that you would expect a medical surgeon to protect your well-being and do no harm, exposing you to a minimum of risk, every member of our rigorously trained recovery engineering team is keenly dedicated to protecting the media that holds the recordings of your data during the diagnostic analysis phase. Since 1989, thousands of grateful clients have learned, if MicroCom can’t get your data back no one can, and the reason is, quite simply, the data exist no longer .

    You may be also assured that our data recovery engineers have seasoned experience with all operating systems platforms. running on all manner of data storage equipment hardware, which includes not only hard disk drives (HDDs), but also Solid State Devices (SSD s) and optical discs (DVDs CD-Rs).

    It’s no obstacle for us whether your trouble or data recovery requirement has arisen with a MacBook Pro , a or a heretofore trusty iMac G5 , based on any of the feline breeds of Apple Mac OS. or whether disaster reared its head on a complex RAID running UNIX (e.g. SCO, Solaris), Linux, Novell Netware, AS400, RS6000/AIX, or even on a classic DOS or any of the wide array of more modern Microsoft operating systems such as Windows-7 thru Windows-10 , Windows XP , Win2K or

    Windows 2003/2008 Server we’ll get your data back if it still exists, with unsurpassed courtesy and consideration combined with the most advanced skill and tools available.

    MicroComWorldwide Data Recovery

    may be located in Chatsworth, California

    but it’s not so far away.

    Our long list of clients includes companies and individuals from all over the world. So whether you’re in Los Angeles or within the nearby local Los Angeles area. or in New York. Miami. Chicago. or Denver. Hong Kong. England. Indonesia or Timbuktu wherever you are.

    We’re only one day away by FedEx . UPS
    or any other major overnight courier!

    If your hard disk drive is still under manufacturer’s warranty. MicroCom extends the additional consideration of sending the defective hard drive back to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

    Some verbal applause from clients.

    Call an Expert Now for a FREE Consultation .

  • Safe Moving Houston #safe #moving #houston,gun #safe #moving #houston,safe #moving #company #houston





    We run one of the largest safe moving and safe installation operations in 4 states; Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas! We cover a 300 mile radius from our home office in Lufkin, Texas. If you are not in our coverage area, please give us a call and we will still be able to help you.


    I use Double Steel Safes to move my safe in Houston. They were quick to respond and had the best price. Within 1 day, John and his crew were at my house, loaded up the safe and moved it to our new house. John was very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. His crew moved the safe without a single issue. I highly recommend Double Steel Safes if you ever need a safe moved.

    Mark M. | Safe Move in Houston, Texas

    I recently purchased a safe from a local vendor here in Tyler. When they told me I was responsible to deliver the safe myself, I was in disbelief and almost cancelled. I quickly called a friend of mine and asked if he knew anyone that could help me. He gladly told me about Doubt Steel Safes and Vaults. Within hours of calling, Double Steel was at the warehouse picking up my new safe. There would have been no way I would have been able to get this 3,000 lbs. safe home. Thank you very much for helping me out. You have a customer for life!

    David J. | Safe Move in Tyler, Texas

    I bought a safe a few months ago at the Conroe gun show from Double Steel Safe and Vaults. At the end of the show, they loaded up my safe and delivered it to my office which was on the other side of Houston. It was one of best delivery experiences I ever had. John, his wife Amanda and the installation crew were all very polite, professional and knowledgeable. If you are looking to purchase a new safe or looking for safe moving in Houston, I would highly recommend these guys.

    Alex B. | Safe Purchase in Houston, Texas

    I needed a safe moved to our new office location in Lufkin. I called a few other companies before I found Double Steel Safes. All three companies came out, looked at the size of the safe and said there was no way they could move it. I was about to give up on the project, but then I called John at Double Steel. He said he could handle the move and was at the office within 48 hours. Needless to say, John and his guys were able to remove the safe, safely transport it and install it in our new location. These guys really know what they are doing. Thank you very much for the great job.

