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Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my screen black, blue or snowy?

Here is how to resolve this problem.

  1. Make sure your receiver is on. A yellow or blue light appears on the front of your receiver when it is on. To turn on your receiver, press the CABLE or CBL and POWER or PWR button on your remote.
  2. Make sure your TV is tuned to the right input source. Press the INPUT. VIDEO SOURCE or TV/VIDEO button on your TV remote. You might have to press the button repeatedly until you find the right source.
  3. If you use a home theatre system, it also must be tuned to the right input source to feed your TV image.
  4. Make sure that all of the cables attached to your receiver, TV and any other components are solidly connected.

Where can I find the technical manuals for the remotes and receivers?

You will find all of the technical manuals for our remotes and receivers on our web site at the following address:, in the Television, Fleximo, Remotes section.

Can I program my remote to operate my TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player and stereo system?

Yes. See the user manual for your remote which you will find on our website at the following address:, in the Television, Fleximo, Remotes section.

Why won’t my remote change channels, control my TV volume or work properly?

There are several possible reasons for this.

  1. Your remote may not be in the correct source mode. Press the appropriate button for the device you want to control: Cable or CBL for the receiver, TV for your television set.
  2. If the light on your remote doesn’t light up fully or blinks repeatedly, your batteries may be dying or dead. Replace them, then press the Cable or CBL button and try changing channels again.
  3. The device you’re trying to control may be disconnected or unplugged. If the device does not respond to the commands from the manufacturer’s remote, check your connections.
  4. Your remote may need to be reprogrammed. Find your Cablevision remote at under TV, Fleximo, Remotes to get the PINs you need to reprogram your remote to control your digital receiver.
  5. There may be objects or other obstacles blocking the signal from your remote to your electronic devices. Check to see if something is blocking the path between your TV or receiver and the infrared sensor on your remote. If so, clear the obstruction and try again.

Why is my personal digital video recorder telling me that I have two recordings in progress?

If your personal digital video recorder has been set up to record two programs simultaneously, you will not be able to watch a third channel. When this occurs, a screen will appear offering you three choices:

  1. Press SWAP to watch the second channel that is being recorded.
  2. Continue the recording and watch the current channel.
  3. Stop the recording and change the channel.

Why is my personal digital video recorder telling me that I have a recording conflict?

If you are scheduling more than two simultaneous recordings, a screen will appear telling you that you have a scheduling conflict. You’ll have to prioritize your recordings to resolve the conflict. Keep in mind that individual recordings always take priority over series recordings.

Why does a black screen sometimes appear on my sports channel?

This can be explained by broadcasting blackouts. Blackouts are local or regional restrictions set by the various sports leagues and television networks. Cablevision has no control over these blackouts. If a blackout prevents Cablevision from airing TV content when you are attempting to watch the channel, you’ll get a black screen.

Why doesn’t my personal digital video recorder record my entire live program?

You need to check two things.

  1. First, make sure that the live program indicator is active. To do this, press DVR on the Quick Menu or DVR on the Main Menu. Next, press DVR Setup and set the live content alert to ACTIVE.
  2. When recording your live program, select an additional recording period in the dialogue screen. By default, your personal digital video recorder will add 30 minutes.

Why do I see all of the channels in the guide, including channels I have not subscribed to?

The onscreen interactive guide shows you all of the programming offered by Cablevision. This gives you the opportunity to see the whole extent of the TV content we offer. You can always create a favourites list to reduce the channel listings displayed to only the ones included in your package. By doing this however, you run the risk of missing out on periods of free unscrambled programming from our providers, on new channels offered in your package or on being informed of the launch of new channels. For more details on creating a favourites list, see Section 5.5, Favourites, on page 19.

Can I save the content recorded on my personal digital video recorder to a USB key or an external hard drive?

You can’t save the content of your personal digital video recorder to a USB key or a hard drive. This is to prevent illegal copying of TV content. However, you can connect an external hard drive to certain digital video recorder models to increase your total recording capacity.

