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Tattoo Removal Worth it? Reviews, Cost, Pictures, NEF2.COM

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Tattoo Removal

Updated 8 days ago

So I wanna start by telling you all a little bit about myself. I’m a Hispanic 25 year old female. I recently graduated from Nursing school and I haven’t gotten a job yet still applying. I got my tattoo on my left forearm for my birthday July 2016 and instantly regretted it I knew I would because. READ MORE

Updated 8 days ago

I have a tattoo on my shoulder of a dove and one on my wrist. I have another tattoo on the inside of my bicep. I’ve completed 7 treatments on my shoulder tattoo 7 on my wrist. I recently took a year off from tattoo removal because I felt hopeless. BUT, I found another clinic and am. READ MORE

Updated 9 days ago

I got the tattoo when I was 18 years old (the summer of 2003) when I had just graduated. I was young and got the tattoo for all the wrong reasons. Never hated the tattoo, but never loved it either. I have looked into getting it removed many times, but never believed that it would work and. READ MORE

Updated 12 days ago

In Nov 2015, I got a professional black/grey tattoo of an owl. Although the owl is beautifully done, it is simply not what I wanted, so I have opted to have it removed. I am going to a clinic that uses the Medlite C6 for R20. I have had two sessions so far and have noticed that the tattoo is. READ MORE

Created 13 days ago

Hi everyone First I want to say how I like this community here. I have done a mistake:( I had a tattoo on my upper arm I haven’t liked anymore but it was not too big or ugly So I just made the mistake and get a cover up! The tattoo is bigger and much darker. and you still see some of my. READ MORE

Updated 14 days ago

Right now I am trying to decide if laser removal is right for me. I regret my cover up tattoo, even though I had dreamed about it for a year and a half. I had a small tattoo done in college (2004 or 2005) which I never loved or hated. I had my baby girl in 2014 and immediately started thinking. READ MORE

Created 15 days ago

Got a tattoo at 19 got what I paid for cheap work for a cheap price. My wife never liked it and I never saw it as a wow tattoo I invisioned. I want to lighten it to get something awsome. This was my first session. After the first session shading inmediately faded darker areas is losing ink very. READ MORE

Created 15 days ago

Hello, people, This is my first review. I’ve read a lot of great stories in this community, I start researching about a week on the internet and then on this website. After contacting with some laser offices finally I have an appointment on Wednesday, 17 may 2017, the name of the guy is Mr. READ MORE

Updated 16 days ago

I started getting laser removal of my ex husbands name lucky me right. Well I’m starting to get frustrated because I’ve had my fourth session and it still has not gone it is right above my heart and I thought that supposed to be where it goes The most I understand that she likes to use a local. READ MORE

Updated 16 days ago

So I got this hideous tattoo when I was 17. Smh. My first mistake. Anyhow I have been attempting to have it removed at a local med spa but I am not convinced that the laser is working. I previously had a tattoo removed on my arm at another facility but it is far away so rather than go back to. READ MORE

Updated 17 days ago

Hey everyone, I have been following this site for almost a year now which is how long I have been living with tattoo regret. I am 31 and never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be dealing with something like this, something so preventable. Last May while out of town visiting family in. READ MORE

Updated 18 days ago

I everyone, iam getting a tatto removal with Quanda Plus Laser, this are the results one month after first sesion, i will keep update the results. What do you think? If you have ever had this king of procedure, how many sesions do you think is gonna take to removed completely? Thanks God in. READ MORE

Updated 19 days ago

I considered laser removal for years on a tattoo on my upper arm which I regretted getting about one year after I had it done. I was apprehensive of laser removal for many reasons: cost, pain, questionable effectiveness, etc. Recently a local spa/salon was offering a promotion for a free session. READ MORE

Updated 21 days ago

Immediately after getting my tattoo and taking the bandage off I knew I hated it and it wasn’t me. I didn’t rush out and get it. I thought about it for a long time. But unfortunately I didn’t end up loving it the way I thought I would. It’s been almost a year and a half since I got it. I. READ MORE

Updated 23 days ago

I have a chest tatoo of the football team Manchester United. I got this done approx. 2 years ago. I booked myself in for tatoo removal at a clinic in Plymouth in England recently and my first session was on December 12th. I had the colour and the black outlining treated and it cost me £60. READ MORE

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