    Joesph V. | Safe Move in Lufkin, Texas

    Called these guys to move a safe in Lufkin. They were quick and professional. Very good experience I had. Highly recommended.

    Ruben A. | Safe Move in Lufkin, Texas

    I wanted to purchase a gun safe for my Husband for Christmas. Thank God I found Double Steel Safes for I had no clue about any type of safe! Both Amanda and John were very helpful. Amanda found one that was in my price range and my Husband loved it! It was exactly what he was looking for. Thank you so much for the help!

    Angle A. | Safe Move in Lufkin, Texas

    Excellent safe moving company. I called on a Wednesday and John showed up on Thursday morning. Everything went very smooth and our new safe is place! If you need a gun safe mover in Houston, I would highly recommend you call Double Steel Safes! Thank you again John.

    Jacob K. | Safe Move in Houston, Texas

    We purchased a safe at the George R. Brown Convention Center gun show and called John immediately after. He has helped move our safes for years. Time after time, John and his crew always do an excellent job.

    Damion K. | Safe Move in Houston, Texas

    Laser Alignment Top Gun Website #rotalign #pro #rental,optalign #plus #rental,rotalign #ultra #rental,rotalign


    The M3 Bracket System allows Measurement of Positional Change (i.e. Thermal Growth Dynamic Movement) using your existing Rotalign . Rotalign Pro. Rotalign Ultra. Optalign Plus, Aligneo , Optalign smart. smartALIGN . Masterlign Masterlign Basic. We are offering one new set, which currently sells for well over $5,000.00, at a closeout price of only $3,200.00 US.

    New M3 Bracket System for sale – $3,200.00 US. Note that Rotalign sensors and the LT 300 Alignment Simulator that the M3 Bracket set is mounted on are not part of the sale. Please click on picture to enlarge.

    Bev and I have not been active in new laser sales since 2007 and no longer need our Show Display which we used at Industrial Shows and meetings. This Show Display is a quality reversible, maroon / blue, display which is very portable and can be set up free standing including storage which is underneath the built in table (see the second picture). The upper half of the display separates and can also be set up by itself on a 10′ table. The Show Display ships in four cases by UPS, FedEX but we carried the Show Display to shows and meetings in the back of one of our trucks or our van.

    The backlit Header / Banner part of the display can be easily changed by your local sign shop to whatever you need – a Company Name. Church Name or Organization name. The various packard wording you see on the display are for the Pr ftechnik AG products that we had been selling but they can also easily be changed by your local sign shop. If interested, please contact us by email with your best reasonable offer as our Show Display package will be sold soon.

    _____________________ _________________ _____________________

    In 2007, after 40 years of heavy travel, we changed the pace and the direction of what we do, and look forward to working with our customers to provide:

    Laser shaft alignment system Rentals
    Used laser shaft alignment systems buy sell
    Shim Sets replacement Shim Packs

    Sonic Belt Tension Meters
    Alignment related tools

    We had worked with Ludeca for 21 years covering the Carolinas, Georgia and Eastern Tennessee resigned on June 4th 2007 and ceased our representation as of July 3, 2007.

    We have continued to take care of our customers, as we have for 44 years, with technical support including after hours,laser rentals and shims. When you need assistance please call Norm or Bev Voelzow at 704-233-9222 or send us an email !

    _____________________ _________________ _____________________

    Top Gun . when used with Laser Shaft Alignment, is a registered trademark of Voelzow Company, Inc.

    Welcome to our Laser Alignment Top Gun Site. This site is for Shaft Alignment professionals and others who are interested in Laser Shaft Alignment. Our site contains tips, tools and information useful in the field of Laser Shaft Alignment and shaft alignment in general. We conduct training classes for all Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment systems, all Optalign systems, smartALIGN , Aligneo , pocketALIGN and Masterlign systems in the Southeastern US schedule permitting. Each of our trainers has over 20 years experience in alignment and Laser Shaft Alignment!

