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The M3 Bracket System allows Measurement of Positional Change (i.e. Thermal Growth Dynamic Movement) using your existing Rotalign . Rotalign Pro. Rotalign Ultra. Optalign Plus, Aligneo , Optalign smart. smartALIGN . Masterlign Masterlign Basic. We are offering one new set, which currently sells for well over $5,000.00, at a closeout price of only $3,200.00 US.

New M3 Bracket System for sale – $3,200.00 US. Note that Rotalign sensors and the LT 300 Alignment Simulator that the M3 Bracket set is mounted on are not part of the sale. Please click on picture to enlarge.

Bev and I have not been active in new laser sales since 2007 and no longer need our Show Display which we used at Industrial Shows and meetings. This Show Display is a quality reversible, maroon / blue, display which is very portable and can be set up free standing including storage which is underneath the built in table (see the second picture). The upper half of the display separates and can also be set up by itself on a 10′ table. The Show Display ships in four cases by UPS, FedEX but we carried the Show Display to shows and meetings in the back of one of our trucks or our van.

The backlit Header / Banner part of the display can be easily changed by your local sign shop to whatever you need – a Company Name. Church Name or Organization name. The various packard wording you see on the display are for the Pr ftechnik AG products that we had been selling but they can also easily be changed by your local sign shop. If interested, please contact us by email with your best reasonable offer as our Show Display package will be sold soon.

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In 2007, after 40 years of heavy travel, we changed the pace and the direction of what we do, and look forward to working with our customers to provide:

Laser shaft alignment system Rentals
Used laser shaft alignment systems buy sell
Shim Sets replacement Shim Packs

Sonic Belt Tension Meters
Alignment related tools

We had worked with Ludeca for 21 years covering the Carolinas, Georgia and Eastern Tennessee resigned on June 4th 2007 and ceased our representation as of July 3, 2007.

We have continued to take care of our customers, as we have for 44 years, with technical support including after hours,laser rentals and shims. When you need assistance please call Norm or Bev Voelzow at 704-233-9222 or send us an email !

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Top Gun . when used with Laser Shaft Alignment, is a registered trademark of Voelzow Company, Inc.

Welcome to our Laser Alignment Top Gun Site. This site is for Shaft Alignment professionals and others who are interested in Laser Shaft Alignment. Our site contains tips, tools and information useful in the field of Laser Shaft Alignment and shaft alignment in general. We conduct training classes for all Rotalign Laser Shaft Alignment systems, all Optalign systems, smartALIGN , Aligneo , pocketALIGN and Masterlign systems in the Southeastern US schedule permitting. Each of our trainers has over 20 years experience in alignment and Laser Shaft Alignment!

We have many rental Rotalign Ultra, Rotalign Pro, Rotalign Standard, Optalign smart, Optalign Plus and Aligneo shaft alignment systems, and have many of the special brackets that you may need also! Find out late in the day that you need to rent a laser for an alignment tomorrow call us as we ship the same day on orders received as late as 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time!

We are located in rural North Carolina near the towns of Wingate and Marshville (where Randy Travis is from) about 40 miles Southeast of Charlotte not far from RaceCar City or the Charlotte Motor Speedway (Lowe’s now). We rent laser systems, ship SS shim products and all of our other products anywhere in the US. If you are at a Paper Mill, Power Plant, Fiber Plant, Steel Mill, Chemical Plant, Petrochemical Plant or Pipeline – you most probably have a Laser Shaft Alignment system! If you need to rent an additional laser for an outage please give us a call at 704-233-9222 or send us an email !

We are very confident that the information you find on these pages, especially our Laser Tips section, will be a help to you when doing your next alignment. If you have a question, want to make a suggestion, or want to correspond with us, please use the email link or Request Form near the bottom of this page. We welcome your suggestions and questions 24/7!

Have a Great Day! (We are Still Here!)

Voelzow Company, Inc.
4804 Lawyers Road East
Wingate, NC 28174

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