Why do I have black bars at the top and bottom of my screen for some shows?

Increasingly, TV content is being broadcast in High Definition. Channels in Standard Definition format will have a black bar at the top and bottom of your screen. If you have an HD receiver, watch the HD version of the channel.

Why does it say “To be announced” in my guide?

This message may appear when the electrical power supply to your receiver has suddenly been interrupted (e.g. after a power failure or you have unplugged your receiver to relocate it). It takes a few hours for the program guide to be reloaded. You can still watch your TV channels during the reloading process.

Why is an on demand content category no longer available?

The content provider may not be able to broadcast the content in this category for the time being. The content selection changes every week. You should regularly check our on demand content.

If these various troubleshooting tips have not resolved your technical issues, please contact our Technical Support Service at 1 800 567-6353. Our Technical Support Service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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SignageStudio Pro

SignageStudio Pro is a Digital Signage presentation builder that`s 100% FREE and cross OS

Powerful presentation builder

The SignageStudio Pro is 100% FREE, cross OS presentation builder like no other, it is at the core the Digital Signage platform. It is where you will spend most of your time building, configuring, controlling and maintaining your complete digital signage platform. And because the SignageStudio plays such a vital role in the success of your final product, we felt we had to deliver an amazing platform which can deliver ease of use without compromising functionality; and that s exactly what we did. Using the Studio application you can create any number of campaigns. The campaign unify a set of timelines which together construct your final display output. Below are some of the key features that are part of the Studio.


The campaign is a global configuration which holds your complete digital signage setup. Having the ability to configure multiple campaigns allows you to easily switch your signage players from one configuration to another.


A timeline is a visual representation of the sequential play list order of your media resources. A collection of all your timelines make up the final output of your digital signage presentation.


The Station manager empowers you to remotely control all of the Signage Players. You can reboot, play, stop, update software, get statistics and more. All this from within the comfort of the SignageStudio station manager.

Screen division (zones)

Screen division divide the screen into separate areas (AKA Zones). Areas are assigned a channel number in which you can run independent content. Included in our software is a powerful screen division WYSIWYG editor.


The sequencer is essentially a simple and effective way to serially set the play list order of all the timelines. This is done using simple drag and drop operation.


Set your timelines to play at any day and anytime. Use the schedular to set the exact start and stop times. A graphical interface is used to get a summery of all future playlists and easily resolve conflicts.

Advertising engine

Build your own Advertising network, provide to your customer proof of play, visual analytics and more. Each customer can be managed through the sub-account manager.


Resources include any media content which loads onto your digital SignagePlayer. These include video, sound, signage components and scenes. Also provided are social network portals that retrieve shared files. These portals include social networks as well as our own built in digital signage social network.


The components include many valuable tools that you can use to enrich your signage presentation. These include RSS News, Stock tickers, RSS Weather, RSS Video Podcasts, HTML component, TV Tuner / Capture card, clocks and more. Components can be used directly on the timeline or within a designer scene.

Scene Editor

The Scene Editor is a canvas where you can mix multiple components and resources. You assign a Scene to one or more screen divisions (also known as zones). The Scene editor is a fully customizable widget editor with built in animation, effects and control of the X / Y coordinates of all the items it holds.


Set the color and font scheme that s right for you. With our flexible CSS controls you can set the SignageStudio to match your style and preference.


A powerful tool that allows you to easily display unlimited number with a common format. The items can be viewed inside any number of catalog
sub-players which include carousals, book flipping, 3D floaters and more.

Multi Language

Select the language of your choice. Both Studio and SignagePlayer applications are multi lingual. Enterprise members can present the application in multiple languages to attract a greater customer base.

Active Digital Signage components

With active digital signage components your SignagePlayer is energized with dynamic live content. Instead of just running static videos and images, you can integrate Live TV, RSS, Weather, Facebook, QR, Twitter, Kiosk builder, Stocks, YouTube and dozens of other cool, live, relevant content that is sure to bring your screens to life.

You can even develop your own custom Digital Signage component using our software development kit (SDK).

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