    We have many rental Rotalign Ultra, Rotalign Pro, Rotalign Standard, Optalign smart, Optalign Plus and Aligneo shaft alignment systems, and have many of the special brackets that you may need also! Find out late in the day that you need to rent a laser for an alignment tomorrow call us as we ship the same day on orders received as late as 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time!

    We are located in rural North Carolina near the towns of Wingate and Marshville (where Randy Travis is from) about 40 miles Southeast of Charlotte not far from RaceCar City or the Charlotte Motor Speedway (Lowe’s now). We rent laser systems, ship SS shim products and all of our other products anywhere in the US. If you are at a Paper Mill, Power Plant, Fiber Plant, Steel Mill, Chemical Plant, Petrochemical Plant or Pipeline – you most probably have a Laser Shaft Alignment system! If you need to rent an additional laser for an outage please give us a call at 704-233-9222 or send us an email !

    We are very confident that the information you find on these pages, especially our Laser Tips section, will be a help to you when doing your next alignment. If you have a question, want to make a suggestion, or want to correspond with us, please use the email link or Request Form near the bottom of this page. We welcome your suggestions and questions 24/7!

    Have a Great Day! (We are Still Here!)

    Voelzow Company, Inc.
    4804 Lawyers Road East
    Wingate, NC 28174

    All text, graphic and photograph files are Copyright Voelzow Company, Inc. – Wingate, North Carolina USA. Reference the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Of 1998.

    Top Gun . when used with Laser Shaft Alignment, is a registered trademark of Voelzow Company, Inc Wingate, North Carolina USA.

    Note: We have not given anyone or any company permission to use any text from our website on their website or in printed material or for use on an auction site listing etc!

    Optalign , Rotalign , smartALIGN , Aligneo and Eddytherm are registered trademarks of Pr ftechnik Alignment Systems GmbH of Munich (Ismaning), Germany the Inventors of laser shaft alignment Visit .

    Sex Abuse Treatment Center Hawai – i, safe harbor treatment center.#Safe #harbor


    safe harbor treatment center

    A Program of Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women & Children

    • Home
    • Get Help
      • What to do if you’re sexually assaulted
      • Making a Police Report
      • Child Sexual Abuse by a Household Member
      • Acute Forensic Examination
      • The SATC Pediatric Sexual Abuse Medical Examination
      • Risk of HIV
      • Rape Drugs
      • Dealing with the Trauma of a Sexual Assault
      • Legal Information & Referrals
      • 24 Hour Hotline
      • Just for teens
      • Therapy
      • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Therapy
      • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Male Survivors
      • Help a loved one
    • Get Info
      • Education Training
      • For Teachers
      • For Communities
      • For Professionals
      • About Sexual Violence
      • Sexual Violence
      • Child Sexual Abuse
      • Dangers Online
      • Sex Offender Registry
      • Statistics
      • Hawaii Sexual Assault Statutes
      • Age of Consent
      • Hawaii Statutes of Limitations
      • Websites Books
    • Get Involved
      • Help Prevent Sexual Abuse
      • [respect]
      • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit
      • Start the Conversation Toolkit
      • 75 Things You Can Do
      • Prevention Resources
      • Public Policy
      • The 2016 Hawai’i State Legislative Session
      • The 2015 Hawai’i State Legislative Session
      • The 2014 Hawai’i State Legislative Session
      • The 2013 Hawai’i State Legislative Session
      • Other ways to get involved
      • Events
      • Donate
    • Stories
      • Celebrating 40 years of Achievements
      • News Stories
      • Survivor Stories
    • Resources
      • Audio Video
      • Publications
      • Books Websites
      • Newsletters

    Safe harbor treatment center

    Safe harbor treatment center

    Safe harbor treatment center

    We help adults, teenagers and children, both females and males. Interpreters are available. Call our hotline: 524-7273. For information in different languages, click here.


