Aug 10 2017

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WorkWave Route Manager Software

Faster route optimization and scheduling is made possible with WorkWave Route Manager’s web-based Route Planner. Included in each route plan are maps, accurate mileage information, and cost estimates.

Dispatchers can provide drivers with printed, emailed or HTML route links. Dispatchers can deliver approved route plans through the mobile app, email or printed manifest. It also works on devices like iPads, iPhones, and Androids. Users can change and regenerate route plans in seconds, honoring logistical constraints like breaks, driver skills, time commitments, and layovers.

WorkWave Route Manager will automatically consider all constraints, including vehicle load limits, comparing against administrator-defined settings, and warn users of violations. It provides dispatchers the tools to optionally fine-tune Route Manager leveraging their local business knowledge, with drag and drop, route locking and best-fit functions. It also helps users compare live routes in real time with scheduled stops to help them identify critical issues and trends.

WorkWave Route Manager can help integrate the system into any existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) system through spreadsheet templates or published APIs. Route Manager is a turnkey offering, hosted in a secure cloud environment.

Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Tiffany from Fitlife Foods
Specialty: Delivery service
Number of employees: 51-200 employees Employees number: 51-200 employees

Our company was new to delivery and had many requirements for a routing program. Workwave/Viamente has met all of them. They are a fantastic company to work with. Not only do they have wonderful customer service, but they are always on top of new technology changes to ensure their application is one of the best.


Route Optimization
Ability to route from a remote location
User Friendly
Ease of Accessibility
Love the ability to add comments into a specific stop for any issues that may have arrived.


Only able to approve 3 days out, however this would not be a concern for most other users. We have pre-planned delivery orders so customers must place their order 4 days in advance.

Advice to Others

Don’t think twice about this product. It is a wonderful investment for any company and it can do so much more than I listed above.

At first I thought this program was easy to use and comprhensive, then as I started to play with it I realized all of the work it does is based on every little detail you include in it. This is where is becomes a little less user friendly because unless you have time to put into it, it will not give accurate times/routes according to your vehicles, traffic, etc. With that being said, if you do have the time to accumulate the information and input it into the program, it becomes a useful tool in building routes, dispatching routes, and communicating with the drivers. It is also Excel-friendly which is a big plus for my company.


Excel-friendly, information is easy to view, great organizational tool

Likes Best

The Viamente Route Planner software helped us tame a project that was loathed by many. Our team would have to load 2500 addresses into a map software that could not group routes on its own. We would have to draw boxes on our maps, zoom in to print the map and list of addresses, and then zoom back out. Then, we would repeat that process 250 times to give us 10 houses to a route. Viamente took the manual work out of it. It was able to group the houses into routes of 10 on its own and then provide us with a way to print maps and lists easily.

Likes Least

I was a little apprehensive about purchasing online software from a company so far away. However, the Viamente team discussed all my concerns with me and provided me with such great support. We have never regretted our purchase.


You absolutely have to try this software before you decide on any other software. You will not believe the difference it can make in your route planning. It is a huge timesaver and has the most up-to-date maps of any software I reviewed at the time.

I like the ease of use. It’s very user-friendly. Everything I need is there: routing, scheduling, service orders, invoices, account history, notes, reports, everything! It’s all-in-one. I couldn’t service all of my accounts without it!!

Likes Least

We have custom modifications to make the software do what we need specifically for our customers/needs. Whenever they do upgrades to a new version, our custom modifications sometimes get wiped out. And we don’t know it until we go to run a report, print service orders, or something along those lines. However, they are always quick to remedy the problem.


If you run a route-based business, this is the perfect software solution. I have used QuickBooks and Peachtree, and while that may be good for accounting, they are nothing compared to this! This is amazing, and there is nothing else like it! I wouldn’t use anything else!

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