Sep 22 2017

Wire Winder Hydraulic PTO Spooler Roller Pro Tatch Cable Winders Winch Best Tractor Fence Barbed Smooth #which #wire #is #hot


Fast Easy To Use: The Pro-Tatch wire winder can be mounted and operated by one person. To wind, just park vehicle, tie a weight on far end of wire to prevent jumping (a length of chain works well), and pull wire toward you. When the reel is full, tie the roll with 4 retainer wires held by loops at the edges of the reel. The reel splits easily by spinning a single 1″ nut off the end of the reel axle, and the roll lifts away without binding. To unwind, tie the wire end to a post or other anchor, set your hydraulic control lever to its “float” position, and drive.

Control Valve: Ball valve (see blue handle in photos at left) provides infinitely variable speed control. Smooth -operating valve allows you to easily select any rotational speed from fast down to creep, as well as completely stopped. Wire winder’s hydraulic motor provides ample power for hard jobs like pulling barbed wire through tall grass. Even the heaviest underbrush is no match for the Pro-Tatch winder. Always regulate speed from the hydraulics on the tractor and always plug the valve hose into the power side on the hydraulics.

Large Capacity: Wire winder rolls barbed or smooth wire, or light cable. Holds 1/2 mile of barbed wire or 1 mile of smooth wire. (See below if you need a larger winder.)

Rugged: 20″ diameter, 12 gauge steel wire winder drum is virtually indestructible, and mounts on heavy duty frame constructed of 11 gauge, 3″ square tube. Long life, replaceable, moly-impregnated poly bushings prevent wear to steel parts.

Unwinding: After wire has been rolled up on the Pro-Tatch winder, they can easily be put back on the spool for unwinding. Just put your hydraulic lever in “float” position and drive. the circulation of hydraulic fluid through the motor provides perfect resistance to keep the reel from overspinning. If you’re using a skid steer loader without a hydraulic “float” position, you can connect the Pro-Tatch’s two hose ends together (using your own adapter) for the same effect.

Mounts Available: The Pro-Tatch winder can be purchased with a 3/8″-thick steel plate Universal Mount, Bale Bed Mount, or the new quick-tach mount for 3-point tractor hitches (choose from Category I, Cat. II, or Cat. III narrow.) The new 3-point tractor hitch mount can be converted to fit a Cat. 1, 2 or 3 Narrow by simply changing the bottom pin size and configuration. Note: The Cat. 1 will include 7/8″ bottom pins and no top pin (customer supplied.) The Cat. 2 will include 1-1/8″ pins bottom pins and no top pin (user-supplied.) Questions on what category you might need? Cat. 1: Up to 65HP tractors. Pin size 7/8″. Cat. II: 65HP to 125HP tractors. Pin size 1-1/8″. Cat. III Narrow: 125HP to 200HP tractors. Pin size 1-1/8″. This can vary depending on tractor manufacturer but in most cases will be accurate for what you need; call us for verification. Custom mounts can be fabricated with short lead time for any mounting requirements, including bale carriers and skid loaders.

Versatile: The Pro-Tatch works fine as a wire winder, cable roller, wire rope winder. Will roll up almost any kind of cable or wire, including high tensile. Also unwinds.

Free Shipping: Purchase price includes shipping to any U.S. address except Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping to Canada is available, contact us for quote.

Complete: Includes frame, reel, hydraulic motor, valve and hoses. Just add your style of hose ends and you’re ready to roll wire!

Full Satisfaction Guarantee: Pleasant Hill Grain will refund your FULL purchase price within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. This wire winder is a rugged piece of machinery that works great, and we guarantee it to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 1 full year. Over 17,000 Pro-Tatch winders are in service with well-satisfied farmers and ranchers. We know you’ll be pleased with this product.

Wire Winder with Universal Plate Mount: Only $799.00 delivered to you.
Wire Winder with 3-Point Hitch Mount: Only $949.00 delivered to you !

5.5% state sales tax is collected on orders picked up in Nebraska, or shipped to Nebraska or North Carolina. However, for hydraulic winders and accessories picked up on-site, we provide a 5.5% discount off the cost of the unit. (The discount applies regardless of what state you live in.)

Mega-Roller with 3-point hitch mount

Need to roll up a full mile of barbed wire? Or two miles of smooth wire?
The new Mega-Roller is now available!

Mega-Roller model is $1,099.00 with 3/8″ x 16″ x 16″ universal steel plate mounting.
Mega-Roller model is $1,099.00 with Category II or Category III 3-point hitch.

Removal of rolled wire from the Mega-Roller is done by removing the two nuts from the right side of the right-side support arm and lifting the arm away, then removing the nut from the 1″ drive shaft, and sliding off the outer roller cone. All of this this takes a little under a minute.

Call 1-800-321-1073 to order

To order online: Click Here for our new website with online ordering more info

5.5% state sales tax is collected on orders picked up in Nebraska, or shipped to Nebraska or North Carolina. However, for hydraulic winders and accessories picked up on-site, we provide a 5.5% discount off the cost of the unit. (The discount applies regardless of what state you live in.)

The Pro-Tatch wire winder is available with mounting to fit your DewEze� or other brand of bale bed. This model can be mounted on the inside or the outside of the arm and can be operated from either side of the truck.

When ordering, we need to know the outside measurements of your bale bed arm only. This will ensure you order and we send the correct fit model for your bale bed. Typical arm measurements are 3″x3″ (Part #: 3x3ARM), 3″x4″ (Part #: 3x4ARM), 3.5″x3.5″ (Part #: 35x35ARM) and 4″x4″ (Part #: 4x4ARM).

Other than the mounting style, this Pro-Tatch winder has the same performance specs as the standard unit.

The Bale Bed model is $825.00 with free shipping to 48 states.

Call 1-800-321-1073 to order

5.5% state sales tax is collected on orders picked up in Nebraska, or shipped to Nebraska or North Carolina. However, for hydraulic winders and accessories picked up on-site, we provide a 5.5% discount off the cost of the unit. (The discount applies regardless of what state you live in.)

Optional Wire Guide

The Pro-Tatch optional wire guide mounts easily on all 3-point hitch and gasoline powered models only (it does not fit on the Univ. Plate Mount or Bale-Bed models). The wire guide can be operated from either side of the wire winder and provides handy assistance to produce perfectly wound rolls.

Call 1-800-321-1073 to order

5.5% state sales tax is collected on orders picked up in Nebraska, or shipped to Nebraska or North Carolina. However, for hydraulic winders and accessories picked up on-site, we provide a 5.5% discount off the cost of the unit. (The discount applies regardless of what state you live in.)

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