    Start the Conversation Toolkit

    Talk with your teen or pre-teen about staying safe developing respectful relationships.

    Get the facts tools you need to start talking! click here

    Safe harbor treatment center


    Give it. Get it. Live it.

    If you live your life with [respect], you listen to others, show consideration, and engage in healthy, [respect]ful relationships. A culture of [respect] can prevent sexual violence.

    For more information on [respect] click here

    To My Brothers Living In Silence

    Now it s time to pay it forward and help other survivors take their first steps to recovery.

    by Andre Bisquera

    Safe harbor treatment center

    The Sex Abuse Treatment Center

    Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children, An Affiliate of Hawai‘i Pacific Health

    Harbor Court, 55 Merchant Street, 22nd Fl. Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813

    Spine Surgeon, New York Spine Surgeons: Seth Neubardt, M #spine #surgeon,new #york


    We Believe a Neuro-Ortho
    Spine Surgeon Team is Best

    Two surgical specialists, Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons, are qualified to perform spinal surgery.

    Historically, Neurosurgeons have been consulted for operations involving the nerves while Orthopedic Spinal Surgeons were more involved with spinal fusions.

    There are some subtle differences in the training for the two specialties. So for patients undergoing spinal surgery, we feel it s best to have both a Neurosurgeon and an Orthopedic Surgeon present and working together. We call this the Neuro-Ortho Team. As our patient, your team is Dr. Neubardt and Dr. Stern.

    Remember, when it comes to spinal surgery, spend time to pick the right spine surgeon. It may be the most important decision you ever make!

    Meet the New York Spine Surgeon Team of Dr. Stern and Dr. Neubardt

    Seth Neubardt, M.D. is a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon who completed a combined Orthopedic-Neurosurgical Fellowship in Spinal Surgery at New York s prestigious NYU Hospital.

    Jack Stern M.D. Ph.D. is a board certified Neurosurgeon who completed his spine training at New York s Columbia University.

    Dr. Stern and Dr. Neubardt are New York spine surgeons that have been working together for over 16 years, with a focus on complex spinal surgery. They perform over 200 spinal operations a year in a state of the art spine safe operating room. 100% of the surgery is done by Dr. Neubardt and Dr. Stern, without any involvement of residents, interns, medical students or physician s assistants.

    When dealing with the spine, is it better to have an ultra-specialist treat you?

    Studies suggest that the answer is absolutely yes .

    With something as technical and precise as spinal surgery, there is no doubt that you will want a team such as ours that specializes specifically in the spine.

    What Makes Us Different
    Neubardt & Stern Spine Surgeon Team Qualifications

    Here Are 11 Qualifications of the Neubardt / Stern Spine Team:

    We are a team with over 53 years of combined experience treating the spine.

    We are a team that does not treat any other part of the body. We are ultra-specialists and deal only with spinal problems.

    We are a team that provides personal care. We live locally and are easy to reach. Our cell phone number is available to you. Our office phone is always answered by a person, never a machine. We recognize that the idea of spinal surgery can be fearful and we are therefore always available to spend as much time as needed to go over your condition, the alternatives to surgery and the recommended procedure with its associated risks.

    We are a team that believes that less is more and will always use the most micro or minimal access surgery when possible. Our spine surgery expertise runs from Band-Aid percutaneous balloon spinal procedures to open fusions.

    We are a team that makes your safety our number one priority. We will be there for every minute of your surgery to make sure you are safe and well cared for. We do 100% of the operations ourselves. Our team does not have medical students, residents, interns or physician s assistants.

    We are a team that will take care of you after the surgery. When you come back to the office for post-operative care, Dr. Stern and Dr. Neubardt are the only people you will see. We do not have nurse practitioners taking care of you. Even something as simple as removing staples or stitches is something we will do ourselves.

    We are a team that encourages you to try non-surgical treatments first. Both of us have strong backgrounds in holistic medicine and are familiar with treatments from acupuncture to traction. In 1997 we co-founded the Center for Holistic Medicine at United Hospital, one of the nation s first hospital based holistic health centers. If you don t need surgery we won t suggest surgery.

    We are a team that stays on the cutting edge of technology. Dr. Neubardt has several patents on new spinal instruments that are currently in use in hundreds of hospitals worldwide.

    We are a team that believes pain should always be minimized at the time of surgery. We have two physicians on our staff who are pain management specialists. They are available to work with you before surgery to develop a program for your post-operative care which will help minimize pain after surgery.

    We are a team that works in a state of the art Spine Safe Operating Room to ensure that every technological advancement available is used to protect your spinal cord and nerves. As a safety precaution, all of our cases are scheduled with spinal cord monitoring. This monitoring consists of an electro physiologic computer which is operated by a technician who remains present throughout your entire surgery, monitoring the real-time function of your spinal cord and nerves.

    We are a team that is available to you. The procedure for contacting your doctor in a city or teaching hospital requires several layers of communication. Dr. Stern and Neubardt remove these layers by being directly accessible to you. Living and working close by makes this superb service possible. We feel that getting in touch with your doctor is very important. Go ahead and call our office (914) 948-5067 right now to test how easy it is to reach Ellen or Alison. When they answer, just tell them you are testing the phone and they will understand. In an emergency, they will be able to immediately put you in direct contact with Dr. Neubardt or Dr. Stern.

    Seth Neubardt, M.D. Jack Stern, M.D. Ph.D.
    244 Westchester Avenue, Suite 310, White Plains, New York (914) 948-5067
    Copyright 2012 Seth Neubardt, M.D. & Jack Stern, M.D. Ph.D. | Disclaimer
    Last Modified: January 19, 2010 | Site Map

    Austrian Airlines Passenger Reviews #airline #ratings,best #airlines,worst #airlines,top #ten #(10) #airlines,safe #aircraft,safe


    Passenger Reviews

    Austrian Airlines

    Recommend Airline?

    I flew several times in 2016 from Innsbruck to Berlin, with stopover in Frankfurt, and the stretch INN-FRA was provided by Austrian. They always use a very very small propeller plane with tiny space inside and despite my hand luggage size was always approved on check in, they carried it always in the luggage van, not in the cabin, and you have to recover if afterwards on the plane foothills on landing; when it rains ( and it happens quite often) and you have to wait a couple of minutes on the airstrip, is not pleasant.
    On board service and staff competence from poor to average

    Recommend Airline?

    I want to share a bad experience with Austrian Airlines so others can see what type of Airline Company they are. I recently traveled overseas for work. Austrian Airlines lost my baggage for 6 days. All I had was the outfit that I was wearing. On day 5 my boss instructed me to purchase more clothes. I had to adhere to the company dress code. So on day 5, after wearing the same clothes for 5 straight days without washing, I purchased 2 outfits. The outfits cost about $200 (US). I sent a copy of the receipt and my lost baggage claim to the company email, faxed it to their fax machine, and mailed a copy to Austrian Airlines headquarters. They did not respond to any of my requests. Austrian Airlines did not have the integrity or fortitude as a company to acknowledge the issue. I want everyone who is considering traveling with Austrian Airlines to know the type of business they are and how much they do not care about their customers. If I would have got my luggage prior to spending cash of my pocket book, I would not of thought twice, but the airline has forced me to pay $200 (US) for their mistake. This is poor customer service and business practice. I travel frequently and by far this

    Recommend Airline?

    Appalled at the service I received on a flight from Shanghai to London. The cabin crew were extremely unpleasant, unhelpful & arrogant. The food was bland and looked unappetising to say the least. The selection of movies to watch were good however pointless since the sound quality was extremely poor. I have flown business class with Austrian Airlines previously and they were fantastic however my experience flying economy proves that the level of class you fly obviously determines the service you receive. I most certainly would not recommend this airline to anyone.

    ABORTION IN MUMBAI INDIA – Safe Legal Confidential abortion in India #abortion


    Safe and Legal Abortion

    “Abortion is no longer a dangerous procedure. This is true not only for therapeutic abortions performed in hospitals but also so-called illegal abortions performed by the physician. In 1957, there were only 260 deaths across the country attributed to abortions of any kind. 90 percent of all illegal abortions are being performed by doctors. Whatever trouble arises usually arises in the self-induced abortions, which account for about 8 percent, or very small percentage that goes to a form of non-medical abortionist “

    Abortion Law in India

    Indian abortion law under medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) Act, passed by the Indian Parliament in 1971. MTP Act came into force April 1, 1972 and was again amended in 1975. medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) Act of India has clarified the conditions of a pregnancy can be terminated or canceled, people who are qualified to perform abortions and place of implementation.


    The Family hospital – Abortion center is dedicated center for Women for safe and confidential abortion services which does legal first and second trimester abortions.
    It carries out the complete spectrum of Medical and Surgical abortions in a Government recognized legal Abortion unit under the supervision of qualified OB-GYN and caring nurses.


    Fly to India for Safe and Legal Abortion

    India is the preferred destination for abortion for women and expats residing in countries where abortion is legally banned. India is safe and convenient and well connected by all major airlines. The Medical facilities are of international standards, Doctors are professional and experienced, staff caring and friendly and moreover English is the spoken language spoken by one and all.


    VIBHA – THE FAMILY HOSPITAL is a women health care center located in the western suburb of Mumbai. With close proximity to both domestic and International airport and well connected by private and public transportation – the hospital is the most popular not for profit organisation taking care of all aspects of women health.

    Vibha – The Family Hospital is devoted to providing confidential and compassionate women health care.

    The clinic has a team of experienced OBGYN s dedicated to women gynaecological and obstetric treatment.
    Abortion services includes –

    • Medical abortion or Medical pill upto 45 days of pregnancy
    • First Trimester abortion – upto 12 weeks
    • Second Trimester abortion – upto 20 weeks


    medical abortion mumbai

    abortion case mumbai

    abortion doctors in mumbai

    abortion cost in mumbai

    abortion center in mumbai

    abortion pills in mumbai

    abortion clinics in mumbai

    State of Rhode Island: Parole Board – Sex Offender Community Notification Unit


    Parole Board Sex Offender Community Notification Unit

    Related Links

    Rhode Island Sex Offender Community Notification Unit

    Sex Offender Fact Sheet




    Acknowledgement and Warning:
    NOTE. You must click on the I Agree button below to access Sex Offender listings

    Before entering the web site, please read the following information:

    • The Rhode Island Sex Offender Community Notification Unit updates information on this sex offender website regularly to try to assure that it is complete and accurate. However, the information can change quickly and information on registered sex offenders is often provided by the registered sex offender themselves as required by law. This information may not have been verified by local law enforcement officials at the time it is posted on the website. You are cautioned that the information provided on this site is information of record and may not reflect the current residence, status, or other information regarding a registered sex offender.
    • The Level II and Level III offenders listed on this website have been convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct or other statutes which requires the individual to register with law enforcement and allow for community notification. The primary purpose of community notification is to enhance public safety and protection. The offender(s) are not wanted by the police at this time unless otherwise indicated. This notification is not to increase fear in the community. It is the belief of law enforcement that an informed public is a safer public.
    • The main purpose of providing this data on the Internet is to make the information more easily available and accessible. Specific, local community notification for Level II or Level III offenders is done by local police or Rhode Island State Police for the particular city/town an offender resides.

    If you believe any of the offender information listed on this website is incorrect, please report it to the Sex Offender Community Notification Unit (401) 462